Sarah Roberts and Blake Thomas: At it Again

16 & pregnant

sarah roberts 2

Most people will remember Sarah Roberts for a variety of reasons.

1. Her red-headed shrimp boating baby daddy

2. Her hidden second pregnancy

3. Dating Ashley Salazar's ex-boyfriend

4. Her engagement to a guy 10 years older than her

Anyway, regardless of all of the crap that's happened since she became a mom at 17 and appeared on the 3rd season of 16 & Pregnant, she's maintained a relatively low profile. Blake, who is Tinleigh's father, left Sarah to go make more money on a shrimp boat, but ended up moving back to Georgia and impregnating another girl. Sarah was mad that Blake was taking care of his second child, but refused to help raise his first.

When we last saw Sarah, she had petitioned the court to have Tinleigh's last name changed from Thomas to Roberts since Blake didn't have much to do with his daughter.

A few months ago, Sarah shocked the Facebook world when she posted about making amends with her ex-boyfriend, Blake Thomas. Sarah had even allowed Tinleigh to have a play date or two with her sister, Kaelyn.

sarah roberts

Although things looked promising, things look like they've taken a turn for the worst.

Sarah took to Twitter a few days ago to openly discuss Blake's role in Tinleigh's life now.

Sarah tweeted that she was mad about a Facebook post that Blake had made, and clarified that he's still "pathetic to those who know the truth" to which Blake said that Sarah should be a grown up and take her problems to him instead of posting on social media.

Some other concerning things came up in their social media blow up including the fact that Blake bought a house in South Carolina and asked Sarah and Tinleigh to live with him, but they said no.

Blake also accused Sarah's boyfriend Justin of being physically and emotionally abusive, claiming that Tinleigh is terrified to be around him.


I actually agree with Blake on this one, its immature and childish to bash the father of your child on facebook and one day your child could see that. If its true about her new boyfriend being abusive to the child maybe he should step up and go to court for custody of the child if Sarah won't stop it

Also consider this, though: we don't know the whole story. He wasn't a prize himself and he abandoned her and his daughter to go Bubba-Gump his face off in the gulf somewhere. It also sounds like he asked a woman who's in a relationship and has a child with another man to move in with him, which is a little bit sketchy. As I have no idea about any of these people, I have to reserve judgement until someone informs me otherwise (probably further down the thread.) ;)

The age difference thing still skeeves me out but my husband is 7 years older than me...that's only three less than 10 years so maybe I can't judge. How old was she when they got together? That makes a huge difference to me, personally. And if he IS being abusive, I DO hope they get the kids out of that situation in any way possible. And I hope this girl gets herself out before it comes to her first daughter's father having to petition the court to do it for her.

I totally agree about Blake being a deadbeat, I thought I'd written that in there but obviously not. What I meant was that if you knew your child was living in an abusive household you would do anything in your power to make sure you got them out of that situation, Blake hasn't done anything for Tinleigh to make sure she is safe, but then he hasn't really done much for her ever. The ten year age gap thing isn't a big deal to me either to be honest but I honestly thought this guy looked about 50 and that as an age gap is just too much. I stand by what i said about him looking creepy though and I don't understand how she can find him sexually attractive enough to have a baby with him

Daddy issues.

I think you may be right neck mole, do these girls not realise what kind of example they're setting for their own girlses though. Poor Tinleighs probably going to have some severe daddy issues of her own one day

Oh most definitely he should get his kid out of an abusive situation. But that takes more effort than calling the other guy an abuser on social media.

And yes...regardless of the age difference, aesthetically, it looks CREEPY as hell for the two of them to have reproduced.

Totally agree with the age thing Rae... There is a difference between a 40 yr old woman dating a 50 yr old man and a guy who is damn near 30 hooking up with a little 18 yr old girl.

Yeah, he's super sketchy. She's still at the point where she's probably still trying to figure out her life and who she is, while he's already established. Plus he looks like he's fifty, not thirty.

My friend recently set me up with his brother (who is a Corey- looks, personality, charm and all!) who has an obsession with Forest Gump. I read him the part of your comment about Gump and Bubba and he is now sitting next to me laughing and Nathan seal clapping.

Anyway, I dated someone four years older than I was at the time and it was a little awkward but this is just over the top.

Hope your Corey works out well!!

These girls are ridiculous. I feel like we've all had the "keep your baby daddy drama off social media" discussion more times than Jenelle has said that she's getting her life together! Seriously, I want to like Sarah and we all know Blake was a loser, but get a grip, girl. Harping on about it on facebook or whatever doesn't make you look any better than him. Let him make himself look stupid, worry about yourself and your daughters.

Also, I'm going down the shallow road to say that boyfriend/fiance is so creepy looking, he almost makes Javi look like a catch. He seriously looks like he could be her father. Even though Blake wasn't a good father himself, I don't blame him for not wanting Tinleigh around him. Just looking at that guy makes me uncomfortable. And I love the stink eye that baby is giving.

Did anyone else assume this was going to be another pregnancy, or was it just me?

I'll join you on the shallow road to hell and agree the guy looks really old and creepy, his head looks huge too. Is he the father of Tessly or whatever fucked up name that baby has.

TINLAIGHYYYYY. Fucking stupid ass name.

Tinley screams "trendy and made up" to me. Tinleigh screams "I'm on baby head dye."

Or future stripper

Lol. I know a girl from high school who named her daughter Tinley, but spelled it the normal way, not all those extra vowels and letters like Tinleigh. Isn't Jenelle's sister Ashleigh? Man I'm sorry but that's so weird. No offense to people who spell their names that way, but it must be a huge pain in the ass to have to correct everyone and spell out your unnecessarily long name all the time. What's wrong with spelling names the way that they sound?

