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Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout (born August 10th, 1991) grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was the first teen to appear on MTV’s then new show called 16 and Pregnant, which aired on June 11, 2009. She gave birth to her son, Bentley Cadence Edwards on October 27th, 2008.

She quickly became one of the most popular girls from the series, and was cast as one of the four teens for MTV’s spin-off show called Teen Mom. Her southern charm, solid family and then boyfriend Ryan Edwards launched Maci Bookout from just one of the teen moms to a household name by the end of the first season.

The ability for girls to relate to her struggles as a young mother, failing relationship, and aspiring independence made her wildly popular with fans of the show, and has helped launch her public speaking career in addition to a rumored spin-off when the first edition of Teen Mom ends this summer.

Maci and Bentley at T-Ball
Maci and Bentley at T-Ball

16 & Pregnant

Maci Bookout was the first teen to appear on the new show called 16 and Pregnant that documented the lives of young mothers as they deal with the stress of having a baby before the age of 18.  At the time of airing her episode, she was pregnant from her then fiancé Ryan Edwards, and gave birth to her son Bentley Cadence Edwards. The episode shows the struggle of a relationship that begins to drift apart after the birth of their son, in addition to Maci’s enrollment at a local community college.

Teen Mom Season 1

The story for Maci Bookout on Teen Mom season 1 continued where 16 & Pregnant left off.   The young mothers difficult time trying to balance school, raising a child, and her relationship with Ryan Edwards.  As the season progresses, Maci grows into her role as a mother, but her relationship with Ryan cannot be saved and they eventually split up midway through the season.  This leads to new difficulty in Maci’s life as she realizes not only does she have to balance being a mother with school, but she needs to do it as a single mother.

Teen Mom Season 2

Months have gone by since the filming of season 1, and Maci Bookout is now ready to move on from her relationship with Ryan Edwards.  This results in quite a few awkward moments for the pair as they then realize that new people will have a hand in raising their son Bentley.  Maci becomes quite upset with the way Ryan handled introducing his new girlfriend, while at the same time starting one of her own with an old friend Kyle King.

Tensions raise as Ryan becomes aware that Kyle and Maci have become closer than friends, and has plenty of uncomfortable run-ins with her new boyfriend.  Maci tries to juggle her long distance relationship, custody battles, college and raising Bentley.

Teen Mom Season 3

Still with her new boyfriend, Kyle King, Maci Bookout allows him to move in with her in order to help pay for the bills, but she still has to deal with the trips back to Chattanooga to drop Bentley off at his father Ryan’s house.  This pushes Maci to the breaking point and she ends up moving back home, while Kyle decides to join her in the move and the pair end up living much closer to family.

The custody battle with Ryan is still ongoing as he tries to set some legal groundwork for visitation rights moving forward which results in some heated exchanges throughout the season.

Dating Life

Maci Bookout ended her relationship with ex-fiancé Ryan Edwards in the first season of Teen Mom, and she since moved on to her former friend Kyle King.  The pair lasted a few years, but have broken up in February 2012. A month later she was reportedly dating motocross rider Kyle Regal, but she denied those rumors. Since the denial, Maci ended up admitting that the two are a pair and are still together.

Maci Bentley and new boyfriend Kyle Regal
Maci Bentley and boyfriend Kyle Regal

Update 5/20 – Kyle and Maci have broken up, so ignore the photo above


Maci Bookout is well known for her tattoos on her back, and soon to be arm.  She spoke about the meaning of some of her tattoos to Starcasm, and here is what she has:

  • Piece of paper(aka the declaration of independence). This is where most of the tattoos take place, and it contains various quotes.
  • Bullet Proof(top right shoulder). This is because she can withstand anything thrown at her, and is also going to be the title of her new book.
  • Bentley Cadence(lower left back). Her sons name
  • Bookout(inside the paper). Her last name is written with 3 cupcakes representing the O’s.  Each for her mother, father and brother.  The U is her zodiac and T is a lightning bolt.
  • Learn to feel(front to back rib). Not entirely sure the meaning of this, unless she wants people to feel her chest and back which I’m sure many guys won’t mind.
Maci’s tattoo collection on her back

She also has a heart tattoo on her left shoulder, and is working on a sleeve tattoo.  I’m not sure the significance of either, but will update this when I find out.

Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards has also moved on from Maci Bookout, and after rumors of him dating various women, he has since settled down with girlfriend Dalis Connell.  The two broke up briefly in May 2012, but got back together a day later.


