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1. Jordan Ward celebrates her 21st birthday


Jordan Ward, from season 3 of 16 & Pregnant, just turned 21 on Valentine's Day. She shared this photo of her celebration, which wasn't anything flashy, but judging by the red solo cups, definitely included alcohol.

Jordan has been keeping pretty low key since her episode aired.

She has two children, Noah and Arri, and she's living with her husband, Brian, on an Air Force base in Texas at the moment. Jordan's twin sister, Jessica, is engaged to get married this June.

2. The Teen Mom 2 girls impersonate Barbara

This video is just priceless.

As much as it's mockery, I really do think it's funny, and every time we see Barbara in a photo with the girls, she has a smile on.

I know she can't help the way she talks, and everyone seems to give her a lot of grief for it, but at least she still seems to have a positive outlook on things this season, and I'm really impressed with the fact that this season there hasn't been as much yelling on her behalf!

3. Maddy Godsey changes her hair color


Maddy, who will be featured on the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant, has been a platinum blonde for as long as we've known her. Apparently she was ready for a change, and a drastic one at that.

Maddy decided to color her hair brown, and I think it looks pretty good on her. Maddy's daughter, Aubrey, is now 4 months old.

4. Nova is sick


Well, as much as I will agree that having a sick child is no fun, I don't know that I would add that hashtag to the end of the tweet. To be honest, I'm really regretting following Briana on Twitter.

Although sometimes the things that she says really do make me laugh, other times I'm disturbed and confused by what point she's trying to get across.

I do, however, think that her family is taking care of Nova and that she has everything she needs (and more) so I'm not bashing her parenting in any way.

Maybe MTV should require the moms to take a class on social media before signing up for the show.

5. Nikkole Paulun spends Valentine's Day at the strip club


Nikkole isn't necessarily that classiest person that's ever been on 16 & Pregnant, and this tweet goes to confirm it.

Looks like Nikkole and her boyfriend, whom she lives with, didn't want to do anything romantic or traditional for Valentine's Day, and instead they decided to go to the strip club.

I can't think of anything I would hate more than spending Valentine's Day watching my boyfriend swoon over other naked women, but to each their own.

6. Felicia Cooke finds out the gender of her baby


It's another girl for Felicia! She is currently 6 months pregnant, and will be expecting her daughter sometime in May.

Felicia already has a daughter, Genesis, who was born on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant. The new baby and Genesis have the same father.


I remember when Briana was announced that she would be on TM3 a lot of people on here were commenting that they loved her from 16&p. I never watched her episode so I didn't understand why, then watched tm3 and still didn't understand. And even now I Still don't understand, but it looks like No one really likes her anymore.

I was never a fan of her, but Briana's 16 & Pregnant episode really did show an honest portrayal of the struggles of teen parenthood between the family dealing with Brittany's abortion and Devoin's absence and their issues with Nova's birth certificate. Brittany on Teen Mom 3 shows a codependent child who tends to make up more drama for herself than needed.

*Birf certificate

**Briana, not Brittany. Whoops!

I always thought her sister was really funny, and her mom had just a combination of her looks the way she spoke and her personality that was really feisty, so the dynamic of them was entertaining. The only thing I liked a lot about Briana was that I thought the short haircut was a good choice and it looked really good on her. That's it really. That tweet about the sick baby. That is a major facepalm right there. Especially if Nova ever saw that, she'd be shakin' her head.

Maybe she meant that it's not always fun and games like young girls think of when they have a baby. they think of posting cute pictures, and cute outfits, etc. Not explosive diapers, snotty noses, and being up all night. But then again it's Briana and I doubt she has that reasoning.... anything to stay relevant I guess.

It's her hashtag that's annoying. It reminds me when she said "I should have had an abortion ".

Yes, it's the hashtag right after the post that was the facepalm thing. Nothing wrong with the statement about Nova being sick, it was the jump to the hashtag comment.

Even though those Babs impressions were all horrible, it was funny to hear Jenelle tell us what her mom said about her being pregnant again. Im glad Barbara said she won't be taking custody of this baby bc Jenelle really needs to do this on her own.


