Burglary at Josh and Mackenzie's House

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Radar Online posted a story earlier today about a break in at Mackenzie and Josh's home.

The source in the article, who is close to the couple, said that someone broke into the McKee's home and stole virtually all of the couple's belongings while they were at a rodeo a couple of hours away.

Mackenzie and Josh McKee were at the rodeo when these people broke in and stole SO MUCH of their stuff. They got everything, including all of the new baby's clothes, and a swing and high chair. They took Christmas presents that they'd received and even some of Josh's hunting gear. Everyone is worried that it is someone that knew Mackenzie or knew they were moving and so they watched the house to see when they left. Josh was working at the rodeo in Kellyville, Oklahoma, which is two hours away, so they were gone for at least six hours. No one was hurt so that's the most important thing, but they literally took everything they needed. It's a horrible violation.

The article also said that since Josh and Mackenzie are moving, all of their things were packed and put in boxes, which would have made it much easier to pick up so much stuff in such a short amount of time.

Mackenzie and her family have remained relatively quiet about the situation, but Angie, Mackenzie's mother, did mention on Twitter that they are going to be moving the remainder of the things into a storage unit and that they've filed a police report.

Angie also shared the following message on her Facebook page, which gives a better insight into exactly what was stolen from the home.

mckee breakin 1

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While I think she's a bit of a ditz no one deserves that! That's awful... it really sounds like it was someone she knew I remember a while back she posted about some girl beating her up while she was pregnant. Maybe it was her?

This just screams that it was obviously someone who knew them and needed shit to sell for drugs or whatever else they decided they were due for whatever reason. Our house got robbed several years back and we didn't know the guy who did it but when he confessed, it was because he needed money for meth and the only reason he picked our home along with several others was because no one was home when he happened to be walking by. That chick who drug her off the porch didn't seek Mackenzie out, Mackenzie came to her looking for her husband...which is really, really weird. (That doesn't excuse dragging someone off a porch but we can all admit that Mackenzie played up the "poor little defenseless pregnant girl got beat up by a FAT FATTY DEVIL WOMAN" angle and seemed to ignore the whole "trespassing when she knew she was unwelcome" aspect.) That coupled with the fact that Josh ALWAYS looks incredibly stoned, I'd say he probably pissed someone off.

Still sucks either way. I'm glad no one was home and no one was hurt.

I was thinking the same thing about that whole fight incident. Why was Josh away from Mackenzie in the first place? Why the hell did Mackenzie show up knowing the threats against her?

What's odd for me is that she had a C-section like a week ago? And she's out with a newborn? Sounds like someone knew they would be gone for hours. If I were going to steal, I wouldn't go to a person who has a newborn since they are likely to be home. But maybe someone saw the moving boxes. Who knows with this family.

Okay I just went to her moms facebook page and im not even friends with her but her mom posted McKenzie's home location smh. STOP POSTING ALL YOUR BUSINESS! I am not even friends with McKenzie's mom and I can see this information.

On the status screenshotted above she posted this in the comments section...

"Angie Douthit They live in a white farm house on ....
Yesterday at 8:18am"

(I removed the street name from the comment) But jeez seriously lady why give your daughter's home location

AMEN! These people are so incredibly naive when it comes to common sense safety and security.

Angie seems like the kind of mom that would post her daughter's address and see nothing wrong with it. She would probably say that it's ok because they pray and God protects them! Seriously though, what kind of mom posts their daughter and grandchildren's address?!?! ESPECIALLY when everyone sees her on tv!!!!!!!! It just takes one crazy obsessed person! I was very disturbed to hear this!!!!
Did she post Mackenzie's home location before or after the break in?

I bet you $5 you could ask Angie what Mackenzie's SS# is and she would without a doubt post it to you. I wonder how many Nigerian "Prince" email scams she's fallen for.

