16 & Pregnant: Maddy Godsey

16 & pregnant


Maddy is a 17 year old from Tinley Park, Illinois. She had been dating her ex-boyfriend for quite a while, but when things headed south, she headed to Facebook to find a quick rebound guy.

She met Cody, and after an hour, they hooked up. Maddy ended up pregnant from this one night stand, and now she's having a baby with some guy she's hung out with like 6 times in her whole life.

Maddy's episode starts out with her talking to her mom about how the house is overcrowded and how there isn't enough room for Maddy and her daughter to live there.

Her mother gives her an ultimatum saying that she has one month to live there after the baby is born and then she has

to either live with Cody or move to Indiana and live with her dad. Maddy is upset by this and tries to coerce her mom out of it, but her mom stands firm in her decision.

Cody's parents are cool with having Maddy and the baby move in.

They build new walls in their house and try to accommodate for the baby ending up there.

Maddy and Cody seem to try to get along but there isn't any chemistry between them and they're always bickering about whether or not the baby will have Cody's last name or Maddy's.

A few weeks later, Maddy gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Aubrey Lynn and Cody is there for the whole thing.

Sadly, that's about as involved as he gets because he doesn't wake up with the baby when he's at the hospital and when then get to go home, he doesn't visit much at all.

Maddy decides that maybe living with someone you don't know isn't a smart choice, so she ends up packing her things and moving in with her dad instead.

Cody comes to visit one more time and things are awkward but Maddy never kept the baby from him, which made me happy that she wasn't trying to be a selfish teen and use the baby as bait.

Currently, Cody hasn't seen Aubrey in 4 months and he allegedly has a second child as well.

Cody and Maddy don't seem to talk much at all. I'm interested in the dynamic between these two at the reunion show, and the dynamic between Maddy and Cody's family.

Over all, this was a good season premiere, and I hope the drama continues as the season goes on.


Maybe she'll use her MTV money to get a nose job.

Or hair transplant surgery.

So judging by all the thumbs down, I feel the need to clarify. Uhh, I didn't say anything bad about her or diss her looks. I genuinely want to know why she did that to hair.

I was. LOL. But I'm going to hell anyway so it's fine. Thumb down away. She was a weird looking girl.

We can go together as long as I get a window seat. I don't like those Flight Imps running their drinks carts into my feet.

She had quite the beak on her

Yeah let's bitch about a 16 year old girl's looks and say she needs surgery. Then bitch about Farrah for getting loads of surgery... Farrah's surgery looks awful but I swear girls just can't win these days.
It's a nose, there is nothing wrong with it, who gets to say what a nose should look like? Honestly, I thought she was a pretty enough girl.

As long as someone doesn't make me want to punch them in the head just for showing their face in a place where I can see it, I say live and let live. She wasn't ugly. She was certainly unique looking. I'd much rather have a bunch of unique looking girls instead of like the women on the real housewives shows who all look the same and they all look awful. I don't want to spend the rest of my life watching women try to turn themselves into present day Janice Dickinson. I swear there will be a whole generation of women with trout pouts and bad boob jobs and gigantic ass implants and permafrozen Botox faces. Obviously something occurred with the intense bleaching and this chick probably fried the widows peak part of her hairline off so they just shaved it and it's growing back.

I'm with you on this one Beth, I think dissing their hair or tattoos or makeup, anything they choose to do to themselves is one thing, but dissing the permanent looks of a teenager is cyber-bullying and plays a role in young people having such appearance issues and being so insecure about their looks.

Omg, I love your name!

I didn't like her hair, hated her mother for giving her the boot at 16, but thought it was admirable that she was breastfeeding her daughter in front of all and sundry and in spite of stringing Cody's parents along she made a good choice to move in with her dad.

I don't think her mom was that bad. Yes, she told Maddy that she needed to get out, but it's not like she kicked her out onto the streets. Maddy has a supportive father who was willing to take her in, and the mother knew this. I did think it was weird that her mom would suggest Cody's place as a living option. Yeah, he's the father of her grandchild... but she doesn't know him or his family from a hole in the wall (she'd never even met the guy when she was discussing living arrangements with Maddy). I personally wouldn't feel comfortable sending my teenage daughter and infant grandchild into an unknown environment like that.

I agree, I don't think the mom was that bad. I think I'd would have been different if maddy' father wasn't present.
I also wonder if the reason she kept telling her she'll have to move in with Cody was because she secretly wanted maddy to choose her dad's house..

I guess it's one way to get your teen to take responsibility for their actions - you make your bed, you lie in it. LITERALLY.

I think it was bad! She was going to send her off to live with Cody, even though she hardly knew him or his parents, and we now know that he is on drugs and has another child, which her Mum must have known. She's 16! How could you send your 16 year old off to live with him? Sad. Glad she ended up with her Dad, that's fine, and her room was amazing.

I thought it was refreshing to see a parent finally sack up and hold someone accountable for their impulsivity and stupidity. She obviously knew her mom wouldn't allow her to live with her if she got pregnant at a young age because her mother had told her that. She has ZERO excuses for why she didn't use birth control responsibly and the fact that neither of them knew how to OPERATE A CONDOM just speaks volumes as to how they shouldn't have been having sex with anyone. She did something stupid and her mom is forcing her to live with the consequences. Rock on. It's not like she disowned her. She just didn't have the room for another damn baby in the house and didn't want to start a cycle of enabling her daughter to have less responsibility than she rightfully should have to take on for her decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Yeah, yeah, Santa's bringing me coal this year but I think it was nice to see a mom on the show finally stand firm and be blunt with how much this was going to fuck up her daughter's future plans.

Rae, you're the best. Jen totally thought Maddy would go to her Dad's house, which BTW seemed really nice! Seemed like she got a better setup there than she would have with her Mom!

Now I can finally leave my comment about her hairline issues. As soon as I saw her shaved hairline it reminded me of an episode of Lockup I saw recently. The girl on Lockup had an obvious shaved hairline. She claimed that she went to a salon to lighten her hair in the front and when they processed it her hair fell out. It turns out that she really shaved her hairline, put a bandanna on and a hood up to conceal the rest of her hair, and went into pharmacies with a stolen prescription pad to score pain killers they prescribe to cancer patients. Shaving her hair line was to make it look like her hair fell out as a result of chemotherapy. Now, I am not saying that Maddy is addicted to the hillbilly heroin or anything, but I just find it really funny that someone on 16 & Pregnant has something in common with someone on Lockup. In all reality, Maddy probably shaved her hairline to try and conceal her widow's peak and didn't think it was going to look as horrible as it does.

According to her Instagram she said it was cut off by te lady at the salon.

Ok, but regardless of whether she shaved it herself or had a hairdresser do it, it looks bad. If she's trying to say that the hairdresser took it upon herself to shave it, she could have stopped that before it happened if she didn't want that done. There's no way that was cut with a scissor, it was shaved. If I was in the salon getting my hair done and I see a buzzer coming at my scalp, I would put a stop to that quickly. I'm not sitting there like a dumbass while a hairdresser does some weird shit to my head without my permission. She probably thought it would look good and she found out the hard way that it didn't.

Totally. And I'm pretty sure the hairdresser is smart enough to know what she's doing. I think she tried to cut it herself and blame the hairdresser.

She probably tried it at home and fried her hair and then went to a salon to get it fixed and shaving the widows peak was the best solution and just let it grow back out. I think she just doesn't have the best judgement obviously due to her one hour, 2 minute sex-a-thon with a Facebook random. I did UNBELIEVABLY stupid stuff to my hair in high school. One night we bleached the hell out of it and dyed it bright pink because we were going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at a theater in a city nearby and we all dressed up like it was a Rocky Horror show or something. It was awesome and my Junior yearbook picture is BRiGHT PINK hair and I think I gave my grandmother a heart attack when she got the school pictures but then the process of un-pinking my hair was a total nightmare and I'm honestly surprised I didn't fry all my hair off, too.

At first I thought it was pregnancy hormones but then I realized that makes your hair fall out after the baby is born, not during pregnancy. But I don't understand why someone would willingly shave their widows peak off. I'm not a fan of widows peaks, but they look better than a ridiculously straight hairline shaved too far back... Such a mess.

That episode was so good! Sometimes I think we should have a Lockup, Law and Order: SVU, and Orange is the New Black comment sections :)

Hey Dusty, I saw a chicken outside. We should make some Chicken Kiev as long as it's not full of heroin. ;)

Yes! Thank you! It totally reminded me of the lock up episode too.

I don't know specifically what the show Lockup entails, but I'd like to point out that people from 16 & Pregnant having something in common with a show about prison/breaking the law has been going on for awhile now, haha.

Judge Judy?? :-p

I was not a fan of how she flaked out on the dads parents like that. I felt bad they built that whole room for the baby. Was anyone else freaking out when the baby was on it's stomach and she was fucking around on her phone? That baby could have easily choked.... This season looks like it will just be a bunch of train wrecks, even more than the usual slew of train wrecks. My God and what the HELL are you doing having sex with someone after an HOUR??? Get your ass back in school and quit spreading your damn legs. And the way she talked about condoms like a damn 25 year old adult who always has sex was really disgusting. Everyone is against how her mom was but i was clapping. her mom WARNED her if she got knocked up she had to leave, and what does she do? Rebounds with some guy after an hour? She was just a stupid whore, not much else to say.

YES! I totally agreed with her Mom. Maddy DID make the choice to get pregnant when she started spreading her legs to whoever would give her attention. For every action there is a reaction. Every choice has consequences.

And this consequence was a major case of the babies with some random dude who's parents got heartbreakingly attached to the idea of housing the new mother and granddaughter. But I think it's better that she lives at her dad's house than with some random guy she had sex with after AN HOUR of meeting. I must be behind the times because I didn't know people go on facebook and just search for random dudes in their city to fuck. On what planet did she think that was safe? He could have been a psychopath rapist, he could have had all sorts of diseases, and obviously he had potent spermies if he has ANOTHER child as well. Ugh. That may be the stupidest way anyone has gotten pregnant on 16 & Pregnant so far. And she was so nonchalant about it!! WTF?

that's exactly what ive been saying, I couldn't stand how nonchalant she was about it all, it was disgusting!

There has to be a reason her mom warned her she'd be out on her ass if she got pregnant. I wonder if her mom caught her having sex before. I also didn't like how she was mad that Cody wanted a DNA test and didn't take her word for it that the baby was his. You met him on Facebook, had sex with him an hour later, and didn't speak to him again until you told him you were pregnant. I don't blame him for questioning the paternity at all.
I knew she wasn't going to end up moving in with Cody. She was making every effort she could to push him away. Plus, it wasn't like she ever said she would move in there to give him a chance to be a father, try to work things out with him, benefit the child, etc. Her only reason for even considering it was because she didn't want to leave her friends behind.
And yes, I totally thought that baby was going to suffocate on that toy or blanket or whatever it was right under her nose and mouth while she was on her stomach on the bed.

Thank you! She didn't consider living with him to benefit the baby, she was doing it because she couldn't imagine being an hour away from her friends.

Do you mean to tell me that Rando Facebook Guy calling and saying "We should go on a date...like NOW" when you're 8 months pregnant with his child isn't the precursor to eternal wedded bliss??!

Well, that's just destroyed every thought I had about how relationships actually work. Thanks Rae

I can understand her decision to not live with Cody's family, although I agree that she could have told them sooner. Yeah, they put money into renovating a room... but if they want this baby to be part of their lives, doesn't it make sense for there to be a room for her, regardless of where Maddy lives? It was very weird that they would want Maddy and Cody to sleep in the same room; why couldn't her bed be in the baby's room? That was really strange to me.

100% agree with everything! They kept talking about how awkward it'd be sleeping in bed or the same room with him and no one ever thought that she could share the room with the baby.

I'm assuming their son is kind of a fuck up and they figured if he was anchored down with a lady friend and a baby, he'd get his act together. They were SUPER gung ho about her moving in. It was rather disconcerting. As her dad said...it sounded way too much like the concept of a bad 70s sitcom.

It was odd how willing they were to have this girl that they don't know in their house. I agree that they thought having baby and baby mama there would keep their son away from whatever drug he has been doing that caused his teeth to look like hillbilly novelty teeth.

