Corey and Miranda Welcome Baby Remi!

miranda simms


Corey and Miranda Simms welcomed their new daughter Remington "Remi" Monroe today! While Miranda's exact due date wasn't publicly known, she shared in a private Facebook post that Remi was born premature.

Miranda also shared a photo of Remi in what looks to be an incubator.


There are no other reports about Remi's health status at this time, but it's comforting to see Corey and Miranda beaming at their new daughter.

Here's hoping that after some good care in the NICU she will be able to come home soon! Remi is Miranda's first biological child, and she is also a step-parent to Corey's twin daughter's Aliannah and Aleeah (who they care for full time).

Congratulations to Corey and Miranda! I'm sure they will continue to be great parents as their family grows. Details are limited on Baby Remi right now but I'll be sure to update with anything new that comes out.


Another photo of Remi has surfaced:


Poor little thing! Get well soon Remi.


As thrilled as I am that Corey and Miranda finally welcomed a baby into the world, I can't help but wonder if the stress of court and Leah didn't play a role in Remi coming early. I hope she grows and stays heathy as quickly as possible so that they can all go home soon. I couldn't imagine having a baby in the NICU after the year they have had.

Came here to say this! I think stress was probably a huge part of it. Poor Miranda & Corey with a preemie on top of everything! Luckily it looks like everything is ok and we know Corey will be a good advocate for this daughter too.

I'm normally a lurker, but I did get into the fray over this. I hope all of these girls are so proud of themselves for the pure harassment Miranda has gotten. This should have been a very happy time for Miranda. Leah made sure that this pregnancy is linked to the affair that she and Corey had. Miranda has had people tweeting her taunting that her husband cheated on her. She's had to endure so much, and I hope that sweet baby is doing ok.

Who the hell taunts the VICTIM of an affair? How does that make any sense?

Those that taunt Miranda should be most ashamed of themselves. They won't, but they should be. Pouring hate on her during one of life's most precious moments is purely psychotic.

Leah's fans remind me of a family member. Young, dumb, unworldly, judgmental, little shits who think they know everything.

There are some seriously fucked up people in the world. To say that Miranda will be a terrible mother and deserved to have a preemie. What asshats.

I feel like I stepped into a world of crazy reading some of the things people have been saying about Corey and Miranda. Like these can't seriously be peoples opinions! Miranda is somehow the bad guy because Leah messed up and lost primary custody and has been lying and doing drugs? Not to mention LEAH SLEPT WITH MIRANDAS HUSBAND while they were married! And they can't understand why she would be angry with Leah? At least there is still sanity on this blog

Excuse me? People said Miranda deserved a preemie?????!!!!
Oh god, the new level of sick and disturbed! Now pregnants, new moms and even small babies are not safe anymore.
You don't say those things, you just don't, period.
People saying that clearly never had their new born in an incubator instead of in their arms.

Anyway, congrats to Corey and Miranda. Ignore the morrons and enjoy Remi. Hope she will be in your arms soon.
My DD hasn't been ill much since the incubator or it did not bother her. DD2 was born healthy and sees our doctor or the emergency doctor regularly. Hope Remi will become a healthy strong girl too.

And this is why I'm taking a break from social media ( Facebook) I just realized I was spending too much time on it, my family from States away is on it and its how we all keep up with each other but then I realized I need a break.

I didn't post a status saying I was taking a break, didn't deactivate it, I had my husband change my pass code I didn't do it for a picular reason other then me.

So if I was " popular like Corey and the rest I don't think I'd be on social media much.

That's why so happy we get to see pictures of Remi <3

Wait so are u trying to tell us you can take a break from social media with out announcing it to the whole world deactivate your profile and with out drama?? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU !!!

I wish I could thumbs up that more than once.... :)

Congrats Corey and Miranda hopefully you will have her home soon

She looks better after giving birth than me at prom! Hope kiddo does alright; they had to nuke me for awhile after I was born and I grew up to be built like a linebacker lol

She's GORGEOUS! I look like such a bum. This woman just gave birth and looks amazing! It sort of reminds me when Kate Middleton gave birth and came out like 12 hours later with her baby looking absolutely stunning. Anyway, beautiful photo.

She already looks so much like Miranda <3

She really does, what a little doll, so precious <3
Its giving me baby fever :p

Congratulations Corey and Miranda. Remi is cute! My thoughts are with you, I hope she can come home soon, nice and healthy. The love in Miranda's eyes are melting my cold heart.

Note: In New Zealand, if you said the name Remington, I would assume you were talking about Hair Straighteners.

Same here in Australia!

Yeah I think I've seen those. Also, there's a shaving razor company named Remington, too. Seems to be a popular name, right now. I know one family in the midwest that named their girl Remington, and right around the same time someone else in the state named their son Remington. Not to mention all of the Remi and Remys Iv'e heard lately.

They sell Remington brand straighteners in the states too. I had one for years, it was awesome.

Well, in West Virginia, I think it's safe to say she's named after a gun manufacturer.

'And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.'

Yep that is what I think of haha.

When I hear Remi, I think of that one movie...with the rat who's an amazing cook. Shit, what's it called again? I think it's a cute name, but I would always associate it with that rat lol.

Oh yeah, Ratatouille! duh

I was amazed that people did not immediately make the connection that any child of Corey's that is named "Remington" is named after the gun manufacturer. I have one of their shotguns, but I would not necessarily name my child after it, but to each their own. I expect that the next kid will be called "Browning", "Winston", "Colt", "Luger", or "Glock" to keep the theme going.

I have a Colton and a Logun in my family. They live in the Midwest.

She is beautiful! They look so happy. Remi looks to be about 34 weeks gestation, my daughter was born at 38 weeks but was the size of a 34 weeker due to a problem with my placenta. That's about how big she looked in the incubator. I hope they get to take her home soon!

The Simms Family fanpage said she was 32 weeks.

Yep. Her due date is one day after my due date. I'm 32 weeks right now.

I guessed pretty close! I hope she's able to come home soon. Poor Corey and Miranda, having to deal with a preemie on top of all of Leah's bullshit. I am very curious to know what caused her to be born so early. I'm betting stress played a role in it as well. Preeclampsia can be worsened by stress as can growth restriction.

