Why Catelynn Lowell Hasn't Seen Her Dad In Four Years

catelynn lowell

The most recent episode of Teen Mom showed Catelynn Lowell's father, Dave, visiting Michigan for a job interview. Catelynn mentioned that she hadn't seen Dave in 4 years, even though she's very close with him. In fact, she's closer to him than she is to her mother, April. Actually, that doesn't seem all that surprising. The show has shown all sorts of ups and downs between Catelynn and April.

During the episode, Dave seemed pretty damn awesome and the kind of dad anyone would want to have. However, the fact of the matter still stands: he hadn't seen Catelynn in 4 years. He does live in Florida, but that's not usually an excuse to miss out on your child's life.

I was wondering if Dave wasn't as awesome as he seemed to be until I finally got off my butt and watched the After Show.

To be more accurate, I guess I got on my butt, since I didn't watch it standing up. Anyway, the question was brought to Catelynn why her father had been so absent in her life until this point.

Remember Catelynn's little brother, Nicholas, who lives with April and Butch? Well, you may not remember Catelynn's other brother, River, who lives with her father in Florida.

River is wheelchair-bound and can't walk at all. Catelynn explained how it is very expensive to take care of him and her father hadn't been able to afford a trip to Michigan until then.

Who else wants to see more of Dave?

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More Dave!

It's sad that they don't see each other. I just found my dad after 15 years. I hope to see more of him and to see her older brother.

I wonder if they have the same mom and if the brother has FAS, which many of us speculate Catelynn may have. Alcohol can seriously damage babies for life.

Catelynn and her brother, River, have different mothers. I heard that her brother was disabled in a car accident, but please do not quote me on that. It was just something I read recently.

Hi, I'm Dave Catelynn's Dad My son River was hurt in a car accident.Alcohol,are you kidding me,River is a t10 that means that his spinal cord was damaged at the beltline.You will see River @ I soon on the show more.I am planning to move back to Michigan with River.Do not speculate about people ME you don't know,and you don't know the whole story,That just makes you look stupid.Sorry,but YES I am an awesome dad.Ask my kids don't make up things up.April and I broke up in 1992,so River is not April's.He's mine.

I'm not sure why this comment is so hostile. Melinda does a great job running this site. She's nice to/about almost everyone. Unlike some other teen mom/16 and pregnant sites.

I don't think he was replying to me, but the comment above mine. :) And thank you so much for the praise, Samantha!

Sorry so rude,but I'm a dad.I love my kids more than anything.I would die a thousand deaths for them.If you have any questions email me @ dlowell_cc@yahoo.com.Get the truth from DADDY.Have a good one!

Thank you so much for the explanation. :) Can't wait to see more of you!

Sorry about your son. That has to be so hard. :( I'm glad he has a great daddy watching out for him though.

Thanks Melinda,I am a single father of River,and yes,it's very hard to be mom and dad.I'm glad you let me vent on your site.It was the F.A.S. comment that upset me.Sorry Samantha if I came off as hostile,just protective of River.You will love him when you see him.Melinda keep up the good work.Love the site. Dave

Wasn't mad just confused but thanks! You're fantastic! It'll be great for Cait to have her supportive family together again!

Hi Dave,
It is obvious how much you love Catelynn. She is lucky to have such a strong, supportive father in her life. It is unfair how people automatically assume things about someone they have never met. I guess many of us are guilty of it at times. I look forward to seeing more of you and your son River on upcoming episodes of Teen Mom, I hope. I think the world of Tyler and Catelynn. They will be awesome parents when the time is right for them.

I would love go see more of you, Dave. Plus, you're pretty easy on the eyes. No offense of course.

@Dave please say something in reference to the FAS comment about CATELYNN.. im suprised you didnt !

[...] been disabled in a car wreck, and wasn’t able to see Catelynn as much as he wanted to.  Dave posted a comment on my blog post from September stating that he was planning on moving back to Michigan with River [...]