16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Recap

16 and Pregnant



Maddy says that Cody hasn't seen Aubrey in 10 months and that he hasn't sent any money for the kid. She isn't forcing him to be a part of her life. Maddy has a friend named Brad that used to be Cody's friend, but now he's Maddy's best friend and Aubrey's godfather. Maddy and Brad are not dating, but Maddy realizes that it's great to have Brad's help in Aubrey's life. Brad even paid for half of Aubrey's car seat.

Maddy admits that she does want to be with someone like Brad some day. Maddy still has a good relationship with her mom, and they see each other a couple of times a week.

Maddy says that at the time she didn't understand why her mom wanted her to move out, but that now it all makes sense to her.

Maddy and her mom talk about how Cody isn't in Aubrey's life at all, and they say that Aubrey is more than taken care of so that it doesn't make a huge difference yet.

Maddy cries at the end of her segment about how Aubrey deserved to have a dad, but she realizes that it's probably best for him to not be around than to be in and out of Aubrey's life.


Savannah and Stone tried to work things out but they fell apart. Stone's mom picks up Rowan every morning so Savannah can go to high school. During the episode, Stone fails to pick his kid up and the two seem to really be struggling. Savannah is lucky to have Stone's mom to help and it seems like she's on Savannah's side. Savannah claims that Rowan loves to see his dad, and that there's hostility there because Stone didn't want to end the relationship. Honestly, I am really liking Savannah's hairstyle right now. It looks way better than it did during her episode. Savannah says that she and Stone don't have a legally binding custody agreement and that she doesn't want one because she thinks it would cause more stress than is needed.

Savannah's mother talks about how the show caused problems for them due to her mother's alcoholism. Savannah still has an issue with her mom's sobriety and the two have an argument about maturity levels in the household. Savannah promises that Rowan's childhood will be different because he won't have to worry about whether or not his mom is going to be sober. Savannah is close to graduating high school and get emotional while talking with a school counselor about it, and she's working very hard to obtain her goals.

She says that she would like to be a nurse practitioner some day. Savannah is dating a guy named Malcolm, and he also has a kid of his own.

The two talk about Stone's inability to pick up his kid.

Savannah talks about how if she could go back in time, she would have been on birth control. Savannah hopes that some day she and Stone can co-parent, but that she realizes it's a dream that's a ways away.


Millina and Trevor aren't together, but they're working on co-parenting and a friendship. She does hope that things can work out, but realizes that things aren't meant to be at this time. For now, they're simply focusing on Kayden. Millina has two jobs. She works in fast food, but is also a go-go dancer at clubs and people's houses.

Trevor has issues with Millina dancing for a living, but Millina thinks that if she has to work it might as well be something she likes doing. Millina's mother is out of jail, and she now lives with Millina, her grandmother, and her brother. Millina's mom is pregnant with a little girl.

Millina has a best guy friend named Justin and admits that they both have feelings for each other.

Millina isn't pushing the relationship because they're friends now and she's fine with that. Justin doesn't think that Millina and Trevor will ever get together again, and admits that she's been confiding in Justin for quite a while.


Courtney chose not to film for the special, but did have a Skype message. She reveals that she and Scott are not together, and that she's living with her grandparents. She's going to school for cosmetology and loves it.


Summer caught D.J. cheating on her and they split up about 5 months ago. He went to California to work, but during the last 2 weeks they've been talking a lot more. Summes goes out with her sister Pookie (I think her name is Dani) and they talk about how their mom hasn't made contact with them in about 3 months. Summer says her mom has shown her what NOT to do as a mother. Summer says that she has a mother instinct with her siblings and that Pookie needs to get on some birth control. Summer is getting the Implanon, and suggests that Pookie gets it too. Pookie doesn't really want a baby, but guess what, she's pregnant now, so surprise! Summer wishes that D.J. would help more financially. She says that her parents and D.J.'s parents help financially.

Summer talks with D.J.'s mom about how he's coming back, and says that eventually she gave him the ultimatum that if he wanted to be a family, he needed to actually be home. D.J.'s mom says that the two of them argued a lot, and that no matter what happend, Peyton is the one that's stuck in the middle and he's the one that they need to think about during this whole thing. Summer says she's willing to try anything to keep her family together. Summer goes to pick up D.J. and she's hopeful that things will go well.

Summer says he seems mad but D.J. says he's just tired and ready to see Peyton.

