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Mackenzie Looks Great, But Not Doing Well



(Facebook) With all that I’m going through in life right now I have been up tell at least 5 a.m. every night usually crying myself to sleep and begging God to make things better. I knew it wasn’t good for the baby so I asked the doctor for sleeping medicine and he gave me some and sometimes they knock me right out sometimes I’m still up stressing and crying. When they do knock me out my blood sugar will bottom out which suffocates the baby and I can’t wake up to eat. I havnt been hungry in forever and usually forget to eat two meals a day. I’ve lost 5 pounds but my stomach is growing by the hour. I’ve reached my breaking point scared to bring a baby into this world with what’s going on. With all the praying I don’t understand why God would put me through this. I don’t do drugs I work I don’t party I just live for God, my husband, and my kids. I gave up cheer for them which was my dream. I don’t think I can handle much more.

I know I haven’t blogged much about the teen mom 3 girls here, so here is an update on former cheerleader turned baby producer Mackenzie Douthit. After learning she had type 1 diabetes, doctors warned her about having any more children, but that didn’t stop Mack.  Douhtit claimed the doctor told her she won’t be able to have any more babies past the age of 21, so she decided to ‘accidentally’ have another one while she can.  Look, I don’t want to get all preachy here.  It’s her life, but if the dangers are really as serious as she makes them seem, am I alone in thinking this was a pretty selfish move?

The recent update by Mackenzie tells the story about how she takes sleeping pills which crush her blood sugar in the process.  When that happens, it suffocates the baby but she can’t wake up to eat.

Mackenzie receives a lot of mixed feedback from her fans about this, so I don’t mean to pile on.  What’s done is done, and now we can just hope the pregnancy goes through successfully and both her and her baby will be fine when it’s done.

On a side note: I am looking into a cleaner, faster design for the blog but I am still scared to post non TM related stories. Even though Jenelle spams the crap out of her sulia page with useless garbage on the Kardashian’s, you guys were not big fans of my Jennifer Lawrence story, so I am trying to re-evaluate my plans. Perhaps an option is to dust off my Reality Junkies site and start posting my stuff there, while occasionally linking to stories via twitter and fb.  This way I can still make fun of celebs, and those who don’t want to see it can just bookmark this site and only get TM news.  Thoughts, suggestions?

PS – Mackenzie looks fantastic here.  How the hell are her abs still showing?  She looks like a fitness instructor.

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  1. avatar Beth A says:

    My husband has been a type 1 diabetic for decades and he takes sleeping medication and it has no affect on his sugar. I don’t think she knows how to control her sugar yet. It takes years of experience to really get it down. I do feel bad for her.

  2. avatar Farrah's Belligerent Attitude says:

    I read your site for the snarky style and wit you give to the mundane stories of these reality stars. I enjoy just reading your site regardless of who you are talking about. What it comes down to is its your site, your rules. What you lose I hardcore supporters you will probably make up with new users as long as there is fresh content to rely on.

    Just my thoughts. ;-)

  3. avatar Corey's Dip says:

    I really do not enjoy reading your blog anymore. I used to love them but now it’s just blah and the old commenters are gone since you left us hanging with no warning. Even though I stopped watching Teen Mom about 2 years ago I mainly came here for the comments, sometimes the updates…So now coming here is feels pointless. =/

    • avatar Alicia says:

      But you are here and commenting. Obviously you still have interest in his blogging.

      • avatar Corey's Dip says:

        Okay Ms Know-it-all I came here because I heard he was back updating so I came to check it out. I read the blog updates and his writing just don’t seem the same like it used to be. It seems half-assed.

        • avatar stevebeans says:

          I will be the first to admit my writing has been off since returning. I am not making excuses, but my confidence has been off a bit. I used to ramble on about stupid stuff without caring, but now I feel like I’ll have 100 comments ripping me apart.

          It doesn’t help that I already screwed up one of my posts and completely mixed up Gary and Courtland. Embarrassing!

        • avatar Alicia says:

          I wasn’t trying to be a know it all. This site has issues- no question. But my favorite part about this blog is the comments and it’s frustrating to read “This site sucks.” “Theres no point in coming here.” etc etc. I hope the blogger ignores this and pushes ahead and the site can return to what it was without so much negativity directed to the writers.