Yes, glad to hear Barbara's stance on that, hopefully she sticks to it. And totally the impressions were not that good! Her accent is so strong and blatant I would have thought it'd be easier. I actually think Leah did the best job, and she's not even from the East Coast. Maybe its because I have relatives with that accent and similar, but I like the way she talks. It really goes well with that great plucky personality of hers. Jenelle did have her delivery down pretty well though.

Where is Leah from then? I thought she was from WV which is definitely east.

WV is technically in the South, but it borders the Mid-Atlantic region where Babs is from. I thought Leah did the best job, too...but I could top all those bitches with my perfected Babs impressions.

Megs she's from Boston apparently, so not the mid atlantic region. But their accents weren't even close or funny. lol felt awkward. I can't stand when someone tries to do an accent and fails.

West Virgina is considered to be in the south. Which makes sense as to why Leah has a southern accent.

Barbara is originally from Massachusettes. She says "Get in the cah" lol
I love her.

Barbara is the pride and joy of Rhode Island. I wouldn't want Boston to claim such a gem! My aunt is from Newport and sounds exactly like her.

I wish people would stop reporting on Nikkole. I can't believe she got away with it.

SERIOUSLY! Can we please talk about this more? SHE FAKED A MOTHER FUCKING STILLBIRTH. Just because she kept her cool and didn't talk about it publicly again, does NOT mean it's okay! She was caught in so.many.lies.

Personally, all I thought about that whole story on her was, I can't believe she wasn't the one ON the stage stripping! Wouldn't surprise me... she makes us Michiganders look bad.

Nikkole lives with q boyfriend? Where does Lyle live? Anyway I would just like to pretend she doesn't exist. Sick bitch.
Brianas tweet is trashy of course. I also love when on tv she was holding her daughter while saying she wished she had an abortion

a boyfriend*

I think Lyle lives with Nikkole's mom. I think someone said during FakeBabygate that her mom was trying to get custody. Nikkole's never parented him.

I HOPE Lyle lives with Nikkole's mom. I don't know what to think about that family. I heard Nikkole's mom either enabled Nikkole during her stillborn scandal, or she helped her, or something to that effect. At this point it sounds like once Josh is released from prison he might be the most stable person in Lyle's life - and that's not saying much. But regardless, a woman who lies about having a stillborn baby doesn't deserve to be around children. Did she not think about how her son would be affected when she told him her newborn "brother" died? Who the fuck does that?!

*told him his

Poor Lyle.

Being a naturally raven-haired girl who made the same fake platinum blonde dye mistake in my teens as Maddy did, all I can say is that I'm glad she has seen the light. Fake blonde hair might be more likely to turn heads, but it is never the most flattering look for non-blondes. She looks so much better with dark hair.

Chelsea is another perfect example of that. She looks soo much better with darker hair!

I agree. I was never fond of people who try to deviate so far from what's natural for them that it's just blatant. It makes it seem like all they want is to look severe so that they get attention.

*fond of people's aesthetic choices, not the people themselves

This is the first picture I've seen of her without a headband covering half of her forehead. She looks much nicer without that.

I think she lost a bunch of hair after she had the baby and it is finally growing back. Thats what some of the pictures looked like anyways but I could be wrong.

Who the eff insinuates that their child shouldn't be here on several public occasions? Thats why I don't get how the world works. There are some infertile women who would be fantastic moms, but chicks like her, Kail, Jenelle, Farrah, and Danielle Cunningham can get pregnant just by looking at a stoned juvenile delinquent.

Jordan is so pretty and her kids have inherited her good looks, they're adorable.

I was just thinking how stunning Jordan is. Her husband, on the other hand, is grotesque. He's lucky he snagged her. It's one of those occasions where the man wants the anchor baby.

I disagree, i thought Brian was (and still is) good looking! Could have been worse, like that ginger shrimp boater.

Could have been worse, like Tyler from the latest 16 and pregnant season (Jordan's fiance or husband or whatever). That kid is strange looking, and his personality matches.

That ginger shrimp boater was the ugliest baby daddy on the entire 16& pregnant series! But I agree Jordan's very pretty!

