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Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood (born May 14th, 1990) from Anderson, Indiana, gave birth to daughter, Leah Leann Shirley, on November 12th 2008.  Amber and her on-again off-again fiance, Gary Shirley, had a volatile relationship.  Due to events shown on Teen Mom, Amber was arrested for domestic battery and neglect of a dependent in December of 2010.  She temporarily lost custody of Leah.  In June of 2011, Amber made headlines again when she was hospitalized for a suicide attempt.  Following her release from the hospital, she checked herself into a rehab facility in Malibu, California, to help her deal with her anger issues and depression.

  • Update – December 8, 2011 – Amber was released from rehab in August 2011.  Her and Gary are no longer an item and Amber is currently dating a 22 year old named Mike.
  • Update – January 27, 2012 – Amber Portwood makes a plea deal to avoid a 5 year jail term.  She will have to wait a few days to see if the judge will accept her plea. This will force her to take a drug rehab program, and then she will be out of legal trouble.

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  1. hiya howz u and when the new teen mom on viva then x

  2. Amber you look great you are doing the rignt thing

  3. I don’t really like Amber, but she was ‘normal’ on the first season of Teen Mom. I think after she got the money and lost all that weight, the fame got to her head. She has the potential to be a great mom and person, she just doesn’t choose that path. She’s not the WORST mom I’ve seen. She just has personal issues she needs to work out first.

    • I disagree! I think janelle is the worst mom on teen mom. Amber is a good mom, she needs help with how to deal with Gary. but thY does NOT make her a bad mom.

      • well i think u most not be watching the right. teen mom she is not a great mother. is that how u would do ur lil girl??? she is sick in her lil head. why would she hurt gary

      • How is Amber a good Mom? What does she DO with Leah? NOTHING. What does Leah eat? Fast food. Amber should get sterilized. Some people should not have children, and Amber and Gary are near the top of the list.

      • I so agree with you IMO and JENNY People who think Amber is a good mom are sadly mistaken and I would hate to see how they parent. I actually have a friend that works on teen mom as a field researcher and even told me stories how Amber is a bad mom compared to the other teens. If we see all this drama and her violence on TV just think about when the cameras are not rolling. She went to a super expensive rehab in California that costs about 25K and she still complains that she had to go?!?! She is getting the best help she can and is going to a place that celebs go to for treatment, she is damn lucky she is getting that sort of treatment. That is like a vacation. I do think that the courts were probably more difficult on her since she is on TV and they probably were making an example of her. I wish her the best for the sake of Leah but she needs parenting classes, anger management, and to stay on birth control or actually to get sterlized and away from Gary.

      • I think amber is a great mom. when she has her little girl nothing else matters but when gary comes around they are just so rude 2 each other and say some hurtful things. They should not be together but to say someone is a bad mom based off of little bits of the show that mtv wants you 2 see isnt right. noone knows this gurls full story. #team Amber!

  4. Amber your doing great i wish u the very best and i hope everything works out for you ive got 5children n work part time i think gary needs to support you a bit more youv gota beautiful little girl chin up darl every thing happens for a reason and makes us stronger you’l b fine xx

  5. Anyone else wondering how if she is 21 and Leah is 2 – how was she on 16 and pregnant???

  6. being a mom at 18 myself and having to step up to the plate and take care of my baby i feel she really isnt doing the best job she can. that little girl had no choice in the situation. I really think that the father should have the baby. Life isn’t easy suck it up and take care of your baby your a mom now

  7. i think she should be more nice to her babys dad cause his was been there for her..

    • I agree! Yea Gary isn’t an innocent angel either, but he tries so hard and he is supportive. Amber yells at him all the time and gets mad for no reason. Obviously her fancy little rehab thing didn’t help her. She’s never gonna change. Leah is better off without her! Gary is actually being a good dad. He sincerely cares about Leah. Amber doesn’t give a damn about Leah (hence the choices she is making)

    • Gary has always been around but he sure as hell hasnt been there for her. He is the most immature kid on the w hole show. While amber is struggling with depression and Gary knows she struggles with anger issues too, he is constantly pushing her buttons and going vindictive things just to upset her. Like she doesnt have enough crap going on. Then he wonders y she yells and hits him. He knows exactly y, he just does it to make her more miserable and to make himself look better on the show.

  8. Although Amber is not my favorite on the show she does show how hard it can be to be a teen mom. I know a lot of people dislike her and say she is a horrible person but I’d imagine it would be pretty hard having your life put under a microscope and being criticized for every little thing you do wrong… that could break a person down especially when they are already extremely stressed out with a child, an on again off again mixed emotion fiance, and whatever else she has going on that is not thrust into the spotlight of MTV.

