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Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell  (born March 12th, 1992) of Michigan, and boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, made the heartbreaking decision of placing their baby, Carolyn (Carly) Elizabeth (born May 18th, 2009), for adoption, much to the dismay of their parents.  Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa, were chosen from a portfolio Catelynn and Tyler received from the adoption counselor.  Catelynn’s mother, April Baltierra, never fully got over her daughter placing their grandchild for adoption, which causes problems in their relationship.  April is married to Tyler’s father, Butch.  Catelynn and Tyler chose an open adoption and are able to see Carly on occasion.  Catelynn and Tyler graduated from High School in June of 2011.

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  1. katlyn,we are the proud parents of three adopted kids.our kids situations were not as well thought out as yours was,but none the less we were blessed.i admire you guys. ithink you guys picked some pretty good parents.you should be proud of yourselves for giving her what you could not provide at this time.we will pray for you guys.

    • i think you are a great person…you did what you hade to do for your child put her up so she wont suffer i give you too much respct four that..when she get older she will come back looking four you ..trust me..

  2. Grace Cossette

    When I first watched this episode, I could not stop crying. I went through an entire box of tissues. As an adopted child myself, I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you and Tyler. I admire you both. Blessings

  3. catelynn ur the best teen mom i love yall to death ilove yall <3

    • Catelynn u r my favorite story to watch! When I watched 16 and pregnant and I saw you’re story I cryed my eyes out because it was so emotional for me. The home situation I understand we’re u r coming from because I go thought the stuff everyday so if u need someone to talk to about this here is my cellphone number so u can contact me if u need a person to talk to 315-868-0055

  4. When I first watched this episode, I could not stop crying. I went through an entire box of tissues. As an adopted child myself, I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you and Tyler. I admire you both. Blessings i luv us so much i hope to see us soon xx

  5. Catelynn is an insperation to everyone that even though Adoption isn’t easy. Catelynn & Tyler done right by Carly, if they thought they could do it & not bring Carly up in the sort of environment that they had. They would of been brilliant parents & they one day will be brilliant parents. I take my hat off to both of them cos i don’t think i could give up a child for adoption.

  6. i like cathlynn and Tyler they are inspiration people to me

  7. I love your story! It’s so heartfelt. I think your decision was amazing and the best thing to do at the time:) God bless

  8. I think you are amazing! You did the best decision at the time!!! Never forget that when Carly’s older, she will be thanking you! God bless

  9. I think you and Tyler are amazing. You are my favorite teen mom because of your decision and you and tyler. you two are so strong to do that. when i watched you and tyler’s 16 and pergos all me and my mom did was cry. DO NOT believe people when they say that “oh Carly will never love you guys because of the decision you two made” because they are all jackasses. you did that because you two love Carly and i am so proud of you guys for that. Because of you two, if i ever become a teen mom ((which im only 12)) i would pick open adoption. I love you guys! keep your head up high!

  10. Catelynn is my favorite Teen Mom, ever. She and Tyler knew what was best for Carly, and for them to stick through it and proceed, was just amazing. If Carly was my baby, I wouldn’t be able to let her go. She is just so perfect and beautiful. Watching the reunion special was just shocking to see how much she’s grown up, and how beautiful that little girl is now. One day Carly will go up to them and say thank you. God Bless all of you!

    • Watching Tyler and Catelynn help each other grow up on TM is also so pwreoful, and in the most recent season, kind of heartbreaking. I think MTV must have asked itself whether following them would fulfill the Teen Mom mission statement, as they are not struggling with daily parenting so much as coping with their choice, the fall-out, and growing up amid such dysfunction. But they are consistently amazing and strong, and still just children, and obvs a totally moving part of the show empire. If they broke up, I don’t know what I would do, so great would be my despair.

  11. i love u guys so much keep ur heads up high u both r so strong i was a teen mom to an it was hard but i dont think i could of done adoption but she is 2 now but she is a really sick little girl i have also just had another baby so it makes it so much harder again im so proud of u both u r both just so strong xxxx

  12. Catelynn nd tyler are really kool people there nice nd they made a decision to give up carly for aadoption whick most tennage wouldnt do other teenagers might of gone for abortion but i they did the right decidion but wat I think wen they get stable they should try ti get carly back wat u guys think??

  13. Why is she even famous? She doesn’t have the baby anymore. Aside from a stupid debut on a magazine cover every once and a while saying she wants her legally adopted baby back, she shouldn’t be on here with all the other MOTHERS. Neither one of them. Publicity. Pssh.

    • Catelynn is a mother whether she has her child or not… She’s apart of this show just as much as all the other mothers. She’s on there showing what it’s like to give a baby up for adoption because some teen moms think they only have one choice. As for the publicity I’m sure her and Tyler could go with out, it’s not like they ask for it.