Cause they want to be yoonique

Can someone explain to me how Leigh sounds like Lee? Haha I never ever pronounce it right. I'm not trying to be a douche about it, but in my mind, Tinleigh is TinLAY. Ashleigh is AshLAY and Kayleigh is KayLAY. I think it's more popular in the south, and the yooniqueness of it is just starting to catch on in my area. I don't mean any disrespect, I know a lot of people use it as a family name, but seriously never even heard of the name Leigh until like 2 years ago.

I love when people ask me to spell my name (Emily). I'm like, uh, the normal way? I did go to school with an Emileigh, so I know it happens and I get it. But if you tell me your name is Ashley, that's how I'm going to spell it unless told otherwise.

TTB, I know you're just a wee fetus but have you ever read Freakonomics? For anyone who hasn't, go check it out. They have a chapter devoted to what people name their kids which is hilarious. In there they list several different spellings of the name "Unique" found on birth certificates. There is also a bit about the correlation of the spelling of Jasmine and the mother's level of education. I'm sure everyone can guess who named their daughter Jasmine and who named theirs Jazzmynne.

However there are some names that I'm down with alternate spellings of. Casey and Caitlin are two that come to mind. Personally I know a Casey, Kasey, Kaycee, and Cayce. I don't know what the proper spelling of Caitlin is but the way I'm spelling it is my guess.

And Tinley is an unattractive sounding name no matter how it's spelled. Tin? As in tin foil or Rin Tin Tin?

I've seen some spell Casey as Keighsie.

The Girlses, that is an abomination. How do people even come up with those ideas?

I think the Leigh sounding like Lee thing is a Gaelic thing. It's always bothered me though because it's usually presented in this form: "Leighanne." I hate that damn name. (sorry if I offended anyone.)

Oh, I got more...


Rae is right, the "leigh" in Kayleigh or Ashleigh is Gaelic. As a language, Gaelic likes to stick a lot of vowels in a word but pretty much go with the most counter-intuitive pronunciation ever. I have battled with this my whole life: I'm a Caitriona, but it's pretty much prononced Katrina.
Leighanne is just straight up bullshit though (sorry to any Leighannes). It's like a southern Gothic-Gaelic splice that went very wrong.
If Barbarah's name was Gaelic, it would be Baraball. Just saying.

@ the girlses - my head just exploded trying to read those abominations. What is wrong with Erica?!? It took me several times saying that out loud to realize it was Erica!!! Wtf is wrong with people, it's like they are high when handing out life long names

Girlses, are those all people you know in real life? Because I can't imagine writing out birthday cards and stuff and remembering all of that craziness. How do you remember that Myleigh has a y first and then the eigh, but Keighley is the other way around?

Most are friends of friends. Or names I've come across when I went to school. Or other's kids.

Tinleigh reminds me of the the tinsel you put on Christmas trees lol. What a terrible name.

I think I just gave myself a stroke over figuring out how to say Caydencelee and Lededxy. Poor kids. Trying to pronounce the rest is like a fun word puzzle since they're based on real names lol.

I met a Lía during my degree. I guess their parents like the name Leah and just made a phonetic transcription to spanish.

The guy looks like Igor from Young Frankenstein, but worse.

My son had an Auxtyn (I think I got that right) and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be Austin. Dumb as shit in my opinion.

I went to school with a girl named aaimee- and people looked at me crazy because my mom obviously had no imagination when she named me Amy

Picked my daughter up from daycare today and realized her cubby is next to the new girl named Awwbry.

I feel incredibly sorry for that child. There is a huge difference between unique names and just being a plain asshole with the spelling. The woman who named her kid awwbry falls into the asshole category!

Met a girl the other day whose name was Brytny. Awful...

My cousin named one of her twins "Ceilidh" which is apparently they Gaelic spelling of "Kaley." I'm not good at Gaelic so we got the birth announcement in the mail and I was reading it to my mom and it went like this: "Okay they were born on blah blah blah, their names are Kaden and...Kah...Kah-diddle? What the fuck is this word?"

A friend of a girl I went to school with named her son Izyk. How awful.

I know a couple of people called Ceilidh, but I'm in the UK. It's also the name of a big Scottish dance.

Seriously, when I saw Tessly giving that dirty look, I thought she was seriously pissed off that she and her sister were going to have to go through the rest of their lives with those I-picked-a-handful-of-scrabble-tiles names.

10 points to griffindor for banging Skankazars ex. *gag*

Waitwaitwait, skankazar didn't bang this geezer, right? It was a different guy?

Different guy and he died in a car accident or something. Sorry for Ashley's bucktooth potato face.

Thanks for clearing up, ttb

Don't ask me why I know such stupid information.

I appreciate your useless knowledge, as always :)

Awww <3 Lol I just remember Sarah and Skankazar fighting about it on Twitter when he died. I guess he died when he was dating Sarah and Ashley said some shit how she loved him...and Sarah got mad and blah blah blah. It actually is kind of a shame cause he seemed nice (even though he dated Skankazar) and him and Sarah seemed happy....and it was a lot less creepy than this guy.

That is sad. I liked Sarah, I would have liked to see her with a nice guy.

It's good to know two women who claimed to love a guy took his tragic death and made it all about themselves on social media. Hooray for our generation. *Weeps in the corner*

@Rae sounds like Farrah. On her 16 and preggers episodeshe was a raging ccan't to Derek, then he dies and all the sudden he was the love of her life and soul mate.

That should say raging cunt btw. Autocorrect is too nice.

No, I like "raging ccan't." As in "she's such a raging cunt I just...I c-can't."

My cousin named her daughter tenly. She got it from the movie summers catch. I don't really like her and her daughter is a spoiled brat. So I'm not not keen on the name

Isn't it amazing how a shit person can RUIN an entire name?

I remember that movie! It's a last name and it IS a legit name until you fuck it up with a weird spelling like Sarah did.

The name Nathan has ALMOST been ruined for me from watching this show. I've always loved that name. If Jenelle starts dating an Alexander, I'm done watching!

I love the name Nathan too. I'm pretty sure it's ruined for me. Meh all the Alex's I've met were aholes.

