Briana Dejesus Bashes Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska


Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus has had some interesting habits on Twitter lately, and it doesn't seem like they'll be ending any time soon. Briana went missing from Twitter for a period of a week after an incident regarding Jenelle.

A couple of weeks ago, Briana tweeted an x-rated picture, and quickly deleted it after it caused some controversy. The newest issue happened just a couple of days ago when she took to Twitter to bash Chelsea Houska's intelligence.

This is the conversation that started it all:


Well, that escalated quickly.

I'm sure most of you know that Randy uses a lot of sarcasm, so his comment didn't seem like it was anything out of the ordinary to me, but obviously Briana thought differently.

I'm going to try and give her the benefit of the doubt on this one, and hope that it was simply a misunderstanding on Briana's part, but I'll also admit that she went on the defensive way too quickly.

1. If you have a problem with someone, bring it up with that person, not their parents.

I would hope that we would all be mature enough to not bash someone through their parents, but I guess I was wrong about that one. I couldn't imagine calling someone's mom to put down their child.

2. At least she didn't tag Chelsea in the tweet, but it's still extremely obvious who Briana is talking about.

I think if Briana would have tagged Chelsea, things would have gotten more dramatic than they did. Chelsea has over a million followers on twitter who seem to always come to her defense in any controversial situation.


What is with all of the Teen Mom girls having it out for each other lately? There's been drama between just about every combination of girls that I can think of.

I would think that all of these girls, given that they all became mothers at a young age and were thrown into the spotlight, would understand exactly how important it is to not burn bridges with people.

4. What happened to that saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

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On a completely unrelated note, TMZ had an article about how much Farrah has received in royalties if anyone is interested. Not a porn star my ass! Just own up to it!

I just saw this article this morning, and I'm working on a post about it! :)

can anyone else actually hear Briana's annoying voice in their head when they read her tweets?

You mean how she doesn't know how to enunciate consonants properly? Yes.

Or how. she. talks. like. every. word. is. it's. own. sentence. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVA!

She is a ghetto hoodrat and had daddy issues.

has* damn autocorrect lol

Bri has NO room to talk! At least Chelsea is independent and has a drivers licenses! Bri is jealous Her season got canceled and Teen Mom 2 didnt! Grow up Bri

I am not saying your wrong, brianna is not independent in the slightest and Chelsea is a fantastic mum, can't doubt that she loves tha girl and does everything for her and that is hard on your own, i can't praise her enough for that. But Chelsea is not independent completely, as a parent yes she is, she cares for that child 24/7 but her dad pays for a hell of a lot of her stuff and he is fantastic, she has an amazing support system and that is not a bad thing. But it isn't really independent, working a real job (not reliant on mtv) is independence and i have no doubt chelsea will get there :) She is doing amazing at school and once that is done she will be in a place to be independent but until then financially she is not yet independent x

Chelsea and that girl Isabella from Utah are actually super lucky to have the financial and emotional support they have. I don't know much about Isabella but in her 16 and Pregnant episode, her parents made it clear that they would support her and her child's father until they could get an education and become independent. Chelsea's dad has done the same. Is Chelsea spoiled? Hell yes. But she's also stayed low on the radar, doesn't seem to have any substance abuse problems and slowly, unbelievably slowly but surely, she is growing up. That girl's life would be completely different if she didn't have the help that she has and I admire her parents and Isabella's parents because they didn't plan on supporting their own children AND a baby while their kids were still in high school.

And totally agree with Bri being jelous, the whole TM3 girls are jealous their show got cancelled x

I agree they are jealous but as much as everyone loves Randy I think sometimes he needs to butt out of other peoples tweets. I know he means no harm but I constantly see him jump into a conversation that doesn't involve him.

Oh another note I cant stand the Dejesus clan. When I saw her 16 and Pregnant episode I felt bad for her but after seeing some of her life further in one episode of teen mom 3 I just can't stand her and her family now.

If you don't want other people butting in to your dumb Twitter conversations, don't put em on Twitter where everyone can see them then

Randy instigates just as much as he jokes. He yelled at me on Twitter once for a very general thing I said. I didn't even realize he could see what I said and it in no way referred to Chelsea. He's as much a bully as these girls are.