I overheard the condom thing too, and raised an eyebrow! I was like "Girl, how much tread is on your tires?!"
Here's hoping this just meant the other times she had sex, there was a condom (properly) used. Given the 16&P track record in that department though ...

HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO WORK A CONDOM?! It's not like it comes with confusing IKEA instructions. Just roll it down the damn penis and have at it. Morons.

Hey now! There's an air reservoir at the tip of the condom that you gotta watch out for too! It's not like you can just pinch the tip of the condom and roll it down! Wait...yes, yes it is exactly like that!


And if you decide to make the stupid decision to not wrap it up, there's this nice little thing called the MORNING AFTER PILL. I was a stupid teen once and must admit that I had unprotected sex once (it was with my then boyfriend), but I realized just how stupid it was and was responsible enough to tell my mom and ask her to buy me a morning after pill ASAP and guess what? No "oopsie" baby. It's not that hard.

ESPECIALLY now that it's over the counter and they even have GENERICS available. I blame stupidity and people truly not understanding that Plan B does not abort a fetus or terminate an existing pregnancy. (I'm looking at you, Whorrah!)

Apparently, he was calling her a slut and stuff online and there was more than we saw. If that's the case, then she had every right to flake out.. But I have to wonder why MTV wouldn't show that kind of drama..

I assume he just didn't feed into any drama when cameras were around to try to be shed in a better light. Also, I've heard that heroin can make a person very mellow and just not care, and I think she claimed he was a heroin user... OR she's a lying little girl lol who knows

Well then Jenelle should get some more heroin because even at the peak of her Keiffer/Courtland/Heroinland fiasco she was still a shrieky little harpy who'd instigate twitter feuds if you even happened to sneeze near her.

Babies need "tummy time" though, even newborns. It helps their neck and back muscles to develop. You shouldn't put them on their stomachs to sleep, but if they are awake, they should spend time on their tummies.

Yeah I used to work with newborns and they are fine on their tummies for small amounts of time. She looked old enough not to suffocate herself but not old enough not to face plant a few times while trying to raise her head up, but they've gotta learn somehow. I did newborn photography in a maternity ward and usually newborns are very...pliable and they stay where you put them but there was this one really strong necked little fucker who could pick his head up when he was on his tummy when he was about 18 hours old. I was really impressed.

Ya my daughter was 2 days old and could lift her head for 5 seconds at a time ...it was quite impressive. As long as they are supervised on their tummy its fine, and for a while they will look super uncomfortable with their heads going side to side but they let you know when their over it.

Did anyone else get a weird vibe off Cody's family? Like they were super keen for her to move in even though they didn't know her at all, also Maddy says Cody does heroin, he seems like a total winner!
Stupid Maddy for having unprotected sex with him. Obviously she was upset about her breakup and made a really stupid decision.
I think it's kinda harsh people calling her a whore etc, I remember when I was 17 and got dumped by my first boyfriend, I ended up kissing about 5 people in the two weeks following, including kissing one of his best friends. Obviously it wasn't sex and I didn't get pregnant but I guess there was a similar motivation. She's young and she was upset.

She was young and upset so she made a baby. She could have been upset and focused on school, her softball, making new friends, but no, she had to bang someone and make an innocent baby. Sorry I don't feel bad for her lol. Not sorry.

Word. What kind of person goes out and has sex with the first available guy, upset or not? I'm on your side, Bath, because her mom clearly warned her of the consequences, and she chose not to listen. And how awesome were her softball friends? The one trying her hardest to appear supportive, and the other one who was clearly trying to hide her disgust!

Lollll yes I could tell they thought she was stupid

That one softball chick was seriously disturbed by her friend's quickie romp with a stranger. It was hilarious. She couldn't even fake it. lol

"Maddy do you see what can happen in 2 minutes?? TWO MINUTES!" I laughed so hard. Voice of reason. She should keep that friend around because obviously she has the common sense that Maddy does not possess. (And she also inadvertently exposed Cody as quite the minute man which was hilarious.)

I agree with you Poppy, I don't think sleeping with some guy makes a girl a whore. Especially since I don't see anyone calling him a whore, when he did the same exact thing. Yes, it was a bad choice - teens make bad choices and hopefully learn from those mistakes.

He is a whore too. And heard he has a kid with another girl. Kids shouldn't be making kids period and teens shouldn't be having sex PERIOD.

Let me guess, only married couples should have sex?

How are you supposed to get good at having the sex by age 21 if you don't practice early??

I'm kidding but really, teens are going to have sex, just like they have throughout history. They really should be choosing to have safe sex at this point in time though, it's so simple and prevents so many issues.

LOL Teenbitches. And no Kayla, you're way off. I don't think you should be having a sex when you're still a kid, underage, don't have your life together. Wow I know I'm a total prude!

@Kayla, the issue isn't that she had sex without being married or even that she is too young to have sex. The issue is she had sex with a stranger after hanging out with him for one hour. He's not in the right just because he's a dude, he's just as gross as she is.

@steralize. It won't let me reply to you directly so hopefully you see this. It was a completely idiotic thing to have sex with a guy she didn't know because she was 'heartbroken' Boohoo. Whatever. The other girl said no teen should have sex ever. I'm sorry, but that is stupid to say. Teens will have sex, so they need to know how to do it properly. I never had sex while I was in high school, I was a teen (18) but I had already graduated. I think it is gross to have sex so young and with multiple men (I have been with one guy only) but hey, different strokes for different folks.

Lol I understand it is not a realistic idea that teens shouldn't have sex, but you do realize laws for statutory rape etc are laws for a reason right? Sex is for ADULTS and should be for ADULTS. I don't think ANYONE adults or teens should be procreating if they can't take care of a baby! Do you have kids??? Would you want your son and daughter in high school or a very young age to have kids before getting a job going to school? I sure wouldn't. To each their own if you don't care, but AS YOU CAN SEE on the SHOW it is very hard for teens to handle adult situations. Come on now lol..... you just sound like you're defending your own behavior. I have nothing against teen moms if they are taking care of their kids but I would never condone kids having sex. And if they MUST then they should use a god damn condom or birth control. I'm not liek Mackenzies mom who is completely unrealistic about it or anything like that. Even though I didn't have sex as a teen (and had plenty of opportunity to), my mom had me on birth control just in case. I KNEW at a young age I should not be having sex and I didn't! I'm not saying that makes me better or anything but shit I just don't know wtf these girls are thinking by not using a condom. And I'm sorry having sex with someone after an HOUR of knowing them is completely whorish. I hate how people are like ohhh I feel sorry for Maddy. WHY? She made the conscious choice to have sex, knew she could get pregnant and now she has to be a mom. So whatever that's just my two cents, kids shouldn't be having kids.

Sorry, but if you're going to go out and have unprotected (or protected, for that matter) sex with a stranger you've hung out with for an hour after meeting on the internet... you're a whore.

Srsly. Lol I remember the 16P episode with Leah it was a similar thing, Corey was a rebound from Robbie lol my boyfriend at the time said "what a whore". We're just amazed at all the people having sex lol. I graduated high school in '02 and there were some hoes of course, always is, but it's just insane how young they start now...just insane. Like in middle school and shit. I've even heard elementary school. So fucking wrong... and if anyone wants to defend that behavior they are disgusting lol.

I also graduated in 02. In my entire four years of high school, only 2 girls ended up pregnant. Both happened to be in my grade actually. One was pregnant Sophomore year and she ended up hiding the pregnancy as long as she could then she dropped out. The other one was maybe 3 months along at our high school graduation. I'm not saying we didn't have sluts in school because we definitely did, but none of them ended up pregnant. The two who did were in relationships and not slutty at all. By the time my youngest sister got to this same high school (she was class of 2011), there were a minimum of 3 girls pregnant each school year. It just goes to show that teens are definitely starting younger and getting more careless.

I obviously love trashy TV so I happen to know there was an episode of Dr. Phil I saw recently where an 11 year old girl had gotten pregnant and had a baby with a 14 year old boy. ELEVEN. They had the parents on mostly because they were all fucking morons and didn't understand how to function as parents and when Dr. Phil interviewed the kids they didn't show their faces but how the fuck does that happen?! I was trying to learn how to operate training bras and deodorant at that age. Sex wasn't even crossing my mind. Actually, it was because the Clinton/Lewinski scandal was going on and I made lots of pervy jokes about it on the long school bus ride home with friends. But I had no interest in emulating it.

Did the 11 year old keep the baby or did they make her give it up for adoption? I don't even know what else to say about that other than it's just sad.

There was a CPS investigation open on the 11 year old's mom because...her fucking 11 year old daughter got pregnant and she gave birth to the baby prematurely and hemorrhaged and they weren't sure if the baby was going to survive but as of the filming of that episode, the baby was living with the girl's aunt (the stupid mom's sister) and the bio CHILD MOM was allowed to see her for an hour a week. And everyone was fighting over who would get custody ultimately. It was the boy's parents, the girl's mom and then the girl's dad and his wife and it was like watching blind, mentally challenged newborn puppies navigate through a zappy laser field...NONE of them knew what the fuck they were doing. It enraged me.

Wow Rae, Just googled fluffer, have never heard of that before or considered the possibility of one even existing. My mind in blown. Imagine filling that out in the occupation section of all your forms!

Ugh wrong thread...

Hahahaha, glad I could help fuel your nightmares with weird/possibly obscure porn terms, then. ;)

The problem is all these apps that make it so easy like tinder etc and the opportunity it presents for rape/sexual assault to occur - that's the scary part. I'm 22 and my friends literally have competition who can be the biggest slut. They're proud of how many people they've slept with -most of the time they don't remember their names or f they do they fantasize that after they're going to date this bloke who sees them as nothing but sex, and I'm the absolute opposite. I've had one partner and even though I was the first one to lose my virginity (I was quite young ) it was a decision I was comfortable with and still do not regret. And at this point I'd been on birth control pills for years (I got the pill when I was 12 because of the issues I had not for the birth control effect) and I made the conscious choice to wait til after I'd had the gardisill injection (cervical cancer prevention shots that were more effective if you hadn't had sex) My generation is very much like my friends mentality and to be honest it disgusts me. They know not to discuss it around me. I now have three friends who have babies and they don't know who the father is. And this is the normal in my town! They will meet up with guys off tinder or grindr or blendr and do not care that they get STIs or a horrible reputation. Surprisingly no one in my high school ended up pregnant before graduating

My mom was driving me to an orthodontist appointment once and I was zoning out in the car and saw a billboard for paternity testing and I was probably like...11 or 12 and I just randomly said, "How can you not know who the father of your child is??" I thought my mom was going to cause a pile up on the interstate. She said, "WHAT?!" and I told her it was on a billboard and she calmed down but I see now that me just blurting that out of nowhere would be a cause for parental panic, haha.

@Rae that reminds me of when my family was sitting down for dinner and my brother was like 7 or 8 at the time and announced he wanted a Hummer (he'd seen one at the baseball field earlier in the day and thought it was so cool that it looked like an army truck). My parents thought he was referring to a blowjob and went through the roof. Meanwhile, at the time, neither my brother nor I knew "hummer" was slang for a blowjob bahahaha. Learn something new every day, thanks Mom and Dad!

HAHA! My friend's little sister was working on her homework once in the backseat of their car on the way home from school and she was fucking around with her whiteout instead of doing her worksheet and she had whited out the "d" in "directions" and she thought the resulting word sounded familiar so she just blurted out, "Mom, what's an irection?" Their family was super easy going so her mom and my friend just busted out laughing and explained what an erection was once they figured out where the hell she came up with that question.

I also learned what a "fluffer" is at an inappropriately young age because I had some sort of stuffed animal whose fur had gone flat on one side and I handed it to my dad and said "Can you fix his fur? Can you be his fluffer?" My parents were wildly inappropriate but I think it helped me avoid a lot of awkward situations as I grew older. It also made me laugh at inappropriate although seemingly innocuous terms like "beaver" before my peers caught up with the vernacular of the perverted, though.

Let's not forget sex with a guy you met after knowing him an hour that is an IV DRUG USER!!! WTF!

Go big or go home.

