Teen Mom OG, Season 8, Reunion Part 1: Maci Tries to Stay Relevant

Who stole the show on this season's reunion episode? Let's face it - after Amber stayed in the headlines pretty much all season, it's clear that Maci and Catelynn were just filler.

But it looks like this episode did choose to focus on Catelynn, so let's talk about her for a bit.


We got to see the highlight of Cate and Ty's season and naturally, the only drama we saw was the focus on Carly. 

For some reason, Ty got an epic tan. Was that time spent in the Caribbean or did he just get spray-tanned. Meanwhile, Catelynn kept up her prositute-y makeup binge that she's been on. 

Carly's parents actually make an appearance and look like they're in their 50s, despite probably being in their 30s. 

Catly's parents comment on how remarkable it is that Ty and Cate are still together. Hmmm, we think this is has something to do about the fact that Ty still hasn't come out. 



Mackenzie's mom comes on and discusses her recent prognosis and talks about how she's no longer being treated given the severity of her cancer.

Mac mentions that her parents are her role models and they're the only people who have ever supported her relationship with her baby daddy.



Maci comes on and thanks her lucky stars that her ex is still such a schmuck otherwise she'd never have a job. Maci calls Ryan's recent legal charge an "honest mistake." Um, really?

Dr. Drew asks Maci about what she's been telling Bentley about his father and she gives us so little - enough to keep him informed. Booo Boring. 

Later, Ryan comes on with a spray tan that we're guessing is supposed to disguise the fact that he's probably high.

Is it just us or does Ryan seem REALLY high what with the strange movements and itching. We also loved when Ryan told us that he was "highly pissed" that he missed Jagger's birth but it "is what it is."

Mackenzie comes on and tells us that "I thiiiiink we have a greeeaaat relationship with ooooopen lines of communication." We did however, noticed her side-eye toward him, possibly thinking the same thing we are, "Is he high?"




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