Briana & the whole Dejesus clan are nothing but trash

I don't consider them trash trashhh. I like how they always stand for each other and they are such a great support system. The lack of a man figure in their lives made them stronger.
She was completely out of place with that comment to randy, one does not even talk like that to someone who could be your father...or its just me idk.

Yeah I don't know. Between Roxanne about to throw her shoes, Briana posting dirty pictures on her twitter, and now this......trash is all that comes to mind.

And them trying to sell shirts with their faces on it...And they are all ready to literally pounce on anyone for anything at any time.

wow wtf! my bad then, I don't follow them on twitter, I was just talking about what I saw on tv

They are a real life version of the mythological Amazons - a warrior clan of women who lived together sans men, who they denounced because they saw men as the weaker sex. Every so often the Amazons would venture out into neighboring tribes to force men to mate only to kill or abandon male babies that were born while keeping and raising the female babies to be future Amazons.

Okay, I'm sort of kidding... I was thinking they did remind me of someone though. I remember when I was in like first grade and I knew this girl who was a total bully. She was mean and entitled. She would form her little clique and kick people out whenever she felt like it. If anyone criticized her on the playground or if a teacher said anything critical to her (even minor things about school work), her mom would immediately call the parent or the teacher and complain (and when I say complain, I mean personally attack). I don't know how this girl behaves now. But, if you want to raise an entitled brat that takes everything personally. often misinterprets behavior, and then uses that misinterpretation to attack others, well, constantly coming to your daughter's defense over every little thing would be the way do it. Sort of like what Roxanne and Briana's sister do.

So Brittany's baby must have been a boy then...

Hahaha that is absolutely horrible and I'm slightly ashamed at just how loudly I laughed. I'm going to hell on scholarship.

She's just waiting for the day she can deliver shoes at high speeds to people via twitter.

I am kind of confused what she meant a daughter like his though? Is Chelsea known for being a bad at spelling or auto correct making her messages confusing??

Really though the only thing I think people say negatively about Chelsea is she is spoiled by her father. Briana is WAY spoiled by her mother. Chelsea at least can drive and doesn't need her parents to take her to her first day of class and wait for her there. I also feel like she is jealous that Chelsea has a great relationship with her father.

I think (and of course I could be wrong) that she thought Randy tweeted that "PHONY autocorrects to photo" and thought for some reason he was bashing her or Katie. Not defending it at all, because I think she was out of line, but that's literally the only explanation I could come up with.

I said this in another thread, the only thing I can think of is that Katie's initial text said 'photo' instead of 'phone.' Megan is right - Randy does have a very sarcastic, jokey sense of humor. He replied that her phone also autocorrects 'phone' to 'photo' because that is what Katie's phone did. I guess one way you could interpret it is as a light jab - that phones autocorrect a lot of things so it is a coincidence that 'Briana' is corrected to 'brains' (since Katie said it was not).

I guess Briana flipped out thinking that Randy was calling her dumb and decided to insult Chelsea. I mean, Randy is a doctor, so I'm assuming she wouldn't call him dumb. Maybe she's referencing Chelsea's struggles with the GED? Her dropping out of beauty (hair) school?

I thought it was a funny observation from Randy...It took me several times to see that Katie's phone autocorrected 'photo.' Plus, Randy makes fun of his daughter all the time on the show. It's not malicious, he's just a jokey sort.

Either way, Briana looks like an angry beaver. Am I overanalyzing this?

OMG i see that now!! what he said had NOTHING to do with briana or katie!!! wow this was taken TOTALLY out of context by that little brat. im mindblown.

It totally confused me in the other thread too! I was wondering why Randy chose 'photo' to 'phone' as an example until I re-read the texts a few times.

Still, even if Katie's phone had not autocorrected in her tweet and he made some jab about autocorrections (which are funny! there are websites dedicated to bad autocorrect), he's not a malicious guy at all. He seems so nice and he's very self-deprecating, so it isn't to put others down. Briana is a weirdo.

Thank you! I was so confused about her melt down but that makes sense.