I met a unique who spelled it U'Neek.
I just said "well, that is unique," and went home to cry

How do you catch a unique rabbit? You neek up on it!!
How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way!!!
(I know, I know... Get off the baby head dye, skanky)

You're not turned on by his hot pink polo shirt? *vomit*

Tyler's Trap Baby, I admitted to thinking Javi is more desirable than this man. I officially can sink no lower in life.

Dude he is. I will take Javi's derp eyes and mouth breathing and moobs over this creep any day. That's pretty bad. The funny thing is he's what in his 30's and he looks 50.

WHAT? he's in his 30s? I thought he was 45!

Who is making babies with this red headed shrimp boater??? He must be good in bed or something. And then this second baby daddy looks like he could be Tinleigh's grandpa. I think Sarah is pretty and could do way better than ginger or grandpa.

Lol ginger or grandpa. She reminds me of Summer, really pretty but rather dumb.

You shut your mouth and stop storyin'!!!

(I'm joking. I have no opinion on either of these girls enough to defend the with that much vigor. I just love using "storyin'" in every day conversation.)

Her second BD looks like a serial killer that lures children with candy. She seriously must have zero confidence.

Just looking at her, I feel like she should be able to do better, based on appearance. But I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted an older guy to take care of her. But she could still do better than him. Blake said on Twitter that he was verbally abusive and that he helped Sarah leave him a couple of times, but she always went back. He lured her in the way all of these girls' creepy new boyfriends do, with a job marginally better than their own, the promise of new trap babies, a place to live other than their mama's house and most importantly, the chance that their first child will get a new "father figger." (Is it me, or do they all pronounce it "figger?") Blake is obviously an ass, but this guy looks dangerous.

LOL at figger. That's really sad how stupid they are, and they get tempted by $$$ security etc. Blake, hypocrite much? I remember him cussing Sarah out and tellig her to shut the fuck up, etc. not to mention didn't he have like ZERO contact with his daughter for years? He's one to talk. What a fucking hot mess... Yeah Blake is an idiot but you're right this guy is infinitely creepier

Daddy issues maybe?

Absolutely daddy issues

As Gregory House would say, "It's ALWAYS the dad."

(And it's never lupus.)

I love House...I would marry him and he still looks younger than Sarah's prince charming.

Sorry Trap Baby, but I'm going to have to intervene here: House is all mine. Has been for years. You all can lust after Corey and his dad, but House and his misanthropy, scotch-swirling and irreverence is mine alone.
Oh shit, guess I love the bad boys too. :D

Ahhhh man! I love the bad ones too. You know who else I like and this is WEIRD don't judge. Gordon Ramsey. When he starts throwing shit around and cussing at everyone I'm just like YES. I have problems...

My ABSOLUTE favorite bad boy though....and this so pathetic and I don't even care was Spike from Buffy. I was obsessed. I miss that damn show so much. But Spike is mine and I can have Corey's dad and Corey on weekends. And you can get House and sometimes we can swap except for Spike because he's mine mine mine. And I also want a side of McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy.

I loved Angel, tall, dark and handsome. That was a terrible spin-off

Team Spike. Spuffy forever. Angel was hot but a terrible actor.

I ADORE House. Not Hugh Laurie though, just House. Jessie Spencer was pretty hot as Chase too.

And my God, I thought that was going to be a picture of Sarah with her proud Dad...ergh.

I liked Xander. Lol. I have a thing for dark haired geeks apparently.

Xander was adorbs. Damnit I miss that show terribly.

Not to mention his gi-fucking-gantic forehead.

He's got the Maci fivehead

The receding hairline does him no favors in the forehead department.'s like his hair is slowly backing away from his creeper eyes and sliding down the back.

He so is, the only thing he was good at was standing there brooding. Which was fine in Buffy, it was pretty much the role.

Wrong spot...

Who Angel? He was soooooo bad. So hot but so such a bad actor.

He is a lot better in Bones

Yea I heard that's a good show.

It's a fantastic show. TJ Thyne plays an entomologist with a beautiful beard and a sparkle in his eyes. Also, a few seasons in, they get John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks.

Rae, I'm guessing you didn't see the season premier?!?!

On the bright side,both his children (somehow!) escaped his ginger locks and ugly face. Whew would of been a close one procreating with that dude.

As the hopeful future mother of a ginger baby, HOW DARE YOU?!

(I'm blonde. Husband is brunette/dirty blonde. But he was a ginger baby and I was a bald baby...we'll see how that goes. Also, by hopeful future, I meant I'm not pregnant at the moment so no one flip out.)

My mom is a ginger, it skipped my sister and I if i have a girl I wouldn't mind if she's a ginger but if it's a boy thanks. For some reason I've never seen ginger boys as attractive. Or very few. ginger girls are beautious though.

I LOVE red hair. My son has brown hair, but I was hoping for red when I was pregnant. Me and his dad are both dark blonde, but his dad's brother is a redhead and I have a redheaded uncle and cousin, so the genes were there. It's always surprised me that more people don't like red hair.

lol Im sorry to all gingers and future gingers out there... but THAT ginger. Ew.

She has some interesting taste in men. Her 2 baby dads are quite the lookers. I love how all these dads like Blake, Adumb, Rhine, etc seem to get more involved once the kid is fucking 4.

Because they've changed!!! People can change for good!!!(sarcastic)

its because thats when the kids dont cry as much and really shouldnt need a diaper change and can tell you what they need. Essentially they are easier to watch then a baby and they take them places like the park.

Exactly. Haha I remember reading about Henry VIII and how he wouldn't really interact with all of his kids till they were like 5 lmao

I heard stories like that too about King Henry VIII. I also heard this conspiracy theory that while Elizabeth was living at another castle, she got sick and died when she was a little girl. She was replaced by another child close to her in age that looked a lot like her (possibly an illegitimate half sibling or cousin) and her father never noticed, since he barely saw her anyway. It's really absurd, but I do love myself a good conspiracy theory.