When I was 17 and a guy dumped me I got out my minidisc player (yes mini disc player) and listened to sad music and cried a lot and pretended I was the only one in the world it ever happened to... Ate a ton of ice cream, then my mum would take me shopping and buy me something really silly to cheer me up and then it was like "what guy?"

When did seeking out a random for sex become a normal reaction to a breakup?

My hardest breakup at that age was rough and I had to go to a therapist like three times because my mom was worried about me and I listened to a lot of sad music and did stupid shit like smoked pot with my best friend (who was, in fact, an actual slut) but I didn't troll social media for spare penises.

Oh all teens do stupid shit I did my fair share of stupid shit trust me, but it just amazes me that her reaction was to seek sex. I also ended up seeing a therapist for a long time in my very late teens (19) and that did me the world of good in the end. But I didn't have any "serious" relationships then (they were serious to me at the time, but they never lasted more than 6 months), so the breakups then weren't devastating in the same way as my serious relationships have been

The boy involved in my worst high school breakup is still my best friend and walked me down the aisle at my wedding and was my Man of Honor and we look back on everything we struggled with in high school and how it just seemed like the end of the world but when you survive it and you look back, it seems like "why did I get so worked up over all of that?" It's just part of growing up. It's not that the situations were insignificant. It's just that you're learning how to deal with things and if you don't have some sort of adult role model to help you through them, you have no idea how to handle them properly. Mental illness runs rampant in my family and my mom had me go to that therapist about three times because she was worried I was suicidal (which I was for many, many reasons) but I stopped going and my mom didn't push it and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 19 at my University's student health center and I remember being so surprised that there was a NAME for what was "wrong" with me and then being immediately resentful that my parents never had a dialogue with me or my bipolar sister about mental health or consistent therapy or medications. I had to call my mom about filling out a family history and she had all these people who had suffered from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, rage disorder and NO ONE EVER TALKED ABOUT IT! I think if I had started on medications and therapy when I was younger than 19, we would be farther along into figuring out something that works than my doctors are now and that's frustrating. It's not my parents' fault. They were raised in a way that you don't talk about things like that because their parents all thought depression was just some new fangled hippie thing that people came up with to be lazy and not get jobs.

I couldn't reply to you above Rae, but I saw that Dr Phil episode also! And was WTF-ing all over the place!!! I have a 14yr old daughter and and almost 12yr old son and was wondering how the hell these parents didn't notice she was pregnant and how the hell she GOT pregnant!! At 11!!! Aren't you supposed to know where your kid is and with whom?? Spun me out BIG time. I would've been devastated if it was my child. And the parents were so casual about it!!!!!!! I'm still in shock over that episode.

My old flatmate got pregnant at 14 to her 15 year old stepbrother. Their parents didn't have a clue either, and how they handled it (making her have the kid, taking it to raise themselves but with her still living at home) messed her up big time.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! I hope someone called...batman or whoever is in charge of beating some sense into asshole parents. Jesus.

Hope you are doing well now Rae x
We don't know what caused my issues - but as I've grown older and spoken to lots more people with a congenital heart defect, depression and anxiety seem to be present in most cases. It's even now listed as a weird side effect.

I really like coming into this episode not knowing what's going to happen already *cough* TM2 *cough*. It's clear that Maddy screwed Cody to get back at her ex, and it totally backfired. No one said anything until now about him having another kid, and the way his parents acted towards Maddy made me think that either he didn't know about this other kid, or maybe they didn't know but he did. They were really generous to Maddy, and she didn't seem the least bit appreciative. I get that she didn't give a crap about Cody, but they really were going out of their way for her. And the BS about the baby's last name - how petty of her. To some degree it seemed like she was pushing him out of her and her child's life. I guess it's really hard to tell what happened before and after filming - from what she said on social media, he seems like a douche, but didn't come across that way as much in the episode. And baby Alyssa. . . so darn cute. One of the cutest babies to ever be on the show, except she's a sibling!

RIGHT! The baby sister was SO adorable!

At first, I thought it was stupid that she was totally against giving the baby Cody's last name. But, after some thinking, I feel like it was a pretty sound decision. She doesn't really know him and doesn't know how active he will actually be in the baby's life. We've seen many instances in the seasons of this show where the dad is all excited about having a baby, only to never see the kid. It would suck for her baby to have the last name of a dad she doesn't even know. The only thing I didn't like about it was when she said that if things ended up working out between them, she could always change the name. The baby's last name shouldn't have anything to do with the two of them being together as a couple, it should be based on his participation in the baby's life.

She hardly knew the guy. She knew that SHE would be the caretaker of this baby but she had no idea how he was going to be participation wise in the baby's life after she gave birth and I think the smartest thing she did apart from NOT moving in with her one night stand at 16 was to stand firm on the last name issue. She obviously learned almost nothing from any other episodes of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom but at least she learned to depend on herself and give the baby her last name instead of the random hookup guy who seemed mumbly and stoned all the time anyway. Makes custody a hell of a lot easier later on.

Exactly. If a girl isn't sure the baby's father is going to be involved, she should always give the baby her last name IMO. You don't want your child to grow up with what's basically a stranger's last name.

I don't understand why it's ever petty to not give the baby the dad's last name though. Times are changing- moms should have just as much right to give their child their name. I mean, isn't it just as petty for Cody to get so upset about not getting his way with the name?

we hyphenated our daughters last name because we were not married at the time we had her. Honestly, I pushed for it because if there was a chance we would not work out I certainly didnt want my last name to be different from hers!

Also what is to say the "norm" for last names isnt changing. There is more and more women who choose to keep their own last name after marriage or hyphen it with her husbands. Theres nothing that says you must take on his name, so same should go with naming your children.

- I agree with you @Molly but for some reason first part of what I said got deleted

Is it not common to hyphenate last names in the States? I just kept thinking "Compromise, give her both your names" over and over. Fools.

No, I've only met like 2 people with a hyphenated last name in my entire life in the States. But I live in the south where, when it comes to teen pregnancies, a lot of people seem to be like this upstanding young gentleman and think it's "disrespectful" to not give the baby the father's last name since the father did so much work to get the baby into the world what with all the humping and ejaculating and whatnot. Whenever I hear a hyphenated last name, it sounds very posh and royal. "Please wait in the parlor for Miss Kensington-Biscotti, sir." Serious question: What happens when two people that both have hyphenated last names get together and get married or have a kid? What happens then?

Hyphenated names are quite common in NZ.
I have wondered the same thing. I guess you pick the best two outta the four and run with that? My mate had hyphenated names, when she married she dropped the second one, and added his first.
I think there's something to be said about the latino system, everyone has two last names, one from each parents. Although its only the paternal names that carry on ultimately, but at least you're getting something from both of them.

I met a girl from Brazil in Amsterdam once and didn't know anything about their surnaming system and I thought it was really interesting. And then she got married and I saw how her name was changed around. It's just a neat cultural difference. My mom's legal name is her first name, her maiden name, and my dad (her ex husband's) last name. When I got married, I kept my middle name and just changed my last name to my husband's. I really like the Icelandic surnames, too. You're just given your father's name followed by son or dottir depending on whether you're a son or a daughter. Like Gundersson or Hilmarsdottir. I'm not sure what happens when they marry though...I think everyone just keeps their respective last names.

yeah apparently they do. If there is no father, the mother gives the kid her first-name as a last name. I've always wondered though then, if the kids get discriminated against for not having a father? My Icelandic friends assured me they don't, but I really wonder.

There were some definite trashy points of this (one night stand after an hour of knowing him), but at least she's not living on a cloud thinking this kid will complete her "family" like a lot of the other teen moms we've seen. And going to live with her Dad was a smart move, she just should have said that before all that money and time was wasted.

Agreed 100%. Also, she seems to really love her daughter and want the best for her, so there's that too. Just stop shaving your forehead and lay off the 193 layers of makeup, girl!

and do something with those eyebrows....oh the eyebrows.

Somehow she was a huge idiot and still one of the most level headed decision makers we've seen AFTER the one night stand pregnancy thing at the same time.

I haven't watched the episode since I'm still at work, but do they mention that Maddy's mom just had a baby. The moms new baby just turned one a couple weeks ago.

Yes. Her baby sister was in the entire episode.

I thought it was great that even though she was a complete moron and had a one night stand, she didn't think they should be together because they share a child. If he really cared about his kid and wanted her to have his last name, he would have been there for more than. One doctor appointment. When my son was born my husband and I were not married yet, but he was with me at every single doctor appointment AND stood next to my bed holding my hand the entire 22 hours I was in labor.

I agree she seemed to grow up more afterward.

Thank you! He was a complete creep and a loser, and at the end of the day she wasn't romantically attracted to him at all, so why should she be forced to "try and make things work"?
She said he could see the kid whenever he wanted, (which turns out to be not very often), which is totally fair, what is unfair is trying to force a 16 year old girl into a romantic relationship with a stranger.
However I'm not saying she's totally innocent, yes she had an unprotected one night stand which is a totally stupid thing to do.

Yeah, Cody is a piece of work... I wonder how a guy would make things work with his baby's mother when he has two babies, from two mamas, two months apart. Should Maddy and the other girl and the two babies all move in with Cody?

Sister Wives: Teen Mom Edition

I would watch/judge the shit out of that show. Call TLC right now!

The thing is, she said they used a condom. Apparently he did not know how to properly wear one. She said he kept saying 'ow' so it must not have been done right.

Lol then she shouldn't have had sex with him....she still banged him. It takes two, it's not ALL on him.

Are you sure she said they used a condom? At the end of the episode when she and Cody were talking about the situation, she said, "You should have worn a condom."

I think they tried using a condom, he couldn't figure out how to get it on without hurting himself, so they decided not to use one.

How about this, then. If you are too dumb to figure out how to put on a condom, you are too dumb to have sex. Period, end of story, put your cock away, back away from the vag.

That is totally the sign of someone who should be having sex. They actually have a test on condom application at the Department of Sexual Activity Board and you get 5 stars out of 5 stars if you're unable to use a damn condom without hurting yourself. Way to go Cody!!

I don't want to justify her actions of sleeping with a guy she didn't know well, but I went through a break-up, death of a close family member and moving to a new school at her age and pretty much did the same thing (for months, it was not cool). I was totally off the rails, especially when it came to guys and partying. I was sad and lonely, and the easiest way to feel close to someone was ... well, what she did. Thankfully I didn't get knocked up.
When the chips are down, a teenage girl will go looking for affection/attention wherever she can get it - obviously teenage boys of ill repute will pretend to want to give the girls attention in return for a sexual favor.

Like I said, in no way is it even in the realm of a good idea to engage in such behaviour - at any age, really. But it happens. Seriously, if I'd seen this when I was going through my "phase" (for want of a classy word to describe it), I think I would have had some sense snapped into me. So ... hopefully the equally sad little girls who saw this learn from her cautionary tale.

This was a gritty episode for sure. None of this "we really love each other and once we both get jobs, we're going to get our own apartment and a car" bullshit that the other episodes always have. And the mom stood firm on her rules that she had obviously made for a reason before Maddy even got pregnant. There was NOTHING glamorous about this situation and while she was an idiot for doing what she did, she didn't try to sugar coat it. She was awfully nonchalant about sex and condoms though considering neither one of them knew how to use one but she seemed to get her shit together once she got pregnant and made the right decision to move in with her dad instead of the baby's father SIMPLY because he was the baby's father.

Just a few years ago (meaning I was already way too old to be having such teenage drama), I ended a long term relationship that I had honestly believed was the one and then I gut stuck in a slew of douchy guys, all back to back. I did some stuff and slept with a couple of guys I shouldn't have, so in a way I do feel like I understand Maddy a little as well. It's terrible to be needy and look for love in the wrong places, but since I've done it, I feel like I have no place to judge. Spending just an hour with someone and then getting busy is a little excessive, but I too remember feeling desperate to be loved. But then, I guess we don't really know her motivation either. Maybe it was more about revenge than self-esteem issues. Who knows?

I think Maddy was mature though in that she didn't try to force a relationship with Cody when he was clearly a douchebag.

I just need to say that I almost peed my pants when I hit the info button on my tv and the summary was, "A girl gets pregnant from a one-night stand."

