Briana Dejesus Is Bad At Twitter

briana dejesus


Last night, Teen Mom 3 "star" (I use -star- very loosely here), Briana Dejesus got a little frisky with her twitter account. She decided to upload a very racy photo to her followers with the caption "This could be us but U ain't texting back". Look, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to things like this, but even I know this was an over-the-line photo to upload.

I mean she has 131k followers, many of whom are likely teen girls, and the photo she uploaded was ... hrm ... well, let's just say it wouldn't even be shown on Cinemax.

A few things about this photo....

  • 5% battery life, really? Who lets their phone get that low? At 20% my phone starts going into shutdown mode and practically threatens my life if I let it get below 10%. Get it together, Briana... I know you were clearly horny, but find a charger. The OCD in me is going nuts.
  • The photo features a guy pulling out after sex, so we know it's not an entirely accurate depiction of intercourse with Briana.... boom, teen mom joke!
  • Is this photo just an attention grab by someone suffering withdrawals from losing their 15 minutes of fame? Will a Farrah-like video be next?

Side note: This is why I love following celebs who don't have handlers/interns dealing with their accounts. You never know when you're going to log in and see crazy stuff.

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This is an awfully Clouse-y article.

A post has to contain at least three glaringly-obvious grammatical mistakes, several pathetic attempts to suck up to either Chelsea or Mackenzie, and a certain degree of desperation for it to be a Heather Clouse-worthy article.

I want to see the actual photo...

Also, it makes her look kind of pathetic to post anything with the message of "this could be us, but you aren't getting back to me/ignoring me." Come on girl, that's not how you handle a man.
Found it here...Warning! It's really Farrah graphic.

I did not need to see that. Damn my curiosity! lmao

I was not expecting that at all. And I didn't know they allowed images like that on Twitter. Lord.


Oh it's gone now! Either she removed it or someone did for her. WTF was she thinking.

Caution: It is visible again and if your curiosity takes you there, you will never be able to un-see it. Just do not click the link if you are in public, you may get arrested.
I may sound like I am old and uncool, but the ease in which graphic sex is seen these days is not helping teen girls. It makes girls feel like everyone else is doing it so it is no big deal. Young ladies, please listen, it IS a big deal. Boys will tell you it's not and other girls may too, but think for yourself. It is only you who truly lives with the consequences.

@Anne the pressure on young people to have sex earlier and earlier seems to be enormous. This is a girl who is "famous" because she had a baby at 17. Not only is this a super raunchy picture and completely inappropriate for any kind of social media, but it depicts the absolute exact opposite of
safe sex and glamorizes it. Briana is an idiot and I hope she gets banned from Twitter and any other site where she's posting stuff like this.

Shit, I really can't figure out that picture... I see the 'manliness', but what bit of the girl even is that?! It looks like boobs that are weirdly close to their crotchal area.

Those aren't boobs, it's her hands. Still weird though, I don't know why she has her hands like that either.

Lol it's a girl spreading her vag

Ohhhh I see the hands now... Why would you put your hands like that? It looks like she's got her fingers outstretched ready for some kind of man-juice manicure. Wonderful.

Oh lawd. Cannot unsee.

This from the girl who's entire family had to accompany her to campus for ONE class on her first day at community college?! Roxanne is going to slaughter her.

And her mommy had to hold her hand during her Pap smear!!!

She is so vulgar. But what can you expect from someone who's mother takes off her shoe to try to beat someone else, in public and surrounded by cameras no less.

Ok, I haven't seen any of the TM3 stuff. But, can I just say when I saw the clips of her mom with the shoe that I thought she looked like an idiot?

I get that her child's father seems like a loser. But, apparently, when he did offer to look after the child she complained the entire time that he was doing nothing right. Um..first, he offered. Show him some support. Most guys do not possess strong maternal instincts. Plus, it would be hard to walk into a house where all three chicks hate me and are going to gang up on me and they're all a little crazy.

Not to be defensive of deadbeat dads, but these girls aren't angels either and a lot of their actions prevent a role for the father.

Briana will do whatever it takes to extend her "fame".

Classy. Real classy. -_-

Beyond creepy!
I got crazy when my phone is at 95% hahaha.

