16 & Pregnant Season 5: Savon Looney Recap

16 & pregnant


Savon is a high school junior from Marietta, Georgia. Savon lives with her aunt LaDonna, and two cousins. She's big into basketball, and hopes to go to college with a sports scholarship.

That's how she met her boyfriend, Mauwi. Mauwi is a college sophomore, and he played basketball too.

They hit it off as friends, but didn't start dating until around 7 months ago. There's one problem: Savon is pregnant with some other guy's kid.

Around the time that Savon and Mauwi started to think about dating, Savon hooked up with a guy named Eli a couple of times. Turns out this Eli guy wasn't interested in dating Savon, so she decided to date Mauwi instead.

Then, Savon found out that she was pregnant, and since she hadn't had sex with Mauwi, she knew it was Eli's kid.

When she told Mauwi, he was concerned, but he stuck by her, and is looking to take on the role of father figure.

Savon's friends come over to talk about how things are going. She says that things are fine, and the topic of Eli comes up.

Savon reveals that she should have known better than to sleep with him, and that he has other kids that he doesn't take care of as well.

Nothing else is really said about Eli during the episode, and I'd say it'll be a week or so before this guy comes out of the woodwork and sells his side of the story.

Later on, Savon talks to her aunt about how things are going to happen once the baby is born. LaDonna says that she's there to help Savon out, but that she won't be raising Savon's child for her.

This seems like an eye opening experience for Savon, and things kind of go from there.

Savon realizes that she needs to get a job, so she goes to fill out applications when she's 35 weeks pregnant.

Her aunt tells her that she doesn't look pregnant when she's wearing a coat, and that she shouldn't even mention to possible employers that she's expecting a baby really soon.

Around this time, Mauwi goes back to college for the spring semester at his school, so he's only home on the weekends. It's getting increasingly frustrating for him that his girlfriend won't have sex with him.

Savon says it would be weird to have sex with him while she's carrying another man's child. It causes some serious tension in their relationship, and as much as Mauwi tries, Savon won't put out.

Since Savon doesn't have anything for this baby, she and her aunt go to a variety store and pick up some supplies, and later try to hula hoop in the middle of the aisle.

The baby shower happens, but there's not much footage of it so we can only assume she gets some things that she needs.

Savon's aunt is out of town when Savon goes into labor. It also happens to be in the middle of an ice storm, so Savon's cousin calls an ambulance to come pick her up and take her to the hospital.

By the time they get there, she's at 6 centimeters, gets the epidural, and is forced to deliver her baby without anyone there for support. It's truly the saddest part of this whole episode.

Savon's son, Eden Lavon Looney, is born on February 13th, weighing 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

Savon told Eli that his son was born, but the guy didn't even text her back. Since she's also on bad terms with Mauwi, she decided to not tell him anything until she's home with the baby.


Savon comes home with baby Eden, and seems to adjust to parenting pretty well, and she's doing it all on her own. She's up with him at nights, and LaDonna didn't lie when she said she wouldn't be helping much. Savon does feel lonely though, so she decides to have Mauwi come over.

When he gets there, things are awkward between the two of them. She says that it's hard to balance being a full time mom, and a full time girlfriend, and finish her online schooling.

She realizes that she doesn't have time for everything, and she's deciding to stop dating Mauwi. He seems like he understands, and there's not a huge fight, so they decide to be friends and go their separate ways.

Savon ends up getting a job at a pizza place, and it's good that she's finally bringing in a little bit of money to help raise her son.

She also opens up to her aunt that she feels empty and guilty that her son won't have his biological father or a father figure in his life now that she's doing it on her own.

She seems very disappointed in herself.

At the end of the episode, Mauwi and Savon hang out as friends, and it's nice to see her smile and feel happy again, even though they're not dating.

Since filming has ended, Mauwi and Savon have remained friends. Eden appears to be happy and healthy, and Savon has remained out of the spotlight for the most part. Savon shared the following picture of Eden on May 11th.