  9. Soooooooo many ppl get preg at 18 and have children at 19 they just choose to grow up and be a great mom, 2 bad Amber couldnt do the same.

  10. honestly.
    Gary does alot for amber, and all she does is WINE & COMPLAIN, shes so annoying. she needs to get her head on straight and stop being a pain in the ass.
    Amber Can Be an alright person, but the complaining and bullshit needs to stop.

    As for janelle. ya she is the worst teen mom ever. she doesnt care about any body but drugs and alcohol, treats everybody like shit.

    • Has everyone forgot how childish and selfish gary has been.. especially in the 16 and pregnant episode.. If I remember correctly he bought a gaming system instead of saving money for their BABY?!

      • Yes, but he has grown up since and is making better choices. Amber on the other hand is getting worse and worse. More annoying, more selfish, more angry, more aggressive, more bitchy… should I keep going?

  11. Wow. Lol. It seems as if Amber and Jenelle are the most hated parents. But I don’t understand why Amber is, she tries to provide for her child, she just has an anger issue. Jenelle is just a friggin idiot.

    • Amber has major personality issues too, which also impeed her ability to parent or remain stable.

      Jenelle has the capacity to do better – she is pretty and SMART.

      Amber is just white trash.

  12. amber isnt a bad person she just made a few mistakes and is unforantly maying massive consaquences.shes a good person i hope she gets back on her feet

  13. I am a mother of four with no experiences like Amber and we have plenty of money and help and a husband. No matter what all of you think of her she is I know doing the best she can. What are we talking about she is a “bad Mom” there has never been an episode where she was cruel, thought less, screaming or even mean to her daughter. She is a fine mother and all you out there stop judging her and really are you all the best all the time? you are kidding yourselves. Mothers and women we need not to beat each other up, this is not a competition! we need to support each other. One never knows what kind of parent we will be but your judgement of her is cruel and thoughtless and so to all who criticize Amber instead of holding her in your heart as a fellow parent and in your prayers SHAME ON YOU!

  14. Love her she just needs help TEAM AMBER,FARRAH,and CATELYNN 🙂

  15. I love Amber. Obviously she hasn’t made the best choices, but I’m still a supporter (:

  16. I watch teen mom just to see Amber i think she has had it hard and gary hasnt exactly been the best boyfriend to her when they were together. Keep your chin up amber your doin great n we love u in the UK xx

  17. latley Amber seems a stuck up bitch. Wow she lost weight & got money that shudnt change a person & as for gary he actually thinks hes gods gift & pathetic. They both need to be better parents without constant help & start taking better care of leah instead of dumping with her nan or wen shes with amber or gary leah just gets left to run round & left unattented & the flats always a state & they leave her to cry & amber sleeps on a mattress on a floor. Lets hope her new place is a proper livin home to live in. Thats if shes still there & can still provide a stable home.

  18. Hang in there Amber, you have such a sweet little girl, you can do it!!! We love you in Switzerland!

  19. hang in there amber you have a sweet
    girl you can do it!!

  20. I feel bad for the baby daddy he is such a nice guy and loves that lil girl amber is such a bad mom and only cares about fame. She looks like miss piggy. No one should support her

  21. I am not going to say that Amber is a bad mother. But what I will say is that she is not a nice person, she is mean, abusive, disrespectful, inconsiderate and rude! I do not know why no one in her life will tell her this…. I am sorry but she needs a serious reality check, everything that she is going through is because of the choices that SHE has made thus far. It is no one’s fault that she chose to punch Gary in the face, that was her decision! what would she have done if he would have fell down the stairs with that TV in his hand. what then? And if he had done that to her she would have condemned him to hell! I do not feel sorry for her. Everyone has gone through a struggle in their life, but not everyone chooses to handle it that way…. Life is about the choices you make, and what you do with what your given. I myself am a mother too, and I am not claiming to be perfect, but you cannot continue to treat those around you that way and think you will get nothing from it. She needs to learn some lessons and I am glad she had to go to rehab and anger management she needed it. Now I am not saying that Gary is an angel and at times I feel he pushes her buttons on purpose, however; that is never an excuse to physically abuse someone! Ever! She needs to get her priorities straight and stop letting her emotions control her…..

