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Maci Bookout Says She Isn’t Rich – Doesn’t Define “Rich”

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GatherTeen Mom Maci Bookout says she’s not getting rich off her reality show gig. It seems that cast is constantly being called out for struggling with money, and fans want to know why. If they have a reality TV show, shouldn’t they have plenty of dough?

No, according to Maci. The Teen Mom appeared at a college campus this week to speak about her struggles as a young mother and clear up a few rumors about her finances. “I still go to community college. I still go to Wal-Mart. I’m still a normal person that lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Bookout stated.

So, how much do Maci Bookout and the other girls make from the hit show? “I’m not really supposed to talk about it,” she said. “I still have the normal struggles, like I have to budget and pay my bills.” However, she did say that “nobody works for free.”

Fans need to chill out. It’s nobody’s business how much money Maci Bookout or any of the other Teen Mom stars make. People watch them because they like the drama, think the babies are adorable, and relate to their lives as young moms.

So I came across this article today and made me think of what I posted a few days ago regarding Maci’s public speaking event.  I mentioned how it’s kind of ironic that someone who basically won the ‘lottery’ of being a teen mother – meaning they had very few of the struggles typical 16 year old mothers have – was speaking to college kids about her experiences.   I don’t blame her for trying the public speaking route, especially when she hits the schools that actually matter (high schools) because it could help people, and it’s extra money for her future. (“nobody works for free“)

This is more of a reply to the article instead of Maci.  I understand she is not rich, but I also know she’s nowhere near poor.  Amber Portwood was forced to reveal her salary in court, and according to Starcasm, she’s pulling in $140,000 per six-month season.  I’d fully expect between the speaking tours and Teen Mom salary, she’ll probably see upwards of half a million by the time they pull the plug on the 1st cast.  I really wouldn’t consider that rich either, but you and I both know when it comes time to balance budgets, most single and/or teen mothers would give their right arm to have the same budget as Maci does.

On a side note, by living in the south, isn’t going to Wal-Mart pretty much a given, regardless of how much she makes?

Also, as far as ‘chilling out’…. I don’t think it’s that bad to be curious how much they’re making.  It’s because we all know they’re not struggling half as bad as they make it sound, so it’s starting to border on the fake side of things.. especially when it comes to the original cast.  I’m not entirely sure how much the Teen Mom 2 girls were being paid during the filming of the current season.  It can’t be much though because I doubt Kailyn would have qualified for assistance and Jenelle ordered to only pay like $30/week in support.

What are your thoughts?  Does Maci and the other moms really have a nice sized bank account and they’re just acting, or do you think they’re really on a tight budget?

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