I usually talk trash about the moms, but I think the fact that she only had her cousin there to support her in labor trumps all shit I had to talk. That's super sad. I hope she finds comfort in other people and doesn't end up filling the void with more children

Yeah, I really have nothing bad to say about her. She seems like a good girl who made a really stupid mistake... and she obviously realized the hard way. I thought it was very admirable that she actually refrained from having sex, because a lot of these girls can't help themselves and continue to have sex anyway.

gosh I know, both episodes last night were so depressing. Where are Savon's parents? So sad that she had to deliver alone, and neither her parents or the baby's dad were around at all. She even looked for a job at 35 weeks pregnant

Did she make it to the hospital? Bless her that is sad!

1. I'm not surprised these two broke up once the baby came. I was floored that Mauwi was even willing to be with her in the first place. I get that she didn't get pregnant by cheating on him, but the fact that she was pregnant with some other dude's kid would be enough for me to walk away. He's young and obviously has a bright future seeing as he's in college, and on a sports scholarship at that. Not sure why he would take that on. I wonder how his parents felt about it hahaha.

2. Eden is a girl name.

She kept calling the baby Eden so I thought she was having a girl until they were picking up the party supplies and her aunt said yellow doesn't work for a boy. Interesting choice of name but having to give birth alone is heartbreaking.

Yeah, overall I really liked this girl and felt terrible for her. I should also mention that I think baby Eden is absolutely adorable. And, I'll give it to her, at least she gave him a normal name (even if I do think it's a name meant for a girl).

Eden is normal???

@tyler it's a biblical name and relatively common. Not as popular as some names, but I've met a couple in my life.

Meh. It just sounds like a stripper name to me lol. Also if it's a girl I can see the boys joking that they want to get inside Eden. But at least it's not Neveah. Dumbest. Name. Ever.

Can we at least agree that the names Mauwi and Savon are ridiculous?

That's kinda f*** to say..what about the parents who adopt???...I was in a similar situation except I was 22 and with the guy for 6 years. He wasn't happy at all that I was pregnant threatened to put things in my drink ect then other shhh happened I broke up with him. Haven't spoken to him in 3 years..but a kid I knew when we were in high school I personally only knew him after that for 2 months he pursued me Knowing I was 12 weeks pregnant. Yes it was stressful on him after the 1st month of being together but he was adopted and didn't want our son to grow up W.o a father so he decided that blood means shhh and stuck with me..He was there for the entire pregnancy he cut the cord stayed with me and even finished college to support us even tho our son wasn't biologically his 1 year 7 months later? We got engaged and 2 years 9 months later? Had our own baby together. I was adopted as well by my dad when I was 2...you shouldn't say you were surprised they didn't last because the kid wasn't BLOOD that is technically what your saying. And what your saying is you wouldn't raise a child that wasn't blood yours. Real men know how to handle bussiness boys can't handle it. Also my fiance was only 20 when our son yes blood means shit was born. And he was so happy. He wouldn't trade him for the world!! Also why laugh at something that only a man can handle may I ask. I guess unless your adopted or half adopted you wouldn't get it.

I seriously feel so sorry for her. Giving birth alone? Sad.

I felt so sad for this girl during the entire episode.
We did not find out where her parents were and why she had to move in with her aunt, did we?

I was wondering that the whole episode but I don't think they brought it up.

I just assumed they were in prison or deadbeats. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders so she's obviously been raised by someone else or just learned from her parents mistakes.

I found this episode kinda boring. Not a lot happened. I felt bad for her that no one was there when she gave birth. I think she'll be one they cut out of the reunion if they do that this season.

Lol yea I was really bored.

Manager: What kind of job are you looking for?

Savon: A relaxing one


bahahaha I almost peed my pants when she said that. the look the guy gave her was priceless

Like was she serious!!!

I could not imagine giving birth alone when I was 21, let alone a junior in highschool - that must have taken an incredible amount of courage. Also, I have have missed it during the episode but do we know anything about her parent(s)?

p.s. - my 8 year old watches a lot of the Disney channel and I felt super distracted during this episode because I kept thinking that this girl looks exactly like Chyna Anne McClain from A.N.T. Farm.

Gosh I hope she at least files for some sort of child support from this guy. He should not be just let off the hook so easily, and its so sad he has other children he doesn't take care of. She's gonna have a rough time doing this all on her own. I mean its nice she had her aunt ( her aunt kinda cracked me up btw) but she's a minor right? She's going to need help

He has more kids? I missed that lol she seemed sweet. I liked her Aunt's no nonsense behavior. She's gonna be a good mom I could tell.

thats what it says in this article, which is what I'm going by. But on the show I missed that part too

Wow. This episode seems super sad. I'm yet to watch it, but looking forward to it! I wonder where her own parents are?

