Arrests and Other Junk - A Statistical Look at 16 & Pregnant

16 & pregnant

So there have been several people who have been asking about what girls have been arrested, gotten pregnant again, and other random information, so I decided to sit down and do one post with a bunch of graphs in order to help some people understand a little better.

Now, I love statistics.

I enjoy numbers, percentages, and good old fashioned pie charts, but I realize that not everyone is into that kind of stuff.

If you're not a number's person, then just ignore this, because I realize that math information is not everyone's strong point.

Season 1 of 16 & Pregnant featured 6 girls. They were Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, Amber, Ebony, and Whitney.

As teens, they made what most would consider to be poor life choices, and it appears that their poor choices carried over into their 20's.

The chart below shows that 4 of the 6 girls from season 1 have been arrested and spent time in jail.

season 1

Those arrested include Farrah Abraham for her DUI, Ebony Jackson with the disastrous house she was raising a child in, Amber Portwood for possession of prescription medicina, and Whitney Purvis for stealing a pregnancy test.

Season two had a lot more girls than other seasons. They had these girls lined up before Teen Mom 2 had been planned, and the episodes were all very close together.

While MTV split it into a season 2A and 2B, we'll just put them all together into one list. Season two had 19 girls that were shown, and this season had some interesting story lines.

Of the 19 girls shown on season 2, it appears that 6 have been arrested. (I could be wrong, but I searched for a while and tried to come up with data on those that had been arrested.)

season 2

The girls with arrests linked to their name are Jenelle Evans for various drug related charges and other things, Nikkole Paulun for shoplifting, Valerie Fairman for prostitution and abusing her mother, Nicole Fokos for driving with a suspended license in May 2014, Markai Durham in 2012 for driving with a suspended license, and Aubrey Wolters for shoplifting $30 worth of makeup and being in possession of prescription medicine.

Season 3 had 10 episodes and it appears that this crop of girls had a bunch of smaller run-ins with the law.

This season didn't have one girl that stood out as the absolute trainwreck, but they were also the first bunch to be denied a Teen Mom spin-off due to second pregnancies and arrests shortly after filming.

Of the 10 girls that were featured, 5 of them have been arrested.

season 3

Those arrested include Jennifer Del Rio following a physical altercation with ex-boyfriend Josh, Jamie McKay after a physical altercation with baby daddy Ryan, Danielle Cunningham for domestic violence, Cleondra Carter for domestic violence, and Kianna Randall for burglary and theft.

Season 4 is thought of as MTV's way to clear the air following the slew of arrests in season 3. MTV's approach to this was to get girls that seemed to have a clean record and would avoid issues in their future lives. Season 4 also cut several girls from casting who they thought might be too controversial for the show and the message that they were trying to send.

After all of this, the season had 12 episodes, and of those girls none of them have been arrested as far as I can tell. This season does, however, have arrests, but they're from dads as opposed to moms for once.

People like Blake Thomas and Devoin Austin III would make our list, but we'll save the paternal arrests for another post. I would make a chart, but it would basically be a big purple circle, and that's pretty boring.

Season 5 is the latest season of the show, and we can still see that MTV was trying to save a little face this time around.

While things were still dramatic, the girls had storylines that were unique and situations that would lead us to think that a ton of them would be pregnant and arrested by now.

Sadly, out of the 12 girls shown, only one girl from season 5 has been arrested since filming.

season 5

Arianna Hazel-Appelgate was arrested when her son was about 6 weeks old for the possession of marijuana.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion about who's been arrested, and just for giggles, here's a collage of some of my favorite 16 & Pregnant mug shots to help you start your Valentine's Day off right.

Stay tuned for a post about pregnancies, arrests of baby daddies, and other various statistics regarding the 16 & Pregnant franchise.

arrests1 arrests2


WTF, did mtv drag the gutters for these chicks.

Dumpster diving.

That picture of Nikkunt makes me want to kick her in the face. I'm sure Jenelle will be adding to her arrests very soon, she can't have a break up without an arrest following after. Well done to the season 4 girls, I have to say I'm surprised none of them have been arrested.

I hate people who smile in their mugshots. She's such a trash bag.

OTOH, Arianna Hazel looks like she is ready to cut a bitch. I would never want to get on her bad side.

Who would have thought out of her season catelynn could be one of the girls not to get arrested? Just look at butch and april. catelynn definitely has her issues but good for her for managing not to turn out like her mom.

It's bad when these girls on the show are considered good people/successful for not being arrested. But yeah you would think catelyn would be more rebellious. Although she's fucked up in different ways.

Catelynn actually was arrested just a few days after she had Carly. I posted a comment further down with some links. It's easy to forget about because they didn't cover it and the tabloids didn't pick it up I'm guessing because they weren't really famous at that point. I only remember it because I flipped through my copy of "Teen Mom Confidential" the other day while I was cleaning some stuff out of our guestroom.

Oops, I just noticed that comment was awaiting moderation. Maybe because I had a few links in it. So its there, but you won't be able to see it until Megan sees it and approves it.

Really?? What did she get arrested for?!

I thought Catelynn had been arrested for possession of weed just after Carly was born but then Megan didn't write about so I thought maybe I had imagined it. This is my favourite picture of Cate

Uh, I need to know why Catelynn was arrested. I mean, I guess she was super-depressed over not having Carly since it was only a few days after giving her up. I know before she got pregnant, Catelynn and Tyler were really big pot-heads and there several MySpace photos (lol) of them using bongs and stuff. Which isn't a big deal, but I think they had those pictures eradicated after they became famous and didn't want to ruin their newfound image as being the most mature couple on "Teen Mom".

Marijuana possession. I remember snooping around their county's online records after rumor of their arrest got out (yeah, I'm a creep). Tyler's spoken about it since so you don't have to go all Nancy Drew to find that info any more lol.

Oh man, I had no idea! I knew there were pictures of her with a bong or whatever but I don't remember hearing about her being arrested. Well, she still turned out better than April so far. That family situation is such a mess.

Oh shit!!! Thank you for reminding me of that. I don't know why but I find that so funny. It's true it does ruin their fake image. They smoke pot as much as Jenelle probably, and sure Jenelle is more of a piece of shit but they're not much better. (not bashing weed) but just saying, they probably get a good edit compared to their co-stars.

They probably do way more than pot.
They just hide it better because no kids were around.

Butch, April, and them all share. It's family bonding ya'll. God just the stepsibling factor...when I first found that out I was like my God this is white trash heaven for TV.

