Whitney and Weston Welcome 2nd Child

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant Season 1 alum, Whitney Purvis, and on-and-off boyfriend Weston Gosa welcomed their second child into the world this week. Whitney announced her pregnancy earlier this year and updated fans regularly with information about her unborn child.

On October 14th, Whitney updated fans by letting them know that she and Weston had welcomed baby River Blake Gosa into the world that day. River weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces when he was born.

Whitney has shared a few pictures of their family, and it appears that things are going pretty well so far. Whitney shared this update on her Facebook page shortly after delivering River via C-section.

River is so perfect! I can't wait to be home with him now. Surgery went so smooth compared to my first c section with Weston. Breastfeeding is going so much better this time around. I've had the most loving & supportive family & friends thru out everything. Big Weston is being the best daddy & little Weston is loving being a big brother. Ive never felt so much love in my life. God has truly blessed me. Thank you, everyone for your best wishes and congrats. It means so much!

And here's a picture of the little guy.



Meh, that's nice. I just hope this child doesn't have the same type of disorder her first child has. Don't like the name.

I love the name river and cotton (although I would never name my kids that) it's a cool name. My son's best friends little brother is river and I always thought that was soo cool. Like river Phoenix.

So is Catelynn Lowell's little brother - River Lowell. What a name.

I loved the name until I looked at River Phoenix's death pics. Haunted me ever since!

I remembered seeing them once somewhere but once you said that I went and googled them. :( sad..

Hello sweetie

River isn't too bad. There are way worse names in the teen mom kingdom. I really like Weston though.

Congrats. Glad it went okay. Hope this baby is healthy. I remember on the 16 & pregnant catch up she seemed so changed, she was studying to be a nurse, looking after her baby and in a seemingly healthy relationship with the Dad. She seemed to have matured a lot, especially when she said they weren't going to have more kids because of Weston Jr's disorder. Sad that she doesn't seem to have kept up her studies, has had a very rocky relationship and has already had another baby.

I, too, hope this baby is healthy! Not too crazy about the name, but I've heard worse.

I said it before .. 9 pounder... that must hurt!
Hope her man has stopped doing weed .. I know in some states it's legal but seriously? If you care for a child you shouldn't be under the influence of drugs it is common sense.

lol "doing weed"

Lol! I'm a mess.

Lols I always say "taking drugs" and taking heroin. I honestly don't know what you can smoke and shoot up but I guess that's a good thing right?

OMG that's hilarious. I remember when I was in elementary school and my sister got caught! My mom said "I cant believe you are taking pot!" That still makes me laugh so hard!

my mom found a joint in my purse once, and ever since she likes to bring up the time she caught me with a "marijuana stick". fml

Uh you do know there are many different ways to use weed besides smoking, and in fact many medical patients do "take pot" in pill or ointments

Hopefully she has her shit together. Remember the stolen pregnancy test mugshot? LOL

The class is coming out her ass.

LOL yea I remember that. And her Einstein baby daddy Weston...my goodness this screams class.


In other news:
*fan girl scream voice*
"Oh my gosh guys, Cate and Ty are holding a competition with the Link Fund to get the chance to have dinner with them in their home town of Detroit, how amazing, we have to enter!"

Feeling like a snarky bitch tonight.

Is there a fund I can donate to just to make sure there is no way in hell I could possibly win?

Is there a fund I can donate to to make them go away?

Leave it to Cate and Ty to make Detroit seem like a fucking vacation paradise.

To be fair, it's only SLIGHTLY more exciting than Marine City.

Both of you read my mind.. would it be cruel of me to enter from the UK, they can pay my flights and then I can just stand them up for Disney?

Seriously - does the competition funding also go towards my medical bills when I get shot?

YES stand them up! I would laugh so hard. Tyler would tell you you need to work on yourself though. God if I went I would just snark on them the whole time and tell them I'm on a site where I named myself after their spawn Varleigh.

OMG Trap baby you never fail to make me laugh!
Yes I do need to work on myself, he will enroll me in the same counselling he makes Cate go to!

I'm their child and I don't even want to. God that sounds horrible.

when are you due? I'd like to preorder a blanket and have a feel for color preference, if possible.

Just think TTB....you get to see her vag up close. Lucky you!!!!

LOL! That is gross. Wouldn't it be funny if the baby came out covering its poor little head/face?!

What is wrong with these two? It seems like there is always some sort of competition going on to win stuff from them or a chance to meet/hang out with them. I don't get it. Do they really have that many admirers out there that will pay for that? Why don't they get real jobs? Do they really expect to live off of speaking engagements forever? In 5 years hardly anyone is going to remember their names. Whatever happened to Tyler's acting career? In New Orleans of all places?

And social work career. And EMT? I thought. I mean I get you change your mind a lot and that's fine, but fuck the milk the SHIT out of their Z-lister status. Yes how conceited are you to make people pay to have dinner with you. (Or a phone call MACI). But then Farrah wins for most conceited cause she had that list of shit to buy EXPENSIVE too! At least the creepy old men bought her shit, the best was Ally and her gofundme for her "wholesome" derpiness.

Didn't Caitlin just say how no one wants to film in Detroit too cause it's a shitty area? So basically you'd pay and risk your life to dine with these twats....oh but we know there are some fan girl that will do it >< You know if Butch were there I'd sign up. And Caitlin's fine ass dad, and I'd flirt with him the whole time and weird everyone the fuck out.