Summer says about two words about their marriage and D.J. starts flipping out about things. It's hard to watch because I feel like Summer is a genuine girl and she deserves so much more than this kind of treatment.


Savon seems to have things together pretty well right now. Eden is 8 months old now, and he's pretty cute. Savon is working on a music career and her long term dream is to be a professional performer. She wants to be on stage and produce albums for a living. She freestyle raps, and she's not all that bad. Savon's working on some goals of hers including passing her GED, going to college, and getting a Business Management degree. Savon obviously doesn't know how to put her kid in the car seat and it kind of broke my heart.

Eden's father got in trouble with the law and so she doesn't think he'll ever be around. Savon lives on her own with Eden and doesn't really talk to her aunt LaDonna much any more. Savon has a drop in daycare place, and it seems to be working for her. She also works at a pizza place, and provides for her son on her own.

Savon is not on birth control, but she's planning on getting Implanon pretty soon. She has a crush on a guy that works close to her is named Miguel.

He works and goes to school and seems alright. He "just happens" to stop by Savon's work on his lunch break or something.


Karley also chose not to film for the update, but she did a Skype message. She graduated high school and plans to go to college for Criminal Justice.

She is on the Implanon birth control. She stays home with them, and they're pretty stinking cute.


Aleah and Shawn live on their own now with their two kids. Shawn works second shift, and Aleah takes care of the kids. She also goes to college for medical assisting. She has one friend that's diabetic as well, and they seem to really click because of their similar situations. Aleah reveals that her kidney function is decreasing and that if her kidneys end up failing, she'll be in dialysis every day to simply stay alive.

She fears that she might not see her kids graduate. Aleah says that she and Shawn have beaten the odds and that they're hopeful that they can make things work forever.

Aleah didn't initially tell Shawn about the kidney function issue because she didn't want to stress him out, but he seems supportive.

Aleah simply hopes that if something were to happen to her, that Shawn would take care of her kids. Aleah wants her kids to have a bright future and for them to be happy.


Arianna chose to not film but did a Skype session. Arianna works and goes to school.

Maurice hasn't seen Aiden since he was 3 months old, and she hasn't made an effort to talk to him. She's single for now, but hopes to date in the future. She is on the Depo shot to avoid future pregnancies.


Dustin and Autumn have ended their relationship since the birth of their son Drake. Autumn was taking online classes, but doesn't any more because she doesn't have the money for it. She doesn't have a ton of friends, but enjoys hanging out with her sister, Misty. Misty is also a teenage mother to a boy named Jayden who is only a couple months older than Drake. Autumn and Dustin still have sex, but they use protection. Autumn is on Mirena. Misty and Autumn talk about the possibility of Autumn and Dustin getting back together, but that she's not sure if he will ever change.

Autumn is considering getting a job at a restaurant, but is concerned that she wouldn't have anyone to watch the kid. Autumn and Dustin are friends, but she has issues with letting go of the past because she and Dustin have a child together. Dustin claims that he has stopped smoking, but Dustin has failed to pass a drug test. Dustin says he regrets hurting Autumn, but the two still argue and don't really seem to have any way to fix things or come up with any form of co-parenting schedule.

Autumn stresses the importance of being a team, and realizes that even though things aren't great between them, she's stuck with him for at least the next 18 years. Autumn spoke exclusively to us this afternoon and revealed that Dustin isn't involved with Drake much and that he doesn't help financially.

She also said that she doesn't have a job, but watches her nephew for $20 a night to help provide for Drake. Dustin no longer has a job.


Jordan and Derek broke up and she was diagnosed with PPD. Derek lives with a couple of lacrosse boys and he has custody of Derek. Jordan lives with a friend from work (she's the one that outed her for being a druggie and allegedly tried to gouge her eyes out with a broken bottle). Jordan says that her doctors are concerned that she may be bipolar. The friend mentions that the longer she puts off seeing the doctor, the longer she goes without seeing her kid. Jordan calls Derek to try and see her child, but he's on his way to class and he doesn't want to talk. Jordan admits that Genevieve is best off with Derek right now. Jordan admits that she's a stripper and that she makes a decent amount of money every single night that she works. Jordan complains about Derek not getting a job, and she feels like she took matters into her own hands and got a job as a stripper to simply pay bills. Derek calls Jordan back and lets her know that he doesn't have the kid.