I honestly think this is the most realistic representation of the average teen pregnancy MTV has ever shown. She got knocked up by a loser, and for some reason was not able to live with her parents. Her aunt took her in, but wasn't looking to just freeload her. She had to be the one to take care of the baby, pay her back for all the supplies, and get a job and go to school while taking care of a newborn. She wanted to give her baby a strong daddy figure, but learned once you have a kid, it's harder to keep a boyfriend when you have mommy responsibilities (and without a Teen Mom paycheck to wave around to keep the back-up daddies lined up). In the end, she has to give birth all alone, she lost most of her friends and her boyfriend due to the baby, and has to work her ass off just to get by to make a good life for her and her baby. Sad. This should teach kids that THIS is what your life will look like if you have an unplanned pregnancy. Wrap it up.

Thank you Sammy. Last night's episodes were more than sad, but that's how it is. Being a parent is hard no matter what age you are, and the TM franchise doesn't show what girls really go through. Sorry, I don't know many 21-year-olds (or however old Javi is) tooling around in luxury cars. I wish Savon the best, and hope she can make it on her own.

I agree. I had my little girl right after I graduated from college with my Bachelors(I was 22) and it was pretty hard. Although I had a little bit more lead weigh because I was a little older, was already married, and both her dad and I had already graduated college, and gotten a chance to get pretty decent jobs before she was born(unlike most of the moms on this franchise), it was still really difficult. After all, I may have been older than these teen moms, but I was still young. Now, 3 years later, I am in my last year of graduate school and will be graduating with my Masters degree in May 2015(so excited!) I can honestly say that being in graduate school with a baby that is now a toddler was super difficult! It would have been easier if my husband and I would have waited to have her after we were not only finished with undergraduate college, but graduate school as well. Because Lord knows trying to work on your graduate thesis with a kid running around the house is hard as hell! But it'll all be worth it in the end!

My message to kids that are teens or in their early 20's would be to wait: at least until you're 100% fully settled down. Even if your situation is like mine, it's still hard because although I had already finished undergrad before she was born, it was hard as hell to do grad school with her bouncing around everywhere. Lol. Just wait until all points of school are over, you have a nice career, you're married, and then maybe focus on having kids, but don't rush it!

I wanted to punch Mauwi. Apparently telling guys you want to wait is a good way to weed out the bad ones. If my boyfriend was anything but happy to respect my choice to wait, he'd be gone. Though I only really wanted to date guys who valued abstinence too so it wasn't really a problem for me. But when he said "what would I say to the guys when I'm going home to be with my chick" or whatever... It just enfuriated me!

Oh I know! And then her aunt was pushing her to do it. That bugged me a lot and then she went on about how he's such a good person and so genuine and how it comes from the soul I was like isn't this the guy that can't respect your wishes to wait to have sex.

I'm sorry, but I'd put money on the fact that he wasn't faithful to her. Call me pessimistic, but does anyone think that this college football star who is in a long-distance relationship with a celibate pregnant girl wasn't messing around with any of the drunken girls who throw themselves at him at parties?

If I'm wrong, I am sincerely apologetic for insulting his character like that. He seemed like a genuinely decent guy. I just don't think he went without sex for nearly a year.

I thought this episode was boring but sad. Her giving birth alone broke my heart and I wanted to cry when I saw the doctor cut the cord. I really liked Savon's aunt but it would have been nice for her to have a little more emotional support. Savon really seemed to love her son though and I think that's great. I think she'll be a good mom, it just breaks my heart life for her and now her son is going to be so tough.

I agree. I wasn't overly interested in this episode for whatever reason, but I did feel terrible for her. I couldn't imagine giving birth alone and not having any contact with my parents. I give her a lot of credit because it seemed like she really wanted to be a good parent to Eden - school, working, and caring for a baby must be incredibly difficult.

That was really boring for some reason. Can we talk about her Aunt's eye shadow for a hot second?

@Tyler, you are my favorite person on this site. Let's get married and get a big ole bucket of cheetos y'all and snark the crap out of 16&pregnant.

Also yes, the eye shadow brought light into my dead heart. It matched her shirt perfectly too.

