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Tyler Baltierra Admits His Strength Is Depleting

The Teen Mom OG return got very interesting and instead of one of the moms being the center of attention, Baltierra’s situation actually stood out the most. In a therapy session, Baltierra revealed that the strength he has to deal with his life and depression is being depleted.

“This is exactly what happened as a kid. I remember when I first started feeling depressed when I was a younger kid, I would just do a lot of, like, dazing. Like, I would just, like, stare off. And these are signs that I remember as a kid, and that’s when I tried committing suicide. And, just—yeah, it was the same thing,” said Baltierra.

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“I don’t feel joy with things that should probably feel joyful. And I’m, like, super negative.”

This statement came after a discussion about his father, Butch, violating parole and starting another circle of emptiness and disappoint for him. The troubling admittance of trying to commit suicide was a very vulnerable thing to admit.

The information got even more intense when his depression started to effect his relationship with Catelynn Lowell.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting myself to focus on her so much. And that’s not fair, you know? But at the same time, it’s like, you know how she gets if I say anything, so I don’t say too much, because, first of all, I don’t want to push her into a panic attack. Second off, she overreacts with things and will start crying,” said Baltierra when speaking to his therapist.

“It’s weird, too, because I almost feel like I’m being unauthentic, like I should probably tell her all the things that I’m worried about or concerned about.”

Is there actually real trouble for Baltierra and Lowell ahead? Or can they find a middle-ground and understanding about their respective bouts with depression? Tune in to Teen Mom OG to see what the future holds.

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    I feel the same way with my strength gone after a 2 hour sess in the gym bro. Swole is the goal, size is the prize.

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