This is why I don't have a Facebook. A couple years ago, my ex and I drive home to see his neighbor distraught. She said her daughter was missing. My ex liked the missing child page and shared the status for her. The mom was in her 30s while her children were nearing 18. The mom would go out and party every night whilst bringing different men home all of the time. She would post public statuses like "My daughter is so depressed and has no friends" while tagging her daughter in the status. Um, no shit the girl ran away.

Some people just do not understand boundaries. Of course, sites like Pipl and WhitePages make it easy to find someone's address (taken from public records), but don't be dumb enough to actually put that information out their willingly.

OMG her mother is an idiot! Just praying isn't going to help solve everything. God will give you the tools for you to USE them. If you don't, this is the kind of shit that happens.

& people are creeps on social media. I don't ever leave my GPS on at all times, or post my location/check-in until after I leave the venue usually, and I'm not a "celebrity". I'm just smart.

So Im assuming this happened in broad daylight...am I wrong?

No Mackenzies mom, they don't need Jesus. They need the police to find them and lock them up.

Considering Mackenzie was telling people that the devil was attacking her relationship with Josh, I'd say she probably thinks they need Jesus.

In all seriousness, I hope the cops find who did this and can recover at least some of the items. It's already violating to have someone break in, but to have them steal your children's stuff? How low are some people?

Yeah :(

Slight correction: "How high are some people?"

Let's just hope she has homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Perhaps Jesus and methadone. Do we know where Jenelle and Nathan were this weekend?

Aw that comment made me actually lol

Cue the "why is God doing this to me I don't drink or do drugs" posts from Mackenzie. Why was she even at the rodeo? Doesn't she have a 9 day old baby to take care of?

New mothers aren't obliged to stay housebound you know. There's many things you can criticise her for but going out with a small baby really isn't one of them :/

Yeah maybe it's a difference in culture but generally where I'm from (California) people don't go into public with newborns because they're vulnerable to getting sick, having essentially no immune system yet. A huge gathering of people like a rodeo or a sporting event? Bound to be someone sick there. I wouldn't want to risk it personally. I would have my Jesus loving mom babysit instead.

Ok so not willing to take care of your first, or second kid is OK with you (we all know those kids were with her mom) but how about the lack of stability? They JUST moved and lets not forget they lived 6 married months apart because she couldn't part with her mommy. My guess is they blew all the tm3 money and had to move into a reality house considering they are both lazy fucks like leah

My point was simply that to me taking a small baby out is not a big deal at all. I live in a cold climate and we take our little ones out in all weathers at all ages. That's just the way I've been raised and the culture I'm part of. If you disagree with that that's totally fine. Each to their own right?

Hunny if you live in cold climate and are taking your "any age" kids out all over the place in the peak of flu season, a flu season that has killed many normally healthy people, you have some serious issues with your priorities! Especially a baby less than two weeks old! Nobody with common sense would condone that.

9 day old babies love getting stabbed in the legs by hay bails and inhaling manure particles. In Oklahoma. Outside. In February.

Maybe it's a Northern Europe thing! We say there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing ;)

FYI, it was in the 60's here in Oklahoma this past weekend. It was beautiful and sunny out.

I do think that posting she was going out when so many people know where she lives wasn't exactly a smart move though!

As to your Northern Europe comment, I wholeheartedly approve. I am a yeti at heart and love cold weather and I love that attitude!

So glad to hear it Rae! Nothing beats the wind in your face!

I'm not a big fan of Mackenzie, but that seriously sucks, and she does not deserve that. I'm almost certain, from what I've read, that the perpetrator was someone who knew them.

Didn't mean to down vote you! Stupid phone!

I guess I can say at least this article isn't about her bellybutton or her bowel movements like HC's are

Oh lord, I bet HC is rallying whatever funds she has to take out a hit on whoever did this to her poor little Mackenzie.

She's totally going to have a Scentsy partyto fundraise for them ;)

"This fundraiser's theme is the aromatic journey I experienced while living for a semester abroad. Up Mackenzie's ass."

They stole the washer and dryer? That isn't something you just walk out with. Didn't they buy that house and already moving? It had to be someone they knew normal robbers don't bring stuff to move clothes washers and who steals a baby bathtub???