Genevieve is at the doctor's office. Derek flips out on the phone because he doesn't have the kid and things seem really out of control for this whole group of people. Derek talks to his friends about how Jordan needs to take care of herself before she can take care of Genevieve. Derek says that there are extreme cases of PPD where people hurt their children, and he doesn't want that for his child. Derek admits that Genevieve needs Jordan, but that at this point in her life, Jordan can't handle it.

Derek thinks he handles things with the baby pretty well on his own, and his family takes care of her. Jordan claims that she saw her daughter twice the week of filming.

Jordan feels like she's letting her daughter down.

MTV filmed at Chez Joey while Jordan was at work, which was slightly interesting. Jordan goes to see her daughter, but Derek isn't there during that time which is probably for the best.


MTV has not pulled the plug on a Teen Mom spinoff for this crop of girls.

We can exclusively reveal that if the ratings for their catch up special were high enough, the chances of a Teen Mom 4 coming to your screen are extremely likely. More information on this will be posted when available.


Hahaha! :-)

Novalee, so they can always mention and compare her to Carley.

Honestly, Novalee is worse than Nova for me lol!! Awful

You see, take off the -ley and -lee and you have Car and Nova. Nova is a car. Riddle solved.

Oh, shit, I just realized that. No, Catelynn and Tyler! Stop comparing your children! It's not going to work!

Here to be the buzzkill that reminds everyone that Carly's name is Carolyn. So we have Novalee "Nova" Baltierra and Carolyn "Carly" Lastname. There's a little hope for Nova to be her own person!

Haha. I thought about mentioning it, but...didn't. Anyway, I was more surprised that they didn't give Nova "Elizabeth" as a middle name since that's Carly's middle name. Nova's name is pretty unique, I'll give 'em that.

OMG B+T's last name is Davis. I never knew that and have a feeling of such satisfaction for some reason. Hashtag no life whatsoever

well, reign represents royalty and there is Queen Elizabeth.

Haha, I kid but it seriously is funny how you can relate the two.

I haven't seen this anywhere. Now I want to know if it's true!

Someone asked if "Lee" was "symbolic for Carly". Hahaha. And "if so, that is SO sweet!"

"It's so sweet how you guys have no concept of boundaries or moving past any of the traumas that life has to offer instead choose to remain as stunted 16 year olds for the rest of your lives! SO SWEET!"

I thought that the comment was going to be snarky but I was highly disappointed. :(

Dude. WTF is up with his background picture in that link. He looks like a 12 year old boy who had one of the photographers from Toddlers and Tiaras airbrush the crap out of his picture. Why would he put that out there for the world to see? It's so freaking bad. He doesn't even look old enough to have two kids, let alone be taken seriously as an adult.
Catelynn should have ran away when she got the chance. She's got some issues but she seems like a sweet enough girl. She definitely deserves better than some airbrushed, asshole, man child.

I literally can't get over how fucking small his head is. And that "I'm so serious this is my serious face" look. Like, yeesh. Was this from his attempts at acting in New Orleans?

Yeah, it's real sweet that their daughter's name is "symbolic" of Carly. Even if they had kept Carly, I would still find it weird that C&T named their second child in "honor" of their first. I just feel like Nova will be less of her own person and more of an extension of Carly, a representation of what Catelynn and Tyler could have had if they parented the first time around. It's just so creepy and wrong that they really don't see a problem comparing the two. You never compare siblings who are being raised together. So you really SHOULDN'T compare siblings who are raised by two completely different families. It's just going to lead to a lot of problems for Nova and maybe Carly, too, since C&T's behavior could very well impact her relationship with them when she gets older.

Their complete lack of awareness about the healthy way to handle this situation (first with the adoption, then the pretty much pressuring the adoptive parents into an open adoption instead of finding a fit with a couple who WANTED an open adoption and now planning a pregnancy for a baby that they keep harping on and on all about this new baby's relationship with Carly and how wonderful it will be etc etc) makes me wonder what the fuck kind of "adoption counseling" Dawn had been doing this whole time. Does she have Come to Jesus chats with them when the cameras are off or is she always that daft and careless when she handles the awkward situations? Like when Kim CALLED Brandon and Teresa or any other one of the numerous times Catelynn, Tyler and their family took a big shit on any personal boundaries they should have been respecting in regards to B&T? She just kind of smiled and smoothed things over instead of talking like adults and trying to get them to understand why their actions, words or whatever were inappropriate and going to screw them over in the long run.

