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Just Get Back Together Already!



Alright, I think I’m not alone here when I say just stop this foreplay and get back together already, your fans want it.  Maci and Ryan were back together to pose with Bentley wearing his Mario outfit and the picture couldn’t be more perfect.  Seriously, I rarely say this, but those two belong together.  I know Ryan is still young and using his fame to hook up with a bunch of different hot girls, but at some point he’s going to end up back with Maci.. it just has to happen.   If she doesn’t, I will have to.  I think Ryan is one of the few people I’d go gay for!  (too much info?)

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  1. missalleykay says:

    Hopefully one day. He treated Dalis like crap however when her mother was dying. I think he is still too immature. I think when he hits about 30 maybe.

  2. AKA says:

    No way. She deserves better for her and her son.

  3. ChelseaGirl says:

    There both D-bags who deserve eachother, so yep they should definetly hurry up and get back together :)