Sounds like a plan. I think her aunt thumbed me down but meant to thumb me up but can't see through her Drew Carey Mimi style eye shadow. Hell yea those shades of orange warmed my cold heart as well.

Ohh that glow-in-the-dark blue was my absolute fav.

I think it was the "boring" comment that got the thumbs down (yous just a haterz) depressing is a better adjective.

It was a different color each time. I was impressed. Ehhhh I was bored but in a good way. At least there wasn't a ton of yelling and screaming and drama although I was really pissed that the real dad got out so easily....i hope his ass is paying child support, that poor kid man.

Mimi from Drew Carey show was my thought too. I lived that she had a name for her ass as well

Maybe she borrowed Leah and Germys cheetos???

2 thumbs down from people who really like glow in the dark, blue eyeshadow.

Yeah..that eyeshadow was CRAZY! When I looked at her aunts face that automatically where eyes went!

Thumbs down from Mimi from the Drew Carey show and Aunt wtver her name was

When her Aunt sat her down to talk when the baby was a few weeks old and Savon just said that she literally felt NOTHING, there were some PPD alarms going off in my head. I wouldn't be surprised if she was suffering from it, on top of all of the other stuff that seemed to come crashing down on her once she realized that her relationship with Mauwi WOULD change, there would be NO daddy or even stand-in daddy, and that he Aunt was being honest about not "raising her child". Yikes! I felt like that was a lot for her to deal with all alone....and giving birth alone? Talk about a tearjerker.

I thought PPD too

So I'm a long time lurker and finally made a handle.

This girl was quite sad. I kept waiting for the bf to leave her honestly because it didn't really seem like there was much in it for him. I was really impressed with her attitude and the way she totally stepped up all on her own. I also definitely think she was depressed after the baby was born. I hope she makes some friends! About her being alone during the birth - she lives in the next county over from me (the second one this season!) and that ice storm totally shut down the entire metro area for 3+ days. She's lucky she even made it to the hospital herself, so that may have to do with the reason no one was there with her.

oh man i live in the area, too! and i was about 6 months preggo at the time and TERRIFIED something would go wrong and i'd have no way to a hospital. knowing she actually had that happen broke my heart :/

This girl broke my heart. Before I discuss her I have to say something else. What the hell is happening to the family unit. The vast majority of these girls from all the seasons, are all from broken homes. It is a bloody epidemic and I am so frustrated and annoyed by it. The absent parent causes a gap in the lives of these girls. Most have absent fathers.

So many of the teen mom stories open up talking about the disaster family they are living with. It's all about 'living with my aunt, have never known my dad, raised by a single mom & dad left when I was a baby, mom is in jail so my gramma raised me, dad is a junkie so we don't talk.' IT IS CRAZY!

These girls are hungry to be loved and needed. If they do not get it at home, they will find it with boys. Boys love needy girls who believe sex will help them keep a boy. Some girls get pregnant on purpose just to have a REAL family. They think a baby guarantees unconditional love for THEM forever. It breaks my heart.
The saddest part is a teen mom just keeps the cycle going. Mom is lonely, dad does not come around, baby grows up missing love, baby grows up and becomes a teen parent. Society is broken. My son is the love of my life, he is my heartbeat. Nothing comes before him. He is safe, loved, wanted, disciplined, supported, encouraged and told every day how much he means to us.

I will never understand parents who abandon their kids. I want to shake them. No baby asked to be born, if you are their parent then you stick around or give them up for adoption if you plan on being absent. A parent's priority has to be their kids, no matter what age they are. I know it is hard but it is also the most amazing and rewarding thing ever! Why are all these teen parents so alone, so young and so lost?

Savon made me cry, living with an aunt, no parents there for her. Delivering a baby alone is devastating. To have NO ONE, I cannot imagine. Nobody got her a crib or baby basket. It is the MOST DANGEROUS thing to bring a newborn into a soft bed. He would have been safer in a drawer. Soft beds and duvets cause suffocation and SIDS.
Especially dangerous to have a newborn with a full size pillow under his head. UGH! NEVER leave a newborn on the bed. Sell your damn new Air Jordan shoes and buy a damn crib! But no one is there to teach her. She was the saddest, most vacant, depressed teen mom we have seen. I hope she got support as I felt her slipping away as her dreams were slipping away.