Trap baby you have to stop, trying to drink my juice and i'm pretty sure my laptop isn't waterproof!
Catelynns dad is really good looking though, is it bad i'm kinda surprised?

LOL, I bet it'll be dinner that dirty ass steak diner/cafeteria looking place that Tyler went to with Butch in one episode. That steak he was eating looked nauseating.

They're going to eat at a pizzeria. I just know it. After all, didn't Tyler get a job at a pizza place? And he started bringing up boxes upon boxes of the stuff. I even think in his interview he declared "I LOVE PIZZA!" or something equally embarrassing.

Catelynn's going to be stuffing her face with junk food, soda and her own cuticles.

Haha, Blanket I bet you're right, it'll be pizza. I remember the time Tyler went to that interview at that pizza place and was like "I LOVE PIZZA!" with that crazy look on his face.

Come on guys, we all know Tyler didn't go to New Orleans to "further his acting skills" he went there to further his cruising guys skills!

I so want to buy it and then fly up there just to tell them what horrible people they are. I used to feel like she was being used by MTV and would never be able to move on from the adoption if they continued with the show. Now I just think they are fame whore asshats.

Definitely, I use to think she was a victim in the adoption but now she has a replacement baby she is just using it to her advantage.

I definitely think Catelynn was coerced into giving Carly up, but five years later she is acting like a prima-donna and is using her experience as an excuse to constantly seek out fame and money. I mean, she was okay plastering Carly's photos all over the internet for millions of strangers to see, but threw a fit over Brandon and Teresa putting Carly on the cover of an adoption magazine years ago? Coutnless people were looking at Carly's photos as she grew older on C&T's social media accounts compared to the relatively small number that probably saw Carly on that magazine cover. The hypocrisy these two display is just astounding. I know it happened months ago, but I still can't believe they threw that big of a hissy fit and even said they would have placed Carly with another family over photos. Groan.

Forget Detroit. I don't think anybody could pay me to have dinner with the likes of Catelynn and Tyler. What would we fucking talk about? Carly? How this new baby is in no way Carly's replacement? How Brandon and Teresa need to realize that they couldn't have kids on their own and they need to respect C&T for giving them a baby? Ugh. I do wonder how much Catelynn is going to put away, though. Overeating has always been one of her talents. I think she gained like sixty or seventy pounds with Carly? Again: ugh.

She was staarting to get in shape too and then got pregnant. Must be a bit frustrating. remember when tyler basically called her fat? what an asshole

Yeah, she had started to slim down considerably and then got pregnant again. And now all the weight is back and then some. I remember that Catelynn gained weight after having Carly and took like three years before she started to try and lose it. And she acted like it was all the weight from her pregnancy when it clearly wasn't.

I just can't see her really losing any weight after she has Baby V. She doesn't really have the motivation to exercise, and seems to eat pretty badly and way too much during her pregnancies. Did you see she was big when she was only four months along? I almost feel bad for her because I just know Tyler is going to get on her case about losing weight as soon as the trap baby is popped out.

I am psychic
4 minutes ago
To Rihanna Schwartz that sent me this thank you soo much!! You did not have to do that! Thank u so much!!

Followed by fans saying they are going to send stuff too because she is "such a good role model" and "deserves it"...

Gross. How long before they start asking their fans to send them things for their trap baby?

In other news, they're officially referring to her as baby "V" so her first name must start with that.

They're also asking fans who buy them gifts to also include a letter to put in her baby book. Greedy little bitches.

Jesus, what fucking asshats. They just can't enjoy this pregnancy and the fact that they're going to be parents. They have to pimp this kid out and exploit her before she's even born. At least they can't exploit Carly anymore, but poor Baby V isn't so lucky. God, I hate C%T so much. They're so gross.

Speaking of greedy bitches, and sorry this is off topic, the pregnant Duggar has shit like soda on her baby registry. Really? They're milking that pregnancy for all it's worth too. Maybe Cate and Ty could throw pizza on theirs since Tyler LOVES it and I'm sure catelynn wouldn't say no to free pizza. Or free anything for that matter. FFS get over yourselves.

Megan we need something where we can place bets on Baby Vs official name!

*high-pitch girly shriek*

Well tickle my titties with a hot poker. While still not as cool as buying Maci's shoes and Bint-lee's "artwork", it sure as hell beats paying $50 for a batch of Gary Shirley's "gourmet" cookies.

Gary used to sell cookies? How'd he manage to bake something and not eat it himself? What willpower...

Lol you'd probably get em in the mail with bites in them.

I don't know why but when reading that I had a southern hillbilly type voice screaming in my head!
Oh god that is too much for cookies ... when I hear gourmet I think meat .. if it was a normal baker making the cookies I wouldn't have thought that but Gary I can see liking some strange food.

I'd totally go and be like "Why are you so blind to the fact that Tyler is at the very least bisexual if not completely gay? Why do you slag off Carly's parents? Do you think this will endear her to you when she's older? BTW you do understand you signed over your rights and have no right to bitch about sharing pictures whatsoever!"

im gonna try and get it ;)

okay, I was serious about trying to get it. it says youll need to sign some paperwork...so im wondering if there are restrictions about telling people what you talk about.

but, this being said, if someone wants to buy a bracelet (the money doesn't go to cate and ty...it's a purchase from the link fund. maybe you want one for a gift or for yourself? I like them, im buying one for me.) my reference code is 1322. lets do this guys

Just so you know, your name makes me laugh every time I see it. Probably one of if not my favorite one on here.

hahaha thanks. all credit awarded to Corey Simms. yours is pretty great too! I haven't seen it here before!


