Teen Mom OG Season 8, Episode 5: Who's Having a Baby Now?


Maci has a superfluous conversation with Bentley about his going to Church with Ryan.

Maci later mentions how Ryan needs to man up and talk to Bentley about how he was in jail. Oh wow, Maci thinks Ryan is going to turn into dad of the year now?

MTV winds up deciding to film Mac and Ryan - we're guessing Mac begged and Maci even advocated a little considering these two are connected to Bentley. Mac and Ryan's parents talk about how Ryan has PTSD from being in jail. Oh puhlease.

Ryan is not a victim. He got himself into jail.

Maci goes out to lunch with a friend and grouses about how she's done so much for Ryan but he's done nothing for Bentley. We have to admit, Jen and Larry are pretty stupid. 



Cheyenne processes the experience of dealing with Taylor at Ryder's birthday party. Uh oh. Cheyenne talks about how she wants a baby and has baby fever. Uh oh. Who's going to be the baby daddy. 

Cheyenne seems to be permanently at a pool party. In any case, she comments on how she wants Matt to get along with Cory.

Cory takes Ryder out to a lunch where it seems like Ryder does NOT want to be. Surprisingly, we watch at Cory noshes on ramen with chopsticks.

Matt talks to Cory about how he came from the hood but went to Howard University.

How weird is it that Corey is talking to Matt about how much Cheyenne is wanting to get pregnant? Is he trying to scare him off or what?

Later, Corey checks in with Chey to see if she's pregnant or not yet. Chey agrees that she doesn't want to rush things too much. 



Amber has a party for James and everyone has some fun reminiscing about Amber's deadbeat parenting to Leah.  Amber says goodbye to everyone and she and the baby get to hang together. 



Catelynn and Tyler give their baby a bath then discuss their desire to do something nice for Carly for her 10th birthday. Naturally, Catelynn and Tyler want to drum up some drama about this. Sadly, Catelynn talks about how she and Tyler have been inconsistent giving Carly gifts.

Um, yeah, that's 'cause she's so self-absorbed. Since Catelynn and Tyler can't really think creatively so they decide to make Carly another scrapbook.



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