Someone said on Facebook that they felt sorry for the baby having a mother like Miranda. And then multiple people agreed with her. What is the world coming to yall?!

I learned to stay the hell away from facebook fanpages. If I want updates, I come here or tumblr. Facebook fans are insane. I saw someone say her child came early as karma for what she did to Leah... -____-

I'm about to that point. I don't ever say anything because I dont really do Facebook drama and arguments, so I either need to explode or just avoid reading that crap. Either way I'm dying to hear something from Leah. Her stupidity and delusions are always entertaining ?

This franchise seems to have the nastiest and dumbest fans. I just saw someone on twitter say that Jenelle "caught" bipolar from someone at rehab.

It's awful that these women, some who are mothers themselves, would wish such horrible things on Miranda and Corey. When the news hit regarding Corey being awarded primary custody, there were women out there wishing Miranda would get severe PPD. It's just nasty to be so hateful to a woman who is caring for her stepdaughters and expecting her own.

I've stopped reading them, as well, because those posts make me feel all stabby.

That's no shit about Facebook. I was in an MTV themed group and the stupidity was astounding. I left before my head exploded.

..and what did she DO to Leah?

She called Leah out on her bullshit and refused to accept her flimsy excuses for her pill addiction and proved that she's a better caretaker for the girls than Leah ever was. Of course, this means that Miranda is the spawn of the Devil and shouldn't have the girls in her custody. Duh.

hopefully miranda had the sense to stay away from fanpages

To actually be happy that an innocent baby has been born premature is disgusting! And to say it is karma? So what that innocent baby deserves to be born early because you don't like the mother?

This is why I love this site, we all don't always agree or get along, but I feel like i can say that everyone who posts here has all of their brain cells. You don't see the assholes wishing ill will to a baby over here! Thank goodness!

I just made the mistake of going on the TM2 Facebook page... Yep i am going to stick to this one from now on! If I see another comment about Miranda 'stealing' the children I am going to explode.....

I also can't understand why everyone is defending Leah's drug use and bad choices and telling everyone else to 'have a heart' when they clearly don't have a heart themselves if they can't muster any sympathy for Corey.

Yeah and these are the same people that defend Leah's drug use with "well she's really stressed". Stress isn't an excuse for being drug addict.

She isn't on any drugs according to the "fans". And in the next breath, blaming everyone else because she **has** to take pillses.

I was reading an article a couple of days ago and it said, "Fans are turning against the Teen Mom star". First of all, they're not fans, lol, those people have brain cells, and secondly, people are not turning against her anywhere near enough considering her undeniably disgusting behaviour. That's being denied...

All these fans who say Miranda oversteps the boundaries with the girls, are freaking ignorant. Miranda is their step mother, and has been for years. She cares for them along side their father, it's a good thing that she loves the girls so much! People are insane. If Miranda was a wicked stepmom, they'd complain then too

There's not much that a stepparent has to do before I say they overstepped their boundaries but even I don't get what anyone's basing this on. Even people on here say stuff like "Miranda gives them bedtime and rules"... When have we ever seen that? Corey's the one we always see handling the girls when they act up. Corey's the one that always brings up custody on the show. Anytime we see them with Miranda she's just playing with them. I've never seen her do anything but be a support to Corey so I think she's doing just fine. I think there was one time this past season where Leah wouldn't take Ali to therapy and Miranda said "She could've called and asked me to pick her up and I would've been happy to". She seems to know her place and its an insult to Corey to keep bringing Miranda into it all.

How come these fans don't ever berate Jeremy? To me Miranda is just as involved as Jeremy was when he wasn't working. Leah wanted Jeremy to be an involved step parent so why can't Miranda?

Just idiots. Or terrible parents themselves. Why else would you support the likes of Leah & Jenelle?

Really? REALLY?! They feel sorry for a baby having Miranda as a mother but are totally fine with three kids having LEAH as a mother??? What kind of backwards thinking is that?

I keep away from the Facebook fan pages simply to keep some of my faith in humanity.
Miranda is an excellent step mother to the twins and I'm sure she will be nothing short of an amazing mother to Remi. I already feel bad for Miranda, everything she does/doesn't do as a mother is going to be under a microscope. I really home Leah, Dawn and the fan club can manage to keep their comments respectful.

Hope is a thing with feathers (in its hair) that died in a pile of cheetos next to Leah's couch, unfortunately. I'm sure they'll go out of their way to be snotty about all of this, as per usual.

I was just on there and OMG the people on there are delusional. They are all defending Leah's actions because she is just stressed..

Why is it OK for Leah to take drugs because she is stressed, but Corey can't be an ass (I don't think he is but lets just entertain the idea for a second) because he too is stressed?

They both deal with the same crap, yet one takes drugs and lets her child wander out of the house, the other is just a bit of an ass.... I know who i would pick

She's adorable, but im kind of jealous! I'm a week past my due date and getting impatient ?

Hang in there! Your little one could come any minute now...

Hang in there, my son was born 8 days late, felt like a lifetime!

I was about a week late myself!

Plug your mouth with your thumb and blow really, really hard. That should do it. ;)

hmm? heh

So is her name Remington, or Remi? And I wonder who came up with Monroe? Reminds me of a last name.

She's so cute!!! Congratulations!!! <3

I'm sure her sisters will love her so very much.

Remington is her full name, and Remi is the nickname from it!

Monroe comes from Miranda's dad or something. The Ashley has it in her article about the birth of little Remi

I think its a pretty little name. It makes me think of Marylin Monroe, firstly of course, but I think its kind of classy sounding. The baby's name does have a lot of "m" sounds in it.

I think Monroe is a pretty common middle name for men in their late 40s and 50s. I presonally know two.

I do like the sound of "Remi Monroe" better than "Remington Monroe" though

It makes me think of robbing a liquor store.

I thought of Marylin as well that's why I asked.

I've never head of it as being a guys name, guess it's just difficult for me as I am a huge Marylin fan.

It appares as though the both wanted a boy so bad but picked a great name that could be used both ways!

Wonder if they'll try for another someday? I sought it.