Such hungry fame whores. Watch them raffle tickets so you can go to the baby shower. A petition to have Carly there, at each others birthdays and even enroll in the same schools.

I'm surprised they haven't used the MTV money to move to North Carolina in an effort to be closer to Carly. Either they've never thought about it or were to pull their heads out of their asses just long enough to realize that would be a bad idea.

I wonder how soon until they can find out if he has the same genetic disorder their first son has. I really hope he doesn't. I remember them saying on a catch up special that most of his meds weren't even covered by insurance. Hopefully things have changed!

Can't they test for it inside the womb nowadays if there is a high risk he can have it?

Most doctors won't test like that unless it means life or death for the baby or mother. There's a lot of risks involved.

I'm taking the baby breastfeeding as a good sign. Weston got very sick from it because of his condition, so hopefully since this baby isn't, he may not have it. I'm sure they're waiting on bloodwork for it now, though.

Oh I see, well that seems like a good sign but didn't it take a bit for him to get sick, I remember them being home and her phoning the DR when W SR went back to work i think?

I hope her new son doesn't have the same problems Weston did. I can only imagine the struggle of wanting another child, but at the same time not wanting to subject another child to those same struggles she had with Weston!

Yeah This!! Everyone was so quick to jump on her for having another child because there is a higher chance of her child having this. I just found it sad, there is always a chance your baby wont be healthy.. always .. it's like when people call older mothers (30plus) selfish because chances of Downs etc are higher .. there will always be risk in pregnancy.

It's something that they have like 25% to 50% to pass on to their kids, if i remember correctly, it's not just a small risk. However, it doesn't mean a sick kid doesn't have a life worth living, so that's why i really don't care. What I frown upon tho is when couples have kids they know they won't be able to take care of, or that they will only be able to afford the bare minimum, especially if the child has special needs.

Weren't all of the 16 and Pregnant season one girls all going to be on Teen Mom originally? Does anyone know why wasn't?

Ebony and Josh were living on military base that wouldn't allow cameras (they were living on a different one come the update special). Whitney did film for a bit, which is why they had so much footage of a younger Weston Jr. during the catch up special, but when the baby was diagnosed, she refused to continue filming because she didn't want his illness in the spotlight.

I'm trying to think of every possible reason that comment got thumbed down....and I can't think of one....

Someone isn't into thorough and concise explanations?

My memory sucks and I don't remember most of the 16&p girls, so would someone tell me what disorder he has?

Congrats to them. I hope they worked out their issues, I think they both had some arrests for theft and drugs/DUI. I like the name River.

That's cute newborn, I usually don't think they are really pretty but this one is a nice looking. No conehead so that's always a plus. Yes I know i'm going to hell for thinking conehead babies look like aliens. *cue downvotes*

Honestly I think all children look like potatoes for the first 8 months regardless of how their head is shaped.

Dude it's cool. Not all newborns are cute, it's a rough time being born. I was a pretty alien like newborn. It happens. This is mean wtvr but I thought Leah (Amber's daughter) was quite er....strange looking at first. She's super cute though. Newborn just look like aliens a lot of times lol.

I think all brand new newborns are super weird looking for a little bit. They're cute because they're new and small and precious (this post reveals how baby hungry I am), but they're weird looking.

I'm just glad she doesn't have pink hair anymore.

Eh. She's just a has-been and another baby mama.

Must be hard to raise two children when you can't even afford a pregnancy test.

HA HA!! I was just about to say "wasn't she the one that got arrested at Walmart for stealing a pregnancy test?" TOO funny!

I know this is an awkward thing to mention but that babies nipples look inverted or something...........


it is on Jeremy's twitter!

I Screenshot it for posterity. Thanks for the heads up, will keep following! Soooo juicy

Oh smart thinking! I can't believe it, like I can but can't!
Now watch as he goes on team Corey as she tries to suck his child support from him.

Oh god he mentioned Mingo Junction. I just can't.
I wonder if she cheated before and he let it go.

what I took from that tweet was that he may have gone through her phone and saw them talking about how they recently hung out (or something of the sort) and he was telling her to go do it again. some people think it sounds like he walked in on them, but I don't think so.

LOVE that you got a screen shot of that! Is Robbie's penis made out of gold or something?! It must be a fun game for Robbie to see how many marriages he can help break up. But really, we ALL saw this coming. She bitched to Dr. Douche that her and Corey only had sex three times a week. It was bound to happen with her only seeing Jeremy maybe once a week!

Him and Adam should be besties.

Omg, what's he protecting her from? Is he hiding her drug habit by not mentioning it? Confess all Jurmy Lynn!

that was honestly my very first thought.

Okay we need to talk about this guys! Someone be online.
Jermey is on fire on twitter!
It has become very clear through Jeremy that Leah has cheated with Robbie, yes the same guy that she cheated with that ruined her marriage to Corey!
The first tweet:
Well that was a surprise kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person good job slut
Followed by:
Yea I don't give a fuck done protecting ur ass good luck
And then:
Caught ya bitch
It doesn't stop there:
Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful fucking weekend with Mr kidd
And then:
And fyi this is me Jeremy fucking calvert speaking !!! And yea I don't give a fuck about it
Oh and he isn't slowing down either!
He then retweets this gem:
@Calvert505 oh wow. Woman of the year right there. How on earth does someone with 3 children find time to cheat on their husband?