Highly motivated crackheads with an extra spurt of meth for the day.

This! No one else has commented on the fact that they just "bought" this house and they're already moving! I feel for them in regards to the house, no matter hiw much of a twit you are no one deserves to be robbed. They need to stay on top of craigslists for awhile, i bet you anything some meth head starts selling their stuff there, starting with the washer and dryer, no one seriously steals that for home use.

My guess is they wasted all the TM3 money (probably on joshes drug habit) and had to move into a reality home. Looks like leah jr and her fried brain husband may actually have to work!! Lesson of the day hunnie, popping out a trillion babies doesn't always mean you will get rich!

What do you mean "reality home'?

Do EITHER of them work? I haven't heard anything about either of those two having real jobs, and they bought a house. If so then there is so much wrong with that. Why are they moving?

Reality home as in one they have to EARN not one MTV hands them for exploiting their mistakes all over TV. Most teen moms, especially ones who have 3 pregnancies by 21 don't earn enough to buy any home they choose. Most of them barely are qualified to work for a job that can even afford an apartment.

This whole story just sounds weird to me. None of Mackenzie's neighbors saw anything strange....like burglars just coming out with arm loads of stuff including a washer and dryer!? Then again maybe she lives out in the country without a lot of other houses around but it's still odd to me that no one saw anything. It's got to be someone she knows...they probably knew mackenzie & josh weren't going to be home so they took their chance. So pathetic though....I mean really!? Why do you have to steal all the things for the new baby and Gannon's toys? Multiple people had to be involved because from what I've read it doesn't seem like one person could mange to haul all this stuff out on their own. They had to be planning this for a while.

It's weird the items they took though....clothes, toys, washer/dryer? What kind of burglars steals that stuff? I do feel terrible for them though. Not a good way to start off living at your new house with a brand new baby .

No one deserves to feel violated like that. We got robbed while my husband and I were out of town and our friend who was cat-sitting for us noticed that some lights in the house were on and the garage door was open and called us. I didn't leave any lights on and we hardly ever use the garage so he called the cops and got the place checked out. They'd stolen a bunch of stuff like jewelry and money but left two large flatscreen TV's and my Mac desktop. When we were finally able to get home two days later, the TVs were gone along with a bunch of other stuff that hadn't been taken the first time which means they CAME BACK after the cops checked it out. The guy who robbed our house got caught eventually but when we didn't know who it was, we slept with every light in the house on for like two weeks and a machete under the mattress, haha. It was a horrible feeling. I'm glad that Josh and Mackenzie can at least stay somewhere else like with her parents so they can feel safer.

This is a very odd story...
And McKenzie tweeted that she was going to a rodeo, don't even know why considering she just gave birth a week ago. Maybe she will learn to not post all of her business on social media.

Even though I am a Christian also, I cant stand Mckenzie's mom Christian act. She just has to bring Jesus into everything. Her bio reads.. "Christian mother of four and Grangie to Gannon" .. Really?!Ok. -___-

I finally saw her 16 & Pregnant episode recently and I didn't hear them mention her diabetes or their devout Christianity once. Maybe I missed it? It just sounded a little weird considering how hard they drilled it home on TM3.

Someone's newborn baby girl is out there wearing all of Jaxie's clothes...and poor Jaxie just has the outfit she wore to the rodeo.

Hahaha, oh lord that made me laugh out loud.

This is why you should ALWAYS invest in newborn chaps and spurs.

They took the boxes and washer/dryer. Are we sure that Mackenzie didn't just forget that she told the movers to come that day? Lol But seriously that really sucks. It's a horrible and violating feeling to know someone was in your home and took your stuff. I hope they find the people who did it and they get their stuff back.

The person who did this must have known they'd be gone for a while if they had enough time to take a washer and dryer. Pretty messed up if you're stealing kid's stuff.

If someone is already burglarizing a house I doubt they really have a conscience about stealing the baby's items. Idk why people seem so shocked.