I totally agree it's so sad...I was thinking the whole time where the hell are the parents?? I feel lucky I had two parents. But then there are two parents like (Mackenzie) and they still get knocked up which confuses me... a lot of the ones from the broken homes I totally get they are looking for love in the wrong places.

Spot on NewDay. Spot on.
Mackenzie was filling the void of her uterus. Hahahaha nah, didn't her Down syndrome brother die and she was super close to him? Then she was diagnosed with diabetes and went a bit rebellious. That's what I heard/read somewhere?
It is sad. I haven't seen the episode, but have given birth 4 times, all with support from hubby and my mum with me for the first one, and sister for the second one. I can NOT fathom being alone. It's a scary experience first time. Let alone at 16/17. Poor girl. But thems the brakes. Don't get knocked up.

Savon's episode really hit close to me. I was really depressed about my grandfathers death that I actually stop caring about myself and me and my ex were reckless with BC. We broke up and I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks later. I told him but I didn't expect him to step up and I never found out if he would or not because I miscarried. I told my best friend who is a guy and lived in a different state I was pregnant and I was ready to do this on my own. What I didn't know was he had put money away from his job to send to me so I could have some help and he was planning to come down to be there for me. Even if me and the bio dad weren't together or if he was gonna co parent, my friend, bless him, was ready to act as a father figure when he never needed to and I will be forever grateful for what he did. I do hope that maybe Mauwi could possibly or one of her cousins be a strong male or father figure to Eden. I also hope Savon is able to succeed. I really do. She is going to be a good mum if she sacrificed a relationship for her son.

Aww..you have a great friend in him! Hold onto him..there aren't many friends like that out there nowadays! :)

Trust me SB, I don't ever plan of ever letting him go. What he planned on doing for me had to be the greatest act of human kindness I had ever experience and if the roles were reversed I would if done the same.

Thanks Newday. I think most of us walked away from this episode saddened by how it all played out. Isn't Karley the only girl this season living with both of her parents, and no step-parents? That's just showing that these girls are missing something, and trying to get it from outside sources (in this case, boys). MTV gave us Maci, Chelsea, and Mack, all girls with cushy lives and financial support from willing parents. It made it look far too easy, and Savon is the antithesis of that.

I was the exact same way! My sisters and I got taken away by cps from our Mother when I was 4 (they were 1 and 5) and sent to live with my dad. He didnt know if he wanted us, so for 4 years we lived in and out of fosters homes separately. It was horrible. Then when i was 8 he met my step mom and she said he needed to get us back. so he did. But she was/is one of those bitchy step moms who used us to clean, cook, etc.. and favored her own kids. it was miserable. My dad never took up for us. I got a job when i was 15, so i could buy my own clothes and school supplies. working there i met a boy that i feel in love with and ended up pregnant at 17. I was def scared that if i didnt have sex with him he would leave me for someone who would have sex with him, nor would i tell him to use a condom, because again i was terrified he would leave and i would be left alone. He was the only guy I had slept with at that point. and I honestly thought he loved me and would never hurt me. He made all these promises and being 17 I believed him. I am now a single mom, living on my own, working full time, just received my associates, and transferred to a university to start my BA in Business. My daughter is in soccer (I'm the team mgr) and Dance. We receive no government assistance because they say i make too much and there's too many people on drugs and sitting on their asses that get the assistance. So yes I believe girls from broken homes go looking for love in the wrong places. and guys feed off that vulnerable vibe. It is sad :(

I really enjoyed reaading this you should write a book! Glad to hear you made an amazing life for yourself that's awesome! OMG and all on your own without assistance YES thank you! :) You are amazing.