I wonder how much Remi weighted. She looks pretty healthy but then again she could have lung issues or something, I surely hope she's as healthy as could be!!!

And I am so very excited they decided to share pictures with us, I figured we wouldn't get to since people say Corey doesn't use social media much. <3

Remi is so precious! Corey and Miranda both look so proud in that photo, brings a tear to my eye

1. She's cute. Definitely looks like Miranda.
2. She's not on oxygen and they got to hold her after birth which are great signs of a healthy baby
3. Omg what a big cone head. At least I'm hoping it's just a cone head from birthing and not a sign of something more serious.
4. Is it normal in the states to leave the umbilical cord that long? Both my kids born in Canada cords were clamped close to their body.

I am in Texas (the states) and my daughter had her umbilical cord cut close to her naval. If I had to guess, they let Corey cut the cord, then just clamped it there to deal with whatever issues she may have had from a premature birth. It is weird that it wasn't cut any shorter though.

I live in Canada and I have 3 kiddos. My first was born at 30 weeks (emergency csection) and his cord was short. My second was born at 32 weeks (emergency csection) and his cord was short. My third was born at 39 weeks (scheduled csection) and his cord was long like Remi's.

Congrats to Cory and Miranda! Remi is beautiful and looks very healthy :)
She does look to be around 34 preemies were just a tiny bit smaller.

I think that her face and head look narrow because she was born early, and technically her head is probably not developed to the roundness we usually see.

Inside the isolette, she may be on oxygen. It is delivered via the isolette so you would not see anything over her face. She has an oxygen sensor on her foot to monitor her oxygen level.

An umbilical cord contains 2 arteries and 1 vein which can give access to the baby if they need it. You can give fluids, remove blood etc through it. Very handy in sick and small babies if they need it. Leaving the cord longer allows easier access to these arteries and vein. If the cord is cut too close to the baby, it can make it nearly impossible to access these routes.

Beautiful baby, wishing her a steady progression towards full-term. Her discharge goal will be her due date. Anything earlier is a bonus. Babies are a beautiful way to start growing humans!

I didn't know that! Neat. It looks like she has an IV in her scalp currently, right? Hopefully that's the only access they'll need and she can lose that soon, too! What's the process of the umbilical stump falling off later if it's left long like this? Do they trim it and then re-clamp it so it can fall off like a "normal" one or will that fall off on its own at that length eventually?

I wish them well as a fellow nicu mom it's no picnic. 3 mins scrub time and a bunch of other rules it's scary. Heres my story.My son was born at 39w 6d but got very sick 12 hrs after birth. He was in the nicu for 31 days. On day 4 I was stopped at the nicu door way and was told my son's liver and kidneys were failing, he needed a blood transfusion, and his blood gases were off. He was supposed to die that day. I wasn't even able to hold him. I told my husband I can bury my baby. I prayed so hard and that night his hemaglobin numbers started stabilize, 3 days later he came off the cpap, 4 days later he could start to breastfeed. And after 31 days he came home. He's 5 now and so selfless and sweet. He's gonna change the world I can feel it.

Well thanks for making me cry.

Amazing! What a tough little guy! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Tori is moving out of Jenelle's house! I wonder if CPS told her that Tori isn't allowed to live there any more if she wants to retain custody of Kaiser?

(Sorry to bring Jenelle awfulness into this cute post about Miranda and Corey, but hopefully this means there will be some consequences for her poor choices)

It is Tori's house I thought? sure uncle dave is moving in

no tori never works she couldnt have her own house

What a load of selfish bollocks! She could totally be at that memorial service if she wanted, she certainly had time to sympathy monger on Twitter! Maybe the Marshals are "helping" her move out.

I love how she had to throw in that she and this chick fought a lot several times throughout the "memorial" she wrote up. Because that's what matters when someone many times they pissed you off while they were alive.

It amazes me that Jenelle still apparently has custody of Kaiser. I thought she would have lost it or signed it away on the down-low by now. Is she still in St. Thomas? I know that Babs had Kaiser in her care while Jenelle was gone. I also know that Babs said that she wouldn't be able to take Kaiser in because she's so busy raising Jace. Maybe she'll change her mind or let Kaiser go into foster care instead of stepping in like she did the first time. Or let him be raised by Nathan's crazy "preacher" mama. It wouldn't surprise me if Jenelle no longer had Kaiser in her custody and was still posting pictures and statuses making it seem like she still had him. Hasn't she done that before?

It has been my experience that it is actually really hard for a parent to loose custody. Sure Janelle is a shit mom to her sons but their basic needs are being met. All they need is food and shelter. It's my opinion that if Jenelle hadn't signed Jace over to Barbara she still might be retaining some custody of him. I'm sure Child Servies would be up her ass but honestly there's a good chance she would still be his primary care giver. They let a lot of shitty parents have kids and unfortunately a lot of the time majority says the kids should be removed but Child Servies let them remain on technicalities.

Apparently CPS had been involved with Jenelle since she gave birth to Jace and he tested positive for some drugs. CPS told Babs that they would put Jace into foster care if she didn't want to take care of him. She decided to step forward and take him in. Maybe Jenelle would have gotten her act together if she had to deal with CPS instead of her mother. Maybe Jace would still be in foster care. Maybe Babs would have stepped in anyway if it came to that. Maybe Jenelle would have come to her senses and signed away her parental rights so Jace could be adopted out before it was too late.

There are a lot of things that could have happened if CPS took Jace away. But Jenelle was being threatened with having her custody involuntarily rescinded unless she gave it to her mom. And considering her track record of shitty parenting I wouldn't be surprised if she never got Jace back if she had to deal with the state. There's also rumors that the reason Jenelle wanted to deliver Kaiser in North Carolina instead of South Carolina is because SC hospitals apparently issue mandatory drug-tests for newborn babies. Knowing Jenelle and how Jace had already tested positive for drugs, she didn't want to take that chance and risk losing Kaiser as well. I get that it's hard for parents, especially mothers, to lose custody, but considering how horrible and untrustworthy Jenelle is, I wouldn't be surprised if she did lose custody or was forced to sign it away again. It does happen.