  22. I think amber is white trash who dnt give a sh*t bout her kid ! Skank

  23. Amber is a good mom, but personality wise bother her AND Gary need to make some more changes. It’s nice to know that Amber is getting help for herself since she knows she needs it and trying to be a better adult for her child. The same cannot be said for Gary who still chooses to put himself and his needs before Leah’s. I think that sometimes Amber needs to stop blaming EVERYTHING on Gary. In some of the fights, I can see where the fault lies with Gary but honestly, not everything is his fault. Sometimes I feel like she’s too aggressive and just goes looking for a fight when just the slightest thing is uttered. No matter what Gary says, that gives her no right to put her hands on him. Imagine if he had done the same how would she feel? She would turn around and play the victim after beating up on him. I can’t stand to see domestic abuse done by a female because they always believe they can get away with it because men shouldn’t hit women. Women also shouldn’t hit men because we of all people should know the pain and suffering that can come from being battered.

  24. I love Amber and Leah, But GARY has to go! Amber wish I was friends with ya. I would help u get on the right path. 😀 ohh and my 3 year old daughter says she loves you and leah. 😀

  25. She’s in jail on a 5 yr sentence so now her daughter’s going to hate to since she chose jail over rehab and she’ll miss out on a lot. I live in Indiana and she just makes us look bad. I’ve never liked her!

  26. Amber need to sit her ass down and stop bitting the hand that feed her. Gary takes care of Leah not Amber. I am so sick of these spoiled, stupid, ignorant little girls.

  27. I agree, Gary is Leah’s saving grace. He has always shown patience and love with her. I just wish he would move on and realize that Amber will never be capable of being a mother or partner. She has grave personality disorder and will probably not be able to function on her own without constant drama and crisis. She would be best to parent on a part time level from a distance. The horror she has put Leah is criminal. One can see the pain on her face. As far as Jeanelle one can look at what her maom has put her through to see what Leah will be like (Amber) Save her

  28. i dont like her and it makes me extremely upset that i always get told i look like her… evertime i go to the mcdonalds in my town theres a lady that calls me amber cause she doesnt realize im not, and the first time she ever saw me she wanted to take pictures with me =/ ppl always come up to me in public just to remind me i look like this good awful girl its so embarrassing

  29. Amber and gary are complete white trash– please either cut leah hair or put it in a pony tail, but please get her hair out of her eyes!! On tonights episode july 31 2012 amber feed leah a happy meal from Mc Donald while she ate a big Mac. I already see that poor child getting chubby (like those to fat asses) in my opion that is child abuse. they are building fat cells on that poor child, if they keep it up she will battle with her weight all her life. you would think that they would not want her to have the same weight issue that they have had all their life.

    • Damn Straight. I so agree. The worst trash couple on Teen Mom. Poor Leah. she didnt ask to be born into what she was. I just hope someone with morals, values and a good head on their shoulders will step in and teach Leah to do the right things and not to falter and crumble to the bad. I pray that Amber can heal and overcome addiction in Jail and that Lea wont hold that against her mom,,,maybe not even remember it when she’s grown, and that Gary is a good dad and doesnt expose her to his many girls he’s dating and that part of his life. That lil girl needs some security, routine in her everyday life and a sense of safety and belonging. It should be all about the lil girl and thats that!

  30. TIFF you poor thing that is a complete insult —

  31. I dont like Amber…. Although i do like Gary. I feel so sorry for Leah having to listen to her mothers foul mouth, and all the arguing. Does Amber not realise she is messing with this little girls head. I am watching from England so maybe a bit behind. How many times has Amber been locked up now. Having a jail bird for a mother i feel so sorry for her….

  32. I dont think amber or gary are very good parents they both need specail help

  33. I don’t think Amber is choosing to make these poor Desions, I truly feel this mom is in need of some serious anger management and behavior health! I watched her finish out her ordered rehab, I just don’t understand why she was sentenced to 5 years in prison ? I feel for her because I don’t think the time is going to change her life,she is going to still need to get help when she is released! I feel bad or her because I don’t think the punishment fits the crime! Amber might not be mother Theresa but she is not Casey Anthony who really should be behind bars for what she did! I don’t see the justice system working!

    • Thats, bull…. WHen you become an adult everything that you do in life is a choice. Just like when you wake up in the morning, you choose what you will wear for the day, same as when you get angry you CHOOSE how you are going to react…. She knows its wrong to hit people…. Tired of people making excuses for her, and her behavior…. There is no excuse for physical abuse, none. when it comes down to it, either you did or didn’t hit the person…. She is a big girl and knows what she is doing…. And she got 5 years , because once again she made the wrong choice….. Amber is not mentally impaired, she just had a rough life…. But that can be said for many of us, however; we don’t choose to turn into victims and use that as an excuse…. Stop making excuses for the girl, please…

      • I totally and completely agree.
        We all make our own choices and she made more than one bad choice. If she cared about Leah she would have changed a long time ago. It’s not that she can’t change, it’s that she doesn’t WANT to change because she is a self centered brat! She got what she deserved.