I promise I've never heard of such incest-type cross-breeding shit in my life until the Baltierra/Lowell clan.
They should have a show on TLC they are so trashy.
Catelynn is like a Mid western Honey Boo Boo.
I'm sure they've dipped in Butch's stash before.

lolllllllllllll! I used to watch Gossip Girl when it was on and remember when two of the main characters had a situation like that. Like their parents wanted to date...but so did they...and the mom was like ok i won't date your dad cause that wuold be super white trash. then i heard april got married to butch with zero fucks given and lolled. They're like a white trash Gossip Girl. I know C & T were together first, and find it funny they latsted longer than their mature parents.

Butch really ain't that bad looking. Clean him up of course. Good ol cousin-lovin'!
Tyler lucked out by finding a lost puppy.

Tyler lucked out......
Hahahhaahahahaha This site is the best today!! Hahahaha

Well, hell, they didn't have a kid in their custody to smoke in front of, so I can't in good conscience compare jenelle to C&T for smoking weed. Most youngsters in this world probably smoke the weed. I know I did! But I didn't have a KID. Jenelle has TWO. But her short term memory is so bad, she can't remember that, apparently.

Thanks Meth!

BTW, Red, I hate to even have to do this, but it wasn't me who made that awful comment on Heather C's ask. I think attacking people personally (outside of the Teen Mom/16&P girls of course) should stay the heck off of forums like this. And that comment was just plain ignorant. I got nothing but good wishes and prayers going out to you, Red. I know you're already over all of this, so sorry If I'm kinda opening up old cans of worms, but just wanted to confirm I'm on your side. And I wish I could just reach through this tablet and give you a big ol' cyber hug.

Thank you dear, I appreciate it very much <3

Jamie was the last one I expected. She seemed so innocent lol. It's a scary thought that these people are parents.

These girls who got arrested, were they all charged with something? Maybe some of them only got arrested but the charges were dropped because of some magic fairy lawyer. I was also surprised when she got arrested, she was a straight A student like Karly, it's weird how these straight A girls get attracted to douches.

I remember her dad was kind of a deadbeat. Definite daddy issues.

Omg Trap.
Who doesn't have daddy issues?!
I know I do!

Gina yeah I cried for her in her episode. She just seemed so sweet and so let down by her dad. And that was why she was with this loser Ryan. Althiugh I read he got his act together. I could be wrong. They did have another kid though.

Haha! I just finished posting a list about this on the last article. Lol

Though, I did not know about Jamie and Nicole.

And Markai. It's funny to think that season 5 has been the relatively uneventful one!

There's still plenty of time for the season 5 girls to fuck up, I'm sure Arianna wont be the only one to be arrested

That's the thing that struck me. You notice a general downward trend, but I think it's mostly because it hasn't happened YET. Give it time! Haha

Man, what a game of what came first, the chicken (troubled girls) or the egg (mtv notoriety)? Would these girls face the same trouble if not for the MTV cameras? In most cases, I believe so; MTV or not, alot of these girls were already starting off their very young lives on the wrong foot wayyyy before the cameras existed. Still, its troubling and sad to see the mistakes and paths these girls are taking.

Still, there have been bright stars that have really turned it around, like Taylor Lumas. She got pregnant at 14, the youngest girl ever showcased, and she even had a health dilemma but was still able to keep her head on straight, graduate high school, and get accepted into a nursing program. IIRC, she came from a humble background, her mom was single and dad wasn't around, but she didnt let that bring her down and took charge of her life! Now THAT's a comeback, and a very heartwarmimg story. If there's one person I would like MTV to showcase, to show girls that you CAN get llife together for you and your child without drama, arrests, premature marriage/divorce and more kids, its Taylor. Inspirational to boot.

hey I love Taylor too! But a while ago when I mentioned her, someone here claimed they knew her in real life and she wasn't a nice person. Well, I don't know how she is in real life, but she sure has accomplished a lot. I didn't care that she set up a gofundme for her surgery, at least it was something practical.

ITA, i've known alot of "mean" teenagers, I mean she's what, 18, 19 years old? I can cut a little immaturity some slack for the sheer fact that she's overall moving in a positive direction, and her immaturity (as far as we know) doesn't include brazenly endangering/neglecting her kid. I just hope she can continue on this good path and stay strong!

A friend of mine said she lived in the same town as Taylor. She said she was snobby and entitled and not very nice. I, mean, major kudos to her for succeeding that way she has. I give her lots of credit for that. It is hard to accomplish a lot when you have kids. Let alone having one at 14. I was kind of surprised about some of behavior.

Are any of these girls nice though? I remember reading a while back from someone who went to a TM2 reunion that all of the girls were being total cunts and ordering the crew around and shit...except for Jenelle who just sat there quietly. That was surprising because its her you would expect to be the biggest bitch.

Lol she kinda came off that way to me too.

I always hear from people that Jenelle is really nice compared to the other girls. I bet she's high when people meet her and think she's nice. Or maybe she's one of those people who's only rude to people she's comfortable around but before she gets comfortable she's super nice to make people think she's not actually a bad person...

Jenelle was probably in a drug stupor.
She seems extremely cracked out when she's "sober. "

They probably sedate Jenelle for the reunions shows so she stays calm and doesn't scream at Dr Drouche.

But then again, if the "real" version of you is a shit mom and human being, maybe you're better off being fake?
It's like that saying: Just be yourself. Unless you're a terrible person. Then be someone (anyone) else.

I understand where they're coming from.
Just watching him, id like to scratch his eyes out!

yes, the only reason jenelle is laid back is because she's high all of the time. she is the fakest one of all and seems like a pathological liar.

jessica all of the girls seem pretty full of it!!!!!! i heard chelsea was the nicest but still stuck up.

People give Chelsea a lot of credit but I've heard she can be kind of a bitch too. Who knows though? Maybe she's nice. All I know is I have no desire to meet her because A) her voice is grating and B)in all honesty she doesn't seem like she'd be able to hold a legitimate conversation.

Leah seems like she's probably the nastiest of the four girls.

I've heard that Jenelle is nice to fans that come up to her, and surprisingly (to me anyway) Chelsea is not so much. I would've thought that would be reverse, but I can see Jenelle being the type to be friendly until you cross her or get too close. She lives off the positive reinforcement she gets from people.

Yeah Jenelle loves the attention. I totally get being annoyed by fans coming up to you after a while, but yeah to be completely rude to people that are basically EMPLOYING you is really stupid. I heard Chelsea went off at some fan in a bar for coming up to her. I don't know the entire story. I actually heard from someone on here in fact that Kailyn was super nice. A lot of people said Jenelle is just really full of herself at the reunions. We ALL can bet Farrah is a massive cunt. Leah does seem super fake. Jeff seems SO nice and I'm not just saying that because I'd marry him. I swear.