If Jenelle had lost custody, we would have heard about it from Nathan or someone else selling a story. I read somewhere recently that Nathan's saying that Jenelle blocked Doris (Nathan's mom) from calling her and only calls him from a blocked number, won't let him see Kaiser, etc. so I'm pretty damn sure Nathan would be screaming it from the roof tops if Kaiser was taken from Jenelle.

"also, who wants to bet Tori has been #jaced for Australia trip & Uncle Dave is going??"

Poor frickin Jace is now a verb for when someone you thought cared about you ditches you. Maybe Jenelle will be eaten by a koala or something...

Is she actually going to be on that Australian celebrity show?

No, they announced who's going in today, they've already all arrived in Australia. She's not there.

I'm jumping in on this late, but I'm not sure Jenelle can get a passport. She has a pending felony charge with a court date scheduled.

Well she looks adorable. I hope she gets out of the hospital soon. I can't imagine the stress of having a baby in the NICU.

It's completely awful! Expecilly seeing Remi being in such good condition she may not "look" like she needs to be there but they might keep her for precaution. My son was born at 34 weeks and he was doing fantastic but they had to keep him two weeks just to make sure he was good. It was completely frustrating visiting a perfectly healthy baby and not being allowed to take him home.

Yes, it is terrible. My 2 kids were both 7 weeks early and they looked fine but their lungs weren't developed enough to keep them out of the NICU for 6 and 10 days respectively, and they became jaundiced. I wasn't allowed to hold my son for the first 2 days and I didn't see him right after the emergency c-section, either. Plus, he was supposed to be a girl -we were told at 3 different ultrasounds- and I didn't believe my husband when he told me otherwise.

Congratulations to Corey & Miranda! Remi is absolutely beautiful and I love her name.
I really home Leah keeps her mouth shut for a few days and doesn't ruin their moment with her bullshit.

Amen to that, but what's the betting she starts with the whole 'The girlses want to come home because Miranda doesn't have time for them' charade

I'm waiting to hear Dawn publicly bitching about how "Corey won't give Leah the girls on the weekdays even though he's busy with his new baby. Where are his priorities?" And then, if he DOES let the twins stay with Leah, Dawn will be bitching that he doesn't have enough time for the twins anyway and why would the judge/school/family plot against her daughter who just wants to be the nurturing mama she was meant to be?!

I'm surprised neither Dawn nor Leah have publicly insinuated that Corey isn't Remi's father. Leah doesn't have a baby to try and pin on Corey, so questioning Remi's paternity seems like the next shadiest thing they can do.

Leah getting pregnant and saying it is Corey's baby, i didn't think of that one!

Good Point Rae & Catelynn I didn't even think of that! I'm sure the group of Leah worshipers would love that one!

I'm sure as soon as the first comment is made by Miranda about how tired she is or how stressed she is (all mothers get there eventually) Leah is going to jump on that with a whole bunch of "I told you sos" I can hear it already.
As I said earlier I feel so bad for Miranda, between Leah, Dawn and the fanclub everything Miranda does is going to be picked on. I really hope they Corey & Miranda stay off of social media for a while longer.

Congratulations to them, she is beautiful and they look absolutely over the moon!
I wish them nothing but the best and that baby Remi is home soon, I can't imagine having a preemie on top of all the stress they have currently gone through/are under. Lord knows these two deserve some peace and happiness after dealing with Leah and her white trash, cheeto loving family.

She is itty bitty. The Ashley reports she weighed 4 lbs 11 oz. I hope for a short NICU stay. Leah can relate, but I'm sure she won't =/

I knew she looked to be about the same size as my daughter. That was her weight at 2 days old after she lost. It's an excellent weight for a baby as young as her. If all goes well she should be home for Christmas if not sooner! What an amazing gift that would be.

As terrible as it is for Remi to stay in the NICU, you're right. Leah also had to endure not being able to take her twins home with her right after they were born: she was so broken-hearted. I remember her episode vaguely, but I do recall Leah breaking down and just sobbing in Corey's car when it came time to leave and the twins had to stay in the NICU. She should be able to relate to Miranda's plight and if she were a mature woman, Leah would let bygones be bygones and reach out to her. But she won't because she can't. She's sick in the head, vindictive as all hell, and has Mama Dawn and the rest of the Messers whispering horrible things to her and justifying her awful actions and words. Remi's birth should be a clean slate for everybody involved, but Leah will still be petty. Like somebody else said, I'm sure she'll start using the baby's birth to try and say that the twins should come back to her because Corey and Miranda will be "too busy" to care for them on top of an infant. It's only a matter of time. And her disgusting Facebook fans will support her. They're human trash, every last one of them.

At this point if I were Miranda I wouldn't want her to "reach out". Leah has been horrible about her pregnancy and extremely vindictive to Miranda and the entire situation in general. In my opinion the only proper way for Leah to handle herself during this time is to stay completely quiet. I honestly believe she needs to remain out of the media completely for a week or two and make no public comments about Miranda or Remi for the time being.

If anything the twins will want to stay at Corey's house more because their new baby sister is there.

The idea of leaving the hospital without the baby you just had...oh I can't even imagine the heartbreak and never want to have to go through it. Obviously, if the baby needs to stay for extra care, then that's what you do as a parent but that's got to be the most painful thing carry those babies for months and months and then not only are they outside the safety of your womb but you can't even take them home?! Ugh...I'm getting all broody and overemotional just thinking about it.

Do you guys think Leah has always been a petty and vindictive liar or that the show turned her into one? She was far from perfect in earlier seasons but she seems to at least care about her kids and even seemed sweet at times. Then again that could just be a good girl edit.

Batman, I think Leah has always been this way. Especially because she has her mom in the ring. She was cheating on Cory right away with Trashman Robby. I definitely think she got the good girl edit.

Batman, I've thought Leah was shady since her episode of 16&P when she went out to a gathering with friends (and Robbie the Wonderpeen)and bragged about how Corey was going to buy her a car - whatever car she wanted - and they all laughed. Probably already cheating on Corey at that time, too.

Before that scene I thought she was sweet and possibly just really stupid. Then that scene came along and I realized she was a nasty person. Even before I knew she cheated. She hasn't matured since then, either.