Even the mom's didn't really take care of the children. Other people did. Or so I remember reading.

Well, Henry the VIII also married his brother's wife, separated from the Pope in order to marry his mistress who he later beheads and had four more wives in the pursuit of having an male heir. Not surprised. LOL

You're right, they didn't. I actually think it might have varied, depending on who it was. Not sure about Catherine of Aragon. I don't think Anne Boleyn did much for Elizabeth, and Jane Seymour died when Edward was a newborn. That was the last of his children. Then was Anne of Cleves, who didn't last long because Henry preferred bimbos, but I think she actually wanted the children around more. Kathryn Howard was younger than Bloody Mary when she became queen, and I think she was more into being ratchet and sleeping around than being a stepmother, and then was Katherine Parr who married Edward's uncle, Thomas Seymour after Henry died and I think the children lived with her.

I know Mary was sent away when Henry married Anne. I am not sure what age though. Relatively young though. Of course, he wasn't so concerned about his female heirs as he was his male. He had bastard son that he did acknowledge and who knows how many he didn't. Even Elizabeth might have had a half-brother/cousin.

Oh, history.

You know, I think you're right about Anne of Cleves. I'd also like to add the disclaimer that everything I know about history (and pretty much everything I claim to know about) I learned from tv. While I have watched several legitimate documentaries on Henry VIII and company, most of my knowledge about them comes from The Tudors.

The Tudors was the best. I think most of that show was pretty accurate actually! I read a lot about it, it's REALLY interesting! It's like Teen Mom drama but better. LOL.

I actually never watched the Tudors. I read books about Anne Boleyn and Bloody Mary. They were called Young Royals or something like that. I looked more into it later. I will admit, I did have to go back and double check my facts because they were romanticized I'm favor of the girls.

Let me clarify. Lol. I looked up more information after reading the books year back.

Girlses, were they called Royal Diaries or something? Because I loved those books!

Tyler's Trap Baby, last winter it snowed a lot here, and I think I watched all four seasons of The Tudors in under two weeks. I want to marry like 2/3 of the men on that show.

It was Young Royals by Carolyn Meyer.

Henry Cavill IS MINE. John Rhys Meyers is also fine as fuck good Lord. That was a way for me to not be bored by history.

I learned more on a teen mom blog than I did my entire career as an elementary, middle, and high school student.

Seriously, I have learned so much on here.

And we need to work out a way to share Henry Cavill. You can't just keep the most attractive guy on the whole show all to yourself.

He was at comic con in San Diego this year and heard he's very polite and sweet which just makes me heart him more. We can take turns its fine. Seriously he's gorgeous. Jon Rhys Meyers too <3 I have a thing for Irish guys.

I would love to meet Henry Cavill! Seriously, I think someone may have said this before, but how glorious would it be if there was a 16 and pregnant con?! We could get the chance to heckle Nikkole and Skankazar in person. And of course, we would meet Corey and Jeff!!!

This needs to happen

Am I a bad person because I liked my niece better before she was 4? She's turned into hell on wheels. I liked it before she learned how to talk.

Maybe, but I am too. I like humans before they turn an age where they are corrupted bratty little shit heads that want iphones. So that's usually before age 3. Maybe I like it because they can't talk much.

Lol, totally agree! I love teaching them to talk etc., but once they can and start talking back etc. they kind of intimidate me. I much prefer babies/toddlers, and then when they're 16 on lol. I don't have much experience with kids...

I know it's a horrible thing to say but kids from around 8-14 just irritate me ahaha they start being cheeky and think they're funny when they're just being immature or rude. Definitely better when they're too little to talk ahah. I'm almost finished training to become an elementary school teacher too! Aha

When I say immature I mean when a 9 year old starts acting like a baby, obviously children aren't "mature" haha

That's not awful it's completely true. That's a period of their lives when they're bratty, soul-sucking little know-it-alls. The boys beat each other up and the girls just get MEAN as hell.

John Mulaney has a great standup bit about how 13 year olds are the meanest people in the world.

I'm the total opposite. I'm not good at all with babies and toddlers and talking to someone who doesn't really respond and all that. I suck at it. Once kids are like 5 or 6, I'm so much better. So I totally get the dads liking them more when they're older (no excuse for being mainly absent until then though).

I just realised that my interactions with children 4-14 are like my bad dating experiences.

Me: 'So... what are you in to?

Them: '[something that I don't know what it is/have nothing at all to say about]

At some point they will want to play with my hair and probably tell me that I'm a little bit weird. Then they will either say something vaguely insulting, or have a full blown tantrum at me/someone in front of me. *back away slowly*

I also read that the second BD was married or something when he met Sarah. True love right there.

Do we know if he has other children?

God I hope not.

Yes. They're older than Sarah.

Are you serious? If so this is the best day ever.


No, I'm sorry, I was totally joking. Didn't know anyone had any actual facts on him - I was originally just guessing that he was in his fifties. But if he really is only 31, that would probably be biologically impossible.
Still. Serious ick factor.

Oh yeah I keep thinking he's 50

Who the fuck dates a teenager while still being married/10+ years her age?!?! That's called stat rape in a good chunk of states. It's disgusting. She's no better either. As a mother, I can bet she would flip shit if her daughter did that. Way to be an example for your daughters ...

He was married with 2 or 3 kids already under his belt, she definitely pick a winner here

That makes me wonder a couple of things (actually, a lot of things) primarily about if he spends much time with his older children from his marriage. How many dirtbags have we seen move on to be their new woman's psuedo baby daddy, while ignoring their own child? And then create some replacement babies? (Oh, hi Nathan) The snarky little part of me wants to know how old hos kids are. If he has a kid less than 10 years younger than her, I'll laugh my ass off.

He got married according to either the comment section on teenmomtalk or starcasm, he did do the traditional married and then had kids, some said he was married around 25 and I believe he went to college or a trade school as will so is not working a McDonald's, he actually has a real job.