I thought this was going to be a situation similar to Leah's (breaking up with Robby and getting pregnant by Cory two weeks into seeing each other), but damn this girl takes the cake! After meeting a dude with rotting teeth on myspace (who even uses myspace anymore??) and hanging out with him for ONE HOUR, she has sex without a condom??? I can't believe she actually admitted to all of this on national tv.

It totally reminded me of Leah!!! The hair! the rebound! LOL everything. I can't believe she admitted it too LOL I give her props for being honest I guess.

YES! ON MYSPACE! I was hoping someone would point out his horrible teeth. I pointed out that his teeth looked like those of a drug addict, and what do you know? She says that he does heroin.

She had sex with a guy she'd known from myspace and only hung out with for an hour - and ALL she got was a baby? She should consider herself lucky. Baby > HIV+ test.

I need to know who the hell even uses myspace anymore???

Pedophiles, stalker bitches and junkies. The last time I used myspace was right after I turned 18 and it was like as soon as I turned 18 I started getting all these super pervy friend requests from complete strangers and deleted my account.

ROTTEN TEETH!!!??? EWW!!! Theres no way i would kiss let alone have sex with a guy with rotten teeth!

For your user name:

Powerball (Jeremy's awkward quote)



Thank you! I was totally thinking that Maddy was like the poor man's Leah.
In the pictures she posts (the really edited ones), she sort of resembles Leah, just not as pretty.
She got pregnant with her rebound guy. (At least Leah and Corey had a month to their relationship though. WTF is Maddy doing, look for one night stands at what, 16?)
She picked an A name for her daughter.
Hearing her speak drove me insane.
She was kind of unbearable and not that nice to anyone around her.

I only half paid attention and figured she had braces until I checked halfway through the episode and realized she didn't have braces she just talks like that normally.

That's not even a one nightstand. That's like a one TV tray. *ba dum tsss!*

I was not impressed with this girl. I read the Starcasm article with her criticizing the baby daddy, which shed a little light on why she was so cold to him throughout the episode. Yes the one night stand thing was a little messed up, but there at the beginning I thought they might be somewhat interested in each other. Then it just went downhill. I don't know why she was even considering moving in with him instead of her dad when she had no interest in him whatsoever.

I got the feeling he was just coming around for the filming. If she says he wasn't involved with her until she was 7 months pregnant and then was barely involved after the birth, it seems like he was just looking to be on TV and I don't blame her for not giving her daughter his name if he's on drugs, not an active parent, and all that mess.

And really he has 2 kids already? With all the sex education programs out there, these dummies don't know to use a condom instead of have unprotected sex with every dick or vagina that crosses their path?

Also I really didn't like the mom. Instead of kicking her out because she got pregnant, she could've actually been a responsible parent and talked to her about her birth control options and made sure she was on a method of birth control that could work for her BEFORE she got pregnant. Yeah lady your threats really worked! Why not actually be a proactive parent that helps their child PREVENT pregnancy rather than nagging them about all the horrible things that will happen to them if they do get pregnant. And I don't agree with parents who spitefully kick their kids out of their home because they get into a bad situation. She said it was a space issue, but there were already 6 people living in the house, and that woman CHOSE to add another baby to that before her daughter's baby was even in the picture so...I have a hard time buying it.

Also shaving the widow's peak..WTF. It was so unsightly and distracting. Widow's peaks are not unattractive if you style your hair the right way so why she felt the need to actually shave part of her head and hairline is just really bizarre. No one does that for a reason.

It's her mom's house. She's allowed to have her OWN baby and add it to the house if she wants to - and not approve of her daughter bringing another one into the house.

Should she have kicked her out? Well, I'm sure they could have worked it out. But it isn't like she kicked her out and gave her nowhere to go. She went to live with her dad in what seemed to be very spacious living quarters.

Clearly, she she should have talked to her daughter about birth control options, instead of threatening to kick her out. BUT the show doesn't tell us anything about Cody calling her a slut (supposedly) OR Cody's supposed child. So who's to say that the mom didn't have a serious talk with her about sex, and Maddy went and did something thoughtless anyway?

Of course it's her house. It's also HER 16 year old child that got knocked up. Surprise! If your kid gets knocked up, you still have to be a parent. I get so sick of seeing parents just toss their own children out because they made a mistake.

No one said the mom can't do what she wants but don't act like you have a space issue when you're getting knocked up and adding more kids to your house anyway. The mother would've forced her to live with a stranger so let's not act like because she chose to live with her dad and that option was available that the mother didn't make it quite clear on several occasions she would've kicked her out regardless of if she went to live with her father or not (who by the way Maddy said she did not want to live with for reasons that were not disclosed).

You don't know that she put her on birth control any more than I think she didn't. This show makes it a point to use birth control failing as an excuse frequently so I have a hard time believing that failed birth control wouldn't have been even a part of this storyline instead of "one night stand unprotected" if that was actually the case.

Well, actually, in Illinois (where Tinley Park is, in case you were unaware of this fact), when an underage girl becomes pregnant (and ultimately a mother), she is legally emancipated from the guardianship of her mother.

So try as you might to castigate her mother for kicking her out, Maddy legally became an adult the minute she gave birth to Aubrey.

I'm not sure why your words seem so defensive and rude. I was simply stating alternative situations that could have changed the situation. I didn't say that I knew her mother put her on birth control. I did say that her mother could have had a serious talk with her about sex. There are several things that could have happened that we will never know because we don't actually know these people.

Also, I didn't even say that her mom kicking her out was the right thing to do... & I sure didn't think that her moving in with Cody was a plausible option. I have no idea why her mom just didn't tell her daughter where she needed to live. But I guess if you kick your legal adult daughter out of the house, what options do you have to tell her "I know I said you can't live here anymore, but you can't live there either." It obviously seems foolish that her mom didn't nip that in the bud and just let her daughter stay with her (at least until she graduated high school).

Please do not equate Maddy getting pregnant and adding a child to the house to her mother (who I have the right to assume has means to support herself judging by where she lives) getting pregnant and adding a child to the house. Aubrey is not a just a "mistake." & Maddy's actions that led to a consequence were not your average "mistake" either. She didn't fail a test. She didn't receive an underage drinking violation. Aubrey is a living and breathing financial responsibility for the rest of Maddy's life. Maddy's mother had means to support her child, can we say the same for Maddy and her "mistake" ?

I don't care if she was legally emancipated. That's irrelevant to my personal thoughts and beliefs on how parents treat their children. I don't mean to be defensive and rude...I kinda got that vibe from your first post which probably made me come off more annoyed than I intended.

I personally don't like parents who try to shirk their responsibilities to their teenager because they get pregnant (which yes is exactly what I think this mother did). Just because she has a kid doesn't change the fact that A. She's still your kid and B. She's only 16 years old. I favor parents that are more supportive even ones that "overly" support their kids (as some people say) like Randy rather than parents that leave their kids high and dry and can't support them. If she had said ok we'll find a way to make this work but you have to go get a job to support yourself and the baby...totally different situation and I can wholeheartedly get behind that. I cannot get behind a parent that can't support their own kids and kicks them out because of it. I don't mean this rudely but I bet if they did a study comparing outcomes for children with parents that are very supportive vs. parents that try to give their kids "tough love" the kids with supportive parents would fare better. That's just speculation but I really think it's damaging to children to know they can't count on anyone not even their parents if they get into a situation. That's why I don't like people like Maddy's mother plus she was just unpleasant the whole episode anyway. Her baby was adorable though.

I do see what you're saying though. I just had very supportive parents and would wish for everyone else to have that too because that's how I think it should be with family.

I also think it's messed up when parents kick their 16 year old child out of their house. First of all, if they are still in high school then I feel like the parent should let the child live in the house. Make them get a job and you don't have to babysit 24/7, but be enough of a parent to want to help your child out.

Randy helped Chelsea out & guess what? Chelsea was able to get her GED, graduate from beauty school, get a job & buy a house. Yes, most were possible because she had her families support and MTV money.

On the other hand, Randy could have kicked Chelsea out and made her live on her own. She'd probably have a minimum wage job and never do anything with her life.

In my opinion, it's better to help support your child for a while and help them get a stable job and have a stable life, than kick them out and help to screw up their life for good.

Well, yes. I do agree that things would go much smoother (and more successfully) for Maddy if she were to have the support of her mother. While I don't agree with her mom kicking her out, if the issue is truly space, I could understand where she's coming from. Who knows, maybe this isn't even Maddy's first mistake? Fortunately, I've always known that if I were to be pregnant (even as an adult), my mom's home is always open to me and my offspring. I also wish that other teens who find themselves in hard situations could have similar support.

Lily, if she really did have a space issues I can see it too. It's overwhelming to have multiple people living under one roof, but I still feel like she has a responsibility to her because she is so young. If she was a little older and had graduated high school and was able to support herself, then okay. But overall I just didn't get the vibe that a whole lot of great parenting decisions were made for Maddy, which at least in some way contributed to the situation she's in and then her mom just throwing her out on top of that...too much. For example, why does her 16 year old have the freedom to go meet random strangers from the Internet and sleep with them an hour after meeting them? No supervision at all or...just a lapse in supervision? IDK but not great parenting imo.

And KA, I completely agree with you.

I understand where you're coming from, especially if they had a conversation BEFORE she became pregnant. I just think Maddy's mom was such a huge hypocrite. She looked very young herself and just had a baby, which makes me think she gave birth to Maddy and her brother when she was young as well. Plus from what we saw, there was no father involved. Her mom doesn't seem to be the epitome of great decisions, so why not help her daughter out? Shouldn't she be able to sympathize more than most?

In the episode, Jen stated that there would be 7 people living in the house once the baby came - that makes her, Maddy, Aubrey, brother, sister, baby Alyssa, and stepdad. Clearly he just didn't want to be shown on the episode. Can you blame him?

I agree. Look at what happened with Alex Sekella. Her mom told her she couldn't live there and then caved and her junkie boyfriend ended up living in the house with Alex, Arabella, her mother and her (I think) at least TWO younger siblings. Alex's little sister was infinitely more mature than Alex herself was and all that drama and a teen pregnancy, a heroin addict and a baby SURELY upset their family dynamic. It's possible that her mom knew she was sexually active and gave her the birth control talk and figured her daughter would be responsible and have ZERO excuses to have unprotected sex with anyone. It seemed like the "You have to leave if you get pregnant" rule was already established before Maddy even got pregnant. I have no problem with what her mom did. And her mom having another baby is completely irrelevant as she was quite obviously pregnant before Maddy got pregnant and it's not like a mother has to cut off her reproduction if she wants more children just because her idiot daughter is now fertile. She didn't kick her out on the street. She showed her consequences of her actions, Maddy made shitty decisions and the mom followed through with said consequences.

I agree Rae. A new baby is an increase in everything from your light bill to your grocery bill to your water bill. If mom wants to add to her household, that's her choice since she's got a job. Why should she have to pay extra money and curtail her life because her daughter hooks up with people an hour after meeting them for attention. Nope -- you knew the consequences now man up.

I kind of felt she was disrespectful about it when she was talking to her mom. "You could make arrangements if you want to. I want to stay here." Yeah. She could. But you and your child are going to cost her a fortune that she didn't plan on paying for when she has her own infant to take care of. We saw that part of the episode when Aubrey cried and woke up Alyssa.

You're an adult now. Go reap those benefits. My two cents.

I'd rather have that whole finished basement that her dad gave her than be cramped in a 12x12 bedroom with my baby! Clearly she didn't have much in common with her softball friends. I doubt they'd be spending all that much time together, so going to IN seemed to be a good thing.

I cant help but add...Arabella Sekella?... so awful, please say it out loud before you do that to your child!

Yeah I think it was fair enough. I think too, we have to trust her mother's judgement a bit. My mum let me go live in Central America on exchange for a year when I was barely 15, she wouldn't have done that if she'd thought I couldn't cope. I'd expect Maddy's mother believes Maddy will cope with moving to her dad's house just fine. She had a viable option, it wasn't like she was kicked out on the street. And after seeing that scene with the two babies crying, I totally agree it was for the best.
It pisses me off more to see situations like Mackenzie and Briana where they stay at home, their mom controls everything, and they don't grow up, I could not get over the level of immaturity those displayed.