Oh, you know Leah wouldn't give any of us the time of day in person! I completely agree that her personality, coupled with the "small town celeb" status to enhance the Teen Mom notoriety, probably makes her into the nastiest of all the girls.

It is not hard to accomplish things that you truly want, no matter how many kids you have. I am a single mother to 3 with a 4.0 in college, and also a recovering addict who will have 3 years clean on May 6th (WOOHOO!). I consider these things great accomplishments. After the summer I will have my Associates in Biological Sciences, and be transferring to CSUN to earn my Bachleors in Radiological Sciences. Don't get me wrong, school is hard and homework is a pain in my ass and sometimes I lock my self in my room just to cry. I think the difference is some mother's have the drive and dedication that it requires to accomplish these things while other mothers don't. If it weren't for my kids, I would still be on drugs and probably in prison like their father. My children ARE the reason that I have accomplished anything, they are definitely not holding me back.

Empress you met her? did you go to one of the catch up specials? tell us everything plz!

Oh no I only wish I had met her! I just know she would be that way, I know a girl like that.

But since I got hopes up I can give another story about a celebrity. My friend went to college with a ton of kids who went to high school with a certain blonde former country singer who is now a super star. I heard she was nothing like her public image: a snobby and terribly mean girl who thought she was God's gift. And that's how I imagine Leah, just trashier and important for reasons other than her songwriting talent.

Blind Item
Taylor Swift

These girls have NO right to complain about people coming up to them. That's part of the deal when you get paid six figures to do absolutely nothing. Don't like it? Go get a real job.
It's actually infuriating how conceited they all are. Ive met people 1000 times as famous as they are who have been nothing but nice. I'm a Disneyland regular and so is John Stamos. I've never met him but my friends have and they say he's the most awesome and down to earth guy eve. Doesn't even have a bodyguard half the time and always willing to chat with people. That makes me happy.

That's pretty much EXACTLY how I picture who you're talking about. Makes stupid songs about ex's. Starts with a T and ends with a Wift. *eye roll* Ohhh ok yeah I imagine Leah being that way too. She seems super fake.

YES about Wetpaint too. Lol their headlines were super cheesy. WE JUST FELL OUT OF OUR CHAIRS and would be like Rhine took Bentley to preschool, nothing exciting. They seemed to exaggerate everything to extremes too. I should not have this irrational anger at the wetpaint writer either but geez it was ridiculous. It sucked when there was no TMJ and I just had those to rely on *Kail quivers*

5 years from now, these girls will all be desperate for ANYBODY to recognize them.

LOL Gina. At first I thought Carrie underwood but she seems like a sweetheart. Even if she does key her ex's cars. UNCLE JESSE!!! That's so nice to hear. Ohhh list of people I've met (not many)

Channing Tatum's wife- EPIC cunt. Super gorgeous but my God, so stuck up. I hear he's really nice.
Dan Akroyd- super nice
Whoopi Goldberg also at Disneyland- super nice

then some random local athletes that no one on here cares about. all the drugged up ones that died were actually really nice (lol) vvs. the now more successful ones. Crazy.

OH and Laguna Beach/Hills people (don't judge).

Steven - total douche. he's always here everyone says he's a douche/player.

Kristen- biggest attention whore in the world. She walked where we were all in line on her phone with these really fake hair extensions and was just rolling her eyes, well being Kristen

LC- so skinny in person, was polite seemed kinda freaked out but overall nice.

Jason- stupid douche. surprise surprise.

I wish I could have met Heidi and Spencer lol they are exactly how all of these girlses are going to be in 10 years.

I've seen Whoopi from a distance at Disney but she was filming the View so nobody could talk to her. Probably a good thing because whenever I see her I just think MUFASSSSAAAAAA.
I've met Travis Barker there too and almost died because Blink is one of my favorite bands. Its funny because of all the people I've met I've noticed it's usually the most famous ones that are super nice, and the Z-listers who have a huge ego and think they're too good for you. Like the TM girls.

Also I went to one of the Pirates of The Caribbean premieres at Disneyland and Johnny is a sweetheart. Signed for everybody and at one point this girl tried so hard to get to the front of the crowd and talk to him that she ending up getting knocked down by everyone around her. He helped her up and asked if she was okay hahah

That's awesome! Was he super quiet? Blink 182 men are from my hood, I saw Mark getting Mexican food at 3 am when I was drunk like 10 years ago but yea i don't remember much. seemed super chill. Lol that's all i think of with whoopi too...even though she was the hyena. She just sums up the 90's.

This is why I love this site. Blind item. YES. SOLVED. I heard lots of nasty stories and now that people finally seem to be catching on to her I am truly enjoying it.

I always read in blind items that Channing Tatum's wife was AWFUL so it is kind of awesome to hear it from a real source. John Stamos is my biggest crush ever so it makes my day to hear that. I love hearing about real celebrity encounters.

Trap Baby, I'm so glad someone else "gets" me about Wetpaint. The writer had a bigger thing for Mack and Mack than Heather did.

Aannd Mark Hoppus was my other celeb crush as an angsty middle schooler. Travis was the coolest in blink for sure though. I even watched his show a few times lol

Yeah Travis was quiet but super nice. He's a really low key guy which I think is cool. I've never met Mark but I hear he and Tom are awesome too.
and yeah Whoopi was the hyena but remember the part where she's talking to the other hyena and she's like "that name sounds so chilling...say it again" and proceeds to say MUFASSSSAAAAAA repeatedly. My Disney obsession is coming out in full force today, sorry guys.

Side note: One of my Disney friends was at the park one day and had a starfish pin in her hair and I guess John came by just then and complimented her on it as he was walking. So now we're always like "She saw John Stamos at Disneyland....and he told her he liked her starfish!"

I briefly worked somewhere where Farrah and her mom shopped. Nightmares. Farrah came in one time & bought all the magazines she was on the cover of after her facelift.

SpaceyKC you can do it! 4.0 is awesome!

Trap I thought Carrie Underwood too!
You ladies live in actual Hollywood and see actual celebs. I see actual reality stars because I lIve In the realIty capItal of the world. Its funny to see ppl I have known from back in the day looking foolish.

Trap, are you saying you met my favorite Canadian ghostbuster?! I used to watch My Girl and wish he was my dad. These days since we're both grown I'd drink crystal skull and talk conspiracy theories with him

Taylor lives in a suburb of Cincinnati, as do I. The area she lives in is known for it's white-trashiness, so I really can't imagine her being anymore snobby than anyone else her age.

