Leah Messer Asks Fan to See Through MTV Editing in Lengthy Post

Leah Messer

We shall call it the Girlses Manifesto.

All of the claims that Leah Messer is a bad parent must have gotten to her because she took to Twitter to let everyone know how great both she and her relationship with her daughters is.


Admittedly with the help of a life coach (manager Lindsay Reilly), Messer says she is on track to being better than ever.

She spent a lot of the long post talking about how she's strengthened by her relationship with God:

I've found a different growth in my relationships with him like NEVER before. It's truly inspirational and amazing! I'm in love?

and how she doesn't have to answer to anyone (not even YOU, vocal Teen Mom Junkie) about how she's parents her children:

We as "MOMS" don't have to live by someone else's criteria. We should however live up to our own criteria. Who and what we wanna be and achieve! You have to .... Live up to your own standard!!!

I'm too lazy but someone should make that into a motivational poster, exclamation points and all.

Messer made a point to shut down the grammar police right away by saying:

Pay My Grammar NO MIND- Just simply give me time.

which is unfortunate because this was one of the most hilarious comments we've ever read and it was bred by someone who was correcting her grammar:

Jesus God Leah you can't spell for shit maybe go back to school with the girlses

If you have a hot sec, you can check out Leah's full post here. And OF COURSE let us know what you think about what's being called by other sites an "iconic" and "inspirational" essay below.

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My eyes rolled so far back I didn't think they would make it back to their original position.

Leah, God called, he said clean your house.

Leah, God called, he said close your legses.

Leah,Robbie called he sai hi

Leah, God called, he said lay off the pills(es).

Leah, dog called, he says you're high.

Leah, your crazy is showing.

Don't worry about your eyes rolling too far, Barbs Babysitting Service. God can turn anything around!

My daughter once commented on one of Leah's Twitter posts and stayed God doesn't fix a train wreck after it happens so these posts had me dying! ? Oh and of course she was blocked.


Leah, God called. He said learn some grammar for the love of me!

My first encounter with the refreshing of the page...lol man that sucked. What is going on?

There is a right and wrong way of parenting. Yes, you shouldn't have to listen to what others are judging you on. But when you are nodding off because of pills while driving your kids, you need to change. People tend to watch others to make sure everything goes ok. Especially if it's for the well being of a child. Feed a child lunchables and frosting in a jar, whatever. As long as they have healthy food on a daily basis. But we see constant junk food. Not watching your kids on dangerous playground equipment is fine, as long as there is another adult right there with them who you know very well. I mean she just doesn't think at all when it comes to parenting. A lot of it is common sense and she shows she has none one mistake after another.

I love that her manager/life coach Lindsay Rielly is also involved with Nourish the Children and Feed the Children. That's undoubtedly how she got involved with Leah after witnessing the girlses go hungry!

Has anyone else noticed how on the after shows how leah us dressed compared to the others? And I wish she would let her hair go natural. The way she styles it is super annoying.

I always think she's dressed like a news reporter. Lol

I swear one of her shirts had shoulder pads in it!!!!!!

YES. That's it. I couldn't pin point the look but wanna be news anchor is it.

Omg grow up leah

Wait...strengthened her life with God, when has she ever spoke about God? Lol

Jesus God, Leah.

When she's on top of Robbie panting Gods name!

"That's Why," your name plus that photo is cracking me up!!!

She's found God, ya'll!

Teach us how to live, Leah....goddess of pillses, dickses, and Cheetos.

Wonder what her kid's were doing while she was writting this rant.

I think she's still messed up on something. That or she wrote this on tmj cause it's all jumbled.

Foraging for lint covered cheese balls.

Leah's writing always makes me think of 13 year old girls on Facebook who profess their love for whatever boy they're crushing on that week. How did that girl graduate high school? Surely the education system in West Virginia has some standards. I'd give it a year before the girlses all surpass Leah in their writing skills.
Also... Is no one going to comment on the "I found a different growth in my relationships with him..." Leah, girl, stay away from things that grow in your relationships. Three girlses is more than enough.

LOL just go to any Facebook TM page. Leah gets all the praise :/

What drives me crazy the most is her misuse of "set". Sit, set, sitting. Deer God Leah how freaking hard is that.

Hahaha I'm from the south and I didn't even notice it 'til you pointed it out!

I'm gonna BATH the girls.

She can't even be monogamous with God. She has to have multiple relationships with God, cheating on God with God. JESUS GOD.