    • catelynn is a mom what you would have rather her kept her child and put that child through the craziness of all that goes on in these girls lives she wanted better for her child and did the selfless thing by giving her child up to say she isnt a mother only shows your ignorance

      • AMEN CHANTEL AND DIANE! Anna you totally missed the whole point of why they are on the show. Some teens that are pregnant might be considering the choice of giving their child up for adoption so Catelynn and Tyler are showing it is tough but possible and what the reality is behind adoption. She is still a teen mom. The show is called Teen Mom not Teen Mom’s That Only Keep Their Babies.

  14. Catelynn and Tyler are amazing. Both obviously came from rough childhoods with some questionable parents but they are trying so hard to keep it together and do the right thing…for themselves and their daughter. I’m really rooting for them to make it and rise above their family situations and past circumstances.

  15. Did Catelynn have her second baby and is it a boy ir girl. Thank you

  16. Catelynn is great! She and Tyler chose what was best for their child, instead of being selfish and keeping her. I have definantly seen Catelynn and Tyler mature into amazing people (not saying they weren’t before) who truly deserve nothing but happiness and joy.

  17. hey Catelynn how are you and Tyler doing i see you guys was getting ready to be a graduate that’s Great i hope you guys are happy and i hope you get everything in life that you guys want .and i hope someday that you will have kids again you was a great person to give Carly up it takes one in a million to do that i don’t think i could ever do that but kids are a lot of work to but anyways i thought i would write to you on here and i live in Michigan too in Grand Blanc so if you ever need to talk to someone i am here and i am on facebook to just look me up k Michelle21102@yahoo.com that’s my email if you want to chat sometime .bye for now take care .

  18. that was brave of you guys giving up your baby but like dont you regret it because i would do anything for my son to be with me right now…he was born a still born in i am 17 but i was prepared to give up everything for him…


  20. Biggius Foreheadius

    Gross so their parents are married to each other? I guess it was hillbilly instinct for Catelynn to sleep with her brother, even though he wasn’t blood related. That baby is going to be craving that sibling c***, you know? Man, that girl’s forehead… I bet she carried that baby in her forehead, hahahhahahahaaaa!!!

    • Catelynn and Tyler were dating before Butch and Catelynn’s mom. That’s how their parents met…don’t comment on such matters that you know nothing about.

  21. you guys are the best parents on the history of teen mom and who ever says you two shouldnt be on the show bc yall dont have a baby is fkn stupid bc so far you guys have put carly before yourselves every single time unlike a few of the teen moms on the show. that is what a parent is being about not putting your bf before your child, or smoking weed. keep up the good work 🙂

  22. i love caitlyn and tyler they are so strong for what they dd and me and my family really admire her,shes made somthing of her life by supporting birth mothers in her situation tylers such a good lad all the best to them!

  23. I used to dislike Catelynn and Tyler but now they are my fav couple they did the best thing for Carly and i think they are great <3

  24. I do agree that Catelynn and Tyler did the best thing for Carly, but I wish she would start doing more with her life.

  25. As a 23 year old young mum of two I am outraged by the person who chose to press negative on every comment wishing this young couple well and secondly I am disgusted by the girl who said she wasn’t a mum. It shows how childish you are. I kept both my children and like Catelyn and Tyler I love them to bits. It takes a REAL PARENT to look at their situation, know that they love their child more than anything yet realise (heart breakingly so) that they would never be able to provide for that child. To all those uneducated idiots who think it was an easy decision for her to do this, think again. She loves her baby and that will never diminish. They did what they felt was best so that their child wasn’t dragged up like so many other peoples children.

    Personally I am proud of them and I wish them a beautiful family when it is time for them to have one.

  26. love tyler and catelynn they are awesome they made the best decision for carly they knew that they could have taken care of her but that they could give her a better life by letting someone else raise her no matter how much it hurt to let her go <3 <3


  28. You need to know that you gave your daughter up for adption Let the family that adpoted her move on with their life. You should not expect. Her to attend your high school graduation and be a flower girl at your wedding.
    She is their daughter, you did not lease her to them, move on

  29. QYou need to know that you gave your daughter up for adption Let the family that adpoted her move on with their life. You should not expect. Her to attend your high school graduation and be a flower girl at your wedding.
    She is their daughter, you did not lease her to them, move on

    • Dear, Finnagan,

      I hope you know that the question that ty and cat have asked them self have been thought over many time and no matter how long carly adopted family has her ty and cat will be her mother and father cause who esle could have made such a heart feel descidtion with know that they would be giving up all the first and all the day to day actived so re-think how you word or speak your mind how would you think feel if someone said what you said on here to you.

