Teen Mom OG, Season 8, Episode 4 Recap: Nova Gets Jelly Jelly

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn and Tyler are on kid number 3, but technically it's their first time dealing with sibling rivalry. Awww. Poor Nova.

And there she is in the next scene too, throwing a fit about Catelynn heading off to the spa to stave off postpartum. You gotta feel kind of bad for Nova. 

Catelynn and Tyler reflect on how during her last postpartum period she went out and got a teacup pig. Yep, Catelynn has come a long way. 

There's a lot of sitting going on around Catelynn's house. Her scenes are beginning to strongly ressemble Chelsea. Also, what happened to Ty and C being on a break. 

In any case, everyone sits around talking about how Nova needs to adjust to her new sibling. 



Maci and Taylor life is sooooo difficult y'all, what with their photo shoot and everything for their t-shirt line. Ryan is going to be out of jail soon. 

Mac talks to Ryan's parents about how great Ryan is doin' in jail. Yep. We guess this is what conversation is like when your child is jailbait. Poor Mac. This is just not what she signed up for.

Maci and Taylor then go through with their photo shoot and for some reason, Maci congratulates Taylor on a job well done. What job?

We find out that Maci needs to figure out whether she and Ryan will talk. This ENTIRE discussion is definitely for the cameras. The fact that Maci hasn't even discussed Ryan with Bently suggets this is a non-issue. 


Cheyenne is getting serious about Matt and he's going to be flying in for Ryder's birthday party. Cheyenne and Cory are a great couple - seriously, these two need to make more babies.

Cory asks a number of aggressive questions about Matt.

Later, Cheyenne talks to her girls about how she needs to just talk to Taylor about how she's going to be spending time around her Ryder. Hmm.

We think this is just an excuse to stake her claim to her territory.

At Cheyenne's party for Ryder, Taylor definitely shows up Cheyenne. In fact, we think Matt might be wanting to leave Cheyenne for Taylor.

Matt and Cory hug it out and then talk about how Cory won't be stepping on Matt's toes.

Naturally, MTV leaves the best until least and we finally get to see Cheyenne's vapid showdown with Taylor.  We have to say, Cheyenne has a A LOT more personality than Taylor. 


Amber is going to be spending some time with Leah and at the same time has to deal with Andrew having to have his deviated septum corrected. 

Later, Amber does manage to co-parents appropriately with Leah and take her to Bingo but seems to think this makes her mother of the century. 

We get to see James in this episode and he's absolutely adorable. 




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