Although, if we're using the WV approved holy trinity model, she gets 3 for 1 on lords!

Bargains are divine!

I would say is she on drugs but that's obvious

Does she really think people are like PAH-RAISE Leah you are a new changed mom
Ugh gtfo

If your standards and criteria for parenting are as low as Leah's, you should probably try to live up to somebody else's...

The Leah in these kinds of posts she makes is always a complete 180 from the show. It's so bizarre. She never comes off this happy or confident on TM, but I guess she blames editing for that... Maybe if she stopped shit-talking Corey they wouldn't have all that negative footage.

go home Leah, you are drunk....

She hopped dick. I'd bet my left tit.

Is the random down-voter on vacay or something?!

Proof that our downvoter is Jenelle or UBT? They're in Miami...

I live in Appalachia too, and there’s definitely a cultural thing of people angrily invoking God as a defense when they know they’ve messed up: “Only God can judge me,” “God isn’t finished with me yet,” “That’s between me and the Lord.” I’m an agnostic myself, but I always feel like if He’s up there, sure, He’s forgiving, but surely He expects us to do our best, to not only admit our wrongs but try to do better. His forgiveness isn’t a “get out of jail free” card for any damn thing we want to do!

I get so tired of hearing people complain about “judging.” It’s one thing to harp on someone’s mistakes just to be mean, but a lot of Leah’s critics (me included) are really concerned about the safety of her daughters. If she gets into a car accident because she’s driving high while texting and smoking, and the girls are injured or worse, no relationship with God is going to undo or excuse that. She *cannot* continue to endanger her children. It's unacceptable.

Leah deserves some of the blame for the mess her life has become, but I feel for her – she ended up in an extremely stressful situation very young, she’s not the brightest bulb, and she has all this crazy media attention warping her life. I actually put more of the blame on Mama Dawn, who obviously loves to stir the s**t and refuses to see (or maybe just refuses to admit) that her daughter’s life is out of control. A little tough love from Dawn might help, but she won’t give it. It’s so sad.

I hate the "only God can judge me" saying with a vengeance. Society itself is a judgement rather through laws, morals or social norms of what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Only idiots who have done something wrong or unfavorable say that because they do not want to be critized for their actions. Grow a pair and take responsibility

Yayy, I'm not the only one in the world who can't stand the "only gawwwwwd can judge me!!!" bullshit. People judge. It's life.

I saw a meme once that said "only God can judge me" at the top and Pauly D with an exasperated face and at the bottom it says "that's who you should be worried about"

I agree with all of you.
No joke my husband's whore ex has "Only God Can Judge Me" tattooed across her tits...not even her chest but her tits! They are at least a DD and always out in plain view because she "loves her ink"...

Christian here and I agree. God's forgiveness doesn't mean "do whatever you want", it means try and be the best person you can be. "You're gonna screw up but I got you". Agree with the rest of your comment too :)

Adam stood up Aubree :(

Poor Aubree! My dad used to do that to me tall he time, it still hurts to remember it. I hope she's okay. When did he stand her up?

Oh man. My comment was eaten.
Anyway, I'm sick of MTV trying the blame for these girlses dumb decisions! MTV can't edit you texting and driving Leah. MTV can't edit you shit talking Corey Leah. MTV can't edit you being too high to pick up your girlses and you calling Oreo to do it, Leah. MTV can't edit you smoking in the car Leah. MTV can't edit your filthy house Leah. MTV can't edit you having no food and the girlses being cold and hungry Leah. MTV can't edit you flapping your eyelashes at Jerrmy Leah. MTV can't edit you being a cheater Leah. What MTV CAN edit, is time frames and the way conversations happen. This is mostly to link the story together so that we, the viewers, better understand why a conversation is happening. Or to put more info into a conversation. MTV can't edit what you say and do Leah. Stop blaming them.
Because let's look at boring old Chelsea. She's just living her life. Not complaining about MTV editing. Because there's nothing to blame. No drugses. No shit talking. She's just normal.

Things I thought but new the site would crap out so opted not to waste my time....but yes yes yes!!

Dumb as bricks.

Damn you,MTV! Quit using the green screen on Leah!

She is taking the pot or something.

Was it a fellow TMJ who posted the twitter comment? Hats off to you good sir!! Anyway, leah, you're delusional. We don't judge by CRITERIA (wtf) we judge because you suck as a mom. Duh.