  34. Gary pisses me off Amber aasked to see Leah and Gary tells her no that she can see her tomorow but then amber wants to lok at a house and gary lays in to her like he has eery right to HE is not better than she is he pushes her buttons and acta ritchous but inreality he is just as muhc part of the problem as Amber is and i cant stand him.

  35. Amber needed to get her life straight before getting a new boyfriend. I think she should have thought about that. Maybe jail will help her to get her life together.

  36. So many of us has been in ambers shoes, amber don’t let gary push your buttons you just broke. I’ve put up with a real looser he always managed to turn everything around to be my fault. I had two boys with him. Now I’m 36 with new husband 42 & twO boys 16 on 9-9,and 13. My live is better than I ever dreamed

  37. Im not against amber, but im not for her either…she’s a young woman who has A LOT of issues (personally and emotionally) that she needs to work on. Gary is a douchebag, and personally, if i had gary as my daughters father i’d yell at him too. he kept amber away from leah on her bday, and was rude about it. he doesnt want amber himself, however, he doesnt want anyone else to have her. Leah is a sweet little girl. i hope amber gets her shit together for that little girl, and to find someone who loves her and leah and will treat them the right way. leave gary behind.

  38. I never realised Amber was 18 when she had Leah, this would make Gary 20 odd.. Wow. Seriously? They need to grow the f@co up. The 16 year olds are showing more maturity! Amherst faults is her addictions and anger. Gary’s is everything! He’s a lot older than Amber and should be more mature instead he pushes her faults in her face all the time like he doesn’t want her to get better etc and the sad thing is with the papers signed he won the game of ruining her life. You could visually see in Dr drew’s face that even he doesn’t like Gary poor Leah her dad’s a manipulative slob her grandma looks filthy her other grandma sounds 24/7 drunk her grandad looks like he escaped from a mental institution and her mum’s in jail.

  39. Amber- sorry for typos I’m using phone internet

  40. i dont hate amber but i dont like amber…yeah when she was growing up she had a rough childhood which is a reason to make your childs life better then the one you had growing up..CORRECT??!! i got pregnant at 18 and i didnt act no where near how amber acted/acts…she needs some serious help and gary is such a good person..yeah hes had his times to but not like ambers.. after all she has put him through beating him and cussing him, calling him names and he still beggs her to be with him?? Gary aint much too look at but hes a damn good dad to leah!!

  41. I think amber is actually a really good mom. No one is perfect and everyone had their own demons to deal with. AMBER I HOPE YOU GET YOUR OWN LIFE TOGETHER SO YOU CAN GET BACK TO BEING A WONDERFUL MOM. Just the times when It’s just her and Leah on the camera I get this warm feeling from how she acts and is around Leah. AMBER DON’T GET DISCOURAGED, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO PROVE TO EVERYONE YOU CAN DO IT!! I KNOW YOU CAN GIRL!

  42. i think shes pittful but shows girls not what to act like!!! i knew she was on drugs when she lost all the weight, i just hope when she gets out of jail shes different this time , her and gary in no way need to be togather!!!! but i think shes just a bratt myself!!!!

  43. I use to not like amber but its clear to see she has problems I think gary is a fat punk using the baby against her because she don’t want him.

  44. with every season this chick just seem to get stupid and more fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROW UP LITTLE GIRL!

  45. Once Amber is fully recovered and fit enough to have Leah back, she really needs to stay away from Gary although he should keep regular contact with his daughter. I’m a firm believer that a child belongs with their mother (I was a daddy’s girl, but I remained with my mum while as a child). Gary is a good dad but he’s not a good partner, he clearly uses his access to Leah as a weapon, and his constant smirking while he does this is rather sickening! I don’t condone Amber’s violence towards Gary in the past or drug use however she clearly wasn’t well and needed therpy and time to recover …. I just found it rather disturbing that when Amber got back from rehab, clearly still rather fragile Gary was blatantly trying to keep Amber from seeing Leah! And he made this more obvious once she told him she didn’t want to rekindle their relationship. People really need to open their eyes because Gary isn’t totally innocent here, he really is a nasty piece of work!!

  46. Profile photo of hoosier1956

    I have said it, in the past & still say, Gary is a slob. Whoever he has been seeing when Amber was in jail, they have real bad taste.

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