      Also rethink lost of people have friends kids in their wedding and i dont see why there daughter couldnt be their flower girl so pleasebe a adult and really think what you say on here these are young adult tryig to be the best adults they can be so remmber they can read and do have feel as well as you do so be kind if you cant say something nice then blog it on you own home computer and if you dont know if it sounds nice then DONT SAY IT OR TYPE IT AT ALL.

      • dear seidel-
        My brother and sister in-law adopted my niece 20 years ago they gave her the best home with love and the best that they could ever provide for a child. Private educations since preschool they let the biological grandmother- mother & father attend every millstone in her life. When she was away at an Ivy League college (that they were paying for), she decided that her biological parents were more important than her adoptive aperients……..
        So how would you feel — Cat and Tyler want their cake and eat it…? Finnagan is right.
        Such you mouth until you have walked on both sides of the fence. How would you feel? They gave her up. Let it go already. they are loser from hillbilly families

      • you know not all kids who are adoped forget about their adopted parents. i have been adopted myself and have plenty of contact with my biological parents. even though they are alot richer than my adopted parents i would rather be here with them. i feel more at home than anywhere else. and dont get me wrong i have tried living with my father and mother but its not home. i think you should all just mind ur own business and get on with ur own stupid lives bc it seems like u have nothing better to do than bring misery to other people who are just happy.

      • Suzanne… What a nasty piece of work you are… If your Brother and Sister in-law are as nasty as you are i’m not surprised their daughter went back to her birth parents!!!

      • I agree with you Seidel. Suzanne and Finnagan need to realize that part of the adoption agreement was that Catelynn and Tyler can still see Carly occasionally. If Brandon and Teresa had a problem with that they didn’t have to adopt her. How do you know one day Carly wouldn’t love to know her birth parents? I know a few adopted adults that records are sealed and will never know their birth parents and it is hard on them. Bottom line is both sides agree so their is no issue and you are lame.

    • this was VERY wrong of you to say!

  30. well mr are mrs finnagan well as you sould know it was an open adoption so they are moving on and they sould let both there daughters come to anything that has to do with cat n ty…why would you even say shit like that????????

  31. TO: girlfrom nextd
    if it is such an open adoption why do Katelyn and Tyler have to go through the adoption agency to have any correspondence with Carlye?? I do think that they did the best thing for Carlye, given their family situation and thier age.they need to move on with their lives, they are only going to confuse Carlye.
    TO: ANN
    They should not be on the show because they are not teen moms/dads. I think that they continue to talk about Carlye all the time so they can continue to be on the show for $$$$. They are not as stupid as they make themselves out to be.

    • its very difficult to just forget about a child like that. it doesnt just happen over night. it might take years to be able to move on but kay did not do this for her own good she did it for carly. u shouldnt say shes not a mother bc it took a strong mother to come up with a decision like that.

    • They don’t keep doing it for money they are teaching teens out there that are being stupied there is other ways. She is still a mom she did give birth to a baby but gave it a better life that she knew at the time she couldn’t. So what they are not allowed to have their story told so others can see that they have options? And really there is no confuseing to Carlyle because at this point till the time is right I am sure she thinks it is family. And I am sure it will be like that till she is older. Plus take a Look at teen mom amber she don’t have her daughter so what you are saying she don’t need to be on the show either ? And it is a open adoption. Read about it and see how it works before you want to shit out of your mouth on nonsense.. and be happy to know that when their daughter gets old enough to know the truth she will not be one of hundreds that will never have a chance to know their biological parents cause the case was closed tighter then a nun in a whore house.. I am proud to see that these two took a life path that was to better their daughter. And it is sad that there is people in this beyond messed world that will never understand anothers life pain to better a loved one.

  32. I am an adopted child and what u guys did was really touching. It took love and responsibility on your part. It was a very selfless act.way to go guys. Catelynn and Tyler were my favorite. God bless you both!!!!

  33. I am so proud of you guys for what you did. Carly is going to have a great life. I am currently adopting my nephew!! how exciting!! I loved your episode! It was touching and i will never forget it!

  34. Ignore the idiots that say you’re not parents. A GOOD parent that was in your situation would do the same thing. What yall chose for your daughter was the hardest decision any parent would have to make w a health baby. I am very proud of yall for choosing what was best for your daughter and you helped someone who can’t have children of their own. The open adoption will allow your daughter a better understanding of herself. Watching your 16 and pregnant show always tears me up. You two are amazingly strong and I truly wish you both the best.