Yeah, Brian does nothing for me - he's just an average joe. What makes him worse, for me, is how he kept saying that they were a hot couple, but it wasn't said in the "I love us" sort of way but a "others suck" sort of way. Being conceited is so not attractive to me, especially when someone is average. Plus, the entire episode, he kept bitching about Jordan's sister. I have way different taste in men, though.

@Dazed - Yeah, Tyler was not attractive either but, to be fair, Jordan isn't America's Next Top Model. They're pregnant again, too.

I agree @Sharp. Tyler & Jordan are probably the most oddball couple from this series but their baby (Chance, Chase, I don't remember his name) is actually quite a cutie. I think he is a baby model or something too.


....okay Jordan's mom.

....I didn't say he's strange cause he's white.


Oh, I know. I was just joking anyway ;)

@Kimmer hahaha her mom is a total psychopath though. At least that's what the show led us to believe.

Is Jordan on the left and Jessica on the right? I don't remember either of them having tattoos.

Jordan & Jess are identical twins, so no that's not her sister. Jordan has quite a few tats, not sure about Jess.

Jordan is on the left. I don't think the girl on the right is her sister. I don't know for sure about Jessica but Jordan has a few tattoos.

Something awful needs to happen to Nikkole. I don't wish death on her or anything but I do hope those fancy new boobs she bought spring a leak.

I hope she gets a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of her throat and she never manages to wiggle it loose for the rest of her life.

Lol did get that from Kait Rokowski's poem "New Insults?" Because I love it.

"I hate you so much I hope you’re forced to suck my ex-boyfriend’s dick for seventy-two hours while he talks about how The Wire is the best show you’ve never seen!"

Oh shit lol. I just looked it up. Too funny. I'll have to use some of those. Much as I love the Wire, the fanboys are damn irritating. Yea, I'm unenlightened and still love The Sopranos more, deal with it.

There's no comparison. RIP James Gandolfini :(

Haha, yes indeed! It's one of my favorite pieces. Kait is perfect!

Oh gawd. That baby....

We all were thinking it...

She looks just like her mama...

Haha. Glad I'm not alone on that one.

Aww! :( still...

Am I the only one that thought of The Hills Have Eyes when I saw the baby? No? I think I'm PMSing today.

@ Sharp: OHMYGOD. I can totally see it...

OMG I just looked that up on google image.. so wrong, yet, so hilariously right! :X

Is it wrong that I just totally lol'd?

all of the above is absolutely disgusting. These girls signed up to be in the public eye so if you're insecure enough to need to insult someone's appearance, insult theirs.

Having to insult a four month old baby says a lot about the character here.

Good job keepin it classy.

Get over it. Some of the ugliest babies grow up beautiful, and vice versa.

I have a good friend who has a hideous child. Seriously, this kid is ugly. Nothing wrong with it, he's a great boy who's super sweet, but his looks are just not his thing. Looks aren't everything and not everyone is beautiful...that's just life.

When I was a baby, my mum said a lady walked up to my pram, looked in at me and said to my mum "ugly baby, beautiful bride!"

Okay, Kail. When you're ready to get off that moral high horse, you let us know.

Personally, I thought Isaac was a HIDEOUS baby but he's grown into his features and he's adorable now.

@Rae: I agree with the first part of your statement. The second part? I'll just say it's gotten better.

@Kimmer: honestly, I still think he's a little odd looking but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because he's got shit for brains for parents and the poor kid needs something going for him ;)

His behavior is 100% adorable though. During Kail's ultrasound when he said "take it out!!" about the baby was hilarious.

I don't think Jenelle quite got it...she was supposed to impersonate her mom's accent, not make fun of what she actually said.

I never liked Jordan but she seems like a fantastic mother
I love Barbara
Maddy changes her hair color? Ummmm okay
Briana is trashy but I hope baby Nova feels better soon!
Nikkole....I have no words
And congrats to Felicia

Can we all agree that Nikkole is the lowest form of scum on this planet? RTMT reported that her ex-boyfriend (father of her fake stillborn) was going to press charges. What ever happened to that? I have more respect for dog shit scraped off someone's shoe than I have for Nikkole Paulun. I have more respect for JENELLE for fucks sake. I don't often hate people I've never met, but I hate, HATE Nikkole. There is a special place in hell reserved for fame-starved, lying, manipulative people like her.

