Teen Mom 2 - Right On Time...

Jenelle Evans

To those who said Jenelle will be back with Kieffer in less than 24 hours in my poll yesterday, you are the big winners! While I guess it was no surprise she ended up back with Kieffer (63% knew it would happen), I'm a little shocked at how soon it was. I'm not trying to get on my high horse here, relationships are not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

That being said, I guess I will never understand the thought process running to twitter the second something negative happens. "Omg we just broke up" - Yay we're back together" - "We just broke up again, Omg!!"

As a blogger I appreciate people like Jenelle always keeping things interesting, but I am a fan as well, and I am pulling for her to turn things around and get things straight.

Maybe I'm just being old school but I think Jenelle should always just ask herself "Does this decision put me one step closer to regaining custody of Jace?" and if the answer is "Not really", then don't do it.

Ok, I'll get off my high horse now. People think I bash the moms too much, and maybe I am critical at times, but only when I'm shaking my head in disbelief. I'll give credit when it's due, and I have.

I think Catelynn is by far the most mature, responsible and respectable person on either show and I've done nothing but praise her.

I also don't bash the moms just to bash them, as I've probably been more of a Jenelle supporter than anything else.

I do shake my head at her constantly changing relationship status, but she is really one of my favorites on the show.

I'm out of serious mode now. Time to look up more fun stories to post about...


lol @ the bigbrotherjunkies tag

oops, juggling too many things at once lol

Can I ask why you are a fan of someone of such questionable character?

I think I typically root for the underdog. I like all the moms really, I think each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Each to their own I guess but I wouldn't say she was the underdog that would imply she is putting up some sort of fight or has suffered an injustice which is untrue. She has been given a wealth of opportunity and money through MTV and has not tried to fight for her son....so really she is just a loser and you root for the loser to come good haha anyway love the site :)

I will say though, hanging out with someone who was busted for heroin is probably not a decision I would make when trying to get my kid back.

Never in my whole life have i ever seen such unstable relationships before between both Jenelle/Kieffer & Jenelle/Gary. It's getting so old. When it's not breaking up, it's fighting, drugs, arrests, etc. I am so over this girl and seeing updates on her. She wants the attention so bad it's sickening. GROW UP JENELLE!!!

how many pictures is she gonna let Keiffer post of him grabbin her ass? it screams trash! seriously jenelle have some respect for yourself and demand respect from the men ur with. you dont just let men treat you like ur just a peice of ass, cause everyone knows if u let em then thats all you'll ever be to em! self respect sweetie....

She probably doesn't have any self-respect. She needs to understand what that phrase means, and the only way she'll understand is if she gets serious therapy. I'm hoping she does so she can learn what self-respect truly means because then she'll want to be able to respect others, including her son.

Eww. They are trash, both of them. So glad she is using her money wisely to take care of her son... oh just kidding. Her boob job looks like crap.

I ended up just unlikeing Jenelle's page! I couldn't stand her any longer! She's so unstable! And she loves being considered a celebrity when she's far from it. The more people start unlikeing her page the more maybe she'll wake up and realize people aren't going to put up with her crap anymore!

I hit the unlike button by accident LOL

On the plus side, her boobs don't look that bad in these pictures.

Her boobs don't look as bad as Maci's.**

any man that grabs your ass and takes a picture like that is definitely a keeper... *eye roll*

no wonder jenelle gets zero respect when she can't even respect herself. keep it for the bedroom, not the beach.

on second thought i do not and never will want to know what goes on in jenelle's bedroom. *cringe*

Janelle is psycho!! It's sad that her number one concern is herself and not her son. Also, she is not a teen mom, hell she isn't a mother and never has been, so why keep giving her the money and attention. I think it's best that she is not in her sons life because look at the toxic environment the child is exposed to when she comes around.

I don't know who has worse back tattoos Maci or Jenelle.

The middle tattoo on Jenelles back looks like captain cavemans stick!!!

Jenelle should have just stuck with one or the other. Either the tramp stamp, or the full back. They're both just awful, but together they just completely clash. But hey, YOLO.

Am I that old or does anyone else even remember Captain Caveman?

I remember Captain Caveman lol. But then again, I'm old too, so....


Smh. All I can say.

Argh..who actually gives a rat's keister about this very very dysfunctional GIRL and her equally dysfunctional leach boyfriend.
They deserve each other.

Atleast she isn't expecting again...with keifers baby at that! Got to give her props on that one.

I think you just jinxed her. LOL

Oh that would send Babs over the edge!

Yup, Babs would have a second kid to raise.

Sorry Mommy didnt get to buy you any preschool clothes Jace, but you see,, Tattoos, pot and Bond money are getting so damn expensive these days...

She has no clue. Jace. Is going to grow up, see these photos (and others) and know that she was too busy f****** off to get custody. How sad. I just hope he grows up to be a great kid despite all of the. stuff he's going through. It really upsets me that she has the means to make a great life for him but she just doesn't care. She's incredibly selfish.

Ugh this bitch seriously makes me ill. Frolicking on the beach- where's her son? The problem is, Jenelle is the definition of self absorbed. She doesnt change because she see's nothing wrong with her life. She's a leech to society. Any person with average intelligence would just MOVE on, but nope not her- she lives for the drama, its her personality. Judging from her past and current life choices, she will never take the steps to getting her son back. She has missed very crucial points in Jaces life- like BONDING for instance. He may know her as his "mom" but emotionally, Barb has been his mother. Very sad. I will never understand how someone could put themselves above their child- especially a mother. Her future is predictable. More breaks up, domestics, drugs, bankruptcy and things added to her already fresh criminal record. Most people stand on their two feet when they hit rock bottom but not Jenelle, she grabs a shovel and keeps digging deeper. Time to grow up!

Discusting! There is alot of people out there that would wish to have a child that can't concieve, and here is a person that has one and doesn't care. If I was her mother I would have kicked her out once, and never let her back home. I believe this girl is never going to change.