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  1. They r sooooo cute 2gether <3

    • i love maci and ryan they look like a good couple i always wished i can be the daughter of maci and ryan im only 12 but i love ryan he is so cute i want to go on a date maci whats ur number

      • i am very glad that maci is stepping up how she feels about ryan i think its good maci u are one of my favorite teen mom on the show u are so pretty. i think u and ryan should get bck together u look good together and bentley shouldnot be put in the middle. he is so cute can i plese have ur number and ryan? he is very cute and u are very pretty i think when u are 24 or something like that u should become a nurse and work with kids u look like u will help them very good cuz u are such a good mother and a very happy mother i wish i can live with u.

      • someone is a bit obsessed. you sound like a crazed fan? How old r u?

      • youre a bit young to become a stalker…. honey its kinda creepy

  2. Maci is brilliant. She puts Bentley before everything & everyone. Maci’s proof that even after her split with Ryan she trys to maintain some kind of relationship with Ryan for Bentley’s sake 🙂

  3. Maci is the best mom and Bentley is adorable . You can really tell the love she has for her son .

  4. You re my favorite and i think you and kyle need each other. keep going strong you are such an amazing mom. =]

  5. maci you and kyle are great to Bentley I can tell much kyle loves maci and bentley

  6. hey maci u should like be my freind on facebook

  7. I love Maci, and I think she’s an excellent mother. She’s always putting her child first, and she deserves the best with Kyle.

  8. So is anyone else tired of ryans mom. if i remember correctly ryan had a gf in the last season who came and went and his mom is worried about kyle whos been there both seasons. and on top of that bentley is soooo happy with ky. why is she so hypocritical

    • I think she is moreso referring to the fact that Kyle is LIVING with Bentley and Maci, not that he is Maci’s boyfriend. I do agree though. She needs to back off. It isn’t about her. I think Maci is the best mom by far. However, I don’t think she has been putting his needs first lately by dropping out of school and working one day a week to spend more time with Bentley. What happens when the money she has saved runs out? Is she going to support him on her minimum wage job? Also, I’m not a huge fan of Ryan, but I think he has matured a lot. I hate that people keep bashing him now when he has at least been in school and working.

      • I totally agree that she needs to focus on school. That is moreso putting him first than spending more time with him now. I am going through that now and at first I really wanted to just wait and go to school…but now looking at it He isnt going to remember that mommy wasnt at home for 2 days a week but he will remember not having the things he needs. Go now while he is young!

  9. Maci is definitely the best Mother. Bentley is the cutest little boy I have ever seen. This is my Junior year, and I really want a baby this year with my boyfriend. I want to be the best mother that I can be. Kyle goes great with Maci. Although, I don’t think they should have another baby, and I don’t want them to, other than to see what it looks like. Lol:) I’d love for Maci and Ryan to work things out and be happy!!

    • What part of this show don’t you get? This is not some kind of promo show to have babies when you are still a baby yourself! If you want to be the best mom ever you would finish your school, get a job, establish a healthy and steady relationship before you even think about babies! You are right about one thing; Maci is a great mom, but I’m sure if she could do it over again she would have finished her school!

      • This exemplifies why Teen Mom does more damage than it does good. Teen Mom shows some of the drama associated with being a teen parent but still leaves out a lot of it.

      • I think that teen mom is a great thing I am 24 and currently am married and have a 2 year old little girl who is my world. i think that the message that teen mom and 16 and pregnant are putting out is important and if these dumbass girls decide to not get the message that is there problem. Howeever I will say that if even one person decides to be smart and not get pregnant then the show made an impact.

      • some times its an accident you dont know there situation so dont call them all that

    • WOW! I hope you are a junior in college and not in high school! I think you must be high. All you are going to be is another single teen with no job or education that is living off the government and taxes from hardworking people. I don’t want to pay for you out of my taxes because you want to be an IDIOT! That is soooo irresponsible and super sad that you watch the show and what you take away from it is that you want a kid. I guarantee your bf will not be your bf after you have a kid. How many of the guys stuck with their gf’s in teen mom?!?! You need to buy a puppy if you need something to love. Having a kid so young and not being able to support it is being selfish! Diapers and formula is like $800 for a new baby! That isn’t even for housing, health insurance, clothing, or daycare. Why don’t you babysit a newborn for a week and see how hard it is. You only see 5% of what these girls are going through. I am shocked someone who is in high school is going to plan to have a kid! I hope you can’t get pregnant for the sake of a baby being brought into a horrible situation. Loving a kid will only take you so far. Loving a kid doesn’t feed or cloth it.

