What Farrah Needs to Keep Her Career Going

farrah abraham

Farrah has been one of the more successful teen moms, channeling her time in front of the TV into major endorsement deals and film roles.

But, now that Farrah slated to be off the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, where will her career go? Will she be able to maintain enough of a spotlight to promote all of her businesses?

We're guessing, no.

The reality is that the time on TV enables all of the teen mom to promote all of their ventures and ensure that they bring in some easy business from fans who hang on their every word and action.

Once Farrah goes off the air, she'll have to work that much harder to maintain a major social media presence or even be able to command attention in the tabloids. So how can she stay afloat?

Baby, baby, baby.

It's already the case that on Teen Mom, everyone is always somehow pregnant.

And lo, and behold, it's clear that whenever someone is pregnant, the change manages to capture the hearts of all of the viewers and also ensure that the teen mom nabs a lot of screen time.

We suspect that all Farrah has to do to score her own show is to get pregnant.

Now if only getting Simon on board was that easy...

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