  35. Listen ok I think catelyn and Tyler did a okay thing for there child. But I also think that they portray to be a really strong couple on teen mom and I think they were young but they should have just stuck it out cuz they have each other and they seem to be very mature enough to raise a baby even if they were only 16 they could have done it cuz in the third season they ended up getting there own place and getting two dogs and dogs are responsibility i just cant see understand how parents would rather take care of not 1 but 2 dogs instead of there precious baby girl that sucks if they were going to be together anyways like they always preach on the show then they should have just kept her and raised it wouldve made them even stronger they just dont realize yet then they talk about having other kids in the future whats up with that so why is carly always gonna be left out of that so they gave up carly at 16 and then 10 years down the line they have a next kid together and raise her thats weird its not like everyday that they look at each other there not reminded of the 1st child they had together and gave away how do they manage everyday life looking around dont they truly realize what they did in time they will see if they havent yet and Tyler maybe u should have supported catelyn and never convinced her to give her first baby away your parents were willing to be there for you guys dont u have a heart u say u love her and wanted to be there forever now she has to live with what she did as a mother for the rest of her life anyways good luck

    • i think it took giving her up for them to truly grow up

    • Having a child is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY different than raising dogs, the car e they require is TOTALLY different. They were also younger when they gave Carly up than when they got the dogs, they were 18 when they moved into their apartment NOT 16 like thy were when they placed Carly up for adoption. They also don’t think they can just see Carly whnever they want, they’ve said SEVERAL times that they see her twice a year and send cards and letters for her birthday and holidays and her adoptive parents have encouraged them to keep in touch with them and send things to Carly, they have her phone number and are allowed to call. They thought about having her at graduation which I thought was nice of them but when they contacted the birth parents and found they couldn’t make it Tyler and Catelyn let it rest, it isn’t like they hounded them like crazy. People need to quit being so damned judgemental and try putting yourelf in their shoes before spewing your nasty comments all over.

  36. kim you are so right

  37. Catelynne & tyler are the best couple & individuals on all seasons of 16 & pregnant & teen mom 1 & 2 they are both more mature respectful & independant & have goals & finished school & made a responsable decision regarding there daughter carly to have a better fulfilled life & still able to have a relationship with there daughter & still catelynne & tylers relationship is still stronger than ever unlike catelynne & her selfish mum april & tylers dad butch they are a pathetic excuse for parents & why cudnt they marry sumone else outside the family instead of embarrising ur children & making them become step sister & brother. There just lower than low & there children have a stronger lasting relationship than they do & have a great future instead of bein drunken slobs

  38. I know it was hard giving up your little girl but just think that she is getting the life she deserves!! Love watching you on the show because your so strong <3

  39. i know its hard for you

  40. oh get a life and move on and stop playing it up for the camara’s for cash!!! I am so sick of your whinning….Stop already

    • cindi if your so sick of it then stop watching!!!!!! u must be really miserable in ur life to try to put them down. misery loves company!!!!!!

      • AMEN PETRA!! Cindi you get a life! You have never done something that hard in your life obviously. Shut it!

    • Thank you well said dude i love the show i cant stand catelynn and what’s Tyler they are annoying the think they are smart and try act like they are grown up but all they dude is basked in fame and for what a child they don’t have and don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with adoption i think they did a good thing giveing her up i did cry but then all they do a wine and grown a bout carly like oh my god shut up get over and live ur lives and stop tying to be big shots like they are trying to keep up with the other teens moms they repeat what other people say when trying to hold a conversation like they are trying to be half way intelligent and it wouldn’t get on my nerves as much if they would learn to hay yea or uh hu more expand ur vocabulary and here a another thing get over ur selves ur nothing special all u are is a another literate teen who fucked ur step sister and had a child. sorry iv been holding that in for a very long time. I feel a lot better 🙂

  41. Chantelle Simmons

    I was up watching the show early this morning I guess because I needed to. I am In complete tears right now and thats tears of happiness. I am 40 years old and I went though what you guys did alone but catelynn you are a blessed child a good girl! I had to give her the props first. Man God sent those people(the parents to carly) to you both and boy catelynn and tyler you bless them with the highest Love and joy from another human being and the joy in my heart crying right now is feeling that God Like Love the closes I think you can get to giving love like he gives LOVE to US ALL. Sometimes we are the vessel. Some people don’t see that they take it personal. We got to take us out the equation for the greater good. Both families I will continue to follow cause my daughter when that happen to me I decided to keep her but children raising kids they don’t always make the right decisions and i’m paying for it now. I have my daughter children and sometimes you have to learn how to do the right things and learn to pass it on with actions not just talk and its harder doing it than saying it. Keep up the good work and sharing your story you guys are on the road to Greatness for what you have done for that little bundle of Joy. Love Ms. Chantelle


    i <3 the 2 of these i am a proud mother of 3 and have a great husband i was 17 when we meet and he was 16 we had our first baby just after i turned 18 and he just turned 17 and we been together october 10th 2012 will be 8 years i wish these 2 the best just like me and my husband and we are from muskegon michigan also

  43. when i first saw this show it touched my heart that they did something so selfless for their baby. However it has been 3 years since she gave birth to that baby and she still is sucking the story dry for money! I believe they are disgusting people. To use the excuse that you have no money to raise your child on your own and then make all this money on this show. Then go on to make season after season of teen mom when she gave up the chance to be one. They are in a better financial situation than most parents today and theyre still milking it! PIGS!! One day that little girl will grow up and put 2 and 2 together and realize they were FULL OF SHIT!