This is beyond trash. Briana is so very immature. I think this is the worst thing that a Teen Mom could put on their twitter for all their adoring teenage 'fans' to see. At least Maci stops drinking for one night to tweet about teen pregnancy prevention!
I am so glad that MTV cancelled Teen Mom 3. I think they avoided more incidents like this occuring.
I also think Briana will be next to have baby number 2.

Not surprised she did it but I cringe to think of all the kids who saw it. She apparently has not class or common sense.

Who would post a picture like that just to get a guy to text back? Desperate much?

Not to mention I'm surprised Briana can even LOOK at a picture of
a vagina because she's a "woman" who has BIRTHED A CHILD and can't handle a pap smear without whimpering and holding onto her mom. I get it that pap smears aren't super fun but they're not THAT bad.

Wait...she had a CHILD, and whimpers at a pap test? Wow, her logic blows my mind! T_T

I didn't watch TM3, I just couldn't.

Everyone is built differently. I had a child and pap smears are very difficult for me and extremely painful.

Also I am no prude but you don't post that stuff on a social media. If she was dead set on using it she could have text the guy.

She just proved that having a child does not mean you are even mature enough to be having ironic.

I have no words, this is way way beyond trashy.

Her and her family are so trashy. I agree this is not a Clouse article, otherwise it would be about Mackenzie and how many times she turned her lights on and off as Heather sat outside her house.

This will end up being a Clouse article. Briana will join the ranks of Markai and Kianna.
Seriously, why post this on twitter? Gross. I can't wait to hear her mother defend this and use it to show that Briana is a strong woman and that they will overcome this as a family.

It might take awhile. She has to apply a very generous amount of lip liner before addressing the issue.

LOL best comment ever

Omg lol. Ok first, of course jenelle would post a Sulia article about this. Brianna basically handed it to her so I don't know why she freaked out at jenelle for something she should have thought over ahead of choosing to do this. And I don't even like Jenelle but these girls are at her throat because their jealous she got another season in my opinion. Also, how desperate to post this over your Twitter to all of your followers to someone who ignoring your texts?

Let me clarify again I dislike Jenelle a lot. But these girls, basically alex andbriana act like children towards her instead of portraying some class and being a bigger person

It is SO EASY to be the bigger person when it comes to Jenelle! How do these girls keep creating immature situations where Jenelle easily comes out ahead ?!

I don't understand why she didn't just TEXT this to whoever she's referring to instead of porning up a bunch of teenage girl's twitter feeds with semen and creepy manicure/vagina juxtapositions.

haha I thought the same exact thing! My only explanation was she wanted an audience while basically doing the look what your missing out on thing instead of just being direct

Or... She already sent him 10 naked selfies saying the same thing which he ignored lol... So she thought something more dramatic and public might trigger a response

It triggered my gag reflex. Does that response count?

She is so incredibly annoying. And why does she talk shit and delete? What a little punk.

I was wondering the same thing, LiZZie! Doesn't she realize people will learn to screenshot before she does delete it?

On the subject, her mother was actually defending the post because she supposedly said "JK" after posting it. What a trashy family. I feel bad for Nova.


Your name LOLLLLLLLL I got couches wasn't that a jenelle quote?

It's rather ironic that she doesn't understand that someone is going to screen
shot this before she deleted it considering she printed out Devoin's (Devon? Devin?) entire twitter account to try and get an order of protection from the courts because he was talking shit about her.

She is honestly too much. I'm all for being open with your personality and yourself but not if it's going to be offensive (such as this) to others. I mean- that is actually an EXTREMELY graphic image. I thought by the blur that it was a woman posing (I would've guessed nude or with underwear on) but when I clicked the link I was very surprised that she chose that.

Also, Roxanne is about to take her shoe off and chase Brianna because she probably didn't expect it either.

Lol if I'm correct Roxanne follows her on twitter

Seems like a wonderful mother/daughter bonding moment.

let us wait for ther boobs and lips to grow and if that doesn
`t work she will make a porno with her mom filming it >.<

After they tried to sell those godawful t-shirts with their faces on them, I wouldn't be surprised. And just as the guy finishes, a shoe flies from off camera and hits him in the face. That's the Dejesus money shot.