I've read past comments bitching about how B&T should have gone for a closed adoption so it's partially their fault this is all happening and blah, blah, blah. And honestly? C&T and B&T weren't really a good match. They're just so different and have different expectations and whatnot. I think in the beginning, the adoption was handled fine because C&T were still finding their boundaries and realizing what they could and could not do. The problem is that now they're just entitled and selfish. They want to have their cake and eat it, too, in regards to Carly.

Now I'm not saying that B&T aren't good parents or a good match for Carly because I think they've really bonded to her and are doing a great job raising her. I think C&T only placed Carly with B&T because they liked that B&T were wealthy and could provide Carly with a lot of material things that her birth parents never had growing up. I think they mainly saw the financial aspect and benefits of adopting her out to an upper-class couple. But, seriously, even if the people were rich as hell, I would never adopt my child out to a couple who wanted different contact than I did. So if I wanted a semi-open adoption, I would not willingly place my child with a couple who wants no contact whatsoever. Somebody should have seen this coming. If Dawn were a legit adoption counselor, she would have warned C&T about the potential dangers of placing their baby with a couple who initially did not want to pursue a relationship with them. This entire thing was doomed from the start.

I haven't read anybody else's comments yet, so I'm sorry if all this has been said already.
Maddy- I still think it's odd that her sister and her daughter are the same age. Sucks that her baby's daddy has no interest in his daughter at all, but at least that other guy is stepping up, hopefully Maddy's not leading him on. Didn't Cody have another kid around the same time that Aubrey was born?
Savannah- I didn't watch her episode, but her mama seems ridiculous. The girl pretty much just said "We should talk about your drinking." and then her mama was all "YOU'RE SO IMMATURE!!!"
Millina- Her voice and overall demeanor aggravates me so much and I'm not sure why. Also, who the heck is paying her to dance at parties? Is "Go-Go Dancer" code for "hooker"? Because that's the only way I could see anybody handing her money for her services.
Courtney- I would have pegged her man for more of a stoner than a drinker. I'm glad her and the baby are doing good, though.
Summer- I feel so bad for this girl. She's one of my favorites from this season, and she seems so genuine and tries to hard, but her mama and DJ both keep letting her down. What was DJ's problem? He was acting like he's on something. She was talking so calmly and he flipped out. I'm glad his mama is there for Summer and Peyton, and that her daddy and stepmama help out too. I'm not trying to sound mean, but Pookie's face bothered me. She looks more like she would be DJ's sister than Summer's. I hope poor Peyton doesn't take after his daddy as much in personality as he does in looks.
Savon- I don't watch her episode and I don't really have much to say about her except I'm glad she's got a job.
Karley- I didn't watch her episode either. Her twins are adorable but their names are hideous. She seems nice, though, and I'm glad her and her husband are working out and he's providing for his family.
Aleah- I respect her for taking on the role of mother for Noah. It sucks that her kidneys are going bad, but at least she finally admits that she wasn't taking care of herself before. I'm glad her man isn't racking up the speeding tickets anymore and they're getting their lives together.
Arianna- I didn't watch her episode, but on the reunion she seemed trashy.
Autumn- So she doesn't trust him enough to be in a relationship with him, but she's still banging him? Okay..... I'm still not over the pee cup on the restaurant table.
Jordan- I guess every season needs a complete and total trainwreck whore...

I know C&T have nothing to do with this post, but I just have to say that it really creeps me out that Tyler keeps calling Catelynn "Momma Bear." I think he was the main reason she tried so hard to lose so much weight however long ago that was (to, you know, "work on herself"), and the way he repeatedly refers to her as "Bear" doesn't exactly send the best message about how he sees her. I know some others have commented that he'll probably pressure her to lose the weight from this pregnancy, and I think this is just one more sign pointing to it.

Catelynn packs on the pounds and then takes forever to shed the weight or even try. I loved how she gained a shitton of weight after her first pregnancy, then tried to say it was all baby weight when none of her clothes fit. That's what happens when your diet mainly consists of McDonald's, tacos, PIIIZZZZAAAAA, and your own fingernails.