I live in cincinnati to I think Taylor lives in beachmont which is by cincinnati

@ The Empress: You must be referring to ol' TSwift. One of my friends went to high school with her, too. He was friends with the guy that she wrote "Teardrops on my Guitar" about, and he said that the dude had no idea who she was. What was even more embarrassing was that she played the song in front of the entire school. Before she got famous, she tried to send my friend a request on Facebook and he denied her.

As for Taylor Lumas, she doesn't live far from where I grew up...and I tend to refer to her suburb as "Depressing-ville". My grandpa owned an auto repair shop in her town and it's pretty bleak. Even without a child in tow, it's impressive that she went to college at all given the area.

Now for my "Famous People" part: I saw that someone mentioned Kristin Cavallari, and one of my sorority sisters met her in LA. She said that Kristin was super chill and told them which clubs and restaurants they should check out. This was post-Laguna and pre-Kristin On The Hills.
I have personally met Taylor Hicks and some other American Idol alum from a trip to NYC (He's the older man that won a billion seasons ago and now performs in Vegas). I met Al Gore when I was 8 years old...he was on the campaign trail for Clinton's second election. Great handshake. I've also met Cris Collinsworth from NBC's Sunday Night Football, because he lives in my hometown. His house is sick and he always handed out the best stuff at Halloween (they would have a full on barbecue out front with hot dogs, burgers, and drinks for all the trick or treaters). I think I was a senior when his oldest son got to high school, but i don't remember much about him.

OH! And I was friends with all of the old school Degrassi kids on MySpace (yes, including "Drake"). I actually messaged back and forth with Mike Lobel a little bit (he played Jay for those of you who don't remember).

If I saw Tom DeLonge out somewhere I'd shit myself.

Speaking of Blind Items I've read that Channing Tatum cheats on his wife frequently. Probably because she's a bitch, so now I don't feel so bad for her :P.

Dr. I did! This is dumb but I was in a little TV movie with him (I was like 8.) I was just an extra. But I made $100 and bought a gogo walking kitty. And got to meet Dan. I was like who the fuck is this and where's my gogo walking kitty bitches. Yeah Kristin seems more chill now. I miss the hills so much.

I enjoy this pie chart format, much more visually striking than simply listing out what these idiots have done.

Happy Galentine's Day, ladies!

Yes, thanks Megan for the interesting pie charts, but damn you for making me crave chocolate pie! :)

Happt Valentine's Day!

What happened to your underscores?

I think someone's just trying to stir up some drama posting under this username.

Not that I care, I never had a problem with this person, but if you're going to pretend to be someone else to get everyone pissed and get a response, then, at the very least, get the name right.

Wow. Name jacking? Really?
I used to post on a gossIp website where names were jacked and one poster even had several (50+) screen names. Everybody got paranoid and accused each other of being the troll.
Pls don't happen here. Its been quiet.
Between all the shit, I really hope not.
Drama is cute for about 5 minutes, then it gets old rIght quick.

I don't wanna get involved but I'll fill you in just because I know. She got banned from the site for a couple days and had to make a new name lol. Anywayyyy.

GinaMaria, I wonder if that's a site I used to lurk on. Then again, I bet it happens on a lot of sites all the time.

I lurked a bit on real teen mom talk, heathers when it was the only one (what a dark dark place, i stopped reading it after like two articles...the comments were disturbing) but never commented. All of the sites kinda sucked besides this one honestly. the ashleys wasn't bad. wetpaint got ridiculous.

Real teen mom talk was where i heard keifer say Jenelle is a serial bathtub pooper so I'm forever grateful.

Wetpaint... I can't. That writer is maddening. I rarely feel such irrational anger as I do when reading her articles.

I'm sorry I have to deal with this bull, too. Stop feeding into it and get over it.

Jesus God.

I don't know if giving out your email address to somebody you feel is an instigator means you're over it. But that's none of my business.

*insert Kermit drinking Lipton Tea meme right here*

She actually was blocked. I know this as fact.

But I will just sip tea with you CCB. Lol
How's the weather in everyone's parts of the world? Who's got snow? I'm hot as hell where I am and would love to build a snowman. It always looks so pretty when I see photos of places with snow.

Potato Joe I dropped my phone at Jesus God.
You read my mind.

It was a blizzard for about two hours here today! We live in an apartment so we can't even take advantage and build a snowman. It's sticky snow and just below 0°C so it's perfect for it. We just bought a house though so next year!

I am a freeze baby but I do love the four seasons too much to give them up.

It's snowing so heavily over here that the air is literally white. And yet it couldn't be this way at Christmas. *sigh* I'm one of those cheesy people who like snow on Christmas Day lol. It brightens my spirits! :D

It was like 60*F in Hotlanta this afternoon, I think. It was warm enough for me to walk my dog in shorts and a tee. It's supposed to hit us with snow on Monday, though. I'm looking forward to it. Summer weather in February is just weird.

*cue psycho music*

LOL I have better things to do than e-mail your dumb ass. Ohhh so we can have an e-mail war!? Jesus God grow the fuck up. Anyway....I hope you get banned. And psychological help. You're just annoying everyone at this point. Didn't even read through all your rant. Lol you think I'm ugly, so you finally admit to stalking me? Creep. Although you might have the wrong person because I know I look great ;) I don't even want to know what you look like..ever. I imagine you're in a dark room with pictures of my face throwing darts at it. CCB and Meth let's share the tea! A long island perhaps! Happy Valentines Day. I'm just cracking up right now. As usual no one cares about you, go away.

CCB I love snow too!!! I've only seen it a couple of times. Here in Cali it snowed ONCE like 10 years ago and everyone freaked out. I would love a real winter ( i think). it snowed like 2 hours away and EVERYONE and their mom drove up to see the snow. The traffic was insane. We freak out here if it rains, can't drive, cant' do anything.

Yay for snow! But what is sticky snow? I've never seen snow at all ever. So I have zero clue at what it's like. I don't like cold though. Hahahaha so I would probably suck if I lived somewhere where it snows.
How can it be hot in Atlanta one week and snow the next? That is just crazy bizarre to me!
TTB Long Island Ice Teas sound Devine!!

The weather changed (hotter) and EVERYONE here is sick including me it's an insane. We'd basically all die if it snowed here. Anything tea with booze = the best.

I've never seen snow :(

What did they get banned for?? I missed that.

