Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Here's the recap of tonight's TEEN MOM OG episode:


Maci says that she hasn't talked to Ryan in a while, and she's overwhelmed by the whole drug thing. (If you read TMJ you know that Ryan has already entered and exited rehab).

Story continues below....

Maci calls a help line regarding addiction. The guy on the phone says Ryan's family are enabling him.

Mackenzie is getting her wedding dress, and planning the wedding with friends. Apparently the whole drug thing isn't too high on her priority list.

Back at home, Ryan is talking to his dog.


Farrah is with her mom in Iowa. Dr. David is there looking as schleppy as ever. They say grace, while Farrah makes faces.

Farrah's mom shows off her engagement ring. She wants to get married in Bora Bora, and she asks Farrah to be a bridesmaid.

They all go to Key West, and Farrah is pissed. She gets into a fight with Dr. David about the top for a container of guacamole in the fridge. She tells the producers that Dr. David is a creep.

Farrah has Simon come over to spite her mom. He's brought over his suitcases. Simon immediately goes and raids the fridge.

Amazingly, Simon seems to have some intelligent advice for Farrah, saying she needs to start acting better to remain a family.


The episode starts with Amber kicking stuff (?), then goes to Gary, who is mowing his lawn. He decides to invite Amber for Easter.

Amber starts bitching about Gary.

The next day, Amber is pissed again because there's a rumor that Matt is cheating on her. Matt drives off, and Amber want to "figure out everything".


Catelynn and Tyler are driving (is it just me or do they start every episode in the car??).

Then we see them at home talking about moving to LA. Tyler doesn't think they're "fancy" enough...

Next, Catelynn and Tyler go out to Hollywood to look at houses, and they're shocked by the price. They decide to look for houses in Michigan.

They go see an old octagonal house from the outside, and they want to put in an offer -- without having seen it. Even though the house has been on the market for a year, for some reason they don't want to wait to actually look at it before buying.