It isn't even stopping this is in the space of 10 minutes. I wonder what this means for her battling for custody with the twins and now probably Addie? It is not looking good, and it has given Corey the advantage because Jeremy has said he will not be protecting her anymore. Could that mean he will help Corey in court, come out about the supposed drug use, the neglect? Time will tell.

He says he's filing for divorce too :O blimey! That shit just happened!!

His official Facebook page has his marital status as "divorced" now. That was quick!

I am too excited for the leah/momma dawn fallout here! INSANE! Please tell me MTV got there stat and we get to watch the car crash!

Im waiting patiently for them to say something!!!!!!!


my mind is blown right now. I mean, we all knew it would happen since Jeremy works so much (heaven forbid he work his ass off to be able to afford the most expensive washer and dryer set in the entire state of WV) but I didn't expect it to blow up like this. I thought it would be kept on the hush hush and we would have to guess what subliminal tweets and shit meant. but holy fucking shit, he let it allllll out. not gonna lie, im pretty fucking excited to see this drama unfold.

So excited too!let me just grab my popcorn. Robbie is super lucky that he gets to do Leah but doesn't end up with trap babies. Leah is officially the trashiest! At least junelle doesn't cheat,well not that i know of.

Holy hell. I really, really hope this is real and not a hack job (which Leah will probably claim, along with the fact that Jeremy's tweets were "edited"). If they are real and Jeremy doesn't want to protect Leah anymore, then I wonder if he's going to come clean about her neglect and possible drug use. I really hope so. This may tip the custody battle in Corey's favor.

And what the fuck is so great about Robbie anyway? Leah ruined her marriage to Corey over Robbie's magical dick, and seemed genuinely guilty about it. And now she's doing it again at the worst possible time. I mean, don't get me wrong: cheating on your spouse, in my opinion, is never okay or justified at any time in any situation. But when you're engaged in a bitter custody battle and all your dirty laundry is in danger of airing out, then the last thing you want is your husband going "Fuck this" and throwing you to the wolves ESPECIALLY if he's well-aware of how craptastic you are as a mother.

Karma is coming for Leah, and it's coming for her hard...like an extramarital dick.

im guessing leah will beg Jeremy to delete the tweets (im so surprised he hasn't already...that's how you know its real lol) and they will handle the rest of this behind closed doors. however, who really knows, because I never expected it to come out like this in the first place. now that it's out there, it might as well stay. but who am I to decide? haha. hopefully Jeremy will concur :)

we will get to see this all unfold on mtv in the next year (didn't they just recently sign a new contract?) leah made ANOTHER teen mom first! the first to marry twice.. the first to divorce twice..and soon the first to marry three times. it just keeps getting better.

Hell yes, I just saw all of the tweets and came straight here to see if anyone had mentioned it. I knew I could count on you guys!

I can't fucking believe it was Robbie again but at the same time I don't know if I could believe it being anyone else. Who would even be interested in Leah at this point? She's a frazzled mess with a drug problem, custody battle and constantly looking like she did her hair and makeup in the dark a week ago. Robbie must just be game for some easy tail or else he has some kind of power trip about ruining Leah's marriages.

We all knew this was going to go up in flames eventually but wow! I can't pretend like I'm not excited to see how things play out (terrible, I know) but on the bright side, hopefully this will help Corey get the twins and Jerm will call Leah out on her shit and she will get some real help.

im honestly thinking its the latter. how can you live with yourself knowing you ruined 2 marriages?!? how disgusting. on both of their parts. I feel bad for corey and Jeremy at this point.

Well, now we know why he wasn't at the reunion! I cannot believe this shit! (But at the same time, I can!!) Man, she's selfish. What is so great about Robbie's dick that she cant seem to manage not to trip and fall on it? Those poor girlses!

He's the only one willing to still toss his hotdog down her hallway.

I forgot to add someone should ask if shes on drugs. Seems like hes spilling all the truth tea right now so we might as well ask! If I had a dummy twitter account i totally would lol

Way ahead of yah ;) I hope he replies! Is it wrong I am literally eating popcorn watching this?

Okay if she says "Well he was never there for me emotionally or physically and tried to control me" as an excuse .. if she says this I say you all give me £50 each .. yeah I like my odds here but you guys might not ... we all know this wont be her fault!

Oh we could place bets on how long it takes for her to remarry and have another trap baby?
Easy money here we come.
married with a new baby within a year.

Some pretty much tweeted her exactly what u said about being there for her

"@Calvert505 you spent too much time working man. When she said her and the girls see you one day a week, it's not enough! Quit the job!"

Yes, because thats how easy it is, just up and quit work when you are supporting a family of 4. I know they both get TM money but Jeremy's job pays alot of their livelihood, not to mention it comes with medical for Addalyn and Leah at the very least. Idk why its Robbie every time. He seriously only has sex with her. He didn't take you back with two kids Leah, why do you think he'll go for you with three?!

We were just saying this too, how Jeremy ought to be careful talking against Corey with Leah, because he could very easily be in the same boat. Wow.

He tweeted he's filing for divorce this morning, Damn. He mustve just caught them too, Jesus God. He's live tweeting smh

"It's me and to the ones who think it's fake or bs it's not filing this am k"

I know! It's crazy, I thought Leah would be smart enough to wait until after the custody thing in December, this will just go in Coreys favor and now Jeremy can give all the details of neglect and maybe even drug use!
I am so good at predicting shit, the girls who are big fans of these girls are very predictable, I mean I guess technically we are fans of the show and some of the girls but I don't think they're special or role models like these girls who think they can do no wrong.