Teri said that her and Mike have dropped the charges. At the time, she claimed and her and Mike were busy with school and work. If you do the math, she would have gotten pregnant at around the time Mike and her dropped charges. They were also discussing getting engaged at that point as well. In that way, I guess it makes sense to just ensure that Nikkole is out of their lives completely.

I understand...I did the same thing with my ex. There was no sense in pursuing charges when the consequences weren't that big, the police didn't really care, and I wanted to move on. But, it still sucks that Nikkole won't get in trouble.

I want to see how she handles the anniversary of her "miscarriage." Does she continue the lie?

That fuckin sucks. I understand why they wouldn't want to go through all that trouble (I mean, think of the financial costs just to get an attorney). I didn't know Teri was pregnant. I guess what makes it so disappointing is that there are women out there who are actually grieving over their lost children, whether it be a miscarriage or a stillborn. She basically spit in their faces and bought herself some new boobs with the Radar Online money who bought her sob story. It's just so incredibly unjust. Makes me tear up thinking about how painful it must feel to lose a child. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

That's the thing - I don't know how it is there, but I had to get a lawyer when my ex's girlfriend decided to harass me. The cops really, really do not care about these situations. The expense that they would have to incur and the time to go to court when Nikkole would likely end up with some harassment charge and maybe a small fine or something just isn't worth it. I hope they have a restraining order, though.

Yet again, these girls do not think about the people that must deal with these difficult situations. I take solace in a few things about it, though:

- Nikkole will get no where in life. She's a total loser and everyone knows it.
- Nikkole's reputation is smeared. Even her local radio station was talking about the story.
- RTMT reported that she never was paid by Radar, so hopefully that is true.

I just hope Lyle turns out okay.

I've talked to the guy's gf on Facebook. She was always really tame in how she talked about Nikkole and I felt bad for her. She's actually pregnant lol. Anyway I don't think anything will come of it. I imagine even though we were all scandalized at the audacity of the fake baby fake stillbirth fake tit saga, it didn't ultimately warrant filing charges to local law enforcement. The disturbing thing about the whole matter was that she carried on this elaborate scheme so blatantly to thousands of people online, and made a really heinous excuse when she unceremoniously popped out with no baby and no bump. The unashamed publicity of it all screams volumes about how unhealthy she is but perhaps that wasn't appreciated by whoever investigated this shit. Sorry for having no real info other than the fact that the guy is actually having a baby now but yeah, I cannot believe that whole deal even happened, it was so nuts. I hope that poor kid is with the grandma and not essentially by himself at wherever Nikkole lives with her undoubtedly scummy boyfriend.

From the interviews, her mother was in on it! That's the sad part!

Also, I think the charges were more about fraud and harassment. Apparently a lawyer told Teri that it is not illegal to lie about being pregnant (although there may be civil charges filed, it would be difficult to get a settlement), but it is illegal to benefit off of that lie. Plus, Teri claimed Nikkole harassed her and Mike the entire time.


* Fakes a dead baby
* Uses money to get boob job
* Goes to a strip club with her boyfriend

How can ANYONE stand up for this girl? (I'm not saying any of you are, of course :D ) But seriously.... I agree with whoever said it earlier: I can stand Jenelle more than her. Ugh.

I think people feel like there is some hope for Jenelle, however minuscule it is. But, when someone goes to the lengths to fake a baby for nine months (with others claiming she was asking guys to knock her up) and then fake a stillborn and sell the story to Radar for money...well, that person is morally bankrupt. I would give Nikkole a teeny weeny amount of credit had she given the exclusive to Heather Clouse and not sold the story. I would think that she was an idiot, but maybe then she would have some semblance of morals. But, nope. Bitch is crazy.

I think the worst part of the whole thing (which is all fucking awful) is that her poor kid thought he was going to be a big brother for NINE MONTHS until his mom showed up with a flat tummy and a teddy bear one day and told him his little brother DIED. Who willingly inflicts that shit on their own kid?!