Whoa! I missed the T-shirts with their faces on them! What is that all about?

Yes it's as tacky as it sounds.

Why, oh why do people post their dirty laundry online?

There's two things I don't understand. One, doesn't she have a bf? (unless he was who this was for, still too raunchy for a public twitter account nevertheless) Two, where did she even get this photo from? Why would anyone even have photos like that saved?

THANK YOU, I was wondering if anyone was going to address this!? He supposedly gave her a "promise ring" just this Christmas, and in a month she's so desperate to get his attention she posts graphic (gross) porn on her public twitter! There's a whole lotta immature idiocy in this situation.

Maybe she got the idea from some horrible Cosmo article on "What Keywords to Search for on Google Images to Get Your Man to Commit."

I'm so humiliated for her. On top of being obviously trashy (imagine your MOM posting that for the world to see) it's just so so desperate. I feel like so many of these moms mistake due diligence in trying to make their relationships work "for the sake of their children" with being complete doormats. I have no idea who she is referencing in this picture but for heavens sake Briana "if he ain't calling back" grow up, go buy a vibrator and stop being so damn easy. If you want to have protected sex (and be PRIVATE about it) because you enjoy it or want your needs taken care of then more power to you but stop trying to trade sex for love.

This, please.

These girls do not know how to be in healthy relationships and neither do their partners. Unfortunately, most of the girls do not have very good role models and apparently haven't figured out how to self-edit.

Which is surprising because on the reunions, Dr. Drew was always so blunt, direct and stern with them. Oh he didn't. He just helped them rationalize and justify their actions and bad decisions because he's the best doctor ever.

Briana has made it bluntly obvious that she feels self worth is valued in multiple sex partners and flashy purses-remember that obnoxious shopping spree she went on with her last tm3 check?
Yes Briana, we're so impressed by your Gucci diaper bag and the skeevey guys who sneak into your bedroom after Your mom is asleep.

MTV picks a lot of trashy girls, lol. Wonder why.

Ratings. FAIL.

Guess they figured out that ignorant trash didn't work as well as drinking and drugging, PG terminations, felonies all being played out, and the girls that actually turned out to be pretty good moms for their young age. Thank heavens cancelled TM3. The girls were very boring and repetitive, with a side of whiny immaturity.

I don't get the picture, not to be too graphic, [oh wait she already was] but anytime I've seen a man cum it shoots out. That looks more like he's peeing into her.

LMFAO this is the other thing I was wondering!!! It looks like it's just dribbled down, how manly. That picture is not even a bit erotic, just crass!

Good luck getting a job when the MTV money runs dry Briana! No employer will want to hire someone who posts something like that on their PUBLIC twitter!

A couple of things:

I read somewhere else that Briana may have been hacked. When I went to look at her twitter almost every tweet she's ever made had been deleted - no photos, just five tweets at the time I looked last night - that was the end of her timeline. I don't know if maybe it could be a twitter safety precaution based on the extremely graphic photo (whether she tweeted it or was hacked). I would prefer to believe she was hacked and isn't stupid enough to actually post that. But let's face it... they throw lamps and shoes

Second, what's up with the screen cap in this post? At first I was like ha ha ha that's funny idiot Briana with her 5% battery - but if it's a screen cap of Briana's post, don't you think someone else took that photo on their phone? Why would Briana take a screen shot of that and repost it?? Am I missing something?

That being said, thank you so much for all the awesome articles you guys have been pumping out! I can't express how much I love not visiting TMT anymore. Not only do I not have to witness HC's illiterate idiocy, she is also losing money by us not visiting! How many here came from TMT and no longer visit since this site started posting again? I really hope she's losing significant revenue and can realize that her bullshit typo ridden articles are garbage and she does not deserve to be successful with that poor excuse for a blog. Proof reading is not that hard! Gosh she infuriates me. Megan & Stevebeans you and your impeccable grammar, sass, and wit are very much appreciated!

I very much doubt she got hacked-probably just deleted it all after Roxy woke up and yelled at her. If she had been hacked they would have been shouting that excuse from the rooftops.
But you have a point about the screenshot thing.