I agree with some of these people. How in the hell does she find time to cheat on her husband? I have one child and I can barely find time to shower or eat! Well I guess thinking about it when you don't really take care of your kids and leave them with every family member you have on a regular basis it's not that hard. It was only a matter of time, I can't say I'm super surprised.

Leah has the time to cheat because Jeremy is always off working, and she dumps her kids on just about anyone she can find.

"I've been stressed so ________ has the girls." Yeah Leah, now we know how you're relieving your stress ;)

the other day, I had to double take a door tag because I almost swore it said "electronical"..turns out it only said "electrical".

Who are these people dumb enough to tell him to quit his job?
Yes they make mtv money but they seem to he spending that fast. Leah is always driving a new car and even if it is just a lease they are still paying monthly, cheer competitions that they fly first class(there is a picture of Ali riding in a first class seat to a competitions), top of the line washer(I thought those were $3,000 a piece because it looked like the washer and dryer were priced differently but both in the $3,000 range), Mary Kay makeup, they bought her sister a car, and they have custody lawyer fees. There is no way Jeremy could be able to take lower paying jobs without "depending" in debt. Maybe if Leah didn't think she had to spend so much money he wouldn't work so much.

That should say "drownding" not depending.

Another bet, Robbie will take her back to get fame because he realized how "famous" and how many opportunities it gave her other husbands so will stick around until MTV gravy train is done. He wont be faithful or love her though, but she will think he does. Are all these girls getting Nathans, is it like a new toy?

Eh, I doubt it. Not like I know anything about Robbie but why would he date the girl with three kids when he can just fuck her with no commitment/effort? He's already "famous" for being the guy that helped her ruin 2 marriages so he's probably happy with that.

Oh snap! Honestly, it was a matter of time. Once a whore always a whore. Gonna be divorced twice before 23 lawl with 3 kids. But really .. Wtf @ Robbies magical penis??

I know it must like Adams?

I want to keep watching this train wreck but I have to go shopping for furniture for my house :(
Why couldn't he have done this yesterday when I had nothing to do!

Lol! Priorities! You can buy furniture any day!!!

Ha, i know right, teen mom totally comes first! I can go without couches for another day! lol

I literally loled at mpf54.

Is Leah keeping the furniture? Hold out a little longer and you might be able to buy her couch for a good price when she runs out of money.

Ahaa HateThatILoveTeenMom, where's Tori when you need her? SHE'S GOT COUCHES!

Lol He has now deleted tweets! Guessing he has realised it will look bad when he is battling for Addie if he put his dirty laundry on tiwtter, hope leah wasn't smart enough t screen shot

I wonder if leah will claim his Twitter was hacked

That's exactly what I thought!

Oh Robbie, she has a magical fertile uterus! Hopefully you'll be able to make a lucky escape again!

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I guess I am a little shocked by this. I thought if she would cheat again, it would be with Corey.. I thought Robbie was long gone.

Although I'm pretty sure if Germ-y caught them together, Leah's been knocking boots with him for awhile.

exactly, looks like he walked in by the way he is talking, if it was fake I'm guessing Leah and Mama Dawn would have said so by now which makes me think it is true.
I never thought she could cheat with Corey, I think Corey has realized how lucky he is with Miranda and I don't think he would risk it, unlike Leah.

I think Corey twigged what a crap wife/girlfriend Leah is and it sure as hell isn't worth him messing up his marriage to Miranda (who seems so sweet) over her!

Do people on twitter ever really say they want a relationship like Corey and Miranda? I'm not naive enough to think they have a perfect relationship BUT come on theirs is so much better than Jenelle and Nathan, who always have fan girls wishing they had a relationship like Jenelle and Nathan, and most of the other so magical teen mom/16 and pregnant relationships.
Miranda loves those girls and is very motherly to them. Corey and Miranda seem to truly love each other and are happy with their marriage and family

yeah I would say if I were going to choose a Teen Mom couple to "be just like" I would choose Corey and Miranda for sure.

corey wouldn't cheat on Miranda.

im blowing up leah and Jeremy's twitters right now.

is it completely pathetic that this is like Christmas to me? I feel bad because these are people's real lives but damn, am I excited.

same here. I woke up, saw this and was all "yayyyy!! weeeee!!"

I was completely engrossed in yahoo news stories and I accidentally opened my twitter tab and saw someone tweet the screen shots...I was like "FUCK YAHOO! *close all yahoo related tabs* *hurriedly goes to teenmomjunkies*" good times, good times.

Same here Jesus God Leah! I was all reading about Ebola and having my coffee and all hell breaks loose in West Virginia. Came right over here immediately!

Jesus God, Leah! Thank you for getting caught while I'm on vacation and can watch all this go down! Can't wait to see how she tries to justify this one. Also big congratulations to Robbie on his upcoming trap baby.

congrats in advance hahahah. I think they should just get married. he seems to be the only person she likes to cheat with. but she cant cheat on him with him! its a winning situation, it sounds like.

Hope Robbie's rich!

Doesn't Robbie currently have a girl pregnant with his baby?

I was just about to ask! THE DRAMA is making my day! I was sooooooooo shocked but I love how we knew it'd happen!

Lol. I don't think Leah will ever have Robbie's trap baby. They were together for three years when they were teenagers, and I don't think she ever got pregnant by him. Then they broke up, she had a one-night-stand with Corey and bam! She's having Corey's twins. Then Leah and Robbie sleep together again, but Leah fails to get pregnant and then goes on to get knocked up twice by Jeremy. For whatever reason, Leah will get get pregnant by everybody but Robbie. Truly he has the magical dick if he's capable of not impregnating super-fertile Leah.

