Teen Mom OG Season 8 Reunion Part II: Amber Makes an Appearance

Amber Portwood will not be making an appearance for this episode, sorry folks!

But let's see how Maci is left grappling with Ryan's ridiculous accusations? Shall we? And next up, Cheynne has to deal with Corey bringing an even more gorgeous Taylor on screen. 


Jen and Larry talk about how Ryan has come a long way. Maci looks a little disgusted. Must be hard to have to feign empathy for such a jerk. 


Cheyenne and Cory appear with their respective new relationships. 

Taylor tells us that she loves being around Cory and Ryder is a bonus. Meanwhile, it seems like Cheyenne .

Cheyenne gets a a pretty direct question about whether she's using protection and she gives us a shifty response about the fact that she is in fact, taking birth control.

In spite of being two incredibly beautiful people, Taylor and Cory seem unable to experience any real intimacy with each other.


Ty's sister Amber comes on and it looks like she really has cleaned up her teeth, which we have to congratulate her for. Amber gets a lot of question about her relationsihp with Butch and how he never made her important in his life. Gawd, this family is soooo sad.

Later, Butch comes on an makes Catelynn and Ty seem incredibly classy. We see Butch and Amber having it out with each other, which Ty manages to make about himself by crying.

Sadly, everyone in tihs family's greatest accomplish is either coming out of rehab or coping with the birth of a child well.



Ambre's arrest makes it possible for Gary and his wife to take up a LOT more screen time (not to mention space!). Sadly, Gary is the one who has his shit together in terms of parenting Leah. Gary gets a chance to tell us about his own experience being attacked by Amber. Interestingly, it doesn't actually seem like Gary was that triggered by his own history with Amber.

Gary mentions that Leah is his primary concern. So sad that Gary should be an example of one of the best parents on this show. Leah is apparently seeing a therapist (duh).

Later, we see that Dr. Drew actually travels to see Amber to get the scoop. Amber decides to speak in riddles telling us that "there's some narcissism that I can even comprehend." Apparently, Andrew has already shacked up with someone else.

Amber actually pauses on "setting the record straight" given she needs to "talk to her lawyers," about what she's going to say.

She does get worked up enough, however, to reveal how unlikely it was that she actually would have gone after her baby daddy with a machete.





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