I didn't see a problem with her mother at all. She warned her before she got pregnant that if she ended up pregnant she would be out of the house. She still allowed her to stay there until the baby was a month old. It's not like she was kicking her out with nowhere to go. She gave Maddy two possible options, living with Cody and living with her father, and left the decision up to Maddy. She also told her she could always come over whenever she wanted to, she just couldn't live there anymore. That's not spitefully kicking someone out. If she did it out of spite, not only would she have made her get out immediately instead of giving her until the baby is a month old, but she wouldn't have cared where she went, and she wouldn't have told her she could come over anytime she wants.
Who cares if Maddy's mother had a baby? That's her decision. It's her life, her body, her family, and her house.
We don't know if she talked to Maddy about birth control and/or condoms prior to her getting pregnant. Maybe she didn't want to put Maddy on birth control because she would rather stress the use of condoms since they prevent both disease and pregnancy. Too many people use the fact that they are on birth control as an excuse not to use a condom. Maybe she tried to put Maddy on birth control and she refused it. Maybe Maddy wouldn't listen to a word she said and that's when she told her if she got pregnant she would have to get out. All we know is at some point prior to Maddy getting pregnant there was a conversation between the two of them about teenage pregnancy and that was one of the things that was said.

We'll just have to agree to disagree. I don't think kicking out a 16 year old child with a new baby is acceptable parental behavior. She needed her mothers support and every time she was shown she was either rude, emotionless or being downright bitchy. She told her to go live with a stranger or her dad. The dad yes was acceptable but the baby daddy she doesn't know? Sick her mother would suggest it in my opinion. I come from a half Italian family and needless to say, this is not how we do things. I've never seen a parent kick their teenager out of the house until I started watching this show, and it always disgusts me.

Why do you think I care that she had another kid? I don't and didn't say I did. I am saying I don't believe the space thing because IF space was that much of an issue you wouldn't be having more kids. That's all I'm saying.

I also come from an Italian family. My mother got pregnant with me at 18, had me at 19, and my Italian Great-Grandfather threw her out of the house for being pregnant and unmarried. Please do not play the Italian card with me. You don't know what kind of space they have in their house, nor do you know whether or not that mother plans on having more children. Maddy is a junior in high school. I would hope her mother was encouraging her to go to college. It's possible her youngest child is co-sleeping or her crib is in the same room as her mother. Maybe she planned on giving the baby Maddy's room when she went off to college. Maybe she planned on having her youngest child share a room with Maddy's younger sister who we saw on the episode. No one knows their living situation or how many bedrooms their house is, so it is entirely possible that they do not have enough room in their house for more children.

I'm just going to ignore your "don't play the Italian card" thing because...if you knew my family, the fact that I speak Italian, that I'm applying for dual citizenship, and that I have over 75 Italian relatives in this country, you wouldn't have said that. Suffice it to say, I'm well versed in how Italian families operate. Yours is not normal.

To the point, if she had a room before, she has room for the baby. I've seen people on this show make do with a lot less than was going on in the house that was shown. You can support her poor parenting decisions all you want, but when I see a 16 year old child that has the freedom to go meet up with a stranger on the Internet, have sex with them 1 hour after meeting them, get knocked up, and then get thrown out by her mother because of "space issues," parental red flags go up for me. How many poor parenting decisions were made that led to the situation Maddy found herself in? Looks like a lot to me.

It's apparent that the two of them don't really have a great relationship either. Her mom came off very uninterested in just about every conversation. She seemed to just have this blank look in her face and seemed bored having to talk to Maddy. By the condom conversation, I can tell Maddy has experience and I'm also pretty sure her mother knew about it. I believe her mom did give her that ultimatum if she ever got pregnant, but I just don't think that I could ever do that to my own kids. (I don't have any yet...) I get her mothers frustration, but the space issue in my opinion was a stupid excuse. Maddy had her own room, she could easily rearrange it and fit a crib. I don't understand the need for this new baby to have its own room. I mean, majority of these girls always seem to have a nursery. You have to get up constantly at night, why not have the baby in the same room as you? My friend got pregnant back in high school and she kept the crib in the room. Three of us slept over two weeks after the baby was born to help out (single mom, and we missed our friend) and that night was more then enough birth control for the three of us in there! Four years later, we are all still babyless lol!

FarrahsBloomingCareer (by the way fantastic username!): It's entirely possible that one of the reasons she told Maddy she had to leave is that a new baby to a teen mom is going to be a huge disruption to the rest of the people in the house, including her two younger siblings. Not to mention the financial strain of having TWO infants in the house, one of which belongs to a teen who doesn't have a job and has a junkie asshole for the baby's father. It's not exactly fair to the younger siblings to make them go through all that shit because their big sister can't operate a condom or follow rules her mother gave her.

My family is not normal based on an incident that occurred in 1984? Every family is different regardless of race, nationality, culture, etc. I don't know Maddy's family, but I do know that she was warned of what would happen if she got pregnant and she still did it anyway. You don't know how Maddy ended up meeting up with Cody. She could have snuck out of the house, her mother may not have been home, maybe she lied to her mother about where she was going. It doesn't mean her mother was giving her the freedom to go get knocked up by someone she met online. When you don't have any real consequences for your teen's actions you end up with a Jenelle.

I mean the situation you described is not normal, not your family. That didn't come out right. You used a situation to try to claim that my "I come from an Italian family and this is not how we do things" was incorrect. Italians are one of if not the most family-oriented cultures in the world, and my dad and family would never have done what this mother did if I got pregnant at 16 (which I didn't). I'm in my 20's with a 3 year old now and they STILL will do anything within their power to help me and my son. And as soon as I started having sex, I told my mom and she took me to the doctor and made me get on birth control. These are my experiences, so this gives context to the way I feel about other people throwing their children out because they didn't parent well enough to prevent this situation from occurring in the first place. We can all speculate, maybe this maybe that happened and the mother had a legitimate reason not to know her daughter met a random stranger from the Internet and banged him after an hour, but first of fall, I did have sex at 16 and my mother's first reaction was to put me on birth control. Never out of her mouth would I have heard "I'm kicking you out if you get pregnant." Because in my opinion, POOR PARENTING is what leads people to say that. Go take care of the problem if you know your teen is having sex. Even after all these responses, I still don't get why people think this type of parenting that was shown in this episode was okay. I find it downright cruel, but that's because I don't believe that the space issue was the actual issue.

I could get 500 thumbs down, and I would still feel exactly the same way as I do about this mother. I think it's good to show different opinions too. So thank you all for responding to this and giving me some insight into why you think it is okay.

I actually didn't really like Maddy while watching her episode. She kept pulling at her eyes every time she cried exposing the inside of her eye lids and it was making me squirm in my seat! But that's not why I didn't like her. I felt MTV only showed half the story. From what I've read about her after and heard her explanations I feel she made the right choices and I LIKE HER NOW! Plus I think they really sugar coated Cody in her episode. She was actually taking care of the baby herself every time we saw her! She wasn't pawning her baby off every chance she could like most of the new teen mothers usually do. I really hope she gets to do everything she's always wanted to do! :)

Aside from everything else, I think MTV is finally showing the real world of teen mother hood. Her mom kicked her out, her baby daddy doesn't seem to really care, and she did everything on her own. I think, even though she made huge mistake a by getting pregnant, she will be a good mood.

I didn't want this sh*t and don't plan on it but after reading the first paragraph she sounds like Leah 2.0 looks like she has that horrible 2 tone hair just like hair smh ...
Can someone clarify it says she found a rebound via facebook and hooked after an hour and got knocked up.... So did she meet this guy and after an hour they had sex? Is that what megan is saying?? Pathetic! MTV sure knows how to pick em'

Yes. One hour. Then two minutes of sex and 9 months and 18 years of baby.

Did she annoy anyone else like she annoyed me? She just seemed so put off by Cody and his parents, and she was constantly making this face like she couldn't stand to look at them. Maybe the next one night stand she has, she'll pick someone she can actually stand to look at.

On a completely unrelated note, I love being greeted with "Howdy, Voila" in the upper right-hand corner when I log in. Makes me feel right at home!

Yes, I like it as well. :)

I hear the whole thing in my head in Barb's voice

"Well, HOW-DEEE, Seen You Wit Kieffah! Have fun livin on tha streets wit ya boooooyfriend"

Have none of these girls heard of plan B? And I wanna know how her Facebook message with Cody went down " hey Cody. Never spoken to you ever before but wanna hang out alone somewhere?"

"P.s. bring your penis."

I kind of wondered about that this episode too. MTV wants these girls to be likable and relatable to everyone, so they tend to leave out some of the divisive issues--religion and politics. I would be interested to know though if conversation about adoption or abortion came up. Knowing that her mother was going to throw her out if she got pregnant, I would have liked to see more conversation about Maddy's decision to keep the baby (or wtf she didn't use Plan B).

I think it would be great if they did like a "16 and expecting" father's version. I'd love to see the perspective of guys that have gotten girls knocked up. Part of me wonders what effect MTV has on guys attitudes, like they see all these other baby daddys bugger off and the conversation being around the mom, how she mucked her life up and the issues she's facing, and they think they can get off scot free too.

I've thought the same thing. I'd really like to see it from all different sides... The active father and the deadbeat. I'd be kinda afraid that it might scare some guys out of being involved but then I doubt a lot of guys would watch something like that anyway, plus they need to know what's involved whether they like it or not.

At the same time it would give an honest portrayal of what being a teen father is about. It may stop these teenage boys from thinking yes I will step up knowing how much is involved so that these girls don't have unrealistic ideas in their heads that their boyfriends/one night stands/rebounds will step up. How many deadbeats are there that took years to be interested if not they're still not at all interested.

I said this in another article about a week ago on this site, but these girls seem OVERWHELMINGLY FLIPPANT ABOUT SEX.

Case in point with this chick.

Facebook to fucking in like an hour? Seriously? What? Is that even real? Maybe I'm too old... Hookers at least get paid for their two minutes with strangers.

Kudos to her on breastfeeding, though. I thought that was great. She at least had foresight to have the baby be given her last name and to not force herself to be with someone she obviously doesn't have emotional feelings towards (that would only backfire, I think).

"Facebook to Fucking" sounds like a lifetime movie bahahaha

Or a bad porno.

Okay, I'm confused I thought someone said she met him on Myspace, but then I thought in the show they said FB? Either way, it's redonk, but if it was Myspace that makes it just even more hilarious.

It was myspace. I only know that for sure because I spent a good 20 minutes laughing about it.

It's great that she decided to breastfeed, but when are these girls going to learn how to properly put their kid in a carseat?! She can breastfeed or make organic baby food or whatever else all she wants but it isn't going to be worth a damn thing if she gets into an accident with Aubrey strapped in the way she was on her way home from the hospital. It's not that hard to strap your kid in correctly.

I've noticed that too, and I hate to sound like a total old person, but I'm really interested in the rise of "hookup culture" at colleges (and presumably high schools as well). There are some crazy reports and studies about teen and college-aged people's ideas about casual sex that are a little shocking to me. I didn't wait for marriage for sex, but the casualness that sex occurs between some people seems crazy to me. I mean, knowing someone for an hour is practically anonymous sex.

It's not so much the casual or anonymous sex that bothers me though; it's the lack of precautions taken. Let's face it, women and gi

(Oops. I hit enter before I finished my comment)

Women and girls are the ones who have to face the consequences for casual unprotected sex. It's easier for men to just walk away.

Women and girls have to face the consequences of getting *pregnant* from casual sex. Both genders can catch lifelong STDs.

Haven't read the other comments yet, so sorry if any of this is a repeat.

I really liked Maddy! She definitely fucked up big time in getting pregnant with a guy she knew for an hour, but she really grew up and was unwavering on everything she believed in (ie not being with Cody just because they were having a baby, moving in with him when she was uncomfortable with it, not giving the baby his last name)
I loved that she breastfed and MTV didn't show it as as special or like it was any big deal. She just fed Aubrey whenever wherever. Awesome!
Cody should look into some Crest White Strips or something, damn.
She should have told his family sooner that she wouldn't be moving in, yes, but oh well, he has another baby two months older than Aubrey that can use it. Lol. What a dbag. Condoms aren't rocket science, dude.
I had to watch this episode twice though because the first time all I could stare at was her hairline :/

Yeah something tells me that they can keep that baby apartment set up because they're going to need it probably about 5 more times in the next couple years.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop staring at/trying to figure out why Maddy actually banged Cody with those teeth. I think they were actually decaying more and more as the show went on. Meth mouth? Disgusting.