Less than ten years younger than Sarah? I should hope so. If they're older than ten years younger than her, he had the when he was a teen himself. Or am I just really bad at math and sleep deprived? This is like my worst algebra nightmare.

My point with less than ten years younger was that he looks way older than just 30. He looks older than Jeff Simms and Randilicious. He looks like a good match for Mama Dawn now that I'm thinking about it. He looks like he's in his mid 40s to me, which would make it very possible that he had teenagers.

Don't even bring my prince charming into this

I was merely stating how sexual your prince charming is still looking at 48, in comparison to this freak who is allegedly 30.

Thank you. Yes yes he is. Its bad when April who looks like she was born addicted to meth looks younger than this pedobear.

...It's like these girls get a manual upon completion of taping their episodes of how to be homewrecking whorebags.

And don't get me wrong: it's his fault, too. They both suck.

I wonder if he used his medical ID bracelet to propose to Sarah...

Well, forget Disney movies. This beautiful relationship is giving me unfair expectations about love.

I wonder if his medical ID bracelet says, "Allergies: Sulfa, strawberries and appropriately aged women."

@rae, your comment reminded me of the Mother's Day episode of Golden Girls where Blanche was telling a story about her being 17 and running off with some 50 year old dude who proposed with his ID bracelet that said "Allerigic to the law" on it.
I love me some Golden Girls.

Well, in regards to my earlier post about assuming that this was another pregnancy announcement, my suspicions weren't completely off base. I was just going through her twitter, and she was talking about losing weight and I came across this gem:

@ I strongly believe it was my birth control. My appetite has changed drastically since having it removed

9:10am - 16 Sep 14

So it may be very possible that I took it out of context, I'm like 107 years old and not good at the technology, but it would appear that she is not on birth control. Let the baby makin' begin.

I thought it was gonna be another pregnancy announcement too. I just wasn't sure why her grandpa was in the picture.

He was excited about being a great grandpa, of course!

So gross. Do we know how they met? I'm guessing online, I can't imagine her seeing him and giving him he number, but who knows.

I'm pretty sure he was her boss

What kind of stupid name can she give the next one? Textlie?

I would suggest Trapplyn but I know that's taken. I wouldn't dare suggest that someone copy Princess Catelynn and Queen Tyler's baby name.

Traplynn is fine for them. I'm being named Varly, remember?

Of course, I'm sorry. Wouldn't you rather be Varleigh though?

Varleigh Vutch is suitable yes.

I think you mean Trapplie because it has to match her other girlses. Maybe she can use a hashtag on twitter like Leah #TTTleeeeeeSisters #mykidseshavemadeupnameses #raisingfuturestrippers #sorrygirlses #daddyissues


The look on that baby's face perfectly describes my feelings on the situation.

Wait, she dated Skankazar's ex? Like her baby daddy Justin or someone else? SO confusing. I never heard about that. Quite the dick hopper this one. Sarah has probably the worst taste in men out of all of these girls. Blake and the older dude are not cute. WTF is wrong with her?

Worst taste in men, hmmm...that's controversial, i don't know if she deserves that title, because Jenelle and Briana are also contenders for "miss worst taste in men"

At least Gary (Jenelle's Gary NOT Amber's) was somewhat ok looking. and at least Keifah was funny. Blake was a creepy asshole ginger and this guy looks like the creepy strangers you warn your kids about. Yeah Briana I definitely can't stick up for her lol, although Devoin was gay at least he had hair.

Eh then again Nathan screams stranger danger too...same with Courtland. I dunno. If this was a who would you rather game I'd just take death.

Haha I love when we play who would you rather. I think if this guy was a contender in the game, I would just pick anyone else before him.

Even Gary? (Amber's Gary).

Don't make me go there...

I won't. I won't.

Kail and Javi
Maci and Kyle
Amber and pedophile that changed Leah's diaper
Girl in music video that is mma and Forest
Alex and Matt
Leah and Juurmey and every other month Robbie

Most of these girls have horrid taste.

Bahahaha Lindsey. Surprised she didn't star in one of Jo's music videos. Glad he's stopped with that nonsense.

I think I'd prefer Amber's Gary simply because there's ZERO threat of sex (does he have a sophisticated pulley and lever system in his bedroom?!) and I can just throw pastries across the room to distract him if he tried to make a move on me for anything else that might be a slight possibility.

Yeah, I know that's a very broad statement since probably 90% of the dudes on this show are very questionable in some way or another, but as far as physically good looking, Blake and old man are not. I don't think Sarah is ugly, I would think she could do better, but I guess with that personality a lot of guys wouldn't go for her. Also, I don't know why, but I found it really strange that in her 16&P episode her mother did her makeup every day.

My mother did my makeup ONCE. In 6th grade. She made me look like Endora from Bewitched mixed with a street walker. I never asked her to/let her do it again.

And her hair. I agree. She is a pretty girl. Where does she find these creepy men?

Oh God, Rae, you just reminded my of my first ballet recital when I was 7. The woman who was supposed to do my makeup that day cancelled, so my mother, the most cosmetically challenged woman on the planet, had to do it at the last minute. I seriously looked like a child hooker and clown rolled into one. My costume had a metallic gold tutu, it was atrocious. And she had the nerve to take PICTURES of me looking like that. I cried too which made the whole look worse. I remember when my husband saw the photo for the first time at my grandma's house and laughed at me for an hour straight. Easily one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and there's photo evidence to prove how frightening I looked. Ugh I cringe thinking about it. My mother has never touched my face with makeup since then, thank God. I wouldn't let her for any of my other recitals after that. I learned my lesson that's for sure, LOL.

Bahahaha!! And dance makeup is already WAY overboard so I can't imagine how awful that was. My mom has this sneaky habit of coming into town with "a box of my stuff" every damn time and once, there were pictures of me in softball and I have them hidden in the basement so my husband can't find them. He found them, though, OF COURSE, and came upstairs with a stupid smirk on his face and then whipped them out. There I was in all my chubby faced, feathered hair (not intentional...that's just how it dried all the time...think more like pigeon going through a ceiling fan than Farrah Fawcett) and red cheeked glory. Brb...need to go burn those pictures...