That's exactly what I thought too. Randy seems to have kind of a weird, nerdy sense of humor...I really don't think he meant to bash Brianna.
It would be nice if the dejesus family stayed away from social media. Those two bimbos Brianna and Brittany are always looking for a fight, or posting something nasty and trashy. Just....go...away!

Maybe it types brains in for Briana so it can remind Katie to try to get her one.

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but Briana has to be one of the dumbest girls I have ever seen on television. Her grammar sucks and she can't think for herself in any situation. In addition to that she keeps on dating and sleeping with the same type of loser guys she claims she wants nothing to do with. And trying to sneak out when it's going to be aired on national television? Impeccable planning Briana!
I guess when your mom wants to buy you special stickers for going to one class in community college it's not surprising you would have an overly inflated ego.

Haha Brittany's attitude during their school supply shopping trip pretty much summed up that of everyone watching at home: "oh dear god these women are stupid."

Only a loser type guy will be with her so she doesn't have a choice

i hate the entire dejesus family. randy was just making a joke and she seriously came back with the most defensive, bitchy ass response ever.
at least chelsea can raise her own kid without her mother and sister's help every single step of the way.

Randy and Babs will always be my favorite parents on Teen Mom. Sure, neither of them raised perfect children. Randy has definitely spoiled Chelsea and Babs has enabled Jenelle quite a few times (I still can't believe she was so lenient about her daughter cheating on a drug test). But ultimately both of these parents would do anything for the safety and happiness of their grandchildren. They are both trying so hard to make sure their daughters have stable lives to support their own kids. The other TM parents just seem fame hungry to me, or they get too involved in the drama. I think Randy's response was appropriate. He didn't lash out at her or fire back any serious insults. But who wouldn't be shocked at a comment like that?

I had to read that a couple of times to understand what was being said. If you missed u see how Katie wrote "My photo" instead of "My phone"? That's why Randy joked around saying it also autocorrects phone to photo. Briana came out of left field with that reply! Obviously she has something against the best Dad on TV....jealous much??

SERIOUSLY though. that had absolutely nothing at all to do with briana. he wasnt taking a shot at her! he was pointing out that katie clearly missed an autocorrect that her phone made before she posted her tweet. wow. i hate briana more now.

IKR.. Briana should have re-read what Randy wrote before writing something nasty like that. It makes me think that either Briana and Chelsea had an issue with each other already or Briana just thinks everyone is out to get her. Either way..Randy was just being the jokester he is and felt it was funny to point out.

Briana made herself look stupid which is ironic after Katie originally posted to basically compliment Bri on being smart.

And Briana's apology? My God she's dumb. She flat out bashes someone's kid on a public page, and then tweets "Oh I misunderstood - I respect you both so much!" How could she have possibly misunderstood him?! Dumb. As. Dirt.

Sorry, last of my input: We all know that if the tables were turned and Chelsea said something to Briana's mother, Chelsea would be harassed mercilessly by the entire Dejesus clan. Roxanne would be belligerent, and then Brittany would come in swinging. But Chelsea apparently saw Briana's comment and said "it's okay, no harm done." It just proves the extreme immaturity of that family in comparison.

Shoes would fly!

I love your name!!!

She should have just gone with, "Sorry...I'm on my menstrual cycle. By the way, I'm doing some research..."

Yeah she "respects them so much" that she immediately assumed Randy was saying something malicious about her and responds by DISRESPECTING his daughter. Dumb da dumb dumb...

And Chelsea tweeted this:

@BrianaDejesus_ @PapaRandlicious it's all good girl, no hard feelings.
4:25 p.m. Thu, Feb 13

And once again Chelsea was the mature one which we all know she hates being. But anyways wtg Chelsea.

Every time I try to read tweets, I feel like I'm reading secret spy codes that I forgot to learn about in school.

Thank you! I don't even know how to use twitter... I live in northern Canada and no one uses twitter here

@Carmen: You have further reinforced my desires to pack up and move to Canada. The final frontier where Twitter hasn't fucked up everyone's grammar, syntax and spelling. My best friend lives in Ottawa and it's all we can do to manage to Skype properly let alone "tweet" anything.

This little girl is shallow/no depth.

