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Teen Mom – Farrah’s Whole Album Available On iTunes

I’m sure, by now, you heard Farrah Abraham’s song, Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom, but now her entire album is available on iTunes.  Now I know there are many different styles of music, but I’m still trying to figure out what style Farrah would be thrown into.  Techno?  Can’t sing worth a damn so we’ll autotune the crap out of her?  The funny part here is that Farrah’s album basically tells the story of her life (and her book) since before she got pregnant.  My personal favorite: “Caught In The Act.”  I have absolutely no idea what she’s trying to say in the song, since I can’t understand a word of it, so we can only guess what it’s about.  I’m sure your guess is correct.

Does anyone else think her album is a joke just to see how gullible consumers are?  I hate trashing anyone, especially when it comes to music.  After all, what’s just random noise to one person is a symphony to another.  But I really can’t say anything nice about this album, except maybe that it’s…

Nope, got nothing.

You can preview Farrah’s album here: CLICK ME; or you can buy the album for $9.90.

Did I mention Farrah tweeted to people bashing her song?

All the hate”don’t listen to my songs if it’s not your type of music” it was ment for others who relate thanks for checking it out though:)

I know others relate to Farrah.  I really feel for her, I do.  But Farrah dear, we can’t understand what the words are saying, so we don’t know if we relate or not.

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