  44. I just want to tell Catelynn and Tyler that you two are such awesome role models for teens.. This show i think is great for young girls. I was a teen mom @ 18yrs old. I just graduated H.S. when i found out i was pregnant. I raised her myself along with the help from my awesome Mom and Dad. My daughter is now 13 yrs old and she loves you guys. We watch the show together every week. Keep up the great work and stay strong.

  45. Catelyyn and tyler…i love yall so much. you and maci are my MOST favorite to watch. when i was 16 i gave birth to a babygirl 04-08-09 right before carly was born. i did an open adoption as well! i know exactly how it is. i look up to you sooo much! i hope all is well and Godd Bless!♥

  46. i think they shouldnt have gave their child for adoption just because u dnt have an education or money to raise them doesnt mean you cant support your child….your kids wll always love you as long as you show them love and they see how hard you trying to do just for them they will eventually see that and they will love you. they gave their daughter away b/c she will get better things in life? i think that makes no excuse to give your child away but i do agree now that she has been adopted they shouldnt keep in contact with her soo much because they gave her away to a couple that want to be parents with the child i think thats the wholepoint of adoption. it might be hard for them but they should just leave the adoption paretns alone now and let them live their life

    • They have an open adoption which means they are still a part of Carly’s life! That’s the whole point of an open adoption. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying about money and education, but you have no right to judge them for a decision they made about their own child. Did you see the environment Carly would’ve had to grow up in? Catelynn’s mother’s shouting spells and verbal abuse and her stepfather constantly in and out of jail? Carly will have a stable home AND know that her birth parents love her and gave her away because they love her. I think they made a decision for Carly and that’s better than most of the mothers on this show who make selfish decisions. Education and money certainly help while raising a child, but I think the most important is a healthy and loving environment which Brandon and Teresa can provide for Carly.

  47. I guarantee that as soon as the filming of TEEN MOM is over and all of the episodes have aired, Terse and Brandon will close the adoption. Please catelynne and Tyler please prepare you. If you noticed on the episode of teen moms when you met in New York to celebrate Carlyle’s second birthday –the filming crew NEVER SHOT OR SHOWED Teresa and Brandon full faces—just unrecognizable side views. I am trying to let you both open your eyes and stop sticking your heads in the sand!
    Catelynn PLEASE STOP WEARING THE FAKE FLOWERS HAIR CLIPS—you look like a hillbilly. Catelynn I hate to say this go on a diet– your yellow romper looked hideous on you– you’re a young girl and if put your mind to it you can lose weight—stop blaming it on baby weight –bad excuses at your age. STAY AWAY FORM CARBS every time I see you eating you’re eating pizza. Tyler is a young man and he does not want to marry a fat ass at his age.

    • WOW you are an idiot! WHO THE HELL MADE YOU GOD? Who the hell gives you the right to tell someone they need to go on a diet. I am a skinny girl and would never judge anyone else. As for the flowers that is a pin up girl style not a hillbilly style. For you to even know that tells me you live in the sticks. Just cause she isn’t your definition of how she should look she has an unconditional man that loves her. Actually your hormones from pregnancy take up to 16 months from birth to go back to normal. You apparently don’t know what hormones do to the body and I sure am not going to waste time explaining it to you. As for them not wanting to show Carly doesn’t mean anything. They agreed to an open adoption and that cannot be changed. You apparently don’t know anything about contractual law either. I am a 100lbs and eat carbs everyday and don’t have anywhere near a weight problem so shut up unless you are a nutritionist.

  48. I was adopted when I was two months old, and I have always have a very empty place in my heart. My bio-parents tried to keep me, but after a week with no help from anyone, they had no other option. I thought that watching Catelynn’s show would be very painful but I watched it anyways. Although, I did cry through the entire episode it really brought me a lot of peace and helped my heart heal. Your episode showed me that my bio-parents did not just abandon me and how hard it probably was for them to give me up. When I was 19 I was able to go through the agency that I was adopted from and found my bio-mom. In the first few letters I kept asking her about my father, but she always danced around the issue. Finally, she told me that they had reconnected at their 10 year high school reunion, fallen in love and got married. They have two sons which means that I have two full brothers. Its funny how things work out because if they had kept me there is no way that would still be together. I pray that y’all make it because your story gives me so much hope!!