Ohh my god, this is gold!! I am praying this is real, because it's just soo good. I knew when Jeremy wasn't at the reunion that things weren't going well.

What a dumb whore. Jeremy was her meal ticket! She's really gonna be degraded to trailer trash now.

exactly! I know people on here dislike Jeremy...I personally don't. I would marry Jeremy. he was good to leah. he worked his ASS off for 2 kids that weren't his. I personally believe that the reason he acts like he does on recent teen mom episodes is because he's tired of her shit. I mean, you can tell he's tired of it every time he tells her she better not cry. I think he became unhappy in their marriage but felt stuck. hence the no personality thing. leah fucked up. twice.

Yeah Jeremy had some jerk moments but I honestly don't think that ever would have happened if he weren't with Leah. That girl's expectations are insane.

exactly! I mean, I would have punched my husband in the throat if he ever slapped me in the face with bacon in private, let alone with cameras in the room! buuuut even with that being said, I think he was a good man to leah.

Yes, Jeremy was a little too good to Leah in my opinion! This little bitch is never satisfied. Damn. Poor Jeremy better have good proof of this so he can get off the hook for spousal support! And LAWWWWWD, can you guys imagine the type of child support she'll be hitting him up for?!

I agree. I always liked Jeremy- I personally wouldn't marry a guy that would be gone so much, but she knew that about his job. He was always there when he could be, he defended Leah until he couldn't anymore, and he took a super-active role in the girls lives- he was willing to put Ali on his own medical and pay her bills! He seems like a great guy.

At Lucky Court Stah, well he knows plenty of guys who make less then him and they pay their ol ladies $1000.

Honestly, Jeremy is about to eat ALL of his words. You're up next Javi.

It's real. He's also filing for custody of Addy, since her mother is a pIll snoring hoe bag.....

It's gonna go down. Jeremy has to have proof of Leah's drug use and lack of parenting that Corey probably didn't have. Now that they're divorcing, Leah's likely to lose custody of all of her kids. Holy shit, the next few months are gonna be interesting.

And Leah will probably have three more kids to replace the A girls. This all makes me hope that TM2 gets a few more seasons.

I thought it's been said that the TM2 girls already signed another contract? also, the last episode was named a season finale, not a series finale.

but hell yes, im excited to see what happens the next few hours, days, weeks, month, year. should be a good one.

where are RAE and TTB? they're gonna go crazy when they get on here to see the latest Leah news.

they're missing all the fun :( not that this is going to end anytime soon...

Does anyone have a link to their twitters??!! I don't have twitter, I gotta see this shit in real time!!

I don't know if you can see people's twitters without having your own. but Jeremy is @calvert505 and leah is @tm2leahdawn

Ugh. I defended Leah for way too long. So she'll probably be involved in 2 custody battles now! She's fuckin dumb- Jeremy seemed like a pretty good guy too, always willing to stick up for her and her kids.

The tweets are now GONE! Wonder what happened...?

I hope he filed for divorce and his attorney advised him to remove it!

I'm thinking he's too fed up to let Leah talk him into deleting stuff.

What's the stigma against getting married forreal? Im not saying matriage is for everyone, but then again no two marriages are alike, its what you make of it. I just don't get having multiple kids with someone I won't marry.. I know alot of people cite divorce as a reason but when you have a family, divorce vs break up is just semantics, you will still end up in court over custody issues, and the kids will be just as sad as kids from a divorced home. I just dont get it.

I hope this little one is healthy... I remember her having found it really hard that her first little one had a disorder. I hope she's ready for a second baby. I sure as hell can't imagine having a second child to worry about right now and my baby is completely healthy :S

I dont have a twitter, so will someone post updates of the jeremy/leah thing?? I need something to read while im "working"

It looks like now the tweets have been deleted. Anyone know if there are screenshots or something? I'm dying. I can't say I'm surprised though. What is it about Robbie? She's cheated on both husbands now with that scrawny, pimply kid. I don't get it. Doesn't he have a kid on the way? Jesus God Leah. How does she find time for this crap, I guess she's really not taking care of the girlses like most of us suspected.

I have screenshots saved ;)


Leah has gone to Twitter to comment that it was "a rumor" and "it's ok" - https://twitter.com/TM2LeahDawn/status/523158622550118400

Getting my popcorn ready for this Leah & Germy drama! LOVE IT.

Jeremy's tweets have been deleted, you guys! PLEASE tell me we have some good screenshots!

Lol, your name is gold!!!!

Wrong post and wrong girl, but I just need to tell my fellow teen mom junkies..... Mr and Mrs Calvert are getting the D. As in divorce. Jurrrrrmy caught leah in bed with robbie and is supposedly filing today and taking ady. There will also be photos and statements released very shortly about leah doing Oxy and God knows what else. I personally know who is behind that and they are a very reliable source. Just needed to express the gossip. Happy Friday!! ;)

woahhh, whaaaat? pictures of her doing oxy?!?! who are you and where do you get your info?

OMG no, I don't personally have anything. But I know who does and who wrote the blind item a few months back, and trust me, reliable source. I've met Leah a few times but it was before she was on the show and before she was THIS psycho. I'm from Wyoming County, WVa, which is right next to where Leah grew up and lives. I live in KY now for college (thank god I got out of that cest pool...) but my sisters, one of which is Leahs age and DID know her personally, and family all live there still. I know things about her that would land her right in prison if she didn't have MTV covering everything up!!!

holy. shitballs.
you are a little pool of information, I see. I envy this, lol.