I'm sorry, what exactly did she do to you again for you to speak of her like that?? She isn't old, and I don't see why all of that was necessary. Come on now.


"I'm so over it! So here's my email address for you to challenge me personally and here's a long, winding post about how much you suck."

*insert "Bruh" meme a thousand times over*

I really wasn't going to get involved because I hate drama and this is just ridiculous at this point but I do have an observation.
Extravagant Father, I've seen you say "And this is the last time I will address you" to TTB at least 5 different times. You continuously say "I wish we could just ignore each other" yet continue to make jabs at her. Through all of it, you're still here.
Maybe your life isn't as busy and exciting as you think it is.

wow and now making fun of people with disabilities.

Gosh you must be like 12 to think of 30 as being SOO OLD

I'm wondering if you're the one who said I was jealous of Clouse because she could have babies and I couldn't. I was going to be civil about it via email to ask and handle it in a more private manner, but after reading everything you have written on here, I'm not so sure you are capable of being civil and mature about this. Why do you harbor so much hate for somebody you don't even know??

And by the way, the way you speak is very similar to my ex. An emotionally abusive asshole with an inflated self worth who wants to appear superior to everybody in their life. Do you speak to your loved ones this way?? If you speak to strangers this way there is no telling how you speak to people you actually know. I'm wondering if you are unhappy and lonely in life and if that is the case, there are many resources to get help.

@Red She actually said that to you? That is awful, I'm sorry. Some people just have NO class or decency.

Hate to comment on this shit but, guys, please don't email this person unless you are using a proxy or an email server, like gmail, that doesn't include your IP address in the header. I personally wouldn't want this person having access to my IP address...

Really guys? On Valentine's Day? Where is the love?

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

You girlses who are experiencing snow are lucky. I live in southern California and its been a steady 77-80 degrees for weeks. I think the coldest we got up to was upper 50s after Christmas.

We got 3" overnight. As for the other business, as Rodney King would say, "can't we all just get along?" And as Aym Portwood would say at the end of a cryptic Tweet, "Sending LOVE." <3

Ohboy every time I see your name it makes me think of this gif so thanks for that

Leah's Meth Pipe, I can't even imagine not ever really seeing snow... it's coming down on and off 3-4 months out of the year here. "Sticky snow" is just the way I describe the snow that comes down near the freezing threshold
It's the kind that sticks together really easily so it's good for making snowballs or snowmen. In lower temperatures the snow that comes down is virtually impossible to make anything with. That snow is the crystal-like and pretty kind though so isn't completely awful.

Jessica and everyone else who hasn't seen snow, you need to experience it at least once! I HATE the cold and I'm a freeze baby, but there is something about experiencing the snow that makes the warm weather seem all the more beautiful. My philosophical thoughts about the four seasons can end there lol.

1. I COMPLETELY missed something here. What happened with the What the happened with someone being banned?

2. It's supposed to snow here. It is 16 and very windy. But, it hasn't snowed as much as people said it wouldm which stinks because my girlses wanted to build a snowman.

I've only experienced two dustings since November: one that melted by 11 am and the other by 1 pm. Tonight we're expected to get 6-12 inches.

@Jessica1991 - I honestly don't know. Somebody started submitting questions to Clouse via her that were along the subject of teenmomjunkies and they got really nasty. Someone started talking about Trap Baby, and then out of nowhere somebody submitted "SOMEONE is jealous because they can't have any kids and you can". I saw it, it was CLEARLY directed at me, nobody on here has EVER said anything like that to me directly, I was pretty much seeing red(no pun intended) at that point and I posted the link here asking who the fuck did that and what the hell did I ever do to them?? Thankfully everybody gave me a super nice response, and a few people suggested who it might be. They never said a name directly so I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure this is who everyone was referring to.

@Uncle Junior. I already sent them an e-mail. I was trying to ask them privately instead of hashing it out on here. Am I completely fucked?? I use outlook. None of my real information is attached to that account, its why I used it, but could they have my IP address now??

@Red - Seriously late to reply here but I want to assure you that you're not fucked. If you used Outlook's webmail server, I know they don't include that info in the header for a fact. If you used MS Outlook on your desktop or a mobile app, what exactly was transmitted depends on several factors (what location you were at when you sent the email, what type of device was used, what your ISP actually decides to reveal). Honestly, someone would need to subpoena your internet service provider to get any real info about you. I happen to be fairly paranoid about these matters hence my original post.

Sorry if I spooked you or anyone else. I only wanted y'all to be as safe as possible. I see a lot of good things have occurred in between my lurking so hoorah for that!

@Empress: Do you live in my neck of the woods? We've had so much snowfall that it is up to our fences in the backyard and beyond. My son's sandbox, that stands a few feet off the ground? No longer visible. Not even sure where it used to be in our yard! My husband and I were laughing because the snow piled at the end of the driveway has turned into a mountain, and a "boulder" crumbled off of our neighbor's mountain and landed in our driveway. So for all you lovely ladies who don't see snow often (or ever...!) you can have some of ours! :)

I'm from Los Angeles, but go to school in Boston. Right now, I'm in LA working on an internship (which is kicking my ass). Boy, am I ever glad that I'm not in Boston. My school has been closed for over a week!

Da Big House, wow, that's worse than here! I'm from the Buckeye state :) I count my blessings that I'm not from New England or upper New York in the winter! It's manageable here

Empress, you nailed it, I'm in Western NY. I lived in Indiana for a few years and their winters were about the same as back home, but that was back when WNY was having a milder overall winter weather pattern. This year has been one of the coldest and the total snowfall is breaking records. We had a storm in November that obliterated only certain areas with a year's worth of snowfall in a just few days. Well, stay warm and hang in there! Soon we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity! :)

omg the snow you guys. I live in MA & the snow is out of control. I just got back in the house from shoveling. We have a grand total of 75 inches. all in the past 3 weeks. in case anyone's wondering, thats 6.25 feet of snow. I'm 5 feet 0 inches.... this is the worst year with snow that MA has had since 1978 & we have far surpassed it.

You are a psycho extravagant. We all love TTB you rancid bully. TTB is a valued member here and you are not. It is obvious you wish you were but it's not going to happen.

TTB is more awesome because she is waiting for the right guy and not settling for any guy that comes along like I guess you did since you think being single after a certain age means you are a loser. Please just go away. Oh and stop stalking TTB. Do you have a crush on her and she turned you down? LOL I bet that's it. Look I can't speak for TTB but I'm sure IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! LEAVE HER ALOOONEE! (in Jenelle's voice)

Get a life that doesn't involve TMJ and stalking TTB. We don't want that bully crap here. This is getting to be Clouse like levels of stalking going on here. Change your name to I'm an extravagant stalker. It would be true. Or if you don't like that try I'm an extravagant bully.