  49. I absolutely LOVE Caitlyn and Tyler and love how they share their lives and show others their ups and downs as parents who have given their child up for adoption. As for “milking it”, obviously the show is too deep for some viewers. What this shows is that being a parent never goes away. More ppl should consider adoption. You hear of so many ppl in the news that abuse or neglect their kids. It takes someone who is truly selfless and only considers their child’s welfare to choose adoption. In my opinion, they are much better parents by giving their child up than a lot of parents who are raising theirs. Just because you can have a child, dosen’t mean you should raise one. And just because you give up a child for adoption, doesn’t mean you’re not a parent. They are awesome parents and when they raise their next one, they will be even better!


  51. krist you are the idiot the apotive parent’s are already pulling back !leticia you are so right cat & tyler are selfish —-money money –white class hillybilly’s!!

    • I don’t see the big deal a bout catlynn and tyler they are nobody’s who made it big for giving up there kid WHICH was the right thing to do but they are milking it up for all its worth and act like big shots when in reality they are hillbilly inbreeds who weren’t properly taught about sex and protection and try to keep up and be as mature as some of the other teen moms they need to get over there worthless selves they take the money given to them for being a part of teen mom and use it to get a house but get a job so they seem mature HEY TYLER WHAT HAPPEN TO WORKING AT THE PIZZA PLACE U BUM AND WHO THE FUCK ARE U TO PUSH ANOTHER PERSON TO GO TO COLLAGE U NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL YOU SELF OR JUST DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND FIND UR SELF SO WE DONT HAVE TO HEAR UR CONSTANT REAPTING OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY JUST BE CAUSE UR HILLBILLY TRASH ITS FAKE SCUM LIKE U THAT TAKE OVER MTV AND FUCK OUR CHILDREN UP SO BAD IF I WANTED MY KID TO THINKS IT OK TO HAVE SEX BEFOR MARRIAGE AND TO BE FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD LIKE UR FAMILY IS I WOULD PASS HER OFF TO UR ABUESIVE WHITE TRASH STEP DAD WHO IS IN JAIL.

      • Kittyboeboe….Wow good Grammar and Spelling…I think it’s your stupid hick hilly billy ass that needs to go back to school… You sound really twisted and bitter, whats the matter? Didn’t your parents love you enough to adopt YOU out to a real loving family that could provide for you? Get a life and Fuck Off!!

      • We’ll said mum of two , how can you slam catelynn & Taler them 2 kid try their best and did a good job getting their life back on track.

      • How are they inbred when their parents got together after they were born? Meaning they are NO relation at all. I feel really bad for your kids… you say if you wanted them to be fucked up in the head that you would send them to tylers dad?? Hah! They would probably do better with them than with you!

  52. Just re-watched Catelynn & Tyler’s episode of ’16 and pregnant’ …they are such a beautiful couple. To make such a tough decision at an incredibly young age without the support of their family would be so incredibly difficult. To be so selfless and mature is an inspiration! I love these guys!

  53. catlyne and tyler stop using the adoption of your daughter as a platform to earn money. Get on with your lives and your education and careers. Move on. It is really getting old. Let Teresa and Brandon raise THEIR CHILD; leave them alone to enjoy Carlyle.

  54. Catelynn I absolutely adore you i look up to you so much like i really wanna be just like you.

  55. Hey i was wondering how they have done it for 8 years …i was with my man for 6 years …we do have 2kids togheter and i am currently pregnant ….he has left alot through the years so my trust is gone ..he said he couldnt handle the way i was and that he loves me but hes not in love with me …i would hope that we could work it out but any ideas on how to re start the flame ? We were 3 days away from our 7 year anniversary too . … thanks alot …

  56. first of all how the fk was it the right thing when this too fkin lame kids are now havin a baby soo wtf was the point of them givin up a child!!i have kids i was a teen mom and no fkin way i regret or would ever think of givin up one of my kids!!!wut just to get a high skool diploma that they still got fkin late they still dnt have no carrers and live in a shitty apt just cuz there mkin a few bucks fr the show so wut now they are ready and exited to have a baby then wtf was the point to give a way that beautiful baby hope they always have that in the back of their head and haunt them fkin imature lame kids who think are soo smart now fkin days!!!!

  57. ROCK ON VANNESSA !! great post ! Catelynne is showing her true colors lazy fat ass does not want to work or go to school— true colors . RUN TYLER RUN AND FAST -leave the dumb whinning b—h she just wants to sit around and whin about giving up her baby

  58. Thank you well said dude i love the show i cant stand catelynn and what’s Tyler they are annoying the think they are smart and try act like they are grown up but all they dude is basked in fame and for what a child they don’t have and don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with adoption i think they did a good thing giveing her up i did cry but then all they do a wine and grown a bout carly like oh my god shut up get over and live ur lives and stop tying to be big shots like they are trying to keep up with the other teens moms they repeat what other people say when trying to hold a conversation like they are trying to be half way intelligent and it wouldn’t get on my nerves as much if they would learn to hay yea or uh hu more expand ur vocabulary and here a another thing get over ur selves ur nothing special all u are is a another literate teen who fucked ur step sister and had a child. sorry iv been holding that in for a very long time.

