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The Real Reason Farrah Calls Her Dad Michael?

I had done a post on this before, but I’m still having people ask if Michael is Farrah’s biological father.  I was just reading an interview from Farrah on momfinds, where she states:

Everyone asks this. I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family. It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad “Dad” sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.

So, yes, Michael is definitely Farrah’s biological father, but the reasoning is a little different than what was stated on my original post (linked above).  I still think it’s odd that she calls him by his first name, but I do know of others who do the same.  The fairness thing is weird though.  I’m not about to have my daughter call her stepmother “mom” just because her half-sister does.  But to each his own.

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  1. avatar Missy says:

    Here’s the thing with me. If I call my dad, dad (if he even deserves that title), I do. I call my stepdad Brent though. The only time I’d refer to him as dad is if I’m talking to his flesh and blood daughter.

    • avatar nikki says:

      I understand where she comes from but i would never call my dad by his name because of someone else and it is really none of our bisness its her life not ours

  2. avatar Stephanie says:

    I see why some people find this wrong . However , I love my father with my life and have a great father/daughter relationship , yet , sometimes I call him by his name. At first he would get mad at me but he’s used to it now.

    no biggie

    • avatar efaye says:

      so, then if you guys are so close and stuff what made you start calling him that? did your mother ever tell you not too?

  3. avatar Whitney says:

    That’s just weird. That’d be like my husband’s ex telling my step-daughter to call me mom, just because my daughter does. If Michael’s her dad, she should call him dad…it seems to disrespectful to me, and just shows how low he is in her eyes. For reasons unbeknownst to viewers, of course. Farrah and her mom both walk all over him!

    • avatar Clare says:

      I agree. Your dad is your dad no matter what. Farrah should respect him enough to call him “Dad” ALL the time whether a 1/2 sister does or not. I would never permit my children to call my husband (their father) by his first name. We’ve been married for 15 years and even if he chose to leave me tomorrow, remarry someone with kids, etc., I would still demand that they call him “dad.” She (Farrah) is still a disrespectful, spoiled, ungrateful brat. A child with a child. That’s it. But hey, if her parents are afraid to stand up to her (especially her dad), then no one could expect anything different. He needs to stand up to her and tell her to grow up.

  4. avatar cgirl says:

    She’s still a total bitch to her parents though. SMH.

    • avatar Jen says:

      I couldn’t agree more! If my daughter ever spoke to me like that, her room would be empty, she wouldn’t have a door and any access to the t.v. or computer! I can’t wait until Sophia can talk and she disrespects Farrah, just as Farrah disrespects everyone else around her. My younger sis got me hooked on Teen Mom and every time Farrah is on, I know what will happen, first she acts snotty to whomever is there, then if they don’t give her what she wants, she does that crying face, then if that doesn’t work she starts to yell and cuss at them. What a fabulous person she is!

  5. avatar Jaclyn says:

    Not only does Farrah get on my nerves, but her whole family acts snotty. They always seem rude to everyone they speak to. Whenever I see them on tv I want to shout “THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING!”
    Anyway, being from the south, calling a parent by their name would NEVER fly. But if that’s how she was taught, I guess ok then or something? They are strange people.

  6. avatar KEKE says:


  7. avatar chelsea d says:

    how disprespectful, iv noticed she only calls him michael when she isnt getting her own way or doesnt like what he is saying. otherwise she does call him dad!

  8. avatar Taylor says:

    Jesus. All of you are so whiney. Just because she does something different doesn’t mean it’s disrespectful. Perhaps she was confused by her sister calling him Micheal when she was a child and her mom figured it would be a good way to lessen the confusion. Just get over it. Your not her dad so why should you care?

    • avatar Monika says:

      It’s not about her being different. It’s about her being a raging bitch.

    • avatar Eric says:

      Im a father of three…my children know better than that…they only refer to my name in conversations or certain situations etc.. coming from a father’s point of view I find it extremely disrespectful,but unlike michael..I have a backbone..

    • avatar Eric says:

      She says she was taught this way…..sweety you’re an adult now with your own mind…its ok just to call him dad now …

  9. avatar E.J. says:

    It makes me sick the way she talks to her parents but on the other hand they have allowed it probably her whole life.

  10. avatar Lindsey says:

    Everyone blames Farrah for acting snobby, but her parents (especially her mom) act super stuck up. She talks horribly to her parents, but her mom obviously raised her that way. Her mom says some pretty screwed up things to her and treats her like a baby but then in the same breath expects her to act like an adult. The adult thing to do is to take HER child with HER. Kudos to Farrah for not letting her mom bully her into leaving her child behind! It seems like most arguments between them stem from Farrah’s mom trying to control her life. If I were Farrah and someone wanted me to leave my daughter behind, I would talk that way, too!

    • avatar tiffany says:

      I totally agree with you her Mm can be a bitch..its not disrespec.. I call both my step father and dad by there name granted my dad has never deserved the title dad but still I get where she’s coming. From

  11. avatar sally says:

    Farrah is the most disrecpect brat and if she was taught by her mother to call him micheal than you know that she learned this sickening behavior from her mom. She has a right to call him
    Dad its not her fault her mom is a whore and had two kids by two different fathers. Micheal is so nice and deserves so much better!!!

  12. avatar sally says:

    I don’t think any other person in the world would call their parent by their first name
    Her excuse is stupid . If they both had to call him micheal they they both should have
    Called the mom by her first name, her mom has no right taking a daugther relationship
    With their dad just because she wants to sleep around.

  13. avatar Justin says:

    I don’t find her calling her real father by his first name as disrespectful as her belittling him and just being straight up rude. The girl has a terrible personality.

  14. avatar Nikol says:

    So now we know where Farrah’s disrespectful attitude is stemmed from. She was taught to be that way from the time she could talk. I feel bad for her. She seems so miserable with herself. Anyone who would act the way she does must be a terribly sad person. It makes me want to show my parents how much I love them everytime I see her interract with hers. Sophie see’s it and is taking it all in…Farrah will have to deal with much worse when Sophie gets older.

  15. avatar Jess says:

    After last nights esp, where her sister and her made their mum wear a wig and went mental over nail polish on the dog, i will never like this farrah chick again, what a disrespectful little bitch, spoilt much aye, can’t beleive the way they treat their own mother, cause why? she was tired after a long flight and she gets there to you two making fun of her then leaving your daughter with her so you could go out, look after your own fucken child, you mum was tired and fall asleep wipdy do. i hope karma slaps your ugly face.

  16. avatar Mark says:

    I think she used to hump her dad thats why she calls him Michael … And if he doesn’t do anything she says she go public with the child melestation. Think about , she acts however a father would not want a daughter to act… She calls by first name as if she threatening him at the same time… Idk that’s just my take… They used to or still are humping…