  10. Maci as much as you “want” another child…Please, please, please focus on school and providing a stable home for you and the child you have now. And I am proud of Kyle for suggesting that they get married 1st. I am glad he balances her out. She is a really good mom but needs to get some of her priorities in line

  11. Team Maci, Bentley, and Kyle!

  12. I think the world of Maci , Bentley , Kyle very much. they are a very cute Family . They both do a great job raising Bentley and He loves them both very much. Ryan is a great dad to his Son Bentley . I am a huge fan of Maci’s and Bentley’s . So I hope you both keep up the good job of raising Bentley . he is getting so big and more cute , handsome like his daddy Ryan . Love your fan Heather Poe

  13. Maci’s maturity really is amazing. I truly hoped that her and Ryan could have worked things out, but Kyle is such an great guy. Not only does he love Maci, he loves Bentley. Maci is a very lucky girl to have found him and I hope they spend the rest of their lives happy and together.

  14. what brand is the jacket that maci wears……its grey and a lighter green and where can i get one. i want it and i cant find one?

  15. I am usually really impressed with Maci, but I think she’s lost it a bit. Ryan does seem to have matured and the fact that she and Kyle bash him constantly is immature. He asked to meet Kyle and behaved as a man_ he offered Kyle a job as a man. I think Kyle gets insecure and Maci feeds his ego. Kyle does seem to be great with Bentley, but at the end of the day Ryans his father. To say that she wants no contact with Ryaan is immature ; she wants Ryan to minimize his parents role in Bentleys upbringing but yet she wants to only speak to them and drop Bentley to them? She should want to have a working relationship with Ryan were they are civil and communicate for Bentley’s sake. But hey she’s human and I could be totally wrong.

    • Yes Ryan did those things as a man, you say. However, in bentleys birthday episode let’s be reminded that maci invited Ryan on his birthday and he turned the opportunity down… Then told his parents maci is take take take and wouldnt LET him see bentley. He is still the guy that promotes himself and down grades others so that he looks like the victim.

    • Are you watching the same show as everybody else? because Kyle plays with Bentley all the time and Bentley is always asking for ‘Ky’ i’ve never seen someone so good with a child that wasn’t theres in fact….on the other hand Ryan is always sitting there on the laptop, or watching t.v., or cleaning his bikes while Bentley is playing with his grandma! Ryan does not even pay attention to him the only reason he pushed for more time with him is because his mom wanted it. Ryan offering Kyle a job is hardly mature either if you think there was no other motive behind that then your silly 🙂 Maci honestly seems to just want a normal life and Ryan prevents that all the time by being a d****

      • uh yeah every tuesday! First thing you need to recognize is that the show teen mom has a bias perspective. It is ALWAYS shown from the perspective of the teen mom. Because maci dislikes ryan to some extent he comes out to be the villan; and because she is in lo e with kyle he is gna be the hero. Period! For example: on the show we see ryan say some mean things about kyle and kyle doesn’t say much about ryan but on the reunion kyle admits to saying some mean things about ryan, but we won’t see that because of what characters that the show wants to present to to viewers I’m not saying that kyle is not good with bentley because he is and I’m not saying that Maci’s not a great mom because she is… But I think that Ryan is a good and improving father. When maci and kyle sit in trash talk ryan it’s immature and they do that to make kyle feel more secure.

  16. the bash sessions that maci and Kyle have are innapropriate. Ryan seems to have matured a lot and I thought it was big of him to encourage kyle to apply to his job. Ryan doesn’t seem to affected by maci and kyles relationship. I think maci sometimes minimizes ryans role as bentleys dad to appease kyle which is wrong because kyle knew what the situation was when they began. Maci should want a working relationship with kyle for bentleys sake because no matter what or who she’s dating, ryan is bentleys father. She says she wants no contact with him and wants his parents to play the middle man yet simultaneously she wants ryan to minimize their role in bentleys caretaking. No, it is not their responsibility to care for bentley but it is no diff then her dropping bentley to her parents for a while on one of her designated days. All in all she seems to be a great and caring mother but situations like these prove that she is a teenager too.

  17. I love Maci on teen mom. She is such a good mother to her son . She is so mature for her age and do not have time for the silly games. She has proved herself several times on the show I think her leaving is the right choice . The fact that she thought about her child inthat choice is what make her a great women and mom. She is the best by far …Some of her decision weren’t the best buit who’s are . Im really talking about her wanting another baby and dropping out of college. She is not perfect so it is normal for her to have thoughts like those here and there. Overall all she is my favorite out the show .

