Teen Mom, Season 8 Episode 12: Who Will Amber Attack Next?


Maci decides to have a talk with Bentley about the fact that his grades are slipping. We love that Maci assumes the issue is Ryan when the better bet is that Bentley doesn't exactly have intellectual genes. 

Later, Ryan comes on and talks about how he impregnated Mac. Hmmm, how did he make time for that in between jail time. 



We feel like the entire Ty-Catelynn storyline has been tabled because Catelynn now has a new baby. 

It turms out that Catelynn and Tyler get to visit Carly in this episode but it isn't filmed. 




Mac heads to her mom's to talk to her about her cancer prognosis. It turns out, her mom's cancer has spread to her liver, her gut and her bones.

Mac talks to her mister about her mother's imminent death. Later, we see Mac talking to her kids about her mother's cancer about she might die soon.



Cheyenne is hanging with Taylor and Cory and it looks like she is willing to spend some time with Taylor and Ryder. Hmmm, as if that idea wasn't suggested by the Teen Mom producers.

We also suspected someone was expecting Taylor to work her salary.

Interestingly, it turns out that Taylor previously made racist remarks too which Cheyenne feels she'll need to address when she hangs out with her. What's with people and their old racist remarks?

When they head out together, Cheyenne talks to Taylor and tells her she doesn't think she's racist but she does ask her about her past comments.

Taylor points out she used to be immature and she was young at the time.


Amber talks about how feels misunderstood by Andrew to her friend who empathizes, but curiously, calls Amber's temper a "little fuse." Hmmm, is that what you call it when you threaten your baby daddy with a machete. It turns out, this is the episode where we find out that Amber threatens Andrew. We see dad-bod Gary talking about the whole incident and feel gratitude that Leah was with them on the night of the incident.

Oh boy. It turns out, Leah is also worried her mom will have to return to prison.



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