Laying on your back screaming "oh god" on Sunday morning DOES NOT mean you found God, Leah.

If anyone cares what Javi has to say, he tweeted about Kail basically saying she cheated on him. Shout out to all of the people who called that they were over when she went and got plastic surgery right around the time Javi deployed. (Read from bottom up)

I cheated on my ex so I can't be a hypocrite. 6 years later I got to apologize to her I finally put it behind me, but I did learn from it

Now there are circumstances where you can get past infidelity. I've seen it but you have to be willing to acknowledge and be sorry

Whoever is in my future... I got you I promise ✊?

So now I know what she felt like ? so I'm sorry. But I can walk away knowing I gave it my all

I treated my ex girl like shit so It ate me alive forever and never wanted to treat anyone like that ever again.

Last night I came to a realizationnnnn

I read those tweets as your own comment, i was so confused!

C'mon guys, you know MTV edits everything to make Princess Leah look bad! She's such amazing mommy! You know, the house being gross, the girlses eating all that junk food, neglecting them, the shit talking, her nodding out...all that shit's edited or staged. They do the same with Jenelle! MTV's out to get them, y'all.


No, you can't blame editing on being a trash bag....

It's all bs! And Leah prefers to be a classy mom!

a more classier mom

MTV has a higher sfx budget than Michael Bay. It is known.

Addie wasn't eating frosting out of the can, it was actually a well balanced meal prepared with love by Leah, but MTV edited in the frosting.

LWTM are claiming the bikini pic of Jenelle has been 'proven' to be photoshopped. Thoughts? I don't really think it looks photoshopped myself but I am no expert. Has anyone seen something proving it is fake?

I personally do believe Jenelle Photoshop's her photos but that one specifically? Meh. LWOTM magically knows someone everytime she needs to prove herself right because she can't stand being wrong.

Jenelle definitely at least uses those "skinny apps" and filters to make herself look better in photos. Here's a comparison from Twitter of her bikini pic un-skinnyapped:


She pulled the same "I love my body and my boyfriend, that's why I've put on weight" crap when she was pregnant with Kaiser. She just wants to sell the story as an exclusive.

I definitely think Jenelle’s latest photos are heavily edited and she’s using positioning/props to hide her belly as well. I have no proof, JMO. What kills me about LWOTM is how, in every SINGLE shot of Jenelle, she’s “clearly high”. EVERY ONE. What makes this girl such an expert on someone’s intoxication levels based on (heavily edited) still shots from Instagram?

Compare the first bikini pic she shared where she is in her hotel room, where she clearly put on weight, and then the one where she is at the pool, where she looks much thinner.
I definitely think she photo shopped it.

The problem with LATM is they state everything as fact even it is just an opinion or there isn't enough evidence for it to be fact. Just because the photo has some wrinkles and there is a funny shadow on her back (that looks like the ribbon used to tie her bikini up) the photos are proven photoshopped! I don't know if it is photoshopped or not, but to me, a photo with some stomach wrinkles circled in red doesn't prove anything, at least her you guys are providing some actual valid reasons for thinking it is photoshopped. And if Jenelle can photoshop her baby belly away, could that target photo be photoshopped as well?

If it is a fake photo or not I just can't understand why anyone would go to these lengths to deny a pregnancy..
All I can think is that she wants to drink while she is away and by get bashed for it or maybe she is unsure if she wants to go through with it.

I think she denies her pregnancies so long to sell an "exclusive" to the highest bidder. She's shallow and controlling like that.

I must remember to use her technique for dealing with criticism. I'll just simply lower my standards and get all sanctimonious about how I don't have to live up to anyone else's.

My life would be so much easier when I would lower my standards. That's great advice. It would save money too. No booster seats, no car seats, cheap meals for the kids.
I would have so much time left. However, no place to spend it but home, cause I would have to hide myself in shame but hey, something has got to give.

Leah has stopped Dick hopping and started carpet munching ill bet. She's not capable of a healthy relationship with anyone.

does carpet munching mean something that I'm not aware of?

She's now a lickalotapuss instead of a sucksalotadick

Can we get a post about how princess Maci stole a photographer from another bride?

The photographer she wanted was originally shooting another October 8th wedding. The bride had already paid a deposit and then princess Maci came around. Now that photographer is shooting a wedding for a friend 'who has 3 million followers on instagram, and will be shown on national tv.'