    • I love maci and bently they inspire me in my opinion shes out a point down by showing you how difficult it is too be a teen mom but if you are pregnant and your thinking of keeping it its amazing but its not easyy this is my opinion and go ahead thumbs down but i personally think she is a mature young girl who has took care of bentley so much and in some ways earlier on the show even looked after ryan but ryan is a good dad and im sure its hard not seeing your son but staying out intill 7 in the morning i wouldnt take that so if you think about it he was in the wrong but has done some good things and i just think maci and bentley are the cutiest family ever and i can see how happy she is with him xxx

  18. Hey Maci how are you and Bentley doing ? i just wanted to let you know that i like you the best on Teen mom and 2 i cant wait to see season 3 when is that coming on do you know? i hope everything works out with you and kyle and your relationship gets some better with Rayn for Bentley he is so cute that Bentley well i hope everything is well with you and Bentley take care talk to you later bye for now .

  19. Does anyone know what exact color Maci uses to get her hair back to the red she likes? Obviously its not “red” hair dye. It has to have a name and number…


  20. okay here is how i feel, we all have our own opinion…..but i dont like the fact ky is trrin to hard to take ryan’s role as daddy kyle is not a father so how can everyone be sayin kyle is a great dad…..ryan is doing the best he can & maci needs to stop being so mean to him…..i really hope ryan does take her to court and that he does what he needs to then just maybe maci will wake up……….i am not bashin maci or kyle just dont like the fact that he is trying to be daddy!!!

  21. i love maci she is such an insparation to teen mother,shes a wonderfull person and a fantastic mother.not once have i seen maci choose her friends over bentley,i think kyle is lovely too shes found such a good man to be around her and bentley,hes so luckey to have a wonderfull mum,dad and kyle.i hope kyle and maci marry and have children in the futre (not now tho obv)i hope they all have a lovely life and end up with the right people

    • I have actually started to like Maci less and less. She plays the martyr card constantly (she’s “tired of killing herself to keep Bentley and Kyle alive and happy.”), and what is she really doing to better herself and Bentley’s life? She’s constantly dropping classes and not going to class. You couldn’t pass because you didn’t do the work. Don’t blame it on Bentley. You have a support system that would love to spend more time with him. I think Ryan was right when he called her lazy in one episode. College is hard, Maci. If it were easy, everyone would have a degree. You want a good life for your son, but what are you going to do when MTV isn’t there to film you anymore?

      • I couldn’t agree more KAT! I have a very similar situation and I have two college bachelor degrees and two fashion lines and it wasn’t easy but it sure isn’t impossible. Some people who have kids and have no support I can understand having a hard time with college and work but she has tons of support. She even had Kyle taking Bentley to Day Care cause she couldn’t. Ryan’s parents even want to spend more time with their grandson so she obviously has a stable life for Bentley. That is a good question about what is she going to have after it all is over which it will be after this season. I used to like Maci a lot but she just seems filled with more drama and is constantly talking about how hard her life is and her having to keep everyone happy.

  22. ugh she annoys me ryan has matured a little in my opinion yet she is still getting all on his case you people can be mad at me all you want but it’s the truth!!!!!

  23. I think that Maci is a good mom, but I also think that Ryan is a good dad.

  24. You’r a very good mother to your son keep it stronger and dont ever let anyone tell you diffrent.

  25. Bentley is so amazing and adorable I love you Maci! Stay strong

  26. love love love maci. but i wish she wasnt so orange. when she isnt so orange she is sooooo pretty.

  27. love maci and bently , she puts him first and that ryan is a lazy so and so. all he does is sit at his moms and txts on fone , i think maci is a brillent mother and i so love bently i think hes very cute ,,,maci your a brillent mother i wish you and your cute son all the best and stay strong

  28. I think Maci is a fantastic mother n she has her priorities right where they need 2 b!! Bentley is the cutest..Maci shld b very proud!! :))

  29. Um what i have to say about Maci for one i feel like she is a very good mother to Bently and I have to say out of all the 16 and pregnant and teen moms shes the best. Ryan has matured to a certain extent and the whole custody thing is for his mother he really didnt want to go threw with it. Despite Maci being a good mother her priories are not in order she need to worry about school and not a boyfriend because at the end of the day a bf is not going to pay her way through life. But yet im proud of the mother that she has grown into and i hope im a good mother like her when my daughter comes in four months