Maybe they did it doggy style and she didn't have to look at him! She wouldn't have noticed his teeth over FB. One hour of fluttering eyes might not have noticed either! Flip her over-bang. Pregnant. Flips back, sees his decaying smile, eeeewww!

What the hell is wrong with her eyebrows and hairline??? Serious question lol

Hahahahaha I ADORE your username.

I thought for most of the episode that she had an unfortunate birthmark on her forehead, and the pregnancy hormones were making it worse since it got darker as the episode went on, haha! Towards the end, I started considering that she was shaving it, but I couldn't accept that, my mind just would not believe that someone would shave off a perfectly good widow's peak

Are we going to get an article about Kail's book... ROL has an article about it and let me say some of the shit seems SOOOO fabricated!!

Oh and Leah talking about she's going to write a book when the time is right...No one wants to buy / or read a book from your incompetent ass! *rolls eyes* shoot me now...

I saw the article on Starcasm about it! I don't really know whether to believe Kail or not, as messed up as that sounds it just doesn't sound realistic. She's the type to call out someone for doing something small, yet she was supposedly raped and didn't even call the cops? I don't understand it.

This is what I dont get .. Kailyn says she was "raped" by a guy in ninth grade and got pregnant by him. I believe there is a huge difference between being pressured vs. being raped. Kailyn even said that she felt pressured and "believed Toby loved me, so I decided I could give him this one thing as long as he wore a condom"
She agreed to have sex with him as long as he wore a condom? I think of rape more of like when the victim says NO and tries to get the suspect off of them but they just keep going. It seems to me that Kail didnt want to have sex, but was just being a stupid teen and "believed then that sh had to have sex to keep up with her friends" (her own words).

Wait... So Kail got pregnant after being "raped" in the 9th grade? What happen to the baby? Was it a miscarriage or abortion?!?

It was the eighth grade... I think of rape the same as you buuuuuut this is Kail we're talking about... She makes a mistake so she cries rape for people to pity her..

Courtney it was an abortion...she said she wanted to keep the baby but her mother wouldn't let her so she had an abortion on her 16th birthday. She said when she got pregnant with Isaac she defied her mothers demands that she get another abortion.

@I need a username, (why can I not reply to replies anymore?) She was 15, almost 16, in eighth grade? Did Kail get held back?

I think the losing her virginity in 8th grade thing was a separate boy and situation than the abortion pregnancy. She got pregnant like her sophomore year of high school and had an abortion and then got pregnant with Isaac pretty soon afterwards. I think there's going to be A LOT of bullshit in that book based solely on what Radar released. Kail can't even go like 5 days without beating her husband so I don't see how she wouldn't call the cops at least on what she claims was her THIRD rape after she had Isaac. Jesus.

Rape comes in different forms and is not always violent. If she was young, and he was older and more powerful than her, and he was pushing her into it and she was too afraid to say no, then that's rape. In NZ, anytime a guy doesn't obtain consent, i.e. she doesn't say yes, that's rape, even if she didn't say no. If you're under 16 and he's older 16, that's statutory rape because a young girl might be too afraid to say no.
My teacher (in Central America, not NZ) locked the door behind me and preceded to initiate sex with me. There was no point trying to push him off, I was weaker and had no escape. He had power, so even though it wasn't violent, it was rape. And it took me ageeeesssss to go to authorities about it, I was way to messed up to even process it to the stage of identifying it as rape.

A couple of years later, I got into a similar scenario my first year of college, drunk a tad too much, some guy initiated sex, and even though I mumbled no a couple times, I froze and couldn't be more assertive about it. I think having been raped once makes it harder to cope with further situations and leaves you vulnerable to further bad experiences. It wasn't violent, but he definitely took advantage of a drunk girl who didn't say yes and clearly wasn't into it, so again, in my books thats rape.

So I'm going to give Kail the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Promise rings: That is atrocious. I'm so sorry. This is exactly the reason I hate saying that anyone may be full of it about a rape because it's such a paradox: Do we believe everyone no matter what because if we doubt people, others won't come forward and thus allow for one person to falsely accuse another person of rape and ruin that person's life or do we approach individual issues with healthy skepticism and risk a victim being made to feel like it was his or her fault? It's kind of a lose-lose either way because people get hurt and precedents get cemented into place and it sucks.

I just have a really hard time believing that Kail, like Farrah, who always has to have control over everything and everything has to go her way, would never file ONE police report or get a rape kit or anything after multiple incidents. I could be 100% wrong. With Farrah, I'm 99% sure she's full of shit because she lies about everything else. With Kail...she basically had no parents, the situations she's writing about began when she was way too young for anyone to have to be expected to know how to deal with them...so I would like to err on the side of caution BUT it just doesn't mesh with her personality. But I don't know much about how rape affects someone or what that kind of trauma can do or what type of atypical reactions they can cause in relation to your "usual" personality. I'm so sorry that happened to you. All of it. No one deserves that and you made me really go back and re-evaluate my stance on what Kail is saying happened. I don't believe her 100% but you added some perspective that I wasn't seeing before. Thanks.

Gosh that's a hard one. In my idealist world, women would be self-confident and fulfilled enough not to need to make false claims, and men would understand that unless a woman clearly says yes, she hasn't given consent. I think we need to focus on prevention, I think as well as the physical side of sex ed, we need to look at information on consent and respect and acceptable interactions. Guys need to know that if she's too drunk to say yes, that means no. If she's too scared or young to say yes, that means no. Unless she clearly says yes, that means no. Girls need to be taught the self respect to be able to say no.

No one who knows me would imagine I would not report a rape. I am loudmouthed, outspoken, confident, to the point where I am always getting in trouble for not being diplomatic enough at work etc. BUT the emotional turmoil as a 15 year old was way beyond me. I think especially in cases where its not violent rape, but more power rape by someone you know, it all feels like your fault, you were dumb enough to trust them, to put yourself in that position, to not try and fight him off harder, and you think no one will believe you because you didn't scream or get any bruises. So it is really hard to just go to the police, you spend so long trying to process it yourself and going through the blame and denial phases, even when you come to the conclusion that it was rape, you figure its easier just to try get over it. Especially as a 15 year old with a mother like Suzy, or as someone on national tv.

I don't know, although I've defended her a lot recently, I'm not a huge fan of hers. But in this case I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Oh come on, there is a huge difference between being petty about what Jo has said, what time he's meant to be there etc. and being a young rape victim who is vulnerable and scared! How can you compare the two things? That's what I don't understand.
Yeah Kail can be a massive bitch, but she is pretty upfront about it. I've never labelled her as a compulsive liar. You would have to be pretty sick to lie about that and for me, she just doesn't have form. Thumbs down me all you like cos you all hate Kail. I'm not a fan of her, but I still think I make more sense on this matter.

I'm with you on this Beth. One of the things that makes it hardest for victims of sexual assault to talk about their experiences (or come forward to the police), is fear that they won't be believed or that people will accuse them of deserving what happened to them (because they were "asking for it" or "didn't say no"). I was trained in rape crisis and domestic violence victim advocacy and there are many many reasons why someone wouldn't come forward when it happened. Shock, disbelief, shame, self-blame that they didn't fight it off hard enough, self-blame that maybe by not fighting they did actually consent are just a few. And regardless of what I feel about the person making the claim, it is my personal policy to believe them.

Having said that, to be perfectly fair, I was one of the ones who called out Farrah's rape claims as likely false. I felt bad to do it, but Farrah has proven herself to be just a consistent liar in so many different avenues of her life. While if I actually talked to her I would probably give her the benefit of the doubt, I'm skeptical of her claims because she feeds into the idea that women make up false rape charges for attention/retribution. That stuff hurts real victims.

I would never accuse a girl of lying about rape, but Kail just seems insincere as a person. Im not sure I believe her on the first abortion though, she couldnt keep that one but Suzie "allowed" her to keep Isaac? Also whats the timeline on this, she said her abortion was on her 16th birthday. When was Isaac born and how old was she? If we subtract 40 weeks from that we'll get the real answer.

Ok just googled lol. Kail was born in march of 92, isaac was born in January of 10. That wouldve made her roughly 16 and 10 months when he was born. Im assuming that he was born at about 38 weeks, so we wouldve been conceived a week or two after Kails birthday abortion. Either she's lying or she's worse than Jenelle, which says alot.

I'm not defending Kail by any means but if she was born in March 1992 and gave birth to Isaac in January 2010, she would have been 17 and 10 months when Isaac was born, not 16. I definitely question the rape storey, especially when it seems to be contradicted later by saying, "well I just told him he didn't need to use a condom".


Wasn't the guy who came after Jordan the one Kail said raped her? And not the first guy who got her pregnant?

She's claiming there was a rape that resulted in the pregnancy that she was forced to abort before Isaac and a rape after she had Isaac by some guy named Caleb if that helps you with the timeline.

Wow. That's all I've got.

Would that not make her 17 months and 10 days when she had Isaac? I could have sworn she was a senior when he was born (not that I know much about the US school system but I assume it is similar to here where you are 17/18 in your final year).

@gotmyiudtookenout - you beat me to it there :P I'm 100% sure your comment didn't come up when I looked at first! I think I'm going mad.....

@ gotmyiud youre right you can tell how good i am at math lol

I really like Maddy, people give her grief on Twitter and she doesn't have snotty remarks back she just tells them the truth in a polite way and moves on. She is the only 16 and pregnant girl to ever follow me back too haha. But besides that she takes good care of her baby and rarely complains about it. She also said she didn't move in with Cody because he asked his other bb momma to move in also, awkward! She made her choices thats whats best for her like we would all make choices that were best for ourselfs. I dont get the shaving of the widows peak either my cousin did that when I was really young and I always use to stare at it and tell her it didn't look good, hopefully Maddie's is growning back, there's nothing wrong with ia widows peak. His teeth were so gross but my boyfriend also has ugly teeth but I always looked past his teeth because I liked him as a person and he also always ask me "How can you love me with my ugly snaggle tooth? I tell him I love him for him and not his looks, maybe she felt the same?

There was no love there at all between Mr. "My 5 Concubines" and Mrs. "Facebook Sex Troller." It was just a shitty situation and his parents seemed to push her moving in more than anyone else did. I think she made an EXTREMELY good call not moving in with him.

These people seriously act like that hour away is the other side of the country. I drive 40 minutes one way to work and my husband drives 50 minutes to work EVERYDAY. She can easily still see her friends and mother while living at her dad's. She said her and her dad are close so I don't get why she was so against the idea of moving there from the start.

My husband goes through an average of 3 states/10 hours per day but he's a truck driver. ;) There is no distance that daunts him anymore. But yeah...you can drive a damn hour to see your friends or YOUR CHILD. I have no idea what they were making such a huge deal about. She seemed to have a pretty nice place to live at her dad's.

I know. I also don't get this. I grew up in North San Diego and people are shocked and appalled if you have to drive 25 minutes to get somewhere like it's so far. Then I moved to Arizona for college (Phoenix metro), where EVERYTHING is an hour away. Driving 40 minutes to work seems fairly reasonable to me, as long as there is no traffic.

And Cody's excuse that he didn't want to come to Indiana to see his daughter because she was "so far" and he works "so much" and Maddy's dad "didn't like him." Sorry to be harsh, but suck it up.

Not too sure how I feel about this episode. I feel bad that her mom kicked her out but it's not like she threw her onto the street. Also her dad was the only one who had any sense this episode. Go live with your one night stand? Great motherly advice. His parents were so excited about the baby but we didn't see them visiting Aubry. Also did anyone else feel weird going from watching Teen Mom to an hour episode about one girl. Like I kept asking myself when they're gonna transition to the next girl.

I honestly think Cody's parents were extremely excited about having Maddy move in, because then they would get some time with one of their grand kids from Meth Mouth! His first kid is apparently two months older then Aubry, and I'm guessing the other girl wanted nothing with him, so when Maddy came along saying she had no where to go, they thought they would at least get a chance to see this grand kid and were willing to spend all that money.