So that creepy guy is ashley's ex? Or it's someone else she didn't try to trapbaby?

Nah different guy named Jordan Baker

Wow..... that guy looks super old.... like in his middle 30s ( not implying that's old but it's too old to be with a teenager thats for sure)

Is that her babies father?

I'm a little freaked out....

Damnit I'm 30. But yea fuck I would never date a 20 year old (or however she is). Yup that's her baby's father....sickening honestly.

It's irritating and disgusting how older men act to younger women. No crap, these conversations HAVE happened more than once. I'm 23 and have clearly stated I will not date over 10 years older than me.

Random: "heeeyyy sexy"
Me: "no, just no."
Random: "what! Why!"
Me: "you're in your 40s, my dad is 47. Absolutely not happening."
Random: "what a bitch, age is just a number. You couldn't handle this anyway."

And that's where I block. What I find the most sickening is a lot of these jackasses have daughter displayed on their profile. Do none of them stop to think "there's no way in hell I'd let my daughter do this"?

So gross. I think they're like what do I have to lose?? Some FIFTY SEVEN year old keeps bugging me to go out with him. I told him my dad is a little bit older than you, I find you disgusting and its not going to fucking happen. So gross. Not to mention a lot of guys that are a lot older tend to be very controlling from what I hear. They think they're older and wiser so its almost like a father daughter relationshit. SO. CREEPY.

You would LOVE the subreddit CreepyPMs on reddit. It's full of what you just described and some of them are hilarious.

30 isn't old! It's just too old to be messing with a 17-20 year old.

I don't know... he's bailed though....

I mean if I was her age given she's about 20 there's no way I'd do that....

I mean let's just say the time she was " knocked up" he was bailed....

If I was her age 16-17 I couldn't...

And no I'm not trying to be judgemental at all I'm just telling the truth.

Oh I absolutely agree its disgusting

My husband is 7 years older than me and in his 30s but this guy looks waaaay older. He looks about 45!
I actually think it's not a bad idea for these girls to date someone a few years older in order to end up with someone mature (ie not Miley lovin, bitching about baby day javi) i think Taylor from 16 and pregnant is dating an older man as well.. Only he's good looking not like this monster lol!!

I kind if liked Sarah in her episode and felt bad that her bf was a douche but I completely changed my mind after she talked crap about him having another child in her catch up while hiding the fact that she was pregnant.. Why not just say nothing at all?? What a bitch!

Same! We got married after he had turned 30 about 2 months before I turned 23 but he doesn't look 30 at all. Now I'm 26 and he'll be 34 early next year but I don't think we look that much different in age. This guy looks like Mr. Burns and she looks all young and fresh faced...ugh.

I want to like her because it takes a strong woman to step up and raise a child without the father. But damn, she is a hypocrite and very judgemental. Her first baby daddy was a loser and she harped on him for having another child so soon, all while SHE WAS ALREADY PREGNANT with a married old fart. Her situation is no better than Blake. She's probably a wonderful mother, but once again can't keep shit off of social media.

I have no idea who she is lol. And he looks almost exactly like a couple of the "gentlemen" I've turned down on dating sites. You only find the best of the best there, folks.

Hahaha that's great!

I just laughed out loud in Starbucks.

That actually looks like a father posing with this three younger girls... disturbing

That's exactly what I thought. Like got remarried or something and had two babies while his older daughter that he had in his 20s was a teenager.

babydaddy drama on social media isn't cute.

tinleigh might be the stupidest name i've ever heard.

i'm surprised her romance with her old as balls baby daddy is still a thing. why is it still a thing??

He probably has money.

All of the money in the world could not make me fuck that

Me either but then again I wouldn't spread my legs and pop a kid out on video for it either. Blech.

Every time I read the name Tinleigh it reminds me of tinsel and Christmas for some reason.

Me too. And titty tassels. It's just an awful name.


This may have just got even more gross....

This is her EX right?

Or is it her current lover.....

( It's gross either way though :( )

It doesn't matter if this is her ex, her current bf, or her dad, she procreated with him, and he's gross. And, it's gross. Blech.

As far as I understand, the old man is her CURRENT significant other.

He looks terrible for 30. Are we sure he isn't 30 plus 15? Maybe the schools aren't well there.

I know, I would have pegged him at late forties, early fifties.

Maybe they meant thirty years older than her.

I bet they did!

she probably told people it was 10 years because she was embarrassed to say the real age difference. And honestly, if you have to lie about an age difference because your embarrassed, then there's a problem...

Just to let you guys know, that some internet trolls have found old profiles of this guy(like MySpace,AIM,ETC), and he post as his birth year as 1976 or 1978( I don't remember, and I am way to lazy to find out) and he is two years younger than Sarah's mom, and when then meet he was married with two or three kids, so he left his wife for Sarah. For so odd reason Sarah has been telling her fans that they are only ten years apart( so is Sarah's new bd new social media profile)when in reality they both can't fool anyone.

Ewww I am so disgusted! I knew he looked he older than she was saying!

She has fans??? Not that she was bad or wtvr but she was just so forgettable...and was on for what 45 minutes? Maybe she'll auction off her shoes or something.

Right?! I don't know how ANY of these girls have fans! I mean, I know there are sites like this, but we are FAARRR from fans, this is more like our "talk shit forum"!

You know, for us "haterz"

Just to clear some stuff up, because I didn't post every detail that I know:
His name is Justin Fine. He is 10 years older than Sarah according to online court reports, etc. We believe that he's 31 years old currently.
He went to school, but isn't using his degree. He was Sarah's manager when they met.
He was married when he and Sarah started dating, but he does not have any children from his previous marriage. Tessly is his only biological child. He is also currently divorced. His ex-wife's name is Danielle.
Not like knowing any of this information makes things better, but I guess it's good to get it out there.

EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL!!!!!!!!!! Omg the worst is that he was her manager. It's like a bad movie.

I had some pretty creepy managers in the past. It happens. They were both married with at least one kid. It's crazy how scuzzy some guys can be (and some women too, I'm sure).

Are you kidding? This is like The Notebook. They're going to die in each other's arms.

We can just add The Notebook to the list of things that Jenelle and Nathan have ruined.

I will never let them ruin notebook...never!! damn assholes!

If Nathan's a bird, I'm not a bird and I hope he flies into a sliding glass door. Hard.

He looks more like 41 or 51......

My dad is 56 and looks younger than this creep.

I'm 37 and my hubby is 42 and this dude looks older than BOTH of us..COMBINED.

Manager for what?

31?! My fiance is 8 1/2 years older than me. He's in his early thirties, but older than him, and he looks wayyyyy younger than this guy. Man, that guy must have some realllllyyy bad genes.

Hell, my dad was married twice before he met my mom (yeah, he's an ass, we're up to his engagement for his fifth wedding now), which means he was almost forty when I was born and is in his early sixties now. And he looks younger than this guy. Seriously.
Either this guy had really bad genes, or a really bad lifestyle for a while.

His twitter handle also used to be something like "mrfine", so there's that.
No you're not fine.


So, his daughter is Tessly and Sarah's daughter is Tinleigh? Seriously? Do some people just make up names because they sound cute? Do they not realize that these girls are going to be adults and old ladies someday who may not appreciate such a cutesy sounding name? Come one people!

YES! They totally do that! Just make up some random shit, spell it weird and bingo bongo, there ya go! What I really think they don't realize is that the kid has to live with that dumb name forever. They don't even sound cute! I don't know whats wrong with these chicks.

Sigh. I guess I'm just old fashioned when it comes to names, I like the classics. I wouldn't choose something like Tessly. Even my dog has a real name. Lol

31?! Really? I'm 31 and that guy looks old enough to be MY dad!

Skeletor is actually 29. His DOB is listed as sometime in 1985 in the online court records. So Sarah's not lying about the age gap. The situation still creeps me out though because Sarah would've been barely 19 when they hooked up.

Yea, I'm one of those internet trolls who likes to look for this type of useless shit lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1985??! That makes us the same I feel old now :-(

found his twitter @mrfineone85

and apparently they read the comments. didn't appreciate the grandpa name calling. lol

Hahaha! You're totally right. I don't understand why these girls read sites like this. If I was going to be on a TV show because of my poor decision making skills I would probably just assume anything anyone said about me wouldn't be nice. I do love that they all seem to say some variation of "it isn't your business" when something unflattering is posted about them yet they're the ones who constantly post their business on social media.

Yeah, don't VOLUNTEER/sign up to be on a show for all of America to see. For crying out loud. If they were so concerned about their privacy they wouldn't post dumb shit on social media. Or at least have the wherewithal to use privacy settings and have their accounts set to private!

Oh, and nothing Megan wrote is even mean? That all came from us soooo

sooooo...we're bitches and we made him cry. I'm okay with that. Excuse me while I try to go microwave my cold, black heart and see if that helps.

Javi's sister Lydia must also read the site because her Instagram is private now lmaoooooo

I honestly believe they all troll here from time to time and thumb is down. You can tell that there seems to be a theme with the thumbs down when they happen.

I for one think it's a TRAVESTY that no one who knew these people in high school has come to these forums and given us the dirt. C'mon! What's the point of growing in up IOWA if you can't come to an online forum and explain to me how specifically horrible Farrah Abraham is?!

I just read on starcasm that Catelynn's mum April got married again to a guy named Rich. I didn't even know her and Butch were officially divorced.

Does anyone else think he looks a little bit like Roger from American Dad?

Mr. Rogers also comes to mind. ( You're probably too young to know that reference)

Nope, Mr. Rogers was still going until 2000 or something!

As in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood?! Shut your hole, VARLEIGH!

A little. And if his hair was a little darker, it could be Quagmier from Family Guy. Giggety giggety!

He does look pretty Quagmireish! It wss the shape of his head that made me say Roger.

Our vets name is peter griffin and he looks EXACTLY like the guy from family guy. My husband thinks its hilarious.

Chelsea's mom is Lois ALL day


Megan, I'm sorry but I refuse to believe he is only 31. My mom is 41 and always gets mistaken as my sister (I'm 18). I don't like judging people based on their age differences but this is just too creepy. I don't blame Blake at all for not wanting Tinleigh around him. Going to the shallow end of the pool for a second and asking how she finds him sexually attractive enough to have a baby with him. I need a shower just looking at this picture, blah.

On a random note:

I almost want to change my name to ROBERTS Cheeto flavored condoms.

I really thought leah was bad but this..... this is just.....

Robbie was at least within Leahs age range & he wasn't bailed.

The two girls are about equal for me though.....

I don't care how good of mother you are there will be a dad were you have to somewhat be okay with you're baby daddy.

For those of you who don't understand my screen name:

Robbie Cheeto flavored condoms- it's simple really, Leah would do anything for Cheetos. And she cheated on her husband the day before the weeding with this Robbie.

I'm sorry although it had to have played a role in Corey and Leahs relationship what she did before they were engaged has to be put in the dust to some degree but to cheat on your husband like that....


( He's human, he's not perfect but he cares about his family and he is generally a good hearted person from what I can tell)

I don't know why anyone would cheat on Corey..however the fact that they're broken up is actually good because he deserved someone much better.

Sarah's Great Taste is also a possibly screen name. Thank you for that explanation, and yes only a meth head would cheat on Corey. WITH ROBBIE TOO wtf he was hideous.

*possible. too much baby dye.

for some reason my comments aren't posting :(

She must have got knocked up pretty damn fast. Her boyfriend (Skankazars ex) died in January, and she had her kid on October 1st that year. Talk about moving on.