Well she got what she wanted which is attention. Sad part is that she is probably too stupid to realize what an idiot she made of herself. That whole family is so gross.

Randy simply made a joke. It was not that serious and Briana was way out of line. What in the world was she so defensive about?

Probably the fact that MTV isn't paying for her life anymore and she's going to have to get off her ass and get a real job.

I think I've possibly worked out why Briana took offence.
Katie's tweet said "coincidence, I think not" ie she was insinuating that Briana is brainy. When Randy tweeted that phone also autocorrects to photo maybe Briana thought Randy was insinuating that thinking it was more than a coincidence was silly, and that Briana isn't brainy.
Briana was then implying that Chelsea isn't brainy either.
It's a long shot but maybe that's what goes on in her silly little head.

Seems legit

That's how I took it too. Briana thought that he meant "Since your phone also autocorrects phone as photo, your phone clearly does not make any sense. Just like Brianna and brains have nothing to do with each other (cause she's dumb as bricks)." So basically she thought randy was calling her dumb. Thus she decided to lash out at Chelsea because she comes across as a bit ditzy at times.

I'm glad someone figured this out! I was so confused...

thats definitely what went through briana's head...because thats what went through my head when i read it at first too. however when katie posted this, the typo that randy referenced is in the tweet. he was jokingly making fun of katie basically for not proofreading her tweet that says her PHOTO autocorrects briana to brainy instead of her PHONE autocorrecting it.

That's assuming Briana had a complicated thought process. I doubt it. She did, however, read phone instead of photo as we all naturally did the first time around.

Anything for an extra 15 minutes Bri?
I honestly hate myself for loving teen mom hence my name, i hate that i watch it and support but it is soooo god darn entertaining!!
But it isn't reality, normal teen moms dont get mortgages at age 20, don't have iphones, new laptops, pedigree pups, brand new cars, boob jobs, nose jobs... the only kinda job most of the girls on teen mom haven't had is an actual job!!

Speaking of twitter drama...shit going down on Jenelle's account again *grabs popcorn* Looks like someone's a little defensive about the smoking-weed-while-pregnant texts.

Megan, would please write an article about the Jenelle/Josh/Kail text message drama when you have time? I can't keep up but shit has obviously hit the fan and I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on it.

Whos josh?

I can never keep up with who is friends with who, but if I remember correctly Josh is Tori's ex boyfriend who recently came out of the closet when they broke up...and I'm assuming he used to be friends with Jenelle (hence the text messages) but he leaked text messages to Radar that she is smoking blunts while pregnant and now she's having a classic LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOOONE moment.

And now she's "quitting teen mom 2." Sure, Jenelle. Sure. The only thing she's successful at quitting is being a mother.

Well. Not it's deleted (shocker). But I has screenshot!

Damnit. I was honestly hoping it wasn't true. She's still an immature selfish brat, but I really wanted her to stay sober, at least for this baby. It seems everyone is trying to get the police involved, and they have every right (especially if she's smoking AND drinking - those cigarettes may have been hers after all). My heart aches for Babs. I wonder if she's starting to panic.

Lol just when we were commenting on theories of why the TM2 girls don't seem to take notice to / or comment on Jenelle's b.s.
Honestly most of the stuff that comes out about Jenelle usually ends up being true, if it comes from those close to her or that know her. The abuse drama came from people that didn't know her. Kail didn't seem convinced of Jenelles innocence, and Jenelle has been photographed with marijuana paraphernalia in the background since she's been pregnant.
I know she's been going on about this morning sickness thing the whole time and who knows maybe a lot of its so she could use it as an excuse if she got outed for smoking weed still but cmon even if she tried to say she does it "just for morning sickness", she wouldn't need like 10 bongs and large quantities to alleviate morning sickness. That's not someone who wants to ease a little nausea, that's someone who wants to make sure they are constantly f---ed up

I thought I saw on an article that he said she had multiple bongs and was spending buttloads of money to drive up to NC (not to see Jace) to buy large quantities of weed every week, which is why I said that

I was thinking the same thing on why the TM2 girls do not comment. Kail apologized and deleted her tweets. Did Kail get bitch slapped by MTV? I'm wondering if MTV makes the other girls play nice with Jenelle.

morning sickness is not an excuse to take even a single hit of weed.

i agree Rydersmama!!! This is Jenelle logic we are speaking of

What did kail say about it? I don't follow jenelle so I have no clue what's happening...

