Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Episode 19 Returns: Will This Show Go On Without Jenelle?

Teen Mom 2 returns in all of its glory, but will the show go on without Jenelle? Hmmmmmm - let's see, shall we?


Brianna kicks of the season with a party for Stella. We have to say, Stella is an epic dancer. Devoin dances with Stella which is also pretty sweet. 

Briana seems set up to be the Jenelle of the season considering that Devoin has to be picked up from a pool party drunk. Poor Stella. She actually does seem angry at her father. 

Later, the ladies discuss the extent of Devoin's irresponsibility. Yep, you got us there. 


Uh oh. Leah is playing up the Jeremy flirtation storyline again. It's lovely that Jeremy is spending more time with Addie but does he also happen to be the only eligible bachelor in town? 

Oh gawd, Leah has to tell us in her incredibly upbeat voice about how she has to now answer a lot of rumors about her and Jeremy. 

Leah talks a big talk about how she doesn't want to hurt Addie. Um, it's a little late for that. 



Chelsea and her crew are dealing with some major challenges y'all. Aubrey, Chelsea and Cole are on their way to a major event, a concert. However, it seems like Chelsea is having a lot of panic attacks in spite of being on meds.

Leah now needs to consider therapy. The coincidence here seems to be that Chelsea has been corresponding with some fans and it seems like they're all pushing therapy hard.



Kale talks about how she's lonely. Boo hoo. Go to weight watchers and then we can talk. 

Later, we see Kale struggling with her boys on a vacation. Boo hoo, you only have 2-3 producers with you right now to watch the kids and party with. 


Jade is the new character this year and she's from Young and Pregnant. Looks like they're already drumming up some dramz with her baby daddy. Btw, did Jade used to be cute?  

Jade is going out with her baby daddy to celebrate their anniversary. Hmm, what anniversary is that? 

However, in spite of the event, Jade and her baby daddy wind up celebrating with an epic fight, which naturally, Jade is "over" pretty quickly. 



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