Teen Mlom OG Season 8, Ep;isode 11: Who Breaks First? Maci or Amber?

We're baaccck and ready to dish on teen moms who apparently want to have more kids, despite NONE of these ladies being teenagers anymore. 


Cheyenne is ready to go on a trip to wine country with Matt and Ryder so that they can all get to know each other better. Once they get to the hotel, Ryder decides to amp things up and get really, really excited about her new digs.

Matt seems intimidated.

Later, we see the trio visiting an ostrich farm which Ryder gets a kick out of. However, we do see that Matt is clearly having some trouble adapting to the idea that kids actually take work.

Wow, we can't believe a teen mom couple is actually taking the time to figure out what it's like to parent before taking the plunge.

Cheyenne decides to reflect over a romantic dinner punctuated by Ryder's screaming on the joys of parenthood with Matt. We're starting to think that Cheyenne set up this trip to make Matt think he should get sterilized. We also love that moment when Cheyenne told Matt she'd want just about anyone to knock her up and Matt looked EXTREMELY disturbed.

Yesssssss. Finally, a guy who has half a brain! Cheynne decides the trip isn't enough of as trainwreck and decides to tell Matt she'll take a baby from him anyday now! Matt downs his wine in response.


In spite of having a new baby, Catelynn is trying to keep the Carly storyline alive. Catelynn seems to be spending a lot of time feeling rejected by Carly's parents not wanting to put Carly on the cameras for Catelynn and Ty's benefit.

Sadly, these two don't seem to understand what narcissists they've become.

Later, we see Catelynn and Ty engaging Nova about Carly. Oh boy. You really want the kid you kept to build that much of a relationship with the kid you didn't keep? 



Mac is trying to grow her business which is why she needs to depend on Josh to watch her kids. Wait, we're confused. Why is Mac on this show when she was in her 20s when she had kids. 

Later, we see Mac engaging in some typical Teen Mom OG first season stuff like yelling at her baby daddy. Later, there's more yelling. We gotta say, Mac's story is soooo boring. 



Amber discusses her recent mood swings due to borderline personality. Oh boy.

These two are on a one-way stop to splitsville. Still, it looks like here, Amber wants Andrew to understand her. Was this before or after she tried to take him out with a weapon and lost custody of baby James?

Later, on her way to the psychiatrist, Andrew seems to be snapped at over and over again by Amber. Poor Andrew, he seems so perplexed and just sooooooo scared when Amber gets full on labile with him. amber

Amber heads in for her appointment and we get to see her doctor. Oh boy. Everything seems to be going wrong in this appointment.

First, Amber's doctor has a weird hug with her. Then, for some reason, her doctor seems to be dressed to go golfing. Lastly, Amber's dcotor just seems soooooo, boring, right????!!!!


Maci and Taylor talk about how Taylor may be having a vasectomy. Um, in spite of Maci having an ex who's in and out of jail, it seems these two simply can't come up with a more interesting narrative.

Here they are with the big decision to no longer have kids. Really? It's a big decision when you already have 3 kids?

Maci and Taylor then take an extraneous visit to an OB to discuss sterilization options and naturally we find out Taylor wants more kids. Of courseeeeeeee.  

Later, Maci and Taylor AGAIN extend the painful conversation about how she no longer wants kids and he does. Ohhhh boy. 



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