  59. TO THEAVERIN finally someone see through them like i do !!! It is about time

    • It just gets on my nerves they do and so do the ass kisser that love them so much because they are such smart and good kids. BLAH people like the ones on here are only going to feed those two dipshits ego sorry but it is true I don’t want to be Mrs. negative but it’s the truth and as soon as the two morons leave their fantasy world and people have lost interest and they any getting paid then the sooner they will learn this.

  60. Catelynn u and Tyler r the cutest couple ever yall did the rite thing 4 carly i no it is hard 2 go every day with other carly but i love yall yall make the show soo cool 😀

  61. catelynn i just want to say this

    i been watching the show and when u gave carly up i was cryin with u and tyler even all ur visits u all are so cute together. and i am proud of u both no matter what. caly will alway know who u r and that u both love her. i am proud of u two for going for ur goals
    u guys have taught us all keep going strong both of u.

    catelynn do not give up now u have come way to far

  62. I couldn’t give up my girl for adoption. They way they talk after doing it really makes me sad. It’s exactly how I’d feel if I had done it. So sad.. Love you both! You both are amazing parents! Only if you could take her back when you’re lives are straighten out, then she’d have it ALL. Excellent parents and a life ready and ahead of them. Keep strong, you both are an insperation <3!

    • Are you crazy take he back when she is 5 or 6 years old. what about the child just take her away from HER PARENTS and give them to these kids. wow

      • Was that a replie to my last comment sorry if i offended you but i will not take back what iv already posted or what i blieve to be true .

      • We all see them in different lights… I think it would be hard. I can’t see how giving up YOUR baby would be a breeze…

        …You’ll have to experience being pregnant and then to see that baby that was inside of you for 9 months to understand how hard it would be.

      • Kayla I have two kids and a year a go my baby when it was born prematurly he died becouse his lungs wernt developed enough i know what its like to lose somthing presous

      • I did say ” If only” , I do know that it wouldnt be allowed.

      • what wouldnt be alouud?

  63. My comment is this…Catelynn is 4ever w/ her fingers in her Mouth, Chewing on those Nasty nubs…its just soooooo disgusting..I saw this week she got “Fake Nails” and her fingers were not in her mouth..Thank God!!!

  64. Catelynn and Tyler are great. You both should be very proud of yourselves, you have taken the right path in life considering the bad upbringing you both seemed to of had. You did what was best for Carly and that little girl is goin to have a great life. I wish you all the best x x x

  65. Catelynn will be video chatting with fans on Wednesday, August 24th on celebstir.com. It’s a free site that allows fans to video chat with celebrities.

  66. I would just like to say that I think it is an amazing thing that Catelynn and Tyler decided to put Carly up for adoption. I also think it is awesome that you are both going to college to help other people with the decision of adoption too!

  67. So I am watching the season finale and Tyler asked Catelynn if she was worried she would lose him if she had kept the baby. And she says yes! WTH?? Isn’t that exactly what her drug addled Mom did-chose a man over her child? I think it’s great that the baby is being raised outside of this family but I don’t see Catelynn (or Tyler for that matter) as some great martyr whose FIRST thought was for her child, her first thought was “I don’t want to lose Tyler”. And for good measure it’s all out there on tape for Carly to figure out when she grows up.
    She also made a statement about how none of the other teen couples are still together, because of how difficult it is to take on the responsibility of parenthood. If the checks stopped coming in how long does she think her and Tyler could last? She needs to be honest with herself already.

  68. catelynn and tyler i adore the two of yall..but i could NOT give my baby up for adoption no matter what but i give yall props bc yall knew yall couldnt handle a child as young as yall were so yall done the best thing for her & for yalls relationship..and im sure it wasnt a “breeze” as a previous comment stated but when yall go visit her it makes it kind of easier knowing she is happy and has things that you couldnt provide for her…so knowing she is happy and well taken care of makes it some what easier i guess!! but i think adoption is a great thing bc some people just cant have kids and their only choice is too adopt so parents like the two of you are strong for doing what yall done bc god knows i couldnt have done that!! <3 keep up the good work catelynn and tyler & stay strong