Maybe it's too early in the morning for me to be attempting math, but wouldn't that make it possible that Tessly was the dead boyfriend's baby?

It is possible.

Hi guys, I have never commented on this before (big fan of the site, thanks Megan!) but I thought I would throw in a few things I do know about Skankazars ex boyfriend Jordan. Sarah and Jordan broke up sometime in 2012 before he passed away. I know they were not really speaking at the time of this death and they had never met in person so he couldn't have been the father of her baby. I actually am not sure if he knew about the guy she was seeing at the time of his death. I was a friend of Jordan's and we spoke everyday. He really cared about Sarah but I just don't think she knew what she wanted at the time. As for Skankazar, can't stand her. She was so disrespectful about his death and I was so pissed when she wrote a sulia article about it. Jordan tried to make a mends with her before he passed, but she was acting like a crazy betch(in typical skankazar fashion) Sarah is really sweet, I just think she is young and still has a lot to learn about love and life. Sorry for this random post, but I will be sure to comment more :) You guys are all awesome and I love reading these articles!

Hi, we're happy to have you! :) I'm sorry about your friend :( Skankazar is the worst.

THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT!! People who actually KNOW these people. They never actually met? Odd. I'm sorry about your friend and equally sorry that his death was used as a way for these two to stay relevant and get in a cat fight on social media.

I might be wrong but i dont think they physically met.

That would poke a big hole in my Tessly is original Justin's baby theory. I'm not very good at deciding who babies look like, but I think she looks like Sarah. But if that baby was born on

That would poke a big hole in my Tessly is original Justin's baby theory. I'm not very good at deciding who babies look like, but I think she looks like Sarah. But if that baby was born on October 1st, 40 weeks prior would put her at very early January, possibly late December. Justin Baker died on January 20, so if they did meet (and do the nasty) then Tessly could very well be his. But if they never met in person, then the whole thing is a moot point.

They didn't ever meet. His name was Jordan Baker lol. Not Justin. I posted a comment earlier explaining everything but it is waiting moderation. I hope this helps clear all of this up! lol

Sorry, for some reason I had it in my head that they were both Justins. Glad to hear that Sarah is a nice girl, even if she is a bit naive or immature. It's also nice to hear that Ashley Skankazar is as awful as we thought.

Skankazar's baby daddy is called Justin. Also I believe Tessly's middle name is Jordan, I wonder if that was after Jordan Baker.

It's okay! Happy to be here! I will be sure to comment on other stuff too(boy do I have some things to say lol)

Is anyone from NYC? and did anyone attend the reunion/ask the moms?!

I had the opportunity to go to Ask the moms, it was a cool experience. I really enjoyed hearing responses from all of the girls(minus gross Farrah) and it was interesting to see each groups dynamic. I am actually kind of excited for the original Teen Moms to come back. I think it will be a bit different from what we are used to. I also got to see baby linc and OMG he is literally the cutest thing ever.

I just had my daughter on sept 26th. I was due on sept 30th and it was estimated that I conceived around January 7th, so if her child is this guy's, she must have been dating them both at the same time. Also, I'm 30 years old and this guy looks like he is older than my dad. Either he's lying about his ge or he's been using Leah's meth.


My son was due on October 17th. I conceived on January 25th.

Congrats, Jessica!!! :)

Thank you!

You guys here is Farrah's dumb concert in California. Jesus H. Christ.

I'm fucking sorry but I'm so glad I didn't go......... did anyone else go!???

Oh for the love of GOD. You really missed a good show, Trap! NOT! She had the weird bodybuilder wannabe backup dancers and all! And she seriously wonders why everyone talks so much shit about her? Come on Farrah, you make WAY too easy. Barf, barf, barf.

Looking classy as ever, Farrah! Work that tutu, girl!

LOL too bad I was in Vegas this weekend, Pomona is just a few towns away from me. But I wouldn't pay money for that shit. It looked like neither Farrah or her backup dancers could dance for shit. Haha

That is one epic Dr.Phil style hair cut.

He is totally woody harlson from kingpin!!!! Google image that!

She's gonna get Munsoned out in the middle of nowhere with all them babies!

Was this the chick whose living room was outside the house/trailer/modular? And he brought her a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips in lieu of flowers?? Epic!!

It was her house looked like a junk yard and they had a living room set on the porch and he brought her half a bag of "tater chips" after calling her a bitch. They were such hillbilly stereotypes

I think her Mom was a hoarder. It looked like a junkyard both inside and outside!

Didn't Blake have a bright rainbow blanket on his bed too?Lol

As the Trailer Park Turns

That kind of reminded me of Autumn's family from this past season of 16 and pregnant. They had some sweet lazy boys out on the lawn, that the sat in as they casually discussed Dustin's love for da weed, while absolutely everyone in that episode wore camouflage.

In the snow. Lol

Guys! April got married again and it isn't to Butch... Teen Mom will never be the same...

Yowza. That was quick. I wonder if this dude is aware of exactly who he married? :/

Well I'm going to sob quietly while listening to "my heart will go on" on repeat. I wonder how Butch is taking this latest emotional blowm

I know coke was his first love, but in my heart I know April was a close second :'-(

Coke, April,his POS van and then tyler.

Well, Tyler does suck.

In more ways than one, I bet!

Can someone change their name to Tyler's Thug Lyfe??

Where does his mullet come in?
Don't tell me he loves Tyler more than his mullet, it may also tell people to work on themselves and develop severe anger issues.
Maybe it already has. And it ate his head.

That mullet was so much freedom! Like bald eagles firing guns into the air via camaro T-tops freedom!

It's ok he's probably "getting his freak on." He is a man after all. BARF BARF BARF.

I just want to address this direct quote: “I haffnt been with you for 3 yrs,” April wrote on Facebook, “but aft today your not my problem anymore! Yay me.”

What the actual fuck is a haffnt?