This is horrible :-(
This is exactly why I don't post my life on social media as well. I'm hyper paranoid and always take super precautions and I don't care if people think I'm paranoid because I know how criminals think.
Anyway, so sad they had their baby stuff, Christmas presents ect. Stolen

EXACTLY. Why do people think it is a good thing to broadcast your whereabouts to millions of strangers?

Fancy seeing you here Conspiracy Man!

I fancy making the rounds on the internet on Presidents' Day.

Wait... They got the washer and dryer? Wtf??

Guys, its obvious why they need the washer and dryer - if you're going to steal a bunch of newborn's clothes, you have to have something to wash them with. One does not simply show up at a laundromat with a bunch of quarters and some stolen baby clothes.

That should say it's* obvious. My iPad hates proper grammar.

The hell!? There would have been a big vehicle to fit so much stuff. Imagine how terrified they felt when they walked into the house. It's all too strange!

It was probably Heather herself!

I was gonna say the same thing lol. Wouldn't be surprised if it was HC. She's always stuck up Mackenzie's ass.

Right!? She finally did it!


I just went to the TMT page to see if she had written about this and she hasn't.... She would write about her peeing her pants but not a burglary at her house. Guilty conscience, Heather? ;)

That sucks for them! They probably left their doors unlocked. I know I never locked anything when I lived in the country.

I don't care how safe you feel or where you live, you should ALWAYS lock your doors. ESPECIALLY if you have children! You can't control what others do but you can take one second to lock the lock and protect your family just in case! I'm not accusing Josh or Mackenzie of not locking their doors I'm just saying in general. Especially now days.

I should clarify this was years ago in my pre children days. Now days having kids has made me so crazy that I wake up in the middle of the night and check to see if the doors are still locked! Haha

I really, really hope they have homeowners or renter's insurance. Holy shit that is a LOT of very important stuff to lose.

Hopefully they left them some condoms. Just sayin'

Nah, Mac's gotta pop out a few more before her uterus self destructs in T-minus 2 years.

Call Me Crazy But Didnt She Just Give Birth VIA C-Sec and she is already out and about? I Know Everyone is diferent and has diferent recovery time but I Had a Normal Vag Delivery and Felt Really Sore And Didnt go out for about 2-3 weeks couldnt imagine a C-sec. My Friend Had one and she could not even Sneeze without it hurting and Mckenzie is already at a Rodeo???

I agree with your point but I'm curious about your use of capitalization. Being a torn up vag, typing a cogent and thorough thought is impressive in the first place, but I'm intrigued. ;)

Yeah, cesareans are no fun at all. You're right, sneezing and coughing was the worst! It took me a good 5 to 7 days before I felt comfortable enough just to walk normally. Ugh, I'll be having another one in July and I am not looking forward to the recovery, but I digress. How old is Jaxie? 9 days? I certainly couldn't imagine going out, wearing tight paints, and taking care of 2 children while trying to sit and watch the rodeo for a few hours just 9 days after having a c-section, but then again, everybody does heal differently.

Well you can't expect her to be back in those size 0s in two weeks,like last time if she just sits and chills with her newborn for the first few weeks after a c-section like everyone else!! ;-)

What do they even do for a living?? My theory of why they are moving is because they got a house they couldn't afford and were banking on pay cheques from MTV for more seasons of teen mom and when the show was canceled and Mackenzie had no money coming in and josh has never worked a real job their home got foreclosed on and they are moving back in with mommy and daddy???

If their home was robbed that is very sad. But if she wasn't posting all over twitter what she's doing (and when she's out of the house) then maybe she wouldn't have out a giant target on her back. It was probably someone who knew them or at least where they lived and just waited for a post saying they were going out and took advantage of it. Sad and very unfortunate but these girls need to learn the value of respecting their and their children's privacy and not broadcast every little detail of their lives.

