Teen Mom 2 Season 9, Episode 22: Kail Tips the Scales and Disses Lauren Big Time

Well folks, we're back with Teen Mom 2. Who's splitting up this week? Take a look. 


Chelsea is excited to have bought land in the middle of nowhere. How can this possibly be a triumph. Apparently, Chelsea is headed to a pride parade. 

Chelsea and Cole have a great time at the parade. 


Bri finds out that John has been cheating on her. Whaaat?

Later, Brianna has a rather anticlimatic conversation with John about the future, seemingly pressuring him about getting married. 


Leah and her sister start talking about birth control. It turns out her sister, has unprotected sex with someone in Costa Rica and is pregnant. Whaaat? Is Leah's sister gunning to be a main character on Teen Mom. 

Later, Leah visits Victoria and finds out that she's not feeling so great and is concerned about a possible miscarriage. 

Leah and Victoria do go get an ultrasound and find out that the baby is doing fine. 


Kail has a good time with Vee and seems to really enjoy her company. They joke around about how they wouldn't be able to put up with some of the behavior that Lauren does from Javi.

It turns out, as Kail shockingly verbalizes later, Javi has been cheating on Lauren since he got her pregnant. In spite of this, it appears that Javi proposed to her.



Jade seems way back at the beginning with her concerns about her baby daddy. Apparently, Jade found a used condom and was told by her baby daddy that he masturbated into the condom. Later, it seems like Jade's baby daddy has actually gotten ahold of her gun and is holed up with it.

She calls the cops in an effort to get back her belongings. Um, is Jade trying out for the role of Jenelle.

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