Awh thanks! Your Comment is super sweet. and makes me feel goof. hahaha i should! i have def been and been through a ton. I go to counseling once a month, as i was molested and raped by my uncle when i was 4 and my dad didnt want us so we stayed in south texas for 6 months, and trying to deal with growing up without a mother, dealing with stress of work, school, my daughter and her activities, "me-time", boy issues, etc. Counseling really is a great thing if YOUR honest and willing to admit your flaws. I'm very strong and independent financially. I never let anything stop me from working and getting an education, I know I need those to accomplish my goals in life. Emotionally i still struggle with wanting that "fairy-tale ending" and have hopes it'll work out. Only God knows His plan for me. So I will continue to pray! :) I think my pride got in the way of my taking gov assistance, besides them saying i make too much and i felt others (who actually were trying to better themselves and get better lives) needed it more. The only assistance i applied for was Daycare assistance and was denied, so I continue to pay $500 a month for daycare plus rent and other bills. I always and still do want to give my daughter the greatest life possible! I get Financial Aid for school, but even those without kids get that, so i don't feel bad getting help with school as long as i pass and continue with my degree. I hold a lot of resentment toward my dad, but as time goes on i see that he is making it up by spoiling my daughter, coaching her soccer team, loving her, picking her up from daycare and watching her while i go to school in the evenings. She absolutely loves her Papa. It's sweet. Sorry this post was all about me, but I feel I can relate to this girls in so many ways. My mom lost us because of her drug addiction and i haven't heard or seen her sense, when I was in foster homes I would go months without hearing from my dad or sisters. it sucked and now Im closer than ever to my older sister. My younger sister went down the wrong path and fell in "love" with a loser who got her hooked on drugs and she wont speak to us....personally, I've never done any drug or smoked anything. I have no desire. I was just young, looked for love in the wrong kind of attention, and got pregnant, But i also have a beautiful little girl that i would trade for the world. She is my best friend and we do everything together. :)

Maci's totally right. writing a book well definitely help you in the healing process. It is wonderful therapy. My goodness and think if you got published! I will be the first to buy it! You have been through A LOT more than the average person you are obviously a very strong person <3 I feel for you.

I agree with Trap Baby! If Kailyn can get a book deal, you definitely could! I'd buy it. Bravo to you, you handled your situation like a pro..these girls could take a lesson from you.

EW yes I would read yours any day over Kailyn's and Farrah's! Sweet Lord...

Thanks, But I think I would like to accomplish my bachelors, a career, and then write an inspirational book for young girls who come from broken families. letting them know that they can better themselves. Where they came from isnt who they are; as most seem to think. :( But i def try hard to accomplish my goals and support myself and my daughter. i dont want her having the life I had. yall are too sweet and welcoming! :0

Good for you Kayyy! Keep on keeping on! And I agree. What a story! Write a book for sure. It might help in the healing as well. I bet your daughter is amazing and secure in your love. I hope with all your hard work that your fairy tale comes through soon x

BOTH of these episodes were sad. I do truly feel sorry for Savon though. The only thing she did wrong was be excited that a boy she had a crush on liked her. You know when you are that age, and a guy you've had a crush on shows you attention, you are in hog heaven. She had sex with him (which she even said she should have known better) and got pregnant. Of course he wanted her to get an abortion (she said he had other kidS! that he didn't take care of), but she was determined to do this alone. I was proud of her for doing what her heart told her to do, but I was also heartbroken that she didn't have ANY type of support system until after she had the baby (alone!) and her aunt talked to her about her feelings. This poor girl just made me want to cry when I saw the look on her face when she was talking about feeling "nothing". She had to have some sort of PPD. Kudos to her for making it work at a young age, and I wish her tons of luck.
*But it was funny when she was applying for jobs and the dude asked her what type of job she wanted, and she said "a relaxing one"* He he..that made me giggle. His face was priceless. :)

BUT who in the hell has a crush on some guy who has multiple kids he doesn't take care of? He is a total loser.

I missed the part where he said he had other kids too! Omg disgusting

I know, right?! I didn't say it was smart, I just said she had a crush! Hey..maybe the pickings were slim at her school?! LOL!
When I was in high school I only knew one girl who got pregnant. There were NO teen dads. And if there had been, they definitely wouldn't have been the hot commodity there! LOL!

I'm always surprised by certain scenarios like this when the girls decide to go through with the pregnancy anyways. I understand there are religious and personal reasons, and would never personally put myself in a position to need an abortion, but a few dumb mistakes pretty much ruined her entire life. She will love the child of course but it is pretty clear she is going to be on her own.

It was so sad she had to deliver with none of her support people there. But who was going to be there? I mean, she lived with her aunt who said she wasn't going to help. She doesn't seem to have a mother or father around. The baby's dad is a loser and she didn't even tell her boyfriend... so I guess she was probably mentally prepared for having no one there.