What a fucking bitch that photographer and Maci are. Pick another date or a different photographer. I hope that photographer loses clients, and people can see just how petty and self entitled Maci truly is...

Seriously?! Where did you see this?? I would put that bitch on blast. Hell no. The photographer I wanted for my wedding had been a friend of mine since high school. I already had my date set and I really wanted him, but he was already committed to another wedding that day. So I asked him if he had a recommendation for somebody else, and he sent me to someone amazing, I have beautiful photos from that day. That's the classy thing to do. But we shouldn't be surprised that Maci has no class.

Once we had a contract in place my photog was locked in unless and act of God happened. Did the Bride take to Facebook something?

Red are you on gomi?

Look, I like to blast Maci and all, but she can't control what the photographer did. She could have asked, and they said yes and she had no idea about the other wedding. I may get downvotes for this, and I'm not saying she isn't entitled, because duh....but ultimately it's the photographer to blame

Ummm....no. Your argument would have been valid if Maci only asked ONCE. By the photographer's own admission Maci begged her to take photos for two months after being turned down repeatedly. Maci being the bitch she is even gave the ultimatum "either you take my photos or nobody does I won't have anyone else". The photographer is guilty for being an opportunist that is unprofessional and Maci is guilty for being a self absorbed brat that refused to take no for an answer.

Where did it say that? I never read that, otherwise I would have never posted that. Beeeeeeyotch

"Look, I like to blast Maci and all, but she can’t control what the photographer did. She could have asked, and they said yes and she had no idea about the other wedding."

This is what you said and I was correcting it. The photographer said it in an Instagram post she thought would have us on her side. The bride also confirmed this. Real mature name calling though.

I think/hope she was calling Maci a bitch bit you. That was how I read it anyway.

Yes I was calling maci that, lol. Jay is correct

Maci is guilty for being a self absorbed brat......
Just gonna leave that name calling there though.

I dunno. Yes, the photographer was the one who ultimately canceled, but Maci shouldn't have badgered him/her. I mean, get over it. So the photographer had other commitments. It happens. It's a part of life. The mature, adult thing would've been to find another person to photograph her wedding and honor the prior commitment. But, no, that's not good enough for golden girl Maci Bookout. What Maci wants, Maci gets. The whole thing is such a farce. I bet my lousy paycheck that the only reason Taylor proposed to her was that she finally got pregnant with the boy they both wanted. Too bad Maverick is going to be Bud Light Brewed.

Yeah as much as I dislike Maci, she didn't force the photographer to do anything. The photographer could block Maci's phone number/social media and be done with it. Sounds to me like the photog is trying to pass the blame on Maci.

Sounds like the girls who cry that other females "stole" their boyfriend. The photographer is a dick. Maci didn't make anyone do anything. Idgaf what kind of fit she had.

If Maci actually did throw a fit isn't that even more reason for the photographer to say no to her? If she is already being bridezilla you can only imagine how bad she will be ok the day, no way I'd want anything to do with that!

I think Maci and the photographer are friends. Maci pitched a fit and said she didn't want another photographer and that she wanted that photographer and her wife at the wedding as friends. It's super shitty of the photographer to cancel on someone else and I believe she deserves most of the blame but it's also shitty of Maci to nag her friend into making such a bad business move. I'd feel pretty guilty if my friend told me if I didn't photograph her wedding she wasn't hiring anyone else.

I'm going to sound like a complete bitch...but...I don't see Maci and Taylor being together long term. I give them 3 years before they separate.

Guys a bride hired the photographer Maci wanted for her wedding and instead of Maci moving on and finding a new photographer she kept badgering the photographer for months. The photographer gave in and cancelled the orginial bride's photography session and is now taking photos at Maci's redneck wedding.

I would never hire that photographer after hearing she canceled on a client a few months before the wedding. Hopefully other brides will see this bs and not invest in that photog.

Plus Maci's all 'if you don't do my wedding, no one is.' Grow the hell up already. She's a total brat.

What a ctappy photographer that is soo unprofessional.

Oh yeah! And she keeps editing her post so she's obviously lying about something. She edited it at least once to take out the whole Maci has 3 million followers blah blah.

I wanted to see the post and the comments but I havnt been able to get her fb page to load

I can't wait for Maci's life to implode. What a selfish, immature bitch.

If Maci's child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome can Maci be charged with anything like child neglect or abuse? I know in some places if a baby is born addicted to drugs the parents aren't charged with anything and can even take the baby home once the baby is "clean". Other places hopefully are more strict.