Kail basically said "I hope the article is not correct because I believe that smoking marijuana can potentially lead to birth defects/handicaps" or something to that effect. She later deleted the tweet, apologized, and said she should have texted Jenelle instead of blasting it on twitter. With all the Sulia articles Jenelle writes about Kail, I don't blame her for calling Jenelle out publicly. If the rumor wasn't true, then Jenelle shouldn't be mad at her.

Wait... This was recent?! Just when you think she can't get worse. Anyone have a link to the article/photos?

Even IF...IF it was medically proven that THC helps alleviate stress, hormonal changes and morning sickness while pregnant, it wouldn't be recommended that you ingest the THC by smoking it. You would want edibles or oils. Inhaling smoke into your lungs while pregnant cuts off the blood supply to the fetus for however long you are inhaling/holding in/exhaling any type of smoke and the baby actually turns BLUE from lack of oxygen. She already said her DOCTOR told her to smoke weed while pregnant with Jace, which she did and anyone with half a brain cell left knows she's full of shit. She said on like season two of Teen Mom that she had smoked weed every day for SIX YEARS and was bitching about having to be on probation for a year and this was when Jace was like...maybe two. Girl has zero regard for the lives she is somehow able to create and it's maddening.

Have you ever had morning sickness? For me it was ALL DAY sickness. I think it would have taken 10 bong hits for me to get over it....

Too bad I had already outgrown my weed phase. And I'm not dumb enough to have harmed my child.

I just read that when she runs out she drives two hours round trip to buy weed from her dealer in NC (way to cross state lines with a controlled substance, moron) and that she smokes it because, without it, her morning sickness is unbearable. So she's a) probably lying about how severe her morning sickness is to justify smoking pot since she can run out and then drive to NC or b) driving while stoned for two hours to get more pot. Class...y.

I hope we get an article on this! Things seem to blow up weekly with her, though. Oh and apparently Courtland is still on hooked on heroin.

Aw, man, really? I really thought he was great CEO material.

That was cruel sarcasm. Heroin is NOT an easy thing to kick and him probably finally making money from his little one act performance BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR shooting up heroin from Radar most likely financed his next high. It's incredibly unfortunate and I hope he kicks it. But it's doubtful considering the culture he surrounds himself with.

Randy is so nice to all the teen mom girls, he's always joking with them and talking to them about their lives. Even Jenelle. Briana was so out of line, especially since I'd say Chelsea seems to be a much better person than Briana. Chelsea seems to be a better person than most of them, honestly.

Randy is definitely genuinely a really nice girl. He spoils Chelsea because he loves her so damn much.
I feel like he's very kind and defensive of all the Teen Mom girls because he knows that not all of them have the amazing parental support that Chelsea is so lucky to have.

Lol *guy not girl!

Lol the sad part is I didn't even notice your mistake..I was thinking "Yes Randy is genuinely a really nice girl"

And I agree..Randy seems like he would defend the teen moms before putting them down! Briana must feel so dumb and she should!

Chelsea and her family have become my favorite to watch. Without Adam, they're virtually drama-free, and so cute and hilarious. I love how they always support one another in a positive manner. It reminds me of my own family in some ways.

I agree, he seems like a wonderful father and I remember him tweeting Kail last season that he would be proud to have a daughter like her. I thought that was very sweet.

Briana is having a really hard time dealing with no longer being in the spotlight. Shes following in Farrahs footsteps(lets hope not ALL the way) in that negative attention=attention. Its good enough for them I guess

With the name DeJesus you'd think she'd be a bit more Christ like, seesh.

lol i love your name. im one too :)

Briana is such a brat. She's just jealous that TM2 is much more successful than her season ever was & that people actually like the TM2 girls & no one liked the TM3 girls. She's probably the most pathetic girl out of the whole bunch, she honestly relies on her family for EVERYTHING & tried selling things with her picture on it. LOL

Not to mention they were somehow on WIC and then managed to spend $300 for a baby proofing company to do shit any moron can manage on their own (even freaking Mackenzie!) and then took a two year old on a Disney Cruise she's too young to remember or really even care about.