TTB, you have friends and supporters here who will always have your back and stick up for you when the crazies come crawling out from under their rocks.

TTB - 1 extravagant -0

Red I'm so sorry someone said that to you. I missed that. I hope you get the baby you deserve. That is so cruel that anyone would say something like that to you. You are and awesome woman who I'm sure is going to be an awesome member someday soon.

To all the members here at TMJ I'm sorry I lost my cool and ranted at a certain psycho. I hate bullying and just started posting before taking 10 minutes to cool down. I just saw those mean, hurtful thing that were said to TTB and got angry. I'm sorry if I offended any members here. (besides the psycho)

W thank you that means so much! That's too sweet. Love you too! Oh Red I wouldn't email her anymore if I were you. She's just a waste of time and we're here to talk to. Don't talk to toxic negative people. Just my advice.

Thanks Megan!
What a sad list.
What's so funny Nikkole you psycho?
Whitney's looks like a yearbook photo.
Everyone else looks like they screwed up and they know it.

Nice Megan!!!
LOL at this line "we’ll save the paternal arrests for another post. I would make a chart, but it would basically be a big purple circle, and that’s pretty boring."
If you made like a ranking of all the "teen mom stars" that have been arrested, I wonder who will be number one, Junkelle or Adumb.

I think they should rank by severity of the crime.
"Who's the worst?"
I think Adam would win for volume/length of rap sheet.
I think Jenelle would win for the females, and get a special prize for 'variety of mugshots'. Also, I think she covers 2 states, so a bonus prize for 'biggest criminal perimeter'.

Biggest criminal perimeter!!

I think she suffers in comparison to Butch.
Megan, pls include Butch when you do the dads.

Butch is just seriously so entertaining.

Favorite Jenelle mugshot? Anyone? Mine's when she got arrested for the heroin in the car, with Courtland. She looks so distraught, and very thin. I thought,"oh, maybe this will do the trick." No such luck! She also has a couple of smug/smiling ones in there. If I were one of the arresting cops I'd want to punch the smile right off her face.

Here's an idea how about you all grow up!

I'm not judging you for being currently in jail or that you have been in jail.

We all make mistakes.

But in order for it be a mistake it happends once maybe even twice.

But YOU LEARN FROM IT! ( meaning you don't do the same thing 30 times)

If you countie doing the sane shit different day you are going to get the same results.

Think about your children, be a parent, most importantly STOP ACTING LIKE TRASH. ( sadly most of you if not all of you love acting like fools)

You're children/ child must be so proud!

By the way: Growing up does not mean having more children.

I don't know why you girls think that....

It means actually taking care of the child you have.

Wasn't Amber arrested for crack cocaine possession?
Teen Mom Wiki lists it as crack and I've read elsewhere that it was crack.
Other outlets only mention prescription drugs or do not specify what they found at her house.

What I cram to understand is why these girls resort to drugs. You have a GREAT paying job being on MTV, they arent lIvIng the struggle that real teen moms go through. At $300,000.00000000 a damned season, each girl should have a great house, car, education for them and the kids paid for, wtf?
I understand pain. We all have it, everyone has paIn and heartache, but not everyone is smoking up or selling ourselves to cope.
Personally, my pain went away (magically) when I stopped using it as an excuse for bad behaviour, and I grew the hell up.

I thought AYM was pillses. I can never keep up.

I think "pills" are the story, but I don't put anything past any of them.
Not sure why a pill addiction is any more acceptable than crack, but ok.
I'm not riding on addicts but I see no point in hiding it or covering it up for a good girl edit.

i'm more inclined to believe that amber was abusing prescription pillses. crack is the drug of choice in the city where i live and i work in a sector that deals with addicts who are actively using. she didn't look like she was on crack to me...but then again you never know with these girlses.

Yeah I don't think one is worse or better. I wonder what pills she was on. I know she was pervscribed anti anxiety pills but i guess she took it way further. I didn't think she did xrack either but you're right who knows.

Has Aym not said that she was addicted to oxycodone or was that someone else. I remember her saying that she chewed on fentanyl patches and that shit is hard core, she's lucky she didn't overdose

Unrelated - Ashley Salazar is pregnant again, or wants us to think she is.

Pizza not pregnant. #excited # new beginnings

Because, why not?
Don't have the first one, might as well make another with the same guy who didn't want you or the last baby you made.
C&T much?

If we thought C&Ts insistence that Carly and Novarly have a relationship was bad Trashleys will be a million times worse. She has zero boundaries when it comes to her adoption and her aunt and uncle let Callie call her mama Ashley so the new baby will definitely be looked at as a sibling rather than a cousin.

Ultimate case of getting pregnant again to replace the lost baby. Don't get me wrong---I can't even fathom giving a child up for adoption. It takes a long of strength to recognize that your kid deserves a better parent/family than you. But I think Ashley gave Callie up to her aunt and uncle because she thought she would be able to still be mom. She wanted to have her cake and eat it, too---somebody else would foot the bill while raising Callie and Ashley would be able to play mommy without any kind of responsibility. She has no idea what it means to be a parent or handle that kind of responsibility and pressure. If she is indeed pregnant, then she's going to sink and fast.

Hopefully it's not true.
Sorry to be so negative, but these ppl don't need to be raising kids. Not a damned one of them.
So, are the aunt and uncle going to give "the baby" back to Ashley at some point?
Why give a kid up just to have another? These aren't dogs theyre rehomIng, although I hate when ppl constantly recycle dogs too.

But it's been five years since Ashley had Callie! She's totally mature now to handle a baby of her own! Ugh. In all seriousness, Ashley shouldn't probably have a child for a very long time. The rabbit hole goes very deep with that one. She had obvious mental issues that were only exacerbated by the pregnancy and adoption. Plus, she's trying to conceive with the douchebag who landed himself in jail when she needed him the most. Why the hell would you purposefully want a child with a guy who couldn't even offer you support during your first pregnancy? It's so stupid.

I can't believe they're still together. He didn't want her 5 years ago. Wonder what changed?

Yeah, didn't want her or his kid. Now all of a sudden they want the kid back and make her call ashley mama or something. So sick. They need to be sterilized. I heard they are in and out of her life as it is.

I totally empathize with the "get pregnant to replace the lost baby" sentiment. It's fucked up but you can't help it. Except, five years and a messed up relationship with the baby you gave up for adoption later, you should be able to help it or go straight to your nearest psychiatrist, do no pass go, do not collect anything but a strong prescription for psychiatric meds.