Or maybe they owed money and a repo company came and took their stuff as debt repayment?? You would need several people to move a washer and dryer and a place to put it plus everything else (swing, crib etc) so either they had several vehicles in the robbery or a repo company came with a cube van and loaded up. I would not be surprised if it was all repod. Mackenzie thought teen mom 3 would go on a long time and probably got her self into a financial hole she couldn't dig out of and being as immature as she is she probably just stopped paying bills and ignored calls from creditors not realizing the consequences.

Seriously...my husband works 80+ hour weeks and we can barely afford our cats. How are they supporting two small children?!

Right???!!! Freaking right???!!! My husband and I both work like crazy like that as well. And we only have one cat.

I don't think their house was foreclosed. It' usually takes about 3 or 4 months of missed payments and then several months of paperwork before the actual foreclosure happens. The repo for creditors is an interesting thought, but I know in most states, if the property being repo'd is past the threshold of the house (or garage) the owner has to allow has to allow them in to get it. If the stuff was on the porch or in the yard, the repo people could take it without ever notifying Josh and Mackenzie.

I'm sure it was someone seeking revenge. The items stolen have no street value at all, so I can't see any reason to steal it than to piss off Josh and Mackenzie and put them in a bind.

They bought their house before teen mom was canceled and right around the time Mackenzie announced she was about 2 months along. The baby is now born so that was about 9 months ago... That's adequate time for a foreclosure to go through

Oh wow, I didn't realize it had been that long. Seems like they were just recently posting pictures of the adorbs wood panelling. My bad

They moved in the house about 3 months ago....

Somebody should check their local newspaper and check if they reported anything on it? I don't really care about this girl, but your theory sounds spot on and I kinda wish you could catch her in a lie. ha

I wouldnt be surprised if this was some sort of sick personal attack. Why else would you steal baby clothes and everything for the new born baby. Maybe someone wasnt to happy she had another kid. I understand stealing shit you can get good money for but baby clothes and toys. Its just weird

If everything was boxed up, it's more than likely the bulglars didn't know what they were taking.

I think it makes sense that this was an inside job from someone who knew them and has at least some idea of what was in those boxes. It's a classic scheme, actually. You know someone is moving, you rent a u-haul to take to their home while they are out. Odds are the neighbors know your target is moving, so suspicions aren't up when they see a moving truck pull up and people unload stuff into it, hence why the washer\dryer was taken. Drive off and furnish your drug den with stolen goods.

You seem to know a lot about this little operation...*turns a bare light bulb dramatically in your direction* Say...where'd ya get that tacky decoupage camouflage picture frame and luscious cow-fur bedspread???


Oh, Passy Perfume...I am not at all ashamed to tell you that your comment made me laugh so hard I farted. Well played.

Apparently the burglars came in, boxed everything up, loaded up the truck full of stuff and left, planning to come back for more stuff. So the burglars themselves boxed up the stuff, even what they didn't take!

I have a friend whos newly bought house was broken into and they took the,washer and dryer...cops told my friend when the washer and dryer goes missin, theres usually drugs involved in some way. Not completely sure what it means, but that camedirectlyfrom the cops, so we didn't question it.he also said when they steal big home appliances like that they come prepared so they will scope the place out in order to get in and get what they're getting. Anyways, sure enough a couple months later we found out it was some tweakers who lived in the neighborhood who did it they told some people who then talked to some other people and word got around finally back to my friend...the messed up part was it was actually a girl that my friend had given a job to, who did it. Tweakers are never satisfied no matter how much you try to help them out. Also, she's at a rodeo when she just had a baby??? Goodness, she should be resting and recuperating especially after such a tough pregnancy.

Wait, are they moving back in with mackenzies parents. That's kinda what it sounds like to me from her moms post. Plus, her and her mother really shouldn't be sharing so much of their lives on the internet. Especially her mom, like geez if my mom was constantly posting my business on the web all the time id be fighting with her like daily. I can't stand when people post my business on fb and stuff. My mother in-law shared the news of me being pregnant on fb before I did and I'm still bitter from that and that was like over 3 years ago

What a bitch move. (Your MIL isn't a bitch (maybe)...that's just a sucky thing to do.) I'd be pissed, too. My dad made a HUGE stink about how I texted him to tell him I was engaged so when my husband and I eloped without telling anyone, we made sure no one told him until we saw him in person and told him in a fun and special just-for-him way and he had some snarky shit to say about it and blew it off. The next day, we all flew to New Orleans for his best friends' daughter's wedding (my best friend from high school) and HE got engaged DURING HER wedding reception and then my sister only found out about it because he updated his facebook "relationship status." The man was 50 years old!! (Yeah, I'm still a little bitter about that whole fiasco, too.)

