Teen Mom OG, Season 8, Reunion Part 1: Maci Tries to Stay Relevant

Tyler Mckinney

Who stole the show on this season's reunion episode? Let's face it - after Amber stayed in the headlines pretty much all season, it's clear that Maci and Catelynn were just filler. But it looks like this episode did choose to focus on Catelynn, so let's talk about her for a bit. 

Teen Mlom OG Season 8, Ep;isode 11: Who Breaks First? Maci or Amber?

Tyler Mckinney

We're baaccck and ready to dish on teen moms who apparently want to have more kids, despite NONE of these ladies being teenagers anymore. 

Teen Mom OG, Season 8: Episode 3; Amber Goes Waaaaay Crazy

andrew glennon


Woah. Cory is definitely dating someone gorgeous which means that Cheyenne needs to move on.  Luckily, for her, Cheyenne didn't have to look hard and found a Matt, who lives in Baltimore and can appear on TV and visit her enough to sustain her income on MTV. Cheyenne points out that she has a lot of baggage what with co-parenting, Ryder, and her big family. You forgot your personality.