        • avatar Corey's Dip says:

          Its called feedback. Now that he knows maybe he can go back to the steve beans we used to know and love. The rambling about stupid stuff and no ass kissing is what made this blog awesome. The other blogs are so bias I can’t stand it. I’m sure once you go back to your old self this blog will be back up and running like it used to be.

  4. avatar Abs While Preggo says:

    I use to come here everyday when you use to post more than once or twice a week. But I’ve been coming back to check, obviously; and I still like how you blog on the subject and add your opinions to it. Usually bloggers tell you what you wanna hear but your blunt and honest and I like it! lol! But I think you should do what you want with your blog. I’d still come back to check weather or not you’ve updated about TM or not. You’re a great blogger! Just don’t leave us hanging anymore! HAHA!

  5. avatar Um What says:

    I hope you don’t think that abs showing through when she’s that pregnant is healthy. Like she said, she’s lost 5 pounds and doesn’t eat much – you’re SUPPOSED to have fat around your belly and gain around 30-40 pounds during pregnancy. She doesn’t look fantastic, she looks unhealthy.

    • avatar No. says:

      I’m not sure where you heard that, but you are NOT supposed to gain that much weight in a pregnancy. Maybe you should check your facts before being so rude.

      • avatar Mypaperheart511 says:

        She’s not that far off …. A woman who was average weight before getting pregnant should gain 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. Underweight women should gain 28 to 40 pounds. And overweight women may need to gain only 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.

      • avatar Um What says:

        I didn’t “hear” it anywhere, it is the truth. I estimated 30-40 to account for different body types. It obviously will be different depending on the person. I was not trying to be rude, just stating that she actually is not healthy if she’s losing weight.

  6. avatar Brit says:

    I don’t mind of you write about things other than teen mom…I don’t even care about teen mom anymore…I just like your style and reading the comments =)

    • avatar Nic says:

      I agree with Brit, I don’t really care what the topic is I just enjoy your writing :)

  7. avatar Molly says:

    Yeah sorry about her diabetes and all, but she needs to eat whether she’s hungry or not. She is like, almost 30 weeks pregnant and has not only not gained weight, but LOST 5 pounds? That could be tragic for her baby. I don’t think she understands the huge potential problems that kid is potentially going to have if she does this.

    I do feel bad for her, but she really does need to eat, and maybe not take sleeping pills if it does that to her? Maybe she should try a different kind.

    • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

      Just saying she may have also suffered from some hyperemesis. My sister is due to pop any minute and it’s still not 10 pounds less than before she was pregnant and she’s not a big girl to begin with. She was so ill that she lost 40 pounds in her first trimester and the doctors didn’t nothing to stave off the constant vomiting that has plagued her her entire pregnancy. Of course that would probably be giving this girl way too much credit, she probably just hasn’t eaten because she’s forgetting or sleeping through it

    • I know sometimes women can’t help is they lose weight. My ex boyfriends mom is a tiny woman and when she was pregnant with his older brother she lost weight. The doctors didn’t know what to do because she was eating relatively normal and was healthy otherwise. Granted it evened out by mid second trimester, which mackenzies probably should have. But still, it can happen.

  8. avatar Jessica says:

    I think you should write about whatever you want to put on this blog, I’ll keep coming back as long as you keep posting.

  9. avatar ;) says:

    People can say “write about what ever you want it’s nbd”, but that won’t work in practice. A successful blogger like yourself must know that you need to find your niche when it comes to blogging, or else you get lost in the clutter. Niche. niche. niche. niche. niche.

  10. avatar Roxanne's Heels says:

    Hope she gets better

  11. avatar It's called a condom says:

    I’m so tired of hearing this bullshit of her supposedly not able to have kids after 21. It’s simply not true, it’s just an excuse. What’s her excuse going to be if she has a third kid? If you’re having a kid, at least own up to it and fucking take care of your kids. If you’re not making shit up, than you shouldn’t feel like you have to defend every tiny little thing.