The goal is usually to be discharged by the due date. Anything sooner is a bonus. The main thing is they have to be able to feed well, tolerate the feed and gain weight. And of course be healthy. Many hospitals have courtesy rooms for mom to stay in. These are usually saved for preemies for the time when baby is nearly ready for discharge so mom can try doing care 24/7 with backup.

Yes, many moms find it heart-breaking to be discharged without their baby. NICU tries to help in every way possible but it is understandably very painful. It is also difficult to trek in every day when they are sore and exhausted physically and emotionally. And often trying to produce and pump. Women are amazing!

she is very cute and i like the name remi....cant imagine naming my kid after a gun though. different strokes! praying for a quick NICU stay

Meet our little ones: Glock and Beretta!

arent you expecting twins????? perfect names for your little ones!!!

Twin boys: Smith & Wesson ???

Hahahaha, oh God I hadn't even thought of that. We're having two boys so I need to go brush up on my arms dealing/baby naming.

She's so cute! And Miranda looks fantastic. Hopefully everything goes well and Remi can soon be home with her parents and her sisters. I also really hope that Leah, Jabba, and the rest of the Messers keep their mouths shut and let Corey and Miranda enjoy this special time.

I was very surprised to see this when I came here today! However, I am very happy for Corey and Miranda, I love their genuine smiles! Congratulations to them both and I hope for a speedy NICU stay for little baby Remington Monroe.

I'm also hoping Leah and her family will keep their mouths shut and not say one word about this, unless it's to genuinely congratulate Corey and Miranda. Leah seems to have a hard time letting other people be happy, so I really hope she doesn't get into their heads for this very special moment.

The more I follow this story on verious sites the sadder I become.

It's alright to ask others how they came up with the name of their daughter, it's alright to ask general questions because others might know the answer but it IS NOT okay to be down right disrespectful.

People are bashing Miranda for allowing her daughter to be named Remington.
People are saying its an ugly name.
People are even going as far as making fun of the child.

You do not do that, if they told you before hand that they were thinking of naming their child ___ and wanted your honest opinion about it then give it to them but, when they name the child that name whether you disagree or not you don't say anything because it isnt your place.

Can't we all just be happy and thankful we get to somewhat be apart of It your nasty hateful comments are not needed. You could name your child Waffle Destiney as long as you like the name that's all that matters.

Once again, congratulations Sims family.

Eh, I think I'd make fun of somebody for naming his or her child Waffle Destiney. At least Remington is a decent name, and comes with a cute nickname to boot. But Waffle Destiney? That's just begging for your kid to get its ass kicked on the playground.

I just think some people these days take being original too far however, this is not the case. Remigto

Remington isn't bad at all.

I know a girl named morningstar Rose and my husband went to school with someone named Orange Yellow. ( spelt different but pronounced orange yellow, the spelling was jacked)

@CCB you said something similar to me about what I wanted to name my first daughter a while back. I'm glad I didn't go to elementary school with you ??

My brother teaches in the Chicago area, and he legitimately had a little girl student named "Shithead". When he first read her name out loud, he pronounced it like it should be pronounced. she corrected him and told him it was pronounced "Sha-Taid". I know that there are lots of urban legends about jacked-up names, but this is a 100% verified, legitimate, factual occurence. How could you do that to your child?

Shit head? Come off it :p seriously? Where I live there are rules about this sort of thing. Ie you can't name your child after a swear word or you can't name your baby Hitler or something.

I know a girl called Blue and her last name is the Dutch word for blue... so she's called Blue Blue really :(

Even if it's a weird name, at least she has a cute nickname. It's their kid, they can name her whatever they want. And apparently Remington is a shockingly popular name right now. Not my cup of tea but my kiddos are going to have some weird names, too, so I can't really judge, haha.

Yep. My nephew was just named Remington.

My husband had a dog named Remington. I also know a boy named Remington, called Remy. It is definitely a girls name, and I will always think of it as a dogs name.

i disagree that you cant make fun of a celeb baby name. i mean yeah you shouldnt bash the kids but it is very weird to name your kid after a gun!

I like it, yet I can't help but think they picked that name out for a boy. Remington Monroe is certainly not very feminine.

I prefer being called Tom. Traditionally feminine stuff ain't for everyone. And I'm pretty dang feminine in almost every other way(: To me, it seems pretty unisex

Monroe seems feminine ti me, just not foo foo girly. We don't know that they named her after the gun, though. The people I know that named their kid Remington, did do it because that was the theme for their baby's names, which was a little odd to me, but to each their own. At least the brands are actual names to begin with.

I really like the name Remington. It's actually one I tried to talk my husband into when we had our daughter who is around Addie's age. I think it's cute but I also really love unisex names and don't mind that it's a gun manufacturer. At least they didn't jack up the spelling and Remi has a name that won't sound like someone else in her family.

I laughed my ass of reading my daughters kindergarten yearbook. I'm probably going to hell. Gorgeous, Joangilee, Ti-ara, Xy'Kaysha, Pryness, omg apostrophes everywhere and my cousin has a girl in her class named Ashley spelled (and I shut you not) Assholee. If they were my actual friends I would ask them what is wrong with you. In his school I worked Mcdonald and had a coworker (in her mid 20s) who hated me because she had her daughters name was Rainbow and I laughed my ass off

Ugh edit didn't work *pryncess* *she said*. I laughed in her face, I just couldn't stop myself and asked her if she was serious. At least Remington and Remi, athough unique (or U'neek) sounds like an actual name

ASSHOLEE?! SERIOUSLY? I had to re-read that, looks like Asshole! That poor child will be forever made fun of.

My sons best friends name is Damiyen. My husband didn't believe me when I said that's how he spells it.

Jollyrancher, we know a Daymien, which is not much better.


The sad thing is that Rainbow isn't even that bad compared to some of the other names on here. I know a girl named Rainforest but that seems pretty tame now lol

So I made an account just so I could say I work with a girl named Te'Quilla. Also a Lohko, a Craymeisha, and a Lakeidra. Lololol

Meh. I would never make fun of a kid or be downright disrespectful about a name but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to give the parents the side eye about their name choice.
A girl I know just named her daughter Harleen Quinn *sips tea*

I know people that have the weather forecast: Storm, Skye and Summer. They had a dog named Cloud before they had kids.
CPS should pay extra attention to morrons like that.