Sorry if I sound like a bitch. I am having a tough day and I really hate this selfish POS.

I totally get it, too, to a certain extent. I don't have kids, but I would like to be a mom sometime in the future and I can't even imagine giving up a baby for adoption. But at some point, you have to come to terms with your decision and try to move on. Not a hundred-percent, because I don't think anybody can fully get over such a traumatizing event, but move on and understand that you did the best thing for your kid and hopefully he/she will know that and thank you someday.

In Ashley's case, I don't think she really wants to move on. I know she was in therapy for a little bit after Callie's adoption, but she quit because she didn't like what the therapist had to say. And the therapist was probably telling her things like, "Leave Callie alone and try to explore life beyond her." I think Ashley likes holding onto the adoption because she got so used to people supporting her when she used to run her blog. She's an attention whore. She really is. That's also why I don't think she should have a baby for a really long time: she'd probably get jealous of all the attention her kid would get. She's totally spoiled, and it shows in how her family have to walk in eggshells around her.

Catelyn's I think it's a way to keep her trashy boyfriend around too. using callie to do that. and now that he's around more she doesn't see callie as much. it's sick. Ashley needs mental help.

I don't even know why she would to keep him. I mean, I get that he's Callie's biological father, but that's it. They don't have a normal father-child relationship because Callie's dad isn't Justin. I don't like Salazar at all, but I think Justin is even worse. He gets a girl pregnant, doesn't even care less, tells her to give the kid up for adoption, then lands himself in jail when she needs his support and comfort the most. That's just cold. And then she fucking takes him back and tries to get pregnant by him AGAIN after swearing she wouldn't have another child because "it wouldn't be fair to Callie". No, Ashley, you shouldn't have another child because you're mentally not prepared for parenthood. No kid deserves to be born to a mother and father who aren't ready for that kind of responsibility.

She's not. Read te comments. She's attention whoring herself out again.

Thank god for that!

She must have wanted to be pregnant along with Heather and Nikkole

^^ This.

ooh. is she carrying it in her neck waddle again?

Nikkunt looks like the grinch.

Lol @ Arianna's mugshot she looks like a meth head.

Hey Megan!! It's actually 5 out of 6 girls from season 1 that were arrested. Catelynn and Tyler were arrested around the time of their 16&Pregnant episode, but it was never aired.

Here are a few links about it:
The Ashley also confirmed it in her book "Teen Mom Confidential"

Next you should do an article on those who are currently working and another on those who have completed any education beyond a diploma or GED. Same for the dads lol

That will be the shortest article written about Teen Mom ever.

Loll year that's what I said. That pie chart is going to be bare as of someone left the pie next to me. Or pizza. Mmm...

This site is ruining me with food.
Now when I hear "pie chart", I think of "beef flaps".

WELCOME TO MY LIFE. I have a LIST. Roast beef was forever ruined for me cause of this site. So many others. Fruit rollups, sourpatch kids, jolly ranchers, fettucini alfredo, cheetos, lunchables. like either i get nauseated because i think of a scene where they ate it all gross, or i start laughing cause of the meaning behind it, or i just don't want to buy it because leah's trashy and therefore i'll be trashy if I eat cheetos. Especially ones off the ground like the girlses. Seran wrap is also ruined. Thanks Gare Bear.

Saran Wrap is doubly ruined. Not only from Gary, but also Farrahs new "boyfriend" Simon Saran!

Yes please!

And one on how many girls got pregnant again.

i think i might be the only one............... but is anyone else curious what the tm3 trainwreck girls are up to? i know we get some updates on here which are always great, but i wish MTV would do an update. they were all such trainwrecks i'd love to see the way they lie how everything is perfect.

I think Brianna is the main trainwreck Alex and Matt get in fights on twitter and air our their drama. Katie is still a snoby bitch who thinks she's better then everyone and calls her fans peasants Mack seems to be doing ok for herself shes a fitness model and all of her posts are about her kids and how much she loves them i don't think she's been that big of a trainwreck lately then theres brianna who dates a trashy guy acts like she's pregnant got hos name tatooed on her then got in a fight with her family over it on twitter.. who knew she was gonna be the Jenelle if the season i thought that was supposed to he Alex...

I know Briana was in the hospital not too long ago for undisclosed reasons and thanked her boyfriend for being there for her when she was sick. She made no mention of her daughter, who is pretty much being raised by Bri's mother and sister.

Mack is a fitness trainer or is going to be. Her uterus hasn't exploded yet.

Katie got sole custody of her daughter and wanted to move to Vegas to be with her boyfriend, who broke up with her shortly afterwards. I'm not sure if Katie ever did move, but she was planning it for a while.

Alex is still fighting with Matt over twitter. She also posted new dance videos on her Instagram and they were hilarious.

It pisses me off that Mack uses getting skinny so quickly after being pregnant as an example of how "healthy" and in shape she is.. It's a symptom of not controlling her blood sugars. While it might seem like a nice side effect now it's not going to be when she ends up on dialysis or god forbid worse... Leaving her two children to be raised by josh who is one head injury away from comatose..

I was only thinking about Mack the other day. Because, if she was 16/17 when she has Gannon, she must've been super young when she had her stillborn.

Off topic but is it strange if you don't hear from your significant other on Valentines day? I mean all he told me was happy V-day beautiful and that was really it. I've been crying and everything :(

A lot of people don't think anything of Valentine's Day. Let's face it, the holiday is pretty stupid because you should be showing someone you care about them year round. If you had mentioned that you wanted to celebrate and that today was special for you, then yeah, that's sketchy. Or if you've been together long enough and celebrated other Valentine's Days, then that's sketchy too. Otherwise I wouldn't freak out too much and ask him/her what they're doing today before jumping the gun and assuming the worst.

I've always kinda hated this reasoning. With that attitude why celebrate anything at all? There are a lot of things you should do every day, doesn't mean there can't ever be special days. But I agree that both people in the relationship should be on the same page with that sorta thing.

Is he working or stuck with some other obligation? Or is this kind of thing occurring regularly?

I wouldn't worry about it too much. My s/o has been working most of the day and napped in the car when he took me for what I wanted to do together lol. Just take it in stride and maybe try to surprise him with something romantic, even just a card! :)

Well it all depends on the situation. You should see what his explanation is before jumping to any conclusions or getting too hurt. But if Valentine's Day is important to you, it should be important to him. This would be a good time to let him know if you didn't before.