  30. I was just reading your page on Maci Bookout.. Mainly your write up of her tattoos and their meanings. And I just wanted to help you out by making sure you realized something (..when I read that you weren’t sure of the meaning of the heart and upcoming sleeve, but would keep posted). I’m not sure or anything!!! So, this is completely just a guess!!! But I’m thinking that the heart tattoo on her shoulder PROBABLY is supposed to signify that she wears her heart on her shoulder!!! You know.. Like the oh so famous saying! 🙂 So, like I said, I’m not sure! But I would definitely think that that is what it means!!!! So I just wanted to help you out a bit, in case you hadn’t realized that.. Or had forgotten that saying. :)) hope it helps!! Have a great day!!
    <3 to Maci, Bentle, AND Ryan TOO!!! 🙂

  31. i think that maci is a great mom nad she is doing very well besides the others… Bently is the cutest thing i have ever seen and if i could tell her in person that she is a great mom i would and i wouls also tell her that she doesnt need ryan becuase she can do it on her own.. i am so upset that this is her last season but i am sure we will see them again sometime:)

  32. made a typo.. and she is doing very well besides tht others

  33. Maci I know it can be hard at times but i a huge fan and follow updates on you and I know you will do the best for your child:)

  34. Question, Who do u date now?

  35. Maci is a great mother, well from what I see on the show. I just think she needs to focus on her speaking career and her kid. She just always seems to have to be dating someone. That is hard on a kid to bring guys in and out of a little kid’s life. He is only 3 and has had Ryan, Kyle K. and Kyle R. in little Bentley’s life. That is a lot for such a young kid. In the episodes Bentley is so cute with Kyle King and it is sad to think since Maci isn’t with Kyle anymore Bentley doesn’t get as much time with Kyle King. Maci is a great mother and cheers to her going to college and working on a speaking career.

  36. It really is shame that Maci and Kyle broke up, they were so in love and Maci works so hard she deserves a loving relationship!!

  37. You really agitate me (the author of this post) with your idiotic ideas that tattoos have to have a significance or meaning! Umm they don’t always have a deep rooted emotional reason or significance, nor do they HAVE to. Sometimes/most of the time tattoos are things people get because well they just like them, and they are pretty. This whole thought process you have about “oh she’s got a tattoo, it must have an emotional meaning or long story about its significance” is such bull shit!! Stop this, makes you look stupid. This is what’s hat idiot Kat Von d has done to the tattoos industry, barf!!!!

    • this forum is about maci and her life story . not tattoos . and yes , i think 98% of the human population would agree tattoos aren ‘t meant to just look good . all of my tattoos have meaning and i won ‘t have a single one without it being an important factor in my life . anyway , calm down with the cussing and focus on the reason you ‘re here in the first place . to learn about maci and her son .

  38. Does anyone know if kyle king works– if so what does he do for a living? What kind of car is that ugly red car he drives

  39. Okay, so I just started the 4th season. Even though I don’t love Ryan, I do think he loves his son very much. I also think that Maci still has feelings for him, just as much he has feelings for her. Why else would he ask her if Kyle was slow, and she would follow them down to the family vacation. Jealously. Yes, she wanted to scope Ryan’s new gf out because she might be a significant person in Bentley’s life down the road, but I also think she was jealous of Ryan finding love again and having this new gf of his on a “Family” vacation.

    And the episode where she tells Ryan he needs to pick up Bentley a day earlier than usual because she is going out of town. Really Maci? You told him at the last minute that he had to do something that would have changed his plans for that day. Then you got mad at him because you assumed he has nothing better to do. He’s not your bf. You don’t live with him. How would you know that? It would have been nice if you told him a week in advance that you were going out of town. It’s just polite.

    At least Ryan hasn’t crashed a family outing of yours and Kyle’s. At least Ryan trusts you enough that he’s not going to question the ethics of men you bring around his son. Ryan’s biggest fault is communication skills. He doesn’t know how to express his feeling in constructive ways. And I think you are quick to jump to conclusions about him.

    Other than that, MacI, you are a great mother no questions asked. But for the sake of your son, I think it would be best for you and Ryan to go to counseling and learn how to constructively settle differences and make the right decisions regarding Bentley. Not saying you should get back together, just think you guys should go to a therapist to help you guys communicate without getting mad, jealous, or make assumptions…. Ryan would probably benefit from a little bit of prozac to help with his bad attitude as well.

    But honestly, if you and Ryan did get back together, it wouldn’t be awful. You both have your sons best interest in mind, and both of you have put up with drama on each others end. I think the biggest problem between you two is jealously, attraction, feelings, and BAD communication.