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Nikkole's nose job? Look at her pics from 16 and pregnant or watch the episode. Her nose was fucking huge. Now it's still misshapen but significantly smaller.

Is it like a sure thing that Nikkole faked it? I didn't really hear much else about it.

Those sites have some evidence but I believe there is more out there. I'm 99.999999999% sure she faked it. The other tiny percentage will always wonder until she's brought to court or shows a death certificate.


Most people are pretty positive that she did. Her former best friend Sam fessed up about it. What a sick individual. Lyle needs to be raised by a different, sane family. Such trash.

It's so hard to believe that someonw would actually do that! If she did do it she needs serious psychiatric help and poor Lyle!

and also a quickly achieved sterilization. Stat.


It was basically proven. If you look back on all the blogs about it, I'm sure all the comments and stuff are still there. It was a huge scandal, we were all playing detective and all the articles about it have hundreds of comments with proof and evidence.

Eeeeehhhh, some of these articles are coming perilously close to Clouse levels of mundane and irrelevance. Maddy's hair color change? Really? One of the things that sets this blog so much higher than TMT is that in general the posts are well sourced, thorough and interesting. I really hope it stays that way.

At the least there's no flagrant brown nosing here, so there's always that!

Until the episode actually airs I really don't want to hear about the 16 & P girls. And I don't like all these girls on social media...remember when MTV wouldn't let the girls have social media until their episode aired? I liked that, bring dat back MTV,

Seriously! Some girl colored her hair? Ummm ok?

I'm sorry you feel that way! We've been trying to post at least one article a day, and sometimes there's not anything super interesting going on in the Teen Mom world. Although I really do appreciate your feedback, we're trying to simply fill voids and give all of the commenters new things to talk about each and every day.

I'll admit that the "This Week in Teen Mom News" segments aren't always the most interesting, but I try to put together some smaller (and less important) stories to simply give a brief overview of some things that have happened lately. Thanks for reading, and please know that I definitely look through the comments to see where to improve!

It's cool Megan, honestly you guys would need to sustain multiple head injuries to truly fall to the levels of the awful writing on TMT, but I feel that some of the more mundane stuff could be left out is all. Quality over quantity, yadda yadda. I think in the last couple of months you all have done a great job reviving and maintaining the blog with interesting and sourced articles, which is probably why the filler posts stand out so much by comparison.

Thanks for the response and being open to criticism, again, another quality that puts you leagues above TMT. ;)

I like these segments! Just not reporting on girls from 16 & P unless it's a big event (marriage, another child, moving, college etc). It seems kind of like giving fame to them otherwise ya know?

This is late, but I enjoy these segments because I don't follow everyone in the franchise, so my information is whatever the people I follow on Twitter are talking about. Little snippets are fun... Plus, these sorts of articles act as open threads where we can talk about whoever in TM we want to which I enjoy. The comments here are so fun so whatever keeps them going, I'm down with.

One minute everyone is complaining because there are no posts, then they complain because the articles arent relevant. Do you really expect a post everyday and have all of them be interesting? Not even in teen mom world is there going to be something going on every minute of the day.

Apparently Joey Maes is having another baby. I read it over on allthingsteenmom.

Maddy's face looks incredibly scrubbed/blurred/photoshopped in that picture. Or maybe she's just wearing a shit ton of makeup.

Also: is that a scarf under her hair or darker and INSANELY long extensions? How do people afford this stuff with babies to take care of at such a young age?

(To be clear: I'm not trying to be mean. I don't know anything about the chick. Just some visual observations.)

I've actually noticed that with most of her pictures. I think she has an obviously heavy hand with the Photoshop (along with a shit ton of make up).

Also, I think that dark part you're referring to is her hair. It does look a bit darker than the rest, but it's also not hitting the light like the top of her head, so it would look darker. As for whether it's an extension or not? I don't know. I know that I have long, natural hair that is just passed my ass and people have thought that I had extensions. But I think I've seen pictures of her not too long ago with much shorter hair. But then again, I don't even really know who this chick is, or why she's being written about (was she on 16 & Pregnant?), so I could be wrong.

I LOVE BABS! and her crazy accent! High High ya both High! And who cares if that Maddy chick "colored " her hair! Big whoop!