  69. Caitlynn and Tyler, I truly hope you will read this. I am now 56 and had my first child 2 weeks before I turned 17, so a mom at 16. I know now thinking back that even if it had entered my mind about giving my daughter up for adoption that my mom would now have allowed it. I had professional parents and all our needs met physically but my family was so very dysfunctional and I was so unhappy growing up. I did marry the father but soon after divorced. Then struggled alone and finished college and did become a social worker to try and help others as they had my daughter and I. But in retrospect….being wiser now and looking back through the years…I truly wish I had given my daughter up for adoption. I was so very young and it was very hard but we managed. But although I love my daughter so much, I sometimes wander “what if”. And how her personality, life, etc would have possibly been different-improved somehow. Kids having kids “does” come back to haunt. Well years later I raised my granddaughter for about 6 years. And the chain continues. Looking back, I wish I would have had the choice at the time and the support if I had the choice and acted upon it. I think you both are very brave and mature and strong to make such a decision at such a young age especially with basically no family support for your decision. I’m very proud of you both for reaching out to other teens and at least getting the message out there that they DO have a choice other than abortion. Just know in your hearts that you have made the right decision for all concerned and One day when Carly is grown, she will have so much respect and love for you both. I wish you both the best life has to offer. CJ

  70. Why americans are such idiots. There it seems to be only normal practise to have babies as teenagers, not having good education and given children to adoption because of lazyness, no normal emotions for own child, just stupid parties, drinking and wannabee-stars. Unbelievable stupid program. They would need same medicine as 3. world countries.

    • I guess you country has never needed America’s help at any time.. What country do you come from Do they teach hate and racism them. Ohh if anything happens to your country don’t ask for our help. But you see we are a stupid country and will help your country

  71. Profile photo of Barcie

    Why is it that everyone on the forum who trashes Tyler and Catelynn can’t spell worth beans and uses all capital letters? Yeah, as they say “it’s easier to look without than look within”, in other words easy to criticize other people then take responsibility for your own choices in life. As for the adoptive parents cutting them off from contact with Carly I believe that is part of the contract that the agency (Bethany) has with both parties. My nephew was adopted through the same agency.

  72. I really admire these lovely couple! I understand their reasons for putting Carly up for adoption and they really couldn’t of picked a nicer couple than Brandon & Teressa!! I think prehaps if circumstances would of been different they probably would of kept Carly and been great parents!!

  73. What some of you don’t realize is they were already planning on placing Carly for adoption before they were working with MTV for 16 and Pregnant. That was before Teen Mom, obviously so to say they are using the fame is completely absurd. My heart breaks for them a little because it must be bittersweet to have success now while missing their child. Also, had they not chose adoption who is to say they would have been picked for 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom. They could have ended up stuck with Butch and April, yuck, and their daughter suffering due to it. Nobody knows what the future will hold but I know they made the best choice for their daughter out of love, anyone who says otherwise is incredibly ignorant and selfish themselves. I’d like to see you go through one of the most emotionally painful experiences life has to offer with millions watching.

  74. I wonder if Catelynn and Tyler knew then (before they gave Carly up) what they know now if they wouldn’t of gone through with the adoption after all? It really saddens me to see them get so emotional and make comments that make you think perhaps they regret giving Carly up. I’d like to ask Catelynn and Tyler if this “open adoption” is exactly how they expected it to be?? I get a feeling they expected to have a lot more contact with Carly, than what appears to be the case now. They obviously wanted Carly at their graduation but the adoptive parents wouldn’t agree to it so I’m really hoping they will respect Catelynn and Tyler’s wishes to have Carly at their wedding. I really think if Catelynn and Tyler had agreed to a closed adoption this lack of contact would be understandable however I think open adoption seems to have been very misleading especially in this case.

  75. leticia you are so right!! i sure they will see less and less of carlye since filming has stopped. Does anyone know when the last time they saw carlye?

  76. Rhea Hannah Hamilton Gallagehr

    Dont why everyone thinks that Catelynn and Tyler did a good thing by putting their daughter Carly up for adoption. What they didn’t think of was all the problems she is going to have when Carly grows up like thinking she was not wanted plus Dawn from BCS should be sacked she pushed them into adoption by giving them wrong info and what she should have done was incourage and put in place help and support for them not pushing them into adoption. A for Brandon and Terese saying they can’t put pic of their bio daughter but they can pose for picture for a magazine.

  77. some of these comments are very mean yet some true. They did make a very hard decision to give their baby up for adoption but how would they not be able to provide for their baby when they make about 150k I mean come on was it just for show bis. I think they would have been able to provide for their child they are still in the show anyway and as for that being said they are staying getting paid. Anyway they are good people I just dissagree with them not being able to provide.

  78. Profile photo of hana wait

    Hi I am a young mum like you and I think you did an amazing job for your beautiful daughter your such great people and u have done your daughter proud. I believe you would have done an amazing job with Carly but you made a the rite choice for you. I think you make amazing parents and a very mature young adults.I’m amum to a son aged 5 and a daughter 2 I love been a mum but itshard as I’m sure youknow.

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