Can we please get this site fixed. It is a little bit ridiculous now.... At the very least can someone acknowledge they are aware of the issue and looking into it? People are just going to stop commenting and I don't want that to happen.

At first the site kept refreshing constantly. Now I can't even come on the site without it shutting off the internet on my phone. Anyone else have this problem? Or could it be my phone? It doesn't do this to any other page though

For me it refreshes constantly and then redirects to spam websites and I have to close the window and reopen it just to get back to the TMJ site.

Amen! Why are they suddenly not acknowledging our comments!

Germs busy at chels house, if you have snapchat check out her snaps @chelshouska !

Hello there Chelsea's belly button seen from the cleavage.

God doesn't approve of slutting and pillses, hopefully Leah remembers that part.

She says she's in love with me but I know better. Love you too Leah! God

I'm sure MTV edited Leah's eyes and voice to make her look high as balls. And edited all the trash in her house and garage. And edited her texting and smoking while driving with her kids in the car. And edited her not feeding her kids and screaming and cussing and having a meltdown before Ali's concert. It's all just them twisted Sh!t y'all! Don't worry God knows.


Farrah's fresh/frozen restaurant is still apparently happening, and the opening is on the 31st of May. Hopefully Myyyykhole is there wearing that suit of the "popping Boba" or whatever the fuck it was supposed to be

I'll be looking forward to the yelp reviews (...If it actually opens)

"ribbon cutting with founder and celebrity" .. rofl

Imma just leave this here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFsFvC4EPTk/?taken-by=farrah__abraham&hl=en

You're welcome for the nightmares.

Looking like a drag queen more and more each time.
I have this thing against women who wear those tarantula eyelashes, too much, too fake.

Farrah really has destroyed her looks. She used to be a beautiful girl

If Janice from the muppets was a drag queen, you'd get Farrah.

Lol, that's an insult to drag queens. Farrah looks like wax figure of herself that's been out in the sun too long

This makes me actually feel sad/sorry for her. I re-watched her 16 and Pregnant episode and she was actually a nice girl. She seemed quite sweet, had friends - although they actually seemed quite awful to her, but it seemed like no one was really there for her?
If thats the case, I can see how she hardened a bit to life - but I do wonder if she wakes up and regrets the face she sees in the mirror, because she was really beautiful. She did not need any plastic surgery

She's looking more like Jigsaw every day.



I hope Farrah is still planning on not only serving frozen yogurt, but yogurt on sandwiches as well like she originally planned (this was a legitimate item on her original menu)

FYI, LWOTM doesn't need Botox like Chelsea. She takes REALLY good care of her skin, and uses REALLY GOOD skin products.

This person has to one up everything, anyone says.

When I imagine this chick I think of a seventeen-year-old girl who is positive she knows everything about everything...as 17 year olds are wont to do.

I'm convinced that she actually is 17..

She knows everything and everyone! She's got friends in every town, and they know the worst about every Teen Mom!

She honestly reminds me of another Heather Clouse. Her fixation on some topics is seriously a throwback to Clouse.

idk if you guys remember 'Joan' from twitter a couple years back but i am convinced it's her

i love the lengths everyone is going to defend chelseas PREVENTATIVE BOTOX!

LOL. It's Chelsea, everything she does is PERFECT. Even if she murdered someone, they'd be like, "Didn't she do a great job of making sure he was dead?"

Jesus God Leah you can’t spell for shit maybe go back to school with the girlses'.

I seriously lolled...

I really don't think she looks pregnant.... And she certainly doesn't have the bump she was photographed with in that Target photo.


Jenelle and Farrah? What is happening!

Jenelle went to Farrah's birthday party.


I think this video is telling on positioning Jenelle uses to try to hide it. She did the same thing when she was hiding her pregnancy with Kaiser.

Gary has primary custody and amber has to pay $1200 a month in child support!!

I just came here to post that about Amber! Yes. She's pissed about it too, on Twitter she's saying that she wasn't "ordered" to pay that amount in child support but that she and Gary worked it out on their own. Whatever! I wonder how Matt is going to get his child support paid now that all that money's going to Bew Bew.


The pic midway down the article of blond Amber...come on, who does she think she if fooling??
Fix this damn website please!

Chelsea's botox doesn't need defending. It's her face, she can do what she wants. And I'm unsure of why anyone cares. Her messy, fug hair needs defending tho...