I swear I thought the baby was a girl until this recap. Who calls a son Eden?

That's what I'm saying.... (about the name). Yea I am also surprised they go through the pregnancy. Not meant to offend anyone who is against abortions but surprised a lot of these girls don't freak out and do that.

I think it would be nice if 16 and pregnant had an episode with girls who chose abortion. There's obviously not enough story to give a girl a whole episode, so it could be a special with 3 or 4 girls and a bit of backstory and then a followup with how they feel about the decision 6 months later or whatever. I get that they don't want to "promote" abortion, but they should at least be more real with it. They've talked quite a bit about adoption, but abortion is far more common and they barely mention it.
"No Easy Decision" with Markai barely counts, because she already had a baby. I want to see stories of girls who have abortions and then continue their teenage lives.

Ew, Markai and her white chocolate boyfriend pissed me off so bad with that abortion. Like hello, you already have a baby and clearly understand that if you have unprotected sex, you're gonna get knocked up! But instead of being responsible with yourselves after that, you do the same exact shit but kill the baby. Ghetto disgusting messes.

I would love to know what people dislike about my comment. Is it offensive that I don't care for his blatantly fake accent and dreadlocks or was it my comment about unnecessary abortions?

I agree Roach Crib (great name, by the way!) I would love an episode with different options shown too. Even just once a season. I think they don't because they are promoting SAFE sex or abstinence. Abortion (while a great option) is seen as a type of birth control by some dumb people (my sister inlaw has 5 kids and has had more abortions than kids) and I don't think they want to go there.

Sterilize Jenelle-Hahahahaha I don't know why you got thumbed down either. I agree with you! I watch another show (I'm Having Their Baby) about unplanned pregnancies and the decision to place. And there was a woman on there who reminded me of Markai. She had 3 kids and places her 4th for adoption as her dick partner didn't work (or provide much support in any way). She was absolutely shattered to do it. But then at the "Where Are They Now" 6mths later, she was pregnant AGAIN and asked the same family to take this child as well. Fucked up situation right there. Do they not learn!!??!!

@Sterilize Jenelle..I didn't thumb you down! I agree. If I am not mistaken Markai said in that "No Easy Decision" episode that she was like a day late getting her Depo shot and got pregnant. I mean, you know the chances, keep that shit current! I agree with abortion, but not as a method of birth control. Adoption would have been a good choice for her since she said they couldn't afford another kid since they could hardly afford the one they had, in my opinion.

@Macis Red Cup..I watch that show too! I remember that woman! I was floored. That couple were like WHAAT? when they found out she was pregnant again. These people seriously need to learn a lesson. And its not even like she was young and dumb as an excuse. She was older. She knew better and she knew what she should have been doing and just didn't do it. Made me sick.

I hope all my thumbs down aren't because people think that I said anortion is a type of birth control??? Cos that's NOT what I meant! I meant STUPID people who watch 16&Preg and see abortions happening (if they decided to do an episode like suggested above) might think it could be an option and therefore be even more careless. I certainly don't think abortion is a birth control. No way. Ever. I'm not against it if you find yourself in a bad place. But not over and over. Learn a dam lesson.
@SB I was so furious watching that woman. It broke my heart to watch her give up the first baby. She truly truly adored her other kids and you could see how gutted she was to place the baby. And then pregnant again???? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??

That aunt's eyeshadow, woof..

I have so much to say so bare with me...
1) it was hard to get past the blue eyeshadow!
2) her aunt totally lied to her when she told her she didn't look pregnant while going for job interviews
3) manager: "what kind of job are you looking for?"
Savon: "a relaxing one" ....REALLY??!
4) her aunt was funny but at times WHOA
5) god bless mauwi
6) she was such a bitch to her baby at first (I.e- rolling her eyes and making smart comments when the baby was sneezing) BUT I was happy to see her grow into her mom role
7) baby Eden is SO precious! Like one of the cutest I've ever seen!

I agree. She's going to be a great mom. Even though it's a rough start for her, I'm sure she'll use these tough lessons to teach her son to make better decisions once he gets to be a teenager.

Just got my hard drive update guys! About to catch up on all my 16&Preg episodes starting with Millena. Can't wait!

She needs to take that Eli loser to court for child support, so if he can't pay he will go to jail and at least can't impregnate anyone else.