You need to write your own gossip site. Holy crap.

waittt a second, youre the one that people were asking for information from on another post. do you just live in WV or do you personally know leah?

OMG Forgotten Twin, where have you been?! So, this is REALLY happening?! And, someone has pics of her doing oxy's? That's crazy!! This isn't looking good for Leah at all!!! Wonder what kind of excuse Dr. Drewchbag will make up for her?! Yowza!!

can someone please tell me who the forgotten twin is? lol. ive been asking for days. does she just live in WV or does she know/hang out with the calverts/simms/messers?

I'm pretty sure The Forgotten Twin lives in or around the same area as Leah and they know a lot of the same people. As a result, The Forgotten Twin has been able to dish out the dirt concerning Leah and her dirty laundry.

ah, so then is it official that we can confirm leah is on oxy? haha.

Ugh I will NEVER understand why people choose to take Oxy. I took a very high dose at the hospital (under complete watch of a hospital staff) and TRIPPED BALLS. I call my (then) boyfriend's best friend at 4 in the morning BESIDE myself sobbing that he had been kidnapped by monkeys and she had to save him. She knew I was in the hospital and had had surgery herself so it wasn't sooooo awkward, but seriously, drugs are bad, m'kay?

Haha I've neglected following the comments on this site because I've been so busy with school... but my family grew up with the Messers. I don't know the calverts and everything I know about the Simms is second hand. I don't personally have the incriminating information about Leah (tho I have TONS of stories about what a shitty mom I have witnessed her to be) but again, I know the person who plans on putting her drug use as public.

Also, I need to mention... Southern WVa has a HUGE massive oxy problem. I don't know FOR SURE that that's what she's been using, but it's a fair guess. My oldest sister has been to 74 funerals of her classmates since she graduated, and she graduated in 2006. It's a mess up there and actually breaks my heart :( if any one is interested in more information besides Leah's pathetic life drama, I'd strongly encourage them to watch Oxyana, which is a documentary about Oceana. I grew up 10 min from there, Leah is about half an hour from there. It will open your eyes to the problem. And apparently, this bimbo didn't learn anythign about it :(

oh shiiit! I'm sure Leah and Mama Dawn are busy calling their PR rep to figure out a statement so they can spin spin spin! We've all been right all along.

I bet she was smoking oxy and that's why people thought she was doing meth.

oh shit you might have to change your name! let's brainstorm. oxy & ? Or you could just go with Robbie's magic divorce dick.

I vote Oxy & Oral!

Pictures of her taking oxys can't be that damning. She could claim she was taking her allergy meds. Lol. But I've heard of people crushing them up and ever smoking or shooting them. I hope it's those kind of pics!!! Am I a bad person for enjoying this so much?!?

Okay everybody, on the count of three: HESUS GOD LEAH!!

I'm so excited I can't type properly!

Lol, Jesus pronounced He-sus for Spanish speakers! I've been speaking a lot of Spanish the past couple of days, so I've been reading Jesus God Leah as He-sus. Haha

Ughhh WHYYY does all this have to go down the ONE day I have work. Where do I sign up for the text updates??

No but really, someone best be taking screenshots, as I'm sure this will all be blown over when I get home in 12 hours. Look out for me, girlses.

NOOOOOO the tweets are already down. :(:(

screenshots have been plastered on twitter. we're safe this time ;) thankfully, he waited 6 hours before deleting them. hahaha.

I hope he only took them down because he realized that publicly bashing his soon-to-be-ex may hurt his chances of getting custody of Addalyn. I hope Leah hasn't gotten to him and convinced him to take down the tweets and that they could work it out. He needs to leave her skanky ass and get Addy away from Leah before she continues to neglect her kids and put them in danger.

judging by how pissed he was this morning, I don't think he'll take her back. he's tired of the bullshit already. money problems, drug problems, custody shit, her crying all the time, and now this? homegirl fucked up.

but im guessing that yes, she saw them and begged him to take it down.

I screenshot the bulk of it this morning when it came out! Its linked above. I think the only tweet I missed was the one where he said hes filing for divorce in the AM, but i copied that text and added it to one of my comments.

I never wake up early, but this morning im so glad I did! Shout out to hatethatiloveteenmom for spotting it! It was just me and her discussing for at least 30 minutes this morning lolol

I saw it this morning and read it to my boyfriend hahaha he just shook his head. I was so excited because nothing like this has happened in awhile. I've been so busy all week and haven't had a chance to catch up until today so it was fun reading everyone's comments!

On a real note, how is Leah going to deny all of this? She seriously needs help because in the end, the kids will be the ones suffering. I watched the reunion specials last night & after they did the flash back segment of all of the kids, my bf made a comment about Leah. He can definitely tell something has changed with her. He doesn't even watch the show that much but could tell just by the flashbacks. That is sad guys. But unfortunately, you reap what you sow.

I hope everyone is enjoying all of the good stuff that happened this week, I know I am!

It looks like Leah's family is already defending her on Facebook (her sister, at least), trying to say Jurmy is lying. I doubt anybody will believe them. I know I sure don't!

(I literally squealed with delight when I saw the tweets! I feel somewhat guilty, however, I'm SO EXCITED this probably means Corey has a better chance to take the girlses!!!)

Victoria's tweets are protected... do you follow her?