Her twitter is always like that! When she had her fight with Jenelle I went to look at her responses and she had deleted everything, she had like 5 tweets total!
I think we have to give her the "Tweet and Delete Queen" title.

I don't understand why females tweet naked photos, sex photos and vulgar messages ... Screaming for attention

I don't understand why people refer to women as females.

Because any girl that posts shit like that is not a woman. Female is very appropriate.

Says who? Your misogynist ass? Female is pretty immature anyway. Lets stop with the woman hating now.

News flash, I'm a female. And I don't hate women. I say female because she isn't mature enough to be called a WOMAN. Female is the technical term. I don't think it's offensive. I just don't think she has earned the title of woman. Not with mommy still taking care of her and her offspring.

Why does it has to be a cry for attention? Why can't she just post it because that's what on her mind? She may be a mom but shes in her 20a for crying out loud what the hell do you expect, misogynist.

you say you call Briana a female because she isn't mature enough to be called a woman.. but then at the beginning of your post you refer to yourself as a female.

interesting :)

Why is this newsworthy? I agree with that other commenter this is a very heather clouse like article aka an article about nothing

Woman posts a sexually explicit picture on a social networking site= whore

Man posts a sexually explicit picture on a social networking site= just a man being a man!


I'm pretty sure I would be disgusted if I saw that picture pop up on my twitter regardless of if was posted by a man or a woman.

I love how my comments get so many thumbs down lol. Shows how many close minded misogynists are on here. Anything that disagrees with narrowmindedness is thumbs down lol. I hope I'm not the only sane person on here? Ps. You can be a woman and be a misogynist, it's called internalized sexism ;)

To me it is more sick that Brianna posted this when she has a daughter herself. The internet means nothing ever goes away. Brianna, Farrah, Jenelle and others seem to block this fact out. I feel so very badly for their children. Kids will bully each other for the wrong shoes, just imagine the hell that awaits for some of these teen mom kids. I mean imagine being a teenager and someone shows everyone your mom's backdoor porn.

Amen Anne, I am so sad to think about these poor children when they start school. The bullying they are going to experience is going to be terrible. Especially Sophia. She should just be home schooled.

Also, is this Anne the nurse who used to write amazing posts about her thoughts on the Teen Mom girls before TMJ was on break?? If so, Im so glad you are back!!! :) :)

Ahh thanks, that was sweet to say. I enjoy the teen mom group on this site because it keeps me in touch with a younger generation. If I can share my work with teen moms and babies, it may give some insight to help other girls. I have a unique view on the subject. :)

Her voice, her dumb laugh, when she talks in general.. I just can't stand it. Almost aggravates me. I would most always FF or mute her segment when I watched any TM3 episodes. It was also super irritating how her parts always started off with her saying something along the lines of-- "Brittany is , and I'm at stuck home with Nova"

Her face is also really annoying. She looks spaced out and acts like a flake. She could never raise Nova on her own. I don't even see how she got someone to sleep with her to begin with.

The first time MTV chose a non-Caucasian female and the picked the runt of the litter, so to speak. She's gross. Her and her mother are an awful representation. Like someone else said, Briana is kind of channeling Farrah. I really dislike her. Both of them.

Off topic... I once accidentally met Farrah in line at some coffee place in downtown Austin, TX. My hometown. Where her dad lived?/lives? Eh. Anyhow, I guess I wouldn't say "met" because I did not actually speak to her, but she did try talking to my young daughter. I grabbed my coffee and hauled stroller out of there so fast.


Wow!! Her overprotective control freak mother did one hell of a job raising that one!! Sad.


It turns out this post was something trending on Twitter. I believe the original was #thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin. The hashtag was associated with posting the dirtiest/sexiest picture in your phone. Still desperate and immature, but it wasn't out of the blue pornography. There are TONS still on there.

i have not seen the actual picture and don't want to look for it because i am scared of getting a virus and to see it in person lol but anyway...

so it is a picture of a man you know whating? so is it a personal photo of hers or did she get it off the internet?

also what does the caption this could have been us mean to the photo of a penis squirting milk?