Teen Mom OG, Season 8: Episode 3; Amber Goes Waaaaay Crazy


Woah. Cory is definitely dating someone gorgeous which means that Cheyenne needs to move on.  Luckily, for her, Cheyenne didn't have to look hard and found a Matt, who lives in Baltimore and can appear on TV and visit her enough to sustain her income on MTV. Cheyenne points out that she has a lot of baggage what with co-parenting, Ryder, and her big family. You forgot your personality. 

Later, we see Cory chatting up a friend about how he found out Cheyenne was dating someone new. Cory thinks that Cheyenne did feel a little pressure from him and Taylor about trying to date someone new. 

Cory drivers Cheyenne to her dinner with Amber and Cory pesters Cheyenne about her new relationship. 

Back at her house, Cheyenne contemplates meeting Taylor and talking to her about Ryder spending time with her family. 



Catelynn is ready to deliver. Interestingly, she doesn't look any different. 

Later, we find out that Catelynn and Tyler talk about how they've tried to be in touch with Tyler's dad but he failed to return their messages. Tyler points out that they're not drug addicts. 

The next day, Catelynn gives birth to their third daughter, Vaeda. WHAT?!

In the next scene, we see one of the MTV producers drumming up a whole bunch of drama about Catelynn's recent birth.

Catelynn plays along telling us at first she thought she had gas but it turned out to be a contraction.




Ryan has been in jail for 3 weeks and Maci sums it up poetically - "It's been hard on us." Jen and Larry point out that they need to move on. Mac apparently had a bad day.

Yeah. It really sucks when you have a new baby and your baby daddy is in jaaaaiiil.

Meanwhile, at home, since Ryan isn't really her problem anymore, Maci decides to catastrophize about Maverick's stuttering. Interestingly, Taylor worries that Mavrick will be held back. Honey, that's inevitable. 

Mac goes out with a friend and complains about Ryan's being a jailbird. We love how Mac fills her mouth with alcohol before being able to talk. At all. 

Mac talks about how she went to go visit Ryan in jail but she hasn't been in 2 weeks since she thinks it's "gross." Yep. That sounds about right. 



Amber is in LA for some promotional work and decides to get together with Cheyenne since Cory talked some smack about her.  

We find out Amber has a full day of press so she makes sure to bring her puppy along, Andrew.

Later, Amber and Andrew meet up with a friend of Andrew's who looks like he's a hipster who's been on a 3 day meth bender but still planning to go out and pitch his startup in an hour.

On their way back, Amber and Andrew get caught in traffic causing Amber to look like she's about to kill somebody. Either Andrew or a cameraman.

2 hours later, it seems Amber and Andrew are no closer to arriving. We'd hate to be around Amber's anger.

At dinner with Amber, Cory does look a little scared. Amber manages to explain herself pretty well with her point that it's tough to deal with online bullying. 

Cory and Cheyenne talk about their new relationships while Amber asks if Cheyenne's new boyfriend is in the industry.

What industry we wonder? The industry where unqualified uneducated irresponsible teenagers get to have their lives subsidized by rabid fans perpetuating an exploitative entertainment complex?

When Amber asks what she would do without Andrew, he blinks his wonky eye at her a whole bunch. 


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