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Gary Shirley Regrets Getting Inked

We all knew it was a mistake when he did it.  You should never get a significant others name tattooed anywhere on your body in the first place, but when you are in a volatile relationship with the person and don’t know if you will still be locking lips with them tomorrow, then you think it would just be common sense.  Back in September, Teen Mom‘s Gary Shirley showed on-again off-again girlfriend, Amber Portwood, just how much in love with her he was.  Or maybe just how drunk he was.  Regardless, Gary is seeing the error of his ways now and tweeted a Public Service Announcement to all his fans:

So nvr get a tattoo of your girlfriends name on learned from my mistake I’m a #dumbass. But getting it covered this weekend hopefully

At least he admits it was a dumbass move, but he shouldn’t be so hasty in getting it covered up.  After all, I’m sure their break-up is only temporary…again.

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