They don't care enough for their kids to stay sober most weekends now. Their house is a party patch with weird guests from what I heard. The eldest child is about 12 now I think. Way to go.

I know a man named Breeze. I used to do work for a woman named Mercedes Karr. That one always made me laugh. As well as Forest Leif.

When you Call him the Breeze, does he keep blowin' down the road? ;)

Look at that cute little nose! Reminds me of Miranda.

So I really don't like babies... like at all. But Remi is cute and doesn't look like a lizard like most newborns.

The Leah fans on facebook are honestly worse than the Jenelle fans. Jenelle's peeps defend her and her bullshit and call rational people jealous. Leah fans wish awful things on women and children. Like I've seen people hoping that Miranda will fail at taking care of three kids. So Leah failed and got the kids taken away and now you want Corey and Miranda to fail so the twins have no one caring for them properly? Like I really don't get it. People are saying they're sick of Miranda's attitude towards Leah after "taking her children". But what? What has Miranda even fucking said? The reunion was in July, the custody change was way after that. She's literally done nothing that I've seen to warrant all this hate???? Like I actually don't get it. People are such fucking keyboard thugs and it's gross.

And also, Leah didn't like get shot in the head. She was not stripped of her parental rights. She did not lose visitation with her children. I know it would be so hard to not see your children every day, but they act like Corey ripped them from Leah's arms and left the damn country. They live in the same county for Christ's sake! Even fucking Leah hasn't said shit as nasty and cruel.

Do these people not understand that Miranda didn't take the children, a judge awarded COREY custody of his children and because they are married Miranda will help take care of them.

THANK YOU. A step-mother has absolutely ZERO legal power or say over who takes care of her step-children. She couldn't have influenced their removal from Leah's care even if she wanted to.

People have 0 understanding of the legal system in general. Like all the people who tried to call CPS on Jenelle when Kaiser got a sunburn at Disneyland. It just doesn't work that way. Like at all. Ever. Courts act on facts and facts alone. There's not even a jury to sway like in a criminal case. If Corey presented proof of his side of the argument and that proof was persuasive, then that's it. Is his wife not supposed to be on his side?

Could you imagine there backlash if Miranda wasn't supportive of Corey and said she didn't want the kids! My dads mum left her children with a family friend for 3 years because her husband at the time didn't like children.. So yea I think Miranda being supportive and loving of the kids is the way to go!

That's what I mean, it's just cazy let the birth of their daughter be a happy one.

I've seen people say That Miranda only wanted a baby to make their family official.

For a second let's just say that Corey did cheat and lsts just say that his wife IS taking it out on leah and being extremely bitter, let's just say she doesn't trust Leah and had her baby to make the twins like her better.

IF all that happened, would Miranda truly be evil? If her husband cheated she found it in her heart to forgive him something a lot of people can't do. She remembered she's committed to not only Corey but HER step daughters, she knows they've been through enough.

People say just wish their lover would tell the truth when they cheat so at least they can realize they aren't even that much more scummy but that's IMPOSSIBLE to do if all your going to do is never forgive them for it.... Maybe just maybe IF all this is true Miranda did what was best for HER STEP DAUGHTERS!

I personally don't think it is true but for everyone who has it out for them there you go, maybe he did cheat yep.... Or maybe you are just being stupid..... Either way leave them alone.

Newborns look like little grumpy old men with big heads. I've had 3 but definitely little old men (even though they were all girls) and sound like Chinese immigrants when they're first learning to talk, in a cute way.

They're the worst. They call Corey and Miranda assholes and make it seem like Corey is a bully because of "what he did". They really do not understand that COREY didn't make the decision, the JUDGE did, and the judge wouldn't just award Corey full custody to be mean to Leah. I'm convinced those crazies have zero brain cells.

I don't read fanpages they're usually full of crap. I don't get the Miranda hate either, she's honestly the only one of the group that I like. People will bend over backwards to justify Corey's cheating or Leah's pill problem, but Miranda being concerned about her stepchildren? Unforgivable, worse than infidelity and drug abuse. Saying the baby deserved to be premature? Jeez, even Leah isn't that vindictive. It seems to me that some people are way too involved in the lives of people they've only seen on TV. I'm entertained by all this idiocy but I really don't waste my time being angry at Leah, Jenelle, Miranda, Farrah, Gary, Corey, Adumb, etc. etc. Seriously if you're that emotionally involved in the lives of strangers you need a reality check.

The baby is gorgeous and looks like she's doing good. She isn't hooked up to a bunch of machines and her weight if it really is somewhere between 4 and 5 lbs isn't that terrible. I bet she gets to go home before Christmas. I'm not sure if I like that she's named after a gun, but whatever it's West Virginia there are probably many children named after guns. Remington after Dad's favorite gun is better than Quortney Taelore because everyone has to be Uneekique. And yes Quortney Taelore was a real person, who graduated with me in 2010. XD

It s absolutely disgusting seeing the nasty comments about Miranda and her baby... Saying it is karma that an innocent child is born early is worse than anything Miranda ever did! Are these people seriously stupid enough to not realize by commenting what they are commenting they are worse than Miranda?

I don't think you should wish bad things on anyone regardless of who they are and what they did, let alone their innocent child SMH.

Apparently someone said they were gonna call CPS on Miranda until her baby gets taken away. Man and I thought I hated Kail (a huge reason for me not wanting to watch anymore is because seeing her or hearing her voice just disgusts me, and I thought it was getting to a level of ridiculous) but now I don't feel it's at a crazy level LOL!

I really hope that all the rumors about Corey quitting the show are true. It's almost a safety issue at this point with the amount of people that hate Miranda.

Addie is getting so big and looks just like her parents!

Oh my she is cute!

Jeremy's Instagram gives me hope that he isn't as emotionally cold as he was made out to be.

brb, adopting addie.

She looks so much like her dad.

Jeremy posted pics of Addy 6 days ago, 4 days ago and today. What's his custody arrangement for her? Has he got more custody than before now?

I noticed that as well. From what i have read I think Jeremy get her whenever he is home from work. Maybe he is having a bigger break between jobs or something.