Isn't it a bit strange to get engaged at someone elses wedding?

"Unbearably tacky" is the term you're looking for. Especially at the reception of two mid-20s people, one of whom is your best friends' daughter while you're 50 and getting married for the 2nd time.

Snap - just eloped, havent told the parentals yet. Is there ever a good way to tell them?

Well, I moved out of state when I turned 18 and went to college. Saw my dad 2-3 times per year max and he generally didn't care what was going on with me because he was going through the most man-child midlife crisis I've ever witnessed. I didn't see the big issue with texting him about the engagement but he threw a bitch fit. My husband and I eloped and didn't tell anyone because if no one else knows: NO DRAMA and it's your special day with zero downsides. We'd been engaged for awhile so it's not like he didn't know we were planning on getting married. We started telling friends and family the day after we got married. Everyone else was pretty pumped when we told them except for Old Man Steals-Your-Thunder haha ;) My mom took it like a champ.

So Mackenzie and Josh lasted a good three months in their "omg oh so cutesy wood panneling y'all dream house", before they had to foreclosure it and move back in with mommy and daddy. This is pathetic.

Oh Heather Clouse give her stuff back we all know it was you. The story forgot to add that a bunch of Mackenzies underwear was stolen too and a crazy blonde girl was spotted a few blocks away sniffing them and rocking back and forth.

Lmao "crazy blonde girl was spotted a few blocks away sniffing them and rocking back and forth." I could totally picture her in my head doing that.

Don't judge, Clouse was only doing research for her special Teen Mom Scentsy product line! Who wouldn't want their home smelling like trashy southern vag? Available in Leah and Mackenzie scents.

Okay that one actually made me gag.

(That's what she said...unless the "she" in question is Farrah...ba dum tss!)

Lmao! You all are too much! I can't! Lmao


No more ponies for Gannon I guess

They took Jaxie's things? That's terrible :( poor baby

Mackenzie may not be everyone's favourite, and a selfish ditz at times. But from what it sounds, it seems personal and that was a shitty thing to do. They stole all of Jaxie's stuff, some of Gannon's things, and Josh's stuff? I wonder if it was the girl that decided to drag Mackenzie as personal revenge.

This is a sucky situation, but it also seems really strange. Everything was boxed because they were moving, but her mom says they had everything boxed up so they (it sounds like she's referring to the robbers?) could come back for it? How does someone steal a washer and dryer without people noticing? Are Josh and Mackenzie seriously moving? They've lived there for a couple months and the girl just had a baby! How did they have time to pack so much? They keep saying their Christmas gifts were taken, but unless they still had them in wrapping paper under the tree, I highly doubt whoever did this knew they were taking Christmas gifts. That just seems like a strange thing to emphasis.
This sounds like I'm accusing them of being in on it, and I'm not, it just seems like things don't add up.
I'm sorry that they have to go through that, and that the baby and Gannon are the ones that will really suffer, it just seems weird.
And I know someone else mentioned it and had people jump down their throat, but for real, why on earth was she taking that baby to a rodeo two hours away?! She just had a C-section on top of a difficult pregnancy. Stay home and get some rest and keep the baby away from such a dirty, germ-y place!

I was wondering the same thing you pointed out. It said that the items were boxed up due to them moving, but then the way her mother commented on it she made it seem like the people robbing the house boxed them up? Either way it's still an unfortunate chain of events.

Maybe I should hire Kail to proofread for me.

HA This is a start to some wonderful jokes lol

Who knows? Maybe it is a case of insurance fraud.