Also I felt bad the parents spent all the money on a room they'll prolly never use, though I guess if he has another kid they're using it now

Oh, they'll end up using it. Dude can't figure out the vast complexities of a trojan.

I grew up in a VERY strict household and rules were made very clear. I didn't even lose my virginity until I was 18/19. Teenagers having sex so young is shocking to me and completely irresponsible of the parents for not setting proper limits, in my opinion. I think it's ridiculous when people throw around the argument that "teenagers will have sex, it's just what they do". Because no, it's not. They have sex when they're bored and have nothing better to do, low self esteem, etc, there can be tons of reasons really, but it's just unacceptable to me. The majority of my friends or people I associated with in high school were having sex either, so my mouth honestly drops when I read comments about how it's so "normal" where you people live. And when this girl ended up pregnant, I think her mother did the right thing of making her go live with her father. The mom always said what would happen if her daughter ended up pregnant, and she actually followed through with her threats, so I respect that. Like everyone else said, it's not like she was thrown onto the streets. Teenagers just seem to be so flippant and careless when it comes to sex and, once again, it really shocks me. I remember taking sex education classes starting in GRADE FOUR. By grade six, I felt like I knew the majority of things regarding sexual health. It really, really, really grosses me out that she'd have unprotected sex with someone she doesn't know. Pregnancy aside, what about STDS?! So irresponsible. It seemed like she owned up to her mistakes and became a good mother though, so that's good.

*my friends in high school WEREN'T having sex either, so I was not a minority in that respect.

I'm with you. My parents were strict on me too. I'm 20 now and I'm proudly still a virgin. No matter how many times i have been pressured from ex-boyfriends, I never gave it up. In this day and age now I'm actually scared to have sex now with all the stds floating around. I'm good I'm not missing out on nothing..

Just when you find the person you're wanting to have sex with, perhaps have both of you guys go get tested to make sure he's clean and go on from there. Know about birth control and what you're comfortable with and make sure that the guy is someone you're comfortable with. My dad was super strict with us but my mom let us be a little wild and would cover for us. My sister lost her virginity at like 15 and had a VERY different mentality about life than I did (lots of drugs, abortions, multiple sex partners and a cervical cancer scare because of that.) I didn't lose my virginity until I met my husband when I was 22 and I don't feel like I missed out on anything in the least bit. I was actually going to wait until we got married but we met and got engaged and married really quickly (quicker than I ever thought that would happen for me anyway because I always thought people who did that were insane!) and I KNEW that I was going to marry him so I lost my virginity before we got married by a couple months. I was on birth control and we were careful and I have zero regrets. Wait until you're truly ready because if you do it before you're 100% comfortable or when you don't feel safe, it will be a horrible experience and you'll regret it. And never, ever let a guy pressure you into having sex. You don't owe anyone anything and if they pressure you or give some bullshit excuse like they don't like condoms or they "forgot" to bring any, run. That's the best advice I can give you.

During a particularly wild phase in high school (which was still pretty tame considering what teenagers are getting into these days) I ended up almost losing my virginity to this guy who probably would have had sex with anyone who happened to own a vagina but I was just flattered he was interested in me at that age because I have major self esteem issues. He said he forgot to bring a condom and I told him that we weren't going to be having sex, then. He asked if I was worried about getting pregnant and I told him of course and then he told me, "Well I take spermicide pills so you can't get pregnant." I was 99% sure that spermicide pills don't exist (spoiler alert: THEY DON'T) and that this guy was a scum bag who would say anything to get off and had I given into that and been gullible enough to believe him, my life could very well be EXTREMELY different than it is today and I'm SO thankful that I had a voice in the back of my head going "this sounds like complete bullshit" because it was and he even admitted later that he didn't forget condoms, he just didn't bring any because he figured he'd still be able to convince me to have sex. He was an asshole and I'm SOOOOO glad I didn't lose my virginity to him. People these days look at losing their virginity as a "well let's just get this over with" situation and it shouldn't be like that at all with men or women. It's a huge part of growing up and it should be dealt with with maturity and thought and common sense and it shouldn't be driven by anything other than complete trust and love in your partner. Sorry to blabber on. I just think it's great that you're proud to be a virgin because society likes to convince women that they should own their sex lives and dominate and lose their virginity for the adventure of it all and I don't agree with that at all. I'm not a prude, I'm just very guarded and that's helped me avoid a lot of really bad situations.

I agree with BOTH of you. I was also raised really strict. I am SO thankful that I had strict parents who set up a certain expectation for me and really taught me where my priorities should lie. I can honestly never thank my parents enough for being strict with me, because now I'm in my 2nd year of dental school, just two more years left until I'm a dentist :) When I was in high school, I didn't have any interest in having sex, my priorities were school, my family, and my friends. I didn't lose my virginity until 3 months before I turned 21 (a few months before I started my 3rd year of college), and I lost it to my boyfriend of a year and a half. I'm turning 24 in a few months and I'm proud to say I've only ever had sex with one person. It's so weird that people are having sex at such a young age.

You must have been particularly grossed out by this guy's meth teeth in this episode, then. Good luck on the rest of your schooling!! I really wanted to become a Forensic Odontologist but didn't have the drive/motivation to go through with it. That's awesome that you're almost done!!

Thank you!! I appreciate it :) Teeth are the first thing I look at on a person (surprise surprise) and all I could think about when I saw him was how much MORE terrible his will look in a few years if he keeps up the drugs.

I really think there is only so much a parent or an environment can do and then it is up to the free-thinking teen. I had elderly parents and Catholic schooling: double whammy of abstinence. Neither of which prevented me from having sex my senior year of high school. BUT, I did inform myself with birth control. I went to Planned Parenthood and got on top of that shit, then made the decision as an adult at 18 to practice contraception without hormones (only condoms). Now as an engaged woman, we practice natural family planning.

Teenagers DO have sex. It's unrealistic to not talk about this. I think the emotional consequences kinda get overridden by the obvious health problems that may occur. Many teens are not ready for the burden of such an intimate experience (not realizing it is one). I also think it isn't bad that teens have sex. Many people find the loves of their lives in their teen years. It's perfectly normal to express a sexual relationship with a person as long as the relationship is healthy. This chick... well, my comments are above. Obviously not the case here. Some people need to learn from their mistakes, though, and I'm sure this broad did.

My point is: even the most strict environment can cause someone to not think that way. I didn't think there was a problem with sex as a teen, contrary to what my school and parents taught me, but I did see that I didn't want a baby (or STD) and knew very well my elderly parents couldn't help me at all if a baby were to happen (nor would I put that on them).

@Kail's, I can relate to you, that is how I was raised and also how most of my high school associates were also raised. I knew one girl who got pregnant in high school, and she had an abortion. I don't remember very many girls in my school having a cavalier attitude about sex, but if they were, they were generally the "troubled" girls, who got in fist fights and regularly got suspended. Since I was raised strictly (and in a religious household), these were not in my group of friends (and I was kind of scared of them, tbh, LOL). Anyway, in my house, education and responsibility were stressed. Although my parents didn't really talk to me about sex until much later (like when I was in college, and by that time I was having sex, much to their dismay!) I also had sex ed starting in 4th grade. It was just generally accepted that no, you don't need bc because YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WHILE YOU'RE LIVING UNDER THIS ROOF. I know, Mackenzie's mother gets a lot of flack for having a similar attitude, but for some reason, it worked for me. But I was a lot smarter than Mackenzie, I guess! Ha. Really, I think a lot of it comes down to instilling in your kids the importance of an education, taking personal responsibility for their actions, and not rushing into growing up. But heck, who knows? I fell like Izabella's parents were like that too, and she ended up pregnant anyway. There's no surefire way to keep it from happening, you can just try your best and hope the kid listens and does the right thing.

Mackenzie's mom just annoys me because she gives other people who believe in the importance of abstinence a bad name. I'm one who believes sex should only be in a marriage but I'm also realistic and very pro-birth control and education about it! Though either aren't ideal to me I'd much rather people have safe sex than unwanted babies and if I ever had kids they would know about protection and how to get it.

THANK YOU! I don't know why people think that proper sex-ed and teaching your kid that you want them to wait until they're married to have sex need to be mutually exclusive. I have so many friends who waited until they were married to have sex because that is how they were brought up and what they were taught. Nothing wrong with that at all. But a HUGE majority of them got pregnant BOOM right away because they didn't know a thing about birth control. One friend actually got pregnant ON HER WEDDING NIGHT after she and her husband had decided they wanted to be married for a a few years before having kids. (Don't ask me why they thought they could manage that without knowing about birth control or ovulation or anything biological whatsoever. I'm not saying they're geniuses.)

It just seems so...willfully blind to me to plug your ears and say "WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE" instead of having an open dialogue about sex and when it is and isn't appropriate and the steps to take if you decide to have sex before you're in a position where you can have kids. Because, while not every teenager is out having sex, a lot are. Some people (like Mackenzie's mom) seem to think that if you teach people about birth control, they'll just go running around in crotchless panties and screwing Satan's accountant every chance they get or something. So they don't teach their kids about birth control. And sometimes their kids are dumb like Mackenzie and become baby factories before they're even 18.

Yall Kail admitted that she's still beating Javi's ass! Lmfaoo I can't! *KAIL SMASH*

OMG I know. It irritates me that Dr. Drew didn't make a big deal about it! If Javi or Jo had hit Kail, it would have been all he talked about, but nope he barely even acknowledged it.

I don't understand why Javi is still with her!! I can't even imagine how many times she must have hit him, if the most recent was ONE day before the episode aired. She's total trash and Javi is a complete loser for staying with her and having his kid in that environment. I'm sure Jo is so happy he's no longer with her. I bet if he really tried, he could get full custody of Isaac because of the violence going on in Kail's house. It's not healthy.

A, she's Javi's beard.
B, there are men of color whose utmost goal is to be with a white woman, at any and all expense. It can be seen as a status symbol (sick i know). I honestly believe that if Kail was latina, not only would Javi not stand for her behavior, his family wouldnt either.

A.i agree

B. nooooo....im Latin, most prefer to stay within their race. a lot has to do with following the culture, Latin women know the culture, know the language and are more likely to get on well better with the family because of those reasons, some Latin women don't speak Spanish or partake in the culture so are judged harder for that reason. My parents prefer that i date within my race, but won't mind as long as i am happy (I've dated white, Armenian, Asian, as well as Latin) I can definatly sense the comfort when it comes to language. I live in a community consisting mainly of Asian white and Hispanic, and Asian families feel the same. i can't speak for black people though.

I forgot to add that family ties within Learns are strong and they know Javi loves kail( for some strange reason) and are probably trying really hard toto respect that, even more so now that they have a child. my siblings don't like my brothers GF for example, but we love him and way him to be happy, never would we alinate him that way.

oh nd excuse my grammar, doing this through phone.

Ummm.... @reformedtmtreader, you're doing a lot here.

Wow, @Reformed, your "b" is pretty, um, RACIST. You might want to rethink that.

@oh boy i'm Dominican, living in a primarily mexican and salvadorean area, and ive seen it time and time aagain. I cannot speak for every latino of course but there are ones like this, who treat women like status symbols depending on race and color..

@ Farrah's Neck Mole (sorry, it won't let me reply to you directly)

While I see where you're coming from, I think Reformed is right. The US isn't a color-blind society, and there are social valuations and assumptions placed on different races. And it's true that white women are associated with a rise in social status. Look at how many black pro athletes have white wives. My first boyfriend was black and I always got the feeling that somehow his interest in me was because my family was better off economically and I was white, both of which represent higher status. Horribly, because he was black my family and friends made certain assumptions about him that were awful and untrue.

To your comment that it's racist, YES, this valuation is TOTALLY racist and horrible. Both the positive status associated with whites and the negative status associated with people of color are both racist and awful. Pointing out that this is a phenomenon though isn't racist. We can't fix these social problems if we don't acknowledge them.