Is there a pipe lining "season" at all? When my husband was driving trucks, he had a lot more business/miles during the summer because he did flat bed trucking and that meant that less cargo was able to be transported during harsh winter storms, etc. I don't know if pipe lining is similar but maybe he gets some time off during the winter or at least works less than in the summer?

I don't know about in the states but in Canada our oil people usually have quite a bit of time off in the spring and sometimes time off in the fall when the ground gets too muddy/unstable to work. Usually the sprin thaw is 1-3 months of down town but if we have a muddy fall sometimes they'll get a couple weeks.

Aw, she's adorable. From one preemie baby to another, hope she's doing well!

Adam Lind is claiming he is married on Instagram. Anyone know if this is true?


Did you see his new tattoo of a naked red headed woman, tearing his hear out. There is a lot of speculation on the photo that it represents Chelsea, Adam said "I'll let you decide ;)"

Yeah lol.


Looking at the tattoo I don't think it looks anything like Chelsea :P And Chelsea has changed her hair so many times I would say her 'signature hair' is red....

I didn't think it was a tattoo of Chelsea, either. Especially after reading Adumbs comments, it seems like he LOVES the attention, and said "It might be" Just to get people to notice him. He seems to me, after reading his insta replies on that pic, a complete, 100% moron, who behaves like a 15 year old drop out, and has other idiots encouraging his stupidity. If I were Chelsea Id do everything in my power to keep him away from my daughter,

I just looked at it.

He said "Omg ppl its not cheslsea and this tattoo is over 3 yrs go cry somewhere else about respect... How about have some respect for me ?!... Pretty sure I can get a tattoo of whatever the fuck I want so go cry to Chelsea about ur feelings being hurt" and "Can't believe half u idiots would honestly believe I would get a tattoo to remember Chelsea... Just shoking how naive some girls really are Lol ..."

He also had this to say about the show: "... Some ppl need to realize that its a fake fucking show and they glorify teen pregnancy and the shit is fake and staged .. Without the show y'all would walk right past Chelsea and not think twice..."

He's kinda all over right now. Our local news station did an interview with Brooke Beaton about her domestic abuse story and on the news channel's facebook page he and his friends have made quite a few comments calling her out. Here's the facebook page, gotta scroll down a bit....

Gee can someone translate Adam's comment.. I read it 3 times still don't understand.

So I have just watched the reunion (I know I am a bit behind) and I just had to come here for a quick rant!

Okay did anyone else notice how Leah was talking about mental illness as though she is the only person in the world to suffer from it? The whole time she was acting like it was some foreign illness and using it to justify her bad behavior! Like 1 in 4 people will have a mental illness and that 1 person will have family that has to support them through it. Having both had mental illness and also supporting someone through it I can safeley say the support side of it is freaking hard! So no mental illness is not uncommon and it is no excuse to not parent.

When Dr Drew told Corey he wasn't going through the same stuff as Leah was also crap! Jut because you don't go to therapy (rehab) doesn't mean you dont have a mental illness. maybe Corey has a mental illness and he chooses to keep it private and not use it as an excuse for all his indiscretions.

And finally, did anyone notice Leah said 'The doctors THOUGH i had narcolepsy and HAD me tested'. Doesn't this imply they thought she had it, tester her and released she didn't have it? So why now is she still claiming to possibly have it?

Okay rant over haha!!

Has anyone seen this!? Farrah adopting a baby.


No one in their right mind would give that bitch a child...

Right? ?? Surely it's really difficult to adopt??

I want adoption to be easier... But not for Farrah! She doesn't even take care of the child she has!

Yeah, I really doubt she is serious but if she is, I doubt she'll be approved. You have to do home studies and a lot of other stuff. My parents adopted me and supposedly it took forever. It's not as simple as "Oh, give me a baby!" But hopefully Farrah isn't actually serious. That bitch needs to settle down and take care of the kid she already has.

Yeah, I don't believe she's serious. She just wanted to jump on the National Adoption Day bandwagon and get attention in the worst way possible. I really don't see Farrah having any more kids, biological or no. The only way I can see her having another child is if she tries to trap a man (like Simon Saran Wrap), and that's a big "if" because motherhood seriously cramps Farrah's "style".

One small hick up: they do prefer adoptive parents who are sane.
No real doctor will put his signature under a statement saying she is a normal functioning adult.
But she will sue a doctor who will say otherwise too.
Having said that, my temp. foster parents lied themselves trough the whole proces while the foster mom was not doing well at all.

Let's hope this is just another one of Farrah's stupid plans that will not be completed or fail.

toootally for publicity

It's not like she'd actually raise the baby. The baby is going to do its own thing.

Does she have a nanny/s for Sophia?

Nanny Michael.

I believe she pays a nanny too.

Hahahaha if that picture of her is "makeup free" then I'm a goddamn iguana.

Its really weird to me that Farrah is even mentioning a church, implying that she's part of one, when she's in the pornography/adulttoy industry

Congratulations! She is beautiful! And good lord, but Miranda looks gorgeous for just having given birth. FFS.

Haha, wow. Leah's Facebook warriors are relentless. Got called the c-word because some idiot who apparently doesn't know what punctuation is felt I was being judgmental (despite people making up reasons to hate a woman they don't even know) because I brought up the fact that Leah's failure to get the girls to school had a lot to do with primary custody being reassigned to Corey. Ohhhh boy, these people HATE facts. "MIRANDA IS SLEEPING WITH THE JUDGE" like lmao, what??

Also according to this lady, getting your kids to school on time "isn't important", and I need my "ass kicked". Ugh this new generation is screwed.

Wait, did somebody really suggest that Miranda slept with the judge so Corey could get primary custody? Because if they did...I don't want to live in this planet anymore.

;-) Good luck with that. I heard Virgin hopes to make space travel affordable but I suggest you start saving really hard.
Don't leave us, let's decide to move all those people to another planet just how Australia started out.

Dude, I really wish I could make up some of this bs, especially because half the Leah supporters up there are boasting about how they are also parents and how they admire Leah because they "struggle" like she does. If Leah and Jenelle are these people's examples of great mothers, I don't want to see what a bad mother looks like.