She posted on her Facebook, not Twitter (but I don't follow her, so I wouldn't know for sure haha)

The status she put on FB is:

Just in case

The interwebz iz perminint yallz!

I think this confirms the divorce. Oreo (seriously, wtf) is not denying that he left, just his reasons for it.

That's what I think, too.

Is it bad I'm so excited about this?!

God damn, that cousin is one unfortunate looking pile of bricks.

hiiiiiiiiiiii Oreo, thanks for the thumbs down!

and the last tweet from momma dawn was in august of 2013? I know that's not right...she must have deleted all tweets?

I think that's her old twitter? Her new one is https://twitter.com/momdawnspears/with_replies as far as I know...

ah, thank you! wow so Victoria is accusing Jeremy of cheating? the plot thickens.

Between #disneybreakup2014 and this .. Hilarious!

its been a great teen mom week! lol

It'd be greater if Jenelle and Nathan weren't already back together:(

in all seriousness though, I feel so bad for all 3 of the girlses. how confusing for the twins.. my only hope (and I do feel bad for saying this, because as a mother I cant imagine losing custody...) is that corey will get the twins and Jeremy will take addy. then leah can seek proper help. I mean, we all love to hate these girls and watch their train wrecks (and I totally don't feel sorry for any adult, because they can handle their own) but the kids didn't ask for this life.

I sincerely hope this is Leah's rock bottom and she does get help. We don't need a fourth child in all of this, and there's a reason she's done all of this. I also want to know what is in the water over there, because I will admit to dating a guy who was from the area for two years (about an hour away), and I still can't tell you what it is about Robbie and guys like that. Something.

Ugh, I really hope Leah doesn't off herself over this, or I'm going to feel bad for getting joy out of this.

This is just like the South Park episode where the press sacrificed Britney Spears to help the corn harvest. But seriously, if the divorce goes through, Jeremy takes Addie, Corey gets the twins, Leah loses the house, and drug use to the mix, I really don't see her making it.

I said that the other day! I said that if she loses the girls, she's gonna have a severe meltdown...and I didn't even know about this at the time.. now when you add this in, it's gonna go down for sure.

I'm mostly a lurker here, rarely post, but I just want to point out two things about the Leah and Jeremt scandal we've been blessed with.

1-- Yall know we're gonna be blessed with yet another season of TM2 so that mtv can milk this story for all its worth because there no bigger drama than Leah going through TWO custody battle and losing all three of her girlses.

2-- Assuming that Jeremy is in fact filing for both divorce and custody of Addy, this almost guarantees that Corey will win his custody battle for the twins. Leah went from having a 'stable, two parent home with money to provide for the girlses' to being a single mom with no income and really no assets. Corey and Miranda are now the stable 2 parent home capable of caring for the girls. No guardian in their right mind would place the girls with Leah as the full custodial parent, and that's before you even factor in the allegations of neglect and drug abuse. Corey should be thanking his lucky stars because as far as his battle for custody goes, there is nothing that could benefit him more than the current situation with Leah and Jeremy.

on another note, as much as we all dislike Leah and her parenting choices and general all around twatwaffle attitude and personality... I think we all need to have some genuine concern for her well being right now. I have a bad feeling that this girl is going to violently implode on herself leading to an overdose or a suicide attempt because everything she has in the world is being ripped apart in front of her eyes, by her own hand. I'm not saying to feel sorry for Leah, in any way, but for the sake of her girlses I hope she's getting the support she needs in dealing with this. The last thing any of those children need is to witness a traumatic downward spiral of their mother, or worse, to be caught up in it themselves. I can't imagine how much harder life is going to be for the kids in the coming months because you all know this is going to get downright ugly and I am genuinely scared that Leah will do something stupid and impulsive to/in front of those kids.

I think a lot of people dislike Leah, but I'm pretty sure we don't want her to harm herself or even think about killing herself over this situation. Giving custody of the girlses to Corey and Jeremy is probably the best thing she can do at this point because it's giving her daughters a safe environment while also using the time to better herself and get help for her obvious issues. Also, it seems like she doesn't have them most of the time any way, so losing custody won't be such a shock. She pawns those kids off onto whoever is available whenever she can because she's "stressed".

I whole heartedly agree-- thank you for pointing that out, I didn't mean to imply that anyone had bad wishes against Leah. I do believe that Leah would be making the right choice in simply handing over custody of her children and taking time to get herself better-- this situation has the potential to be very bad, but if she can see the bigger picture it may actually have a very good outcome all things considered.

It might be good for Leah to get some inpatient psychiatric help for awhile. She's using drugs, she's unreasonably stressed and depressed all the time. When I saw her 16&Pregnant I thought she seemed like she had PPD, and I wonder if she still has it and it surged up to the extreme after Adalynn's birth and she's just never done anything about it.

I've always defended Leah and while I've come around to agreeing that she's been stupid and self-destructive and those girls need to be out of her care for now, I truly believe she needs help and I don't think she's a bad person.

I've had a bad week, too much shit going on, this Leah jurrmey mess was just what i needed!!! I kinda feel sorry for jurrmey but then again, i can't understand why he choose to marry her,knowing about her cheating rap sheet. I bet corey and miranda are eating popcorn now. Oh and, please let corey and jurrmey get the girlses.

Megan please write a post about the leah shitstorm!!

Seriously! Tell your class today will be all about sex-ed, pop in the latest season of Teen Mom 2 and direct them all to this blog ;)

she did ;)

Birthday twins. And I thought she said they'd never be selfish enough to have another kid because they didn't want it to have to go through what Weston was.