Just when I thought she couldn't get any dumber....

And why on earth did she delete the apology?

Briana is hands down THE most annoying, needy, ignorant girl cast on the TM series. She needs to not talk to people, ever.

I can't stand her stupid laugh. And what was up with that attempt at driving? Had she never been behind the wheel of a vehicle before that day? Good Lord was horrific to watch. Of course she is laughing like a goofball the entire time. Not funny chica, especially if you're going to have your daughter with you. UGH. Braindead.

"It's cute because I'm incompetent!! Teehee."


They are in the exact same situations, Parents helping, Shitty baby fathers, Etc. Briana needs to step down. Chelsea is an amazing mom and is BEAUTIFUL and SMART.

I wouldn't say Chelsea is smart. I think personally she lacks a bit in the smarts department (why she made the same mistakes repeatidly, struggled to get an education, etc.) but she is beautiful and she is an awesome mom

The biggest thing that annoys me about Chelsea is that she seems to do that weird "act stupid so boys will like you" thing that lots of girls do. Therefore, I honestly have no idea how smart she actually is because I think she spent so much of her time on television trying to act like an adorable little ditz and win over Adamnwhyaren'tyoustillinjail. She certainly had a lack of motivation that I think she's still trying to get over but I think (please god hopefully) getting past Adam once and for all has made her realize that she NEEDS to have an education and a job to be independent and provide for her daughter because Mr. I Paid Good Money To Have 55 Skulls Tattooed All Over my Arms Hands and Torso sure as hell isn't going to help. His opportunities for employment go down probably a good 5% with each additional stupid "badass" tattoo he wastes his money on. Other than that and her brattiness (which seems to have calmed down a great deal) she's actually one of my favorite girls of the entire franchise.

I think it is funny all the trouble and defensive comments she makes over twitter, because didn't we see her press charges against Devon for his hatefulness via twitter?

I definitely agree with you about the case with Devon but she didn't say anything particularly vicious and she definitely doesn't stir up too much trouble on these social media sites either.

Briana is absolutely right. Chelsea is a complete idiot. She had to call her enabler father when her kid locked her out of the room. Her choices speak volumes as to a complete lack of intelligence. Randy, the enabler, is a well known enforcer and brute about any comments even remotely negative about the kid who had to struggle to even get a GED. An eighth grader can pass the GED in this country, as everyone knows. Right on to Briana for telling it like it is regarding pathetically stupid Chelsea.

...however neither Randy nor Chelsea fired back with any type of brutish rebuttals and handled it with respect and acceptance of Briana's half-assed apology that she as apparently already deleted.

Briana misunderstood something and completely overreacted, deciding to hurl insults rather than re-read the two tweets that pissed her off in the first place.

Briana probably doesn't understand irony either.

All a waste of time.

I hate to say it,but Chelsea doesn't have any common sense.She still talks to her 4 year old daughter like she an infant,and she still talks like a teenager when she's around her friends,saying like ever 5 seconds.She is also very spoiled,and I can see why Adam didn't want to be with her.Adam wasn't a great father at first,but now he is.He loves both of his daughters and takes care of them both.He seems to act more mature than Chelsea.Teen mom must have paid him a lot,because he's got his own place and a Corvette now!It makes me sick that after 4 years,Chelsea is still waiting around for Adam to go back to her,so that they could be a perfect little family.At least Briana knew enough not to keep sleeping with a man who no longer cares about her,and she had enough sense to move on and find someone new and better.One day Chelsea will wake up and realize just how much time she wasted scewing around with Adam and waiting for him to go back to her,which I'm sure will never happen.

I disagree entirely with this post. because randy is so sarcastic I would take his comment completely defensively cause him being an older adult should not be on Twitter re-tweeting. I run to any defense naturally if your insulting my character.... especially my intelligence.Its not what that person intended for something to be received its how you actually receive it that matters. so Brianna continue to stand for
what you feel you need too #teambri