Omg... Can nobody on the FB pages accept facts! The fact is Leah couldn't get the children to school on time ad Corey was awarded custody. DEAL WITH IT!!

Miranda's too busy helping Corey raise his girlses to be off banging judges!

Did yall see the new article out about how Corey is taking Leah to court to find out about all the missing money in the girlses accounts? I hope it's true, there's no good reason for stealing your children's money!

I came here just to say this! Leah is a hella cunt if this is true. You don't steal from your own children, what the fuck are people thinking?

Totally saw this coming!!

I am so proud of Corey for finally finding this backbone and doing what he feels is best for his daughters.
I just hope that Leah doesn't turn around and try to use this as "Corey wanting full custody only because of financial gain." Sort of thing but Corey is smart and I'm sure he has proof.

Well Leah backed herself into the corner on this one because, when it was reported last year that she'd taken money that's been set aside for Ali's medical bills, her excuse was that the money was still there, just "not in the account they're saying it was 'stolen' from" and then went on to imply she'd invested it in financial CDs (the kind at the bank, not like "compact disc.") That statement alone shows that this IS an account that Corey has access to...otherwise he wouldn't be able to view any part of the account from balance to activity. If he has access to this account, she shouldn't be reinvesting/moving around money without agreeing to it with Corey she's either lying because she stole the money (my vote) or she's blatantly admitting that she's pretty much hiding the money in other ways so that Corey can't see it/get to it. I swear she's just too stupid and fried on drugs to realize that all of her lies are easily disproved. She's screwed.

What a bitch. I have no doubt believing that Leah did steal from her children. Weren't there rumors that she had taken money out of Ali's foundation fund? Leah said she just moved the money, but I think it's really possible she stole it for her drugs, her house, everything her little pill-popping heart desires. She probably figured she could always replace the money with her "Teen Mom 2" check, but got so drugged out of her mind that she forgot.

If Chelsea or Kail were accused of doing this, I would probably not really believe it. Hell, I don't think I could believe the story if Jenelle were being accused, largely because you just know she's not doing anything for her sons and would never, ever set up any sort of account in their names. But Leah? She's so desperate for money and not working for a living that I could see her pulling this stunt. Also the drugs. Drugs get hella expensive after a while.

Except Jenelle did have a trust set up for Jace and blew through it to support her heroin habit, smfh.

Did she really? As if she couldn't get any worse.

Even if she did just move the money why wouldn't Corey be involved in that decision. It is both their children's money so isn't it suspicious it itself to just move the money without telling Corey?

How could anyone doubt she's on drugs when things like this keep coming to light? You don't spend $10k x 2 of your daughters' trust fund money on washuurrs and dryerrrs.

No doubt Leah will say that she moved the money to another account, i.e. the one that belongs to her dealer


Wow! Awesome! GO COREY!!!!

Well Dawn, you were right, the truth is coming out ya'll.
Oh god, I knew it! We were talking about that trust here a little while ago. We already had huge suspicions.
I can remember Leah called Corey and other people questioning were the money was 'dumb ass' back then.
Stealing from your own children and think nobody will ever find out, now that's dumb. She must have thought she could pull the trings and control Corey for ever.
Bet she black mailed Corey for years, might even be the only reason she did her best to seduce him.

Hahahahaha, this comment on the article actually made me snort:

"I just had an image of Mama Dawn in court acting as her lawyer and when the judge says how does your client plea, she stands up straightens her suit jacket and says 'she pleads monkey your honor.'"

I'm at work right now and they guy I'm stationed with is totally judging me. First, I was watching 16 & Pregnant and now I'm laughing like a maniac at that comment ?

And it has started, the ridiculous 'news' to bring down Corey and Miranda!

My pet hate is people who get overly protective of a name. Like seriously do you not realize a million other people probably share that name as well....

LOL I was just coming here to post that!!

“LEAH told her to take a look at the stories,” the pal said. “Amber was shocked! She knew it was too strange to be a coincidence.”

We already know who you source is radar. This thieving rat trying to deflect. I'm pretty damn sure Corey could care less about this chick who he supposedly dated for 2 months over 4 years ago. Lmao

My original comment is in moderation but did anyone catch this.

Radar originally posted the story saying the LEAH was the one to tell Corey's ex about him naming their child Remington. Now they edited the article and took out Leah's name and changed it to " a pal " lOl

Yea the one I posted said 'Leah' in it but it might be removed now. Seriously though how ridiculous!

Why would you reach out to your ex husbands ex girlfriend just to tell her that they both have babies name Remington.

Oh my gosh that's so dumb! So if my ex names his child my favorite name, I can't name my child that?! How ridiculous! Is that the best story Leah could come up with? This ex is obviously long gone considering we've known Corey to really only be with Leah and Miranda. We've been watching these people for what, 6 years?

Ugh I know! You cant 'steal' a name it isn't property :P And he was only with the ex for 2 months.... So yes a agree she is long gone!

Kinda reminds me of when Briana accused Catelynn of stealing the name "Nova"

Corey ex is a ass it's name I doubt Corey even remember. she had a daughter named Remi it's just like the time Chelsea got piss because Taylor name paislee with double ee at the end of her name. And Miranda could have pick out the name not Corey this story is so stupid.

How pathetic and desperate can you be, Leah / Delta Dawn? Seriously, THIS was the best dirt you could find to try to ruin Corey and Miranda's happiness and make them look bad?

""Remington sat with Hayden this morning while I dropped off Bralyn at school..."

Do these people not know how ridiculous they sound? And "Bralyn"?! Is that like Bra-lynn or Bray-lynn? Because it's spelled like it should be pronounced "Brawlin'."

Also, in regards that the article originally said Leah was the one who pointed this out to the ex-girlfriend, THIS is what Leah is spending her time on. Not taking care of the child she still has primary custody of. Not trying to get her addictions under control. Not focusing on the fact that her twins have a new half-sister that was born TWO MONTHS premature and how dangerous that can be...nope...stalking around her ex-husband's ex-girlfriend's facebook page so she can sell a story to Radar. boo.

I love how her name doesn't have a single letter 'a' in it.
Congrats to the new mom and dad, best wishes baby Remi.