    • avatar Ashley says:

      Thank you!!!!! She could have just told everyone that they were so happy to be married and finally have sex without her mom telling them they were going to hell that they forgot a condom. I don’t get why this girl dramatizes everything

    • avatar Emily says:

      If it is indeed true I’d think her doctor would strongly advise her to have her tubes tied after this pregnancy; Mackenzie would be irresponsible not to do it. Whether she would actually choose to go through with it (or as you said, she’s full of shit) remains to be seen. She isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the toolbox.

  12. avatar HGirl says:

    I don’t understand why some girls/women don’t at least try to be healthy during pregnancy. If you decide to go through with a pregnancy, you need to realize that everything you do/consume is going to affect the baby. If the sleeping pills are doing that, why does she continue to take them. Lack of oxygen can lead to brain damage and other growth issues. How do you forget to eat when you can’t really forget that you’re pregnant? She could be causing so many problems for that baby. If you can’t or aren’t willing to do the best you can for your growing fetus, don’t have a baby.

    • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

      I’m astounded that a physician would even prescribe sleeping pills to a pregnant woman! That is someone who needs to have their medical license stripped ASAP!

  13. avatar Sara says:

    I love how some people here think this blogger owes them something. Grow up. If you’re not happy with this blog, get the hell out. Simple as that.

    • avatar Kaylee says:

      Most bloggers care what their readers think of what they post. They care if people stop reading, because then there’s no point to blogging.

    • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

      Well after a bunch of readers decided to donate and then we were all left hanging for over two months, yeah I think that that was kind of shady and I think that the readers especially those who have donated have every right to be extremely pissed. Writing a blog professionally is similar to being an actor and actress, you’re following is your paycheck and when you leave them hanging you tend to lose that monetary gain along with your loyalty

      • avatar stevebeans says:

        Please don’t act like you understand the finances of this blog. While I deeply appreciate those who donated, a total of 7 people donated $5 each. That covered about 1/4 of the operating costs for ONE month.

        I don’t mind criticism, but I will not tolerate those who act like I did anything shady. Financially, this blog has been losing me money every month for about a year now.

        I have kept this blog running because I enjoy writing stuff about the show, and I know a lot of readers enjoy going to a place where they can have real talk about the cast (instead of a censored down version by sites scared to offend the moms).

        Perhaps I do a shitty job making money with the site. I can accept that reality. There are plenty of annoying things I could do to squeeze pennies from people, but I hate blogs like that and won’t do it.

        Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving

        • avatar Kieffers Xanax says:

          I dont understand. So it costs around 140 dollars a MONTH to run this website?! That seems really really really high

        • avatar myki says:

          that’s not high its the price of a average server .. hell i pay almost 500 bucks for mine so .. thats not high at all :P

        • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

          I never said I did. All I said is you started asking for donations then left your loyal readers hanging which seemed shady (refer to the post pre teen mom 3 and you will see a lot of people saying those exact words). I’m sorry I offended you stevebeans but you offended a lot of us leaving us hanging without at least saying something. I personally love this blog especially since commenting on tmt is and has been lame for awhile due to idiot trolls. I genuinely like coming here for the snark and commenters (except thumbs down troll lol).
          Maybe instead of being defensive you should be appreciative of your loyal readers?

        • avatar stevebeans says:

          @Kieffers It’s actually around $160/month and that’s bargain bin prices. I *could* put the site on a shared server, pay $15/month and have it crash when I get more than 10 people online at once, but I’d rather not do that.

          @Kail’s I’m not offended, I was just clearing things up. I did leave you guys hanging, and I admitted it and apologized for it. That said, I will defend myself when it’s implied I’m being shady. There is nothing ‘shady’ about it. Lazy, probably. Busy, definitely. Shady, not likely.

  14. avatar Kristen says:

    Don’t stop posting!! Love reading your blogs and your snarky comments! I check for new stuff all the time!! Write about whatever catches your attention!!

  15. avatar LSP says:

    I need to know, are Mackenzie and Josh finally living together? (Please tell me they are, after getting married and having a 2nd child!) It was weird enough they were ‘together’ before but not living together, and Josh obviously doesn’t seem to care about Mckenzie or paying his son much attention either.