Aside from junkies stealing all of their shit, insurance fraud was actually the next thing I thought of. But neither Josh nor Mackenzie are intellectual giants so I think that's giving them too much credit.

I must be a conspiracy theorist because I questioned all those things, too many things are odd, I am not convinced they had nothing to do with it, especially if they were losing the house.If it was a genuine robbery I feel for them, it happened to me and i found the guy in the house and got attacked and it is a terrfying violation to go through.
however my ex boss pulled a stunt like this, arranged for family to rob her business while she was on holiday, she got insurance money paid out, she tried to pin the robbery on a colleague of mine, but the police figured it out and because they were trying to push the blame on her they investigated them. IT all came out they arranged it themselves!
I question everything though, i really hope the stuff is found and whoever did it is caught.

The Christmas gifts are the most important part because they were presents FOR JESUS'S BIRTHDAY!

Maybe Jesus just wanted his shit back . . .

Hahahaha! Totally did think of that, shame on me.

Okay so, the more I read in these comments the more I think it's possible they were in on it. All the conspiracy theorists are rubbing off on me! There's just too much that doesn't add up, which isn't abnormal for Mackenzie's stories really.

They must have really loved her hideous homemade picture frames.

Cue the plea to send baby clothes and money....

While I don't understand how Mackenzie was physically able to go to a rodeo, let's be real guys. She never took care of Gannon herself, so I'm sure she's not taking care of Jaxie either. Both kids were probably with their real mom, Angie.

That's "Grangie" to Gannon and Jaxie (the ass-baby).

Im a fan of Mackenzie and no matter what anyone says, this is an Awful story! Period. Have some compassion people,dang! Just hope it doesn't happen to you.


Love the name!

Did anyone else notice that the doting grandmother who writes a facebook status every time Mackenzie farts SPELLED HER NEW GRANDDAUGHTER'S NAME WRONG?! "The idiots took all of Jaxis new baby clothes..."

I saw it too! I was thinking it was a case of autocorrect, but Gannon's name is spelled correctly so that can't be it. How embarrassing.

I wasn't sure if she spelled it wrong or if Mackenzie misspelled it in all her announcements. Hahaha.

the kids will be raised in a jesus household with Grangie since mackenzie and josh are moving back in to follow her rules


does anyone know what size shoe kail wears?

I'd say size 7 extra bitchy?

Ok so im gonna nit pick here but only because I believe this family has some serious brain issues... and because I can.

1. The Angie facebook that posted this tagged a makenzie mckee... a mackenzie that is listed as "in a relationship".... is she not supposed to be married?

2. Why does braindead Grangie aalways refer to mackenzie as Mic? Would it not make more sense to either call her Mac or name her mickenzie? God only knows this family has some jacked names already...

Jax-ed up names.

Oh and josh is listed as engaged. Lol

Btw why is she so hung up on christmas presents? She post another status naming the toys they took. Sounds like a charity call to me! The kid needs stability and mature and loving, hardworking parents, not toys.

Does anybody but me find it odd that a girl who just gave birth a few days ago with a c section would have the ability and energy to PACK all their stuff and on top of it all still have energy to go to a rodeo? I mean newborns are up constantly need frequent care so its not like she has 8 full straight hours of sleep and its not like Josh packed everything poor guy looks like even breathing and thinking is a chore. Call me whatever im just stating my opinion.

I totally think it's weird. We moved when my daughter was 3-4 months old. I had to stay up really late to pack (luckily she's a good sleeper) and eventually it got so overwhelming that my sister came to stay with us for a little bit and help out. (My husband is in the military and was gone a lot so I had to do most of it on my own.) It was so hard and we were literally moving twenty minutes away. We don't have toddler to deal with on top of the baby and packing either. I can't imagine trying to do it with a newborn and I didn't have a hard pregnancy or a c-section! I also had no real motivation to leave my house after the baby was born and we didn't take her out unless absolutely necessary until she was a month old. I think this situation is sketchy and that Mackenzie and Josh make really poor decisions.