  40. I love Maci!!!! She’s a great mom to Bentley.

    Btw Dalis is nonsense for getting mad about the whole twitter thing she is nothing compared to maci. she is just ryans gf nothing else. maybe she’s just jealous of maci because they have a kid together and all they are are bf and gf dalis get over yourself

  41. RYAN makes himself look like his the good one and maci the bad person. shes been there for bentley from the start not you. and his parents always backs him up ofcourse cause their his parents. he should take care of his kid not his parents

  42. Maci is a great Mom and Kyle has stepped in to treat Bentley as his own. Ryan is an immature, vedictive piece of crap, who is far more worried about his little tinny bopper girlfriend than his son. Ryan’s parents due him no favors by enabling him. Everyone in the country sees it. We all listen to Ryan’s great words of wisdom “Bently don’t need no pre-school I did not go I am fine”. Do any of us need say more. Maci even covers up for you. You are a joke and and one two websites you are worst father of the year. Grow up you you sound more ignorant every time you open your mouth. Thanks to Maci and Kyle Bently seems to be the sweetest, most well adjusted of all the children, despite Ryan.

    • HE IS and his girlfriend is a stupid bith macy waas stating the obvious on twitter that bently been better off if her and him stayed to gether which i think yeah if they got a long but his stupid ass girl friend read it and got pisse and so he takes it apon him self to send her nadty texts calling her stupid ass and threatening to to herto cort First of all his girlfrind can butt he fuck out she not betly mom and she never will be and why was she reading macie sht in the first place can u say stalkerish and secant he a idiot who is veicitve he cant talk to her with out insulting her he needs to chill out he a bad father he wasnt hteretaking care of bently Maci did no him he just trash who all of sudden after bently got older desied he be in his life after bently got old enough to not wear dipers to channge or sleep threw the night be bouse it to much work for him and he a lazzy peave of trash who when bently sleeps goes out wiht his friends i hate him and i feel for maci i wih her the very best

  43. Maci we love you and have many suppoters who wish u and Bently the best.

  44. i love maci and Bently so much and alot. (:

  45. maci is m favorite <3 and bentley is a doll baby!!!

  46. Maci inspires me.. She is the most amazing mom. She will go very far in life.

  47. i love maci i think she has grown up and being a true mom, im from alabama so we live close you keep that head up and your doing a great job!!!!!

  48. I like Maci, but there are several things I don’t agree with…For example, how she wanted family pictures while Ryan had a serious girlfriend…? That is not fair at all for the girlfriend, Dallas (at the time). Maci purposely wanted to make her trip to the beach to see Bentley awkward for Dallas. I am married to a guy who has a daughter with someone else, and I would not let that shit happen. In my situation she walked out…so she chose this lifestyle for her daughter…Maci and Ryan didn’t work out so Maci needs to accept the fact that they will never be a family. I know several people might disagree with me but being in the “girlfriend’s” shoes I found it very uncool of Maci to do and say the things she said. Not only does Bentley deserve a normal childhood..but Ryan should be able to have normal relationships with other girls and not have to worry about his ex always trying to screw stuff up! No one really understands what stepmoms or girlfriends of guys with babies go thru…I respect my step daughter’s mom as a her mom but I will never respect her as my husband’s ex. I have been in situations like Dallas was, and let’s just say i didn’t stand there sucking my thumb…I stood up for what I thought was right! I treat my step daughter as my own, and by the looks of it, Dallas thought the world of Bentley…So Maci needs to just accept the fact that Ryan doesn’t want her and be thankful he is with someone who cares about her son! But in all, Maci is a very good mother to Bentley, She just needs to put herself in other’s shoes…it’ll help keep peace with her situation in the future!

  49. Maci is one of the best on the show, the only one that seems to care for her child! The only one that seem to have it together! WAY TO GO GIRL!

  50. Hey Maci,

    My name is Shannon Butterworth and i watch teen mom 2 and teen mom 1 and i just love it. I am not a teen mom at all i don’t have a kid… but watching all you girls on teen mom 1&2 i don’t know how you guys do it… i just want you to know that i have a facebook and i would love for you to add me and talk to me about all this because i just love it and i would like to know more about everything… so please add me.. 🙂


  51. maci i need your help im 32 weeks pregnate and i dont know were to start. i think that you are awsome

  52. Coming all the way from England I love maci I think she’s fantastic as a mum and a women I was a team mum and found it hard just watching maci with Bentley really should inspire other young mums as it did me ….. 🙂

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