What sucks is that Catelynn actually did lose a lot of weight and was looking pretty good when she became pregnant with Nova. Then she gained all the weight back and then some within about four months. There was a period where she was all belly and wasn't even showing yet. Honestly, she'll probably never lose the weight at this point. Which sucks because it'll just give Tyler more reasons to put off their wedding and put her down like the sack of shit he is.

UHM did anyone else notice how Whore-dan Jordan was SMILING like an idiot throughout her interview segments? She was talking about how she's sad and she feels homeless again but this time she's without Derek and Genevieve, and she was SMILING the entire time. Like seriously? You're talking about how you aren't with your kid and you have a huge smile on your face??? She makes me so sick. She had to have been high but still, I found it repulsive. Her stripper friend/roommate is... interesting to look at... youch.

I noticed that too. Did y'all notice how when her friend told her son to hug Jordan, he went out of his way not to? And then the look on his face when she was crying cracked me up, it was like a baby version of "Girl, you know you're full of sh*t."

Hahaha. He was definitely thinking "you bitches are crazy."

Or "Jesus, fix it!"

Not trying to defend Jordan at all, but maybe she was smiling because she felt awkward? I know that I tend to smile/crack stupid jokes during awkward situations as a type of defense mechanism. I can't think of anything more awkward than having a camera in my face while I talk about how I lost my boyfriend and baby, then became a stripper.

I only saw about half the show, and my sister (who has never watched it) was watching with me. During Autumn's segment when it showed Dustin, within about 30 seconds, my sister said "he seems like a huge piece of shit." It was hilarious. I knew that Jordan and her friend were strippers thanks to this site, and when I told her that, she was fairly horrified "I wouldn't want to watch those 2 strip!"

Yeah, Jordan is definitely on drugs. In her talking-head segment you could see it in her face, in the eyes especially. She's making it out like Derek is a deadbeat when he is taking care of Genevieve full-time and is attending school. She kept saying, "I need to be in a stable state of mind to take care of her", then says she was told to see a psychiatrist but hasn't, for pretty much no reason. And her hair colour is awful. Serious Jenelle vibes with this one, only the baby's dad is involved and isn't on drugs as well.

I agree! You could totally tell that Jordan was messed up when she was talking to the cameras!

Did anyone else LOL at the fact that they started the episode with Maddy - a good mom, and ended with Jordan - a horrible "mom". I chuckled.

I never has PPD after giving birth to my son so I have no idea how it can really effect a person but now that I am a mom, I just don't understand how any "mother" could go DAYS without seeing their child! it kills me to be at work and away from my son 45+ hours a week! Then Jordan awkwardly goes to see her daughter and explains that it was awkward because his friends were there... uhhh no.. that is your child and you act normally and happy that you are finally seeing your daughter. go in the other room and play with her if you feel uncomfortable... Just blows my mind! I do think Derek is doing a good job though.. he is pretty lucky to have friends who participate in raising and watching his little sweetie. Although I would be worried they aren't really watching her while sitting there playing video games, but thats just the motherly instinct in me. over all I think Genevieve will grow up just fine, i'm sure it's a let down to have a crappy mom but she seems to have love from everyone else and that's truely important too. Hopefully one day Jordan will decide to be a mother and not a partying stripper.... I felt that she only put on a show for the cameras, I doubt she ever really calls to see Genevieve... :(

After watching Aleah's segment it made me stop and think. I'm 20 and I've been a diabetic for 19 years. I'm so lucky I still have good health. Now I want to call my mom and say thank you for all the good care she gave me as a child so that I'm healthy today. I used to think she was annoying and up my ass all the time, but for good reason. thanks mom!

Ok so I follow Maddy on Instagram. Why? I don't know. She's always posting pictures of stuff she is buying or wants to buy. Where the hell is she getting this money? She obviously doesn't work right? How much do they get paid for being on 16 & Pregnant?

Perhaps she gets paid by the hour with her many Facebook contacts...

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[…] has not pulled a block on a Teen Mom spinoff for this stand of girls,” Teen Mom Junkies reported on Sunday. “If a ratings for their locate adult special were high enough, a chances […]

[…] has not pulled a block on a Teen Mom spinoff for this stand of girls,” Teen Mom Junkies reported on Sunday. “If a ratings for their locate adult special were high enough, a chances […]

[…] has not pulled a block on a Teen Mom spinoff for this stand of girls,” Teen Mom Junkies reported on Sunday. “If a ratings for their locate adult special were high enough, a chances […]

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