    • avatar Kieffers Xanax says:

      Nope, they still live with their parents.

      • avatar Emily says:

        I’m sorry, did I just read correctly that these kids are not living together?! Is that actually true?! I haven’t been watching Teem Mom 3 so I wouldn’t know. I assumed they moved in together after they got married. Wow. What does this guy do for a living?

        • avatar Kieffers Xanax says:

          I haven’t watched teen mom 3 either, but I have read it time and time again on other blogs how they do not live together. You can tell even because all of mckenzies “selfies” are taken in her bedroom at her parents house. I never thought id see a married couple with 2 children still live separately at their parents house?? Haha

        • avatar Emily says:

          Me either, Kieffers Xanax! I’m surprised I hadn’t heard that until now but even more surprised by the reality of the situation lol. However in the end it’s probably for the best. Mackenzie should get used to being a single mother since this “marriage” likely will not last. And if she’s medically struggling as badly as she says I doubt her “husband” would be of any help. They must be allowed conjugal visits since I remember Mack having some blood sugar spell and needing help but couldn’t wake Josh up.

      • avatar LSP says:

        Oh god that is ridiculous! I wonder how she even convinced Josh to show up at the altar.

  16. avatar Kieffahh Got Edumacated says:

    Love the blaming it on God piece. Yes, Mackenzie, God totally made you have sex without a condom. And if you’re gonna place blame on the doctor, at least come up with something realistic… like he gave you a faulty IUD.

    • avatar DM says:

      I didn’t see it, but I read that she apparently said on a Teen Mom 3 aftershow that she pulled her own IUD out in the bath tub.

  17. avatar Agnes says:

    What bothers me is that she should give Gannon 3-5 meals a day, depending on how his eating habits are, because he’s a child and a proper nutrition is crucial for his development. If she really did that she’d never forget to eat herself, because she’d have a contact with food- and knowing she needs to eat, she would eat with Gannon. The problem would be non-existent.
    Either she doesn’t take care of her son AT ALL, including such a basic stuff as feeding him, or she makes her son starve.

    • avatar Kieffahh Got Edumacated says:

      Gannon appears to be well fed and loved, so I highly doubt he’s being neglected. I do agree that it would be a good idea for Mackenzie to get into the habit of feeding herself/her unborn baby at the same time she feeds Gannon. But common sense doesn’t seem to be her strength…

      • avatar Kailyn Logic says:

        We all know the only reason Gannon is still alive is Angie, our (and Gannon) unsung hero.

  18. avatar Brittany says:

    Stop praying to God and DO something! Ugh I cannot stand this dumb girl. Is she that idiotic to think that praying will just resolve the fact that she doesn’t eat enough or care enough to eat every 2 to 3 hours? She’s such a brat she thinks that all of her problems should be solved with a snap of her finger. And no Mackenzie, you do not live for God, at least not the God you speak of. If you did, you wouldn’t have been in this predicament in the first place. People have problems and do something to solve them. Do nothing, i.e. just pray all day, and you get nothing.

  19. avatar Court says:

    thank you, Steve. The fact that you continue to keep this site up even though you have to pay for it every month and receive no monetary compensation in return should be acknowledged. There is a special kind of dedication in that. For some reason, I receive enjoyment from reading about teen mom and, very rarely, commenting. I started a blog one day because I wanted to offer a different, more analytical perspective of the show and I literally could not summon enough interest to write more than a blog title and a short description. The fact that you have kept this blog going for so long should also be acknowledged. I couldn’t do it. And I’m going to bet that none of the commenter here could either.

    You are providing a free service. That anyone could feel so entitled as to become angry that you’re burnt out from writing about people who have nothing to do with you in real life is ridiculous and says more about them than you.

    I say, continue writing whenever you feel about whatever you feel. No one is paying you for a service. Just the act of leaving the blog up is a gift. You will keep some people from before here and attract others and if, in the future, you decide that you are completely done with this teen mom business, I say go ahead and tear the blog down. It’s your money and time. I don’t see why you should feel guilty about wanting to use your time and money for other things more satisfying to you.

    Good luck with your endeavors.