Javi is in it for what Kail is in it: Benefits.
Javi was NOT driving a Benz when he first got with Kail.
Javi was NOT Twitter famous.
Javi was NOT traveling all the time.
Javi was NOT going to Eagles games as much as he does.
Javi was NOT being called "Big Papi" like he calls himself.
They are both users and they both love getting praised. He is constantly posting videos on IG all up close and personal of that upper lip. Javi is taking a constant beating from Kail because the MTV money is great. Once that dries up, he'll leave Kail. There is no way ANYONE can live with Kail for the rest of her life. He likes the fame he's gotten and will try to stay relevant as much as possible to win more Miley concert passes.

Most importantly: Javi never would have won that Miley Cyrus contest without Kail's notoriety and fanbase. That was the true blessing of this partnership. *gag*

It was pretty funny to see him act like he was all bad to tha bone talking to Jo when he's such a pushover with Kail.

Especially because Jo was so indifferent towards him bahaha.

@ Sterilize

Really? You thought Jo was indifferent? I thought he was way try-hard. The impression I get from Jo is that he wants to be thought of as the nice and reasonable one, but is different when the cameras are rolling. I find Javi way more sincere than Jo.

Dr. Drew's a fucking wimp. He doesn't challenge these girls stupidity on anything. He made Jo apologize for SAYING "I hope your water breaks tonight" but Kail said she smacked Javi in the head over a stupid fight about who was supposed to pick up Isaac and Dr. Drew was like "oh...that must be frustrating" and then moved on without another thought to the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Also: I only heard like ONE mention about Aleeah during Leah's segment. Poor kid can't even get attention on a reunion special that's only happening because she and her sister EXIST. Jesus that poor kid.

PREACH. I seriously dislike Dr. Drew. These girls need to see a real therapist or someone that actually challenges them on their bullshit.

Did Kailyn say she hit Javi in the segment? I must have missed it. Will have to go back and re watch. If she did, she goes down in my estimation.

Ah, I forgot that the catch up aired last night. I had only seen the promo clip. I'm watching the full length catch up special now. If she's hitting him, that's definitely domestic violence and Dr. Drew should not let that go. That's terrible and never a way to interact with your partner. I don't care who's bigger and stronger and if she does any damage to him. That's just never okay behavior and definitely not something your children should ever see. If that's happening, Javi shouldn't stand for that.

In retrospect, I didn't phrase my last comment very well.

Here it is, but better: I don't care if she's smaller or not as strong as him and doesn't do any lasting damage to him, it's just never okay to hit.

Did anyone else notice that Kail said that "Isaac has a father and a dad and that's great" or something along those lines? For some reason, I have a feeling she's referring to JO as the "father" in the biological sense and Javi as the "dad" in the emotional and good dad sense. I'm surprised Janet didn't come out from stage right and beat her to death with a shoe or something. That was so beyond rude my jaw dropped open because the first thing I thought was that saying that "anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad." What a see you next tuesday to the max.

I'm surprised Jo didn't try to say anything about the father/dad comment or about Isaac calling Javi "dad". Although I don't really think they gave Jo as much time on stage as they should have and most of the time they talked about that stupid comment he made about Kail's water breaking.

At this point, I think Jo and his family have just come to terms with the fact that trying to argue with Kail or anyone who's on Kail's side is completely pointless so he just doesn't even get into it if he can help it.

So I listened to this episode more than actually watching it (It was morning so I was getting ready for work), so i didn't really get a good look at the guy or his teeth. I know every picture I saw of her before wasn't really flattering, but honestly how she looks isn't super relevant so I won't pick on her for that.. rather pick on her for meeting someone online and then an hour later having sex WITHOUT PROTECTION with them.

As others said, some teens are gonna have sex. Not ALL, but some. I have nothing against people who have consensual, safe sex, good for them! HOWEVER, if homeboy can't put on a condom / doesn't want to use one, you need to RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

can we talk about how hilarious it was when Maddy was talking to her older brother about meeting Cody, and he was like "What's he gonna say 'Oh hey, I'm the guy that knocked your sister up'" or something like that. I cracked up so hard at that.

Totes agree on criticisms of her appearance. It's just not necessary and a little mean-spirited. Instead, let's criticize her for for her poor choices, lol!

Seriously...some of the worst choices we've ever seen in YEARS of 16 & Pregnant and everyone's bitching about her nose and her hair.

This girl really bugged me. How disgusting to meet up with a guy you met online and have sex with him an hour later, let alone with no condom. I mean hey, props to her for even admitting that on national television, but how gross. If a guy doesn't know how to out on a condom, it's probably a pretty good indicator that he shouldn't be having sex. And was it just me or did this girl seem like she's been around the block a few times? I am glad her mom stuck to her word and ended up kicking her out. Obviously they have talked about sex and consequences before, but I'm guessing Maddy didn't think her mom would really stand by it. Her mom looked pretty young to me though, like she may have been a teen mom herself. I do feel like Maddy matured a lot after having the baby, and I was really glad to see her breast feeding, it seems like a lot of the girls on 16 and pregnant just went straight to formula. Cody's teeth grossed me out the whole time, looks like home boy hasn't brushed in years. Her friends face said it all when she was talking to them about being pregnant, utter disgust. Her hair line was quite distracting too, I couldn't figure out if it was dye or she just shaved it.

She's lucky she didn't actually catch a disease from that guy. He didn't look too clean. I hate how this girl acts like unprotected sex with a total stranger is no big deal. How stupid can you be?

Here's an idea - why don't you find someone you like, get to know them, wait you fully trust that person and THEN have sex. Am I just old-fashioned? I'm all for women being able to have one night stands if they so choose to (since guys can do it and not get shit for it) but these girls are not women! They are 16 years old! Gaaaaahhhhhhd. Maddy was so matter of fact about it that I can't even find it within myself to blame Cody really. I mean, if you were a teenage guy and some girl asked you to have no-strings attached sex on Facebook, what would you say? They both should have made sure they used a condom though, I think Maddy is extremely lucky that the only thing she ended up with was Aubrey.

Yeah she should have at least waited until the 3 hour mark. One hour is just ridiculous. ;)

Bahahahahahah! Three hours totally makes them soul mates ;)

If you follow the Jenelle Evans choice of lifestyle, then yes. ;)

OMG this guy has TWO kids? I was surprised one girl would sleep with him with those teeth! EWWWWW! And Can I say- I realize Maddy made (and in this case a very intentional and STUPID) a bad decision, but what mother kicks out her daughter? And the reasoning was such BS- The mom should have been upfront but she says there isn't any room? That house was rather large... I know plenty of people that fit more people than that, in a smaller area and were just fine. She should have just admitted it was punishment. The mom didn't strike me as very maternal... she looked annoyed the whole time

Has anyone else watched the deleted scene posted on MTV.com yet? If you weren't annoyed by her yet, she told her brother how she stole condoms from him. Condoms plural. Kyle, the brother, basically said that she broke the only house rule - don't get pregnant. Girl clearly has been around the block a few times.

Yeah...if there's a standing rule of "Don't get pregnant" in the home, there's a reason and that reason is because your kid(s) have given you reason to believe that they're careless enough to wind up impregnating someone or getting pregnant themselves despite your best efforts as a parent to thwart fertilization.

I'm glad they deleted that scene because Maddy looked like a complete idiot telling her brother that it was "kinda his fault" she got pregnant since he knew she was having sex and he "didn't do anything about it". Um, no.

I have to say, this situation is probably the perfect example of one in which it may be a good idea to consider getting an abortion. I say this because she didn't know the baby's father well so she couldn't really predict how he would react to her having the baby. This could have made putting the baby up for adoption ( if she had chosen that path) potentially very unpredictable without knowing those key factors. Either way, having a baby with someone you barely know is a very non ideal situation.

I don't don't know what you're talking about. I'm double-super pregnant with the spawn of some dude I found on Craigslist and we haven't even MET yet. THAT'S ideal.

Ok first things first, I quite liked Maddy, she seemed a lot more independent than pretty much all the other girls we've seen on 16 and pregnant, and that was refreshing. A bit selfish perhaps, but she seemed sensible enough.

BUT it never ceases to amaze me the absolute losers all of these girls go for. Seriously, around 20% of the dads on 16 and pregnant have no personality whatsoever (I'm looking at you, Josh), and the 80% with some semblance of a character are just complete deadbeats. Although many of these girls might not be the smartest peanuts in the turd, most of them could do much much better.

Maybe my upbringing was different but I wouldn't call her a slut for a backfired one night stand.

My father has always instilled in me and siblings that sex isn't taboo and its fun, the upside is that the act is how you procreate. He's always said, ' If its not on, its not in ' and how many sexual partners you decide to have doesn't matter. If your gonna have a one night stand, wear a condom, be on birth control and make it known its a one time thing or if it happens to be occasional, no emotions at all. It wasn't abnormal for kids to have sex young, my dad grew up in the 70s/80s and said that everyone was humping at 15, no one gave a shit and maybe one girl got pregnant. Its just you can't just say no, kids will get curious, its better to be upfront and explain than tip toe around it.

I never had a one night stand but I was depressed over a break up at 17 ( I was already depressed and had left school and was about to start a one year course, so I was feeling worse ) and a few months later I was at a small get together, like 7 people, and when talking about our sex lives I mentioned that mine was non existent and I was over it, a guy who was about no strings attached sex said if I was okay, we could have a one night stand. I thought about it and while I was on BC and we both had condoms, I just decided to not do it and he was cool with that.

Sometimes sex after a break-up isn't an entirely bad thing. Her problem was she obviously just relied on condoms and that her body would reject sperm.

Not much happening in the premiere episode of 16 & pregnant. But i Just like the fact that there are new girls to watch. Can someone explain to me what was going on with her hair though? was it a wig? because it seemed like there was a shaved part,or i was thinking hair dye stained. but i have no idea

also i did not like that her mom wanted her to leave so shortly after the baby was born. I also felt really bad about the dads family building that room for the baby girl and she ended up just texting him that she was moving in with her dad. She also said she texted him that she was headed to the hospital. I thought why is that something that you text. you call the dad. geez. at the end of the episode i think that even though it was a one night stand with this guy she hardly new she seemed to be responsible enough to let him come over and see her. even if he hadnt come over as much as he should have. i just wanted to hear the idea of her mentioning that his family could have the baby over at their house for about a weekend or so a month. so they can all get used to eachother. because they had that babys room all ready

That was rather cowardly on her part. She should have gone to their house and had a sit down with Cody and his parents.
Also, parents shouldn't try to force their kids into something, let alone moving in with the mother of your baby after a one night stand.

Finally got to see her episode.
On the show she says she didn't want to be away from friends. So let me shack up with Cody at his parents house and have them build a nursery..then change my mind.
Then I find out through social media that she claims she didn't move in with Cody because he does drugs, has a weed plant in his home and doesn't have a license. Oh, and that he moved in his other baby mama in. That the room was meant for the other baby mama...hmm. I smell some bull..

I think the dad had a right to be a bit annoyed. For one he wasn't sure he was the dad and with good reason! She got pregnant with him during a one night stand straight after being dumped! So if I was him I would have refused being there until she knew for sure to ensure the child didn't bond with some random/he didn't bond with a girl that isn't his.
Another reason he was annoyed, she didn't want him to have his surname, i totally get that, she was playing the custody card moments after her birth. "well if anything happens i will have custody so.." ... she came off very high and mighty for me, like she knew she had the upper hand over him ... the way his parents paid money to give her child somewhere to stay even though he wasn't a hundred percent she was his and then she repays them by changing her mind last minute.
Thirdly and i will get down voted like crazy for saying this but i think you should at least try to make things work with the father of your child. She didn't give him a chance at all, im not saying be cheslea here but one chance isn't much to ask for. She didn't even give the relationship a chance, what he was good enough to have a one night stand with but not good enough to try and make a relationship work for your daughter? Yeah if it didn't work fine move on, but she didn't even try and he seemed so willing to try make a family.

Also she kept saying "i have to do what is right for me" ... uh no you little girl you have to do what is right for your DAUGHTER! She says the reason she cant stay overnight in the room they made her with her dad is because she breastfeeds... there is this thing called expressing milk and using a bottle.

By her demeanor, choice of words and all that horrible stuff, I really... REALLY feel she was looking to get pregnant so she could "hopefully" get on MTV. I really do not feel she gave the father of her baby a chance, not that he tried hard, but the little try that he did give, she shot down. She was just disappointing to watch.