Well he told me that he wanted to spend the day with me and he didn't have to work so I don't know. I just think its a little weird.

Sorry love. I hope your VDay got better. Did you express to him that you wanted to celebrate the day? Some guys are weird about it, because to them it's not as big a deal as it is to us. It sounds like you didn't make a big deal about Vday, so he didn't either.

I'm on call all weekend so had to buy a crappy card at 10pm from the supermarket...cashiers can be SO judgemental!

My boyfriend texted me this picture with the caption "Corey Tyler". He is one of us now.

You win for best bf ever!!!

Happy Valentines to you and your boyfriend! Funny photo too!


omg I love it soo much.

Jess God, Extravagant!! I visit TMJ regularly, have done for a long time. It's snarky, silly and because of the nature of the site, most of us enjoy the snark from Megan (and Steve when he posts!) as well as the crazy (in a good way) sarcastic comments. Steve and Megan are great but the commenters, for me, are a big draw to the site!
Until you. You are ranting over and over that you are done with the immaturity, done with arguing but then emphasise your hatred for TTB, as well as a few others. You haven't been around for awhile and it has been SO refreshing! Then you reappear and start running your mouth about TTB keeping your name out of her mouth?? She hasn't mentioned your name unless asked about the mess you caused all those weeks ago! You and your immature nonsense has been alluded to but that's about it. You were banned from the site so you've been laying low and bottling up all your pathetic anger and now we all have to deal with your sad venomous personality. Well, one of them, at least. You are looking to start fights, trying to goad people into emailing you, so you can get their in address or something along those lines, to cause more trouble, right? You complete lunatic! You sound so much like Jenelle it's disturbing. "Keep your name out my mouth, keep my name out your mouth blah blah" that's like Jenelle' mantra when she is the one starting shit. You have joined the lowest ranks, we'll done. Unfortunately I am used to dealing with idiots like you because my sister is just like you +Jenelle both. I'll say the same thing to you as I've said to my sister: Get help. See a shrink, work through your myriad of issues and maybe, just maybe, once you've done that you will be a person worthy of the oxygen you are breathing and not a waste of a life.
Seriously, you need help. Please get it.

I didn't know anyone was banned from the site. If someone was banned, how come they came back?

She apologized so Megan let her back.

Awww, Megan's too nice. If anybody started this kind of crap on a website I was running, they'd be banned til hell froze over. It's pure insanity to keep writing the same things over and over again, and expect different results.

How do you know? Was there a post I missed? *eyes emoji*

Lol yeah Megan's super nice. I talk to Megan on a regular basis and Meth told me. Didn't you notice how she wasn't here for a while (and all was nice and peaceful)? Then she wrote some apology according to meth and was allowed back. But once Megan sees this recent shit we'll see. Nah there wasn't a post about it.

W has been here. She's addressed you before, around Christmas.
As have I.
You had an opportunity to change your screen name and your attitude and come back undetected. New names are on here with every new story.
No one would have known.
Traps attitude had changed. Everyone gets along for the most part now that the ppl messing up the flow of the thread are gone, which were the girls complaining about downvotes, which they caused themselves.
So I don't understand the point of continually rehashing solved problems.
You're fighting a losing war.

Apparently there is some shit going down on twitter. There is an account called exposed16&pregnant. However, there aim is at Jordan Cashmyer. They are leaking nudes of her and Sugar.

Wow. I think I have seen enough today lol. It's not even noon!!
But in all seriousness, she was/is/whatever a stripper. She got paid to get naked and flash her titties and flirt with her girl co-workers. I'm not surprised about leaked nudes and making out pics w/ one of her many "besties"

Wow. Isn't "revenge porn" or anything like that illegal? I don't actually know what is legal and what isn't when it comes to leaking photos like that, but I have scrolled past many news stories about it lately!

Ehh I'm never too excited about people who leak other people's nudes. Especially when said person was paid to be seen nude. Even if she wasn't a stripper, she had a baby at 16. We already knew she was getting naked with someone. Idk what the goal is for people who do stuff like this, it's the human body

OMG I made the mistake of looking and wow I did not need to see that at all. Bleh.

Now you see?? That is why I never click on these links! I just read the descriptions and peoples' reactions and that's more than enough for me. I have learned my lesson from others' irrepressible curiosity. Haha! Curiosity killed the cat (and the appetite, especially for many of our favorite foods.) :(

Seriously MTV should just start paying Dustin (who seems to get junkelle off with everything FYI) to be the only lawyer allowed to deal with these girls. Put cameras in his office and we have comedy gold. And I would like to see a lot more of him ;)
On another note in the UK mugshots don't get released (if they even take them? I've never been arrested) and this makes me incredibly sad now I have to imagine what all the lowlife "celebs" in the UK look like as soon as they get arrested.

They do take "mug shots" in the UK but they're not the same as in the USA. I've also seen them in newspapers from time to time. No celebrities though, they get protection and anonymity that no one else gets

I know sometimes newspapers use them like in the James Bulger murder. I always thought the decision to take mug shots were determined on how serious the crime was.

Everyone gets their picture taken when they get booked into custody, I don't know what happens if you get arrested and don't go into custody though

I know someone whose fiance just got arrested here in the US for DV. Does anyone know if all mugshots eventually end up online, or is a just a county-by-county thing? This guy deserves his face all over the internet, so I honestly hope it goes up.

I'm pretty sure they always go online. Your city probably has a site where you can look up people's records and view them.

Try looking it up by county, I live in California and that kind of stuff is usually posted pretty quickly through the county's website.

Ah I tried the city site, it's small and cases go to a municipal court. They have case info but no pictures. Not seeing it on the county site either but I will look again.

Clearly I am having a very boring Sunday.

I wonder who the Season 4 girls that were "too controversial" were. I also like how MTV tried to clean up the 16&P image and then they just dug from the trash bucket for season 5 (with the exception of a few girls)

I know there was a girl from Will County, IL that didn't make it on the show. Starcasm had an article about it ( and it seems that her Myspace page might have been a little rough. Her name is Kia . . . great car name.

Hm. She's interesting. I wonder how she's doing now. Time to go do some googling/facebooking! Lol

Her name is Kia Pence. She's the only rejected teen that I know of. Sadly I'd love there to be more.

Wow. And here I am, going to be 23 in April, I have no failed marriages, no children, and I've never had a run in with the law and never been arrested. Damn, I need to catch up ;)

Right, Meatball. WTH? Get on it! ;)

I'm the exact same Meatball (I'm 23 in October). Does that make us normal or boring?!