Some Dejesus Drama

briana dejesus


Since her time on MTV, Teen Mom 3 star Briana Dejesus has stirred up controversy online.

She's gotten into arguments with other Teen Mom stars, had public outbursts regarding her baby's father, posted crude sexual content on social media, and had pregnancy rumors thrown around.

Her latest behavior has sent some Teen Mom fans, as well as Briana's own family, over the edge.

Yesterday, Shoc, who is Briana's boyfriend, took to his Instagram account to post a picture of a new tattoo that Briana had just gotten.

He captioned it with, "MY NAME LOOKS NICE ON SKIN" and shared it out to his 8000 followers.

If you can put two and two together, you'll realize that Briana chose to tattoo Shoc's name on her body, and judging by the picture, it's placed under her breast.


Briana shared the news with her followers on Twitter by retweeting a link with the picture of the tattoo in it. That's when all hell broke loose online. Briana's mother, Roxanne, has always had it out for Shoc, and it appears that this stunt sent her over the edge.

She took to Twitter to share messages with fans about her feelings on Briana, Shoc, and this whole situation. The tweets were later deleted, but you super sleuths online sure capture those things pretty quickly. (I love that!)

Roxanne shared this screenshot of how Briana told her that she had gotten the tattoo.

Even though the conversation is cut off a little on the side, Briana admits that she regrets the tattoos but that it's small and can be covered up.

Roxanne doesn't care and instantly gets upset about the situation, claiming that she was even watching Briana's daughter, Nova, while this all went down.


Roxanne also shared this tweet, regarding the rumors that Briana is pregnant with Shoc's third child.


She also went on to favorite several Tweets that were directed towards her on the situation, and even though most of them have been unfavorited, this one remained as of this morning.


Since this occurred, all traces of the incident have been removed from the actual social media accounts, and Briana has actually deleted every last one of her Tweets that had been posted.

Starcasm shared information on Shoc today, and something that might be interesting to know is that he and Nova's father, Devoin, are actually fairly good friends. The two were arrested last year after they allegedly broke into a home and were found to be in the possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

Shoc was sentenced the hardest out of the group that got busted, and was found guilty of providing a false name or ID, battery of a law enforcement officer/firefighter/etc., possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, probation violation, resisting an officer with violence, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, possession of marijuana (under 20 grams), and possession/use of drug paraphernalia.

He has also been arrested for driving while under the influence in the past.


Trashy ass people all around. I only really like Brittany and Nova lol. Brittany acted trashy but at least she had some sense. Roxanne is a psycho, Briana is a sex crazed idiot, Shoc sounds like a criminal LOL AND he got arrested with Devoin!? Poor Nova... I hope her and Brittany run far away while her stupid mother goes and lick Hatians and gets more trashy tattoos of her wholesome relationshits.

Brittany is trashy, but her sense of humour makes up for it. She had a few good one liners on the show, and I loved how she gave Briana hell for her mom babying her and buying her school supplies for college. What was is Brittany said - all you need is a pencil, paper and a brain? Yeah, Briana's a bit short of the last one, and no number of "Good Job!" stickers purchased by Roxanne will make up for it.

Omg the stickers... She probably wiped Briana's ass too.

I dislike all the Dejesus girls, but I guess Brittany was the OK one if you had to choose one of the three. As far as this whole crappy mess goes, I just wanna know why Roxanne has to let her daughter know what she needs for her own kid. Like, really? Honestly these parents give their kids way too much freedom to go and "release stress" from being a parent. Nova is Briannas kid and should be her sole responsibility. She chose to keep her and should have to be with her all the time.

Honestly though, Brianna regrets everything after it happens. From having Nova to that damn tattoo.

Brittany is hilarious! "She's pregnant, she's not disabled" is one of my all-time 16 and Preg quotes haha.

The bit I found most annoying, I'm surprised no one seems to have jumped on this yet, is she is asking her mom for wipes and diapers because she can't afford them, but can afford to get a tattoo of a guys name?!?!? Mother of the freaking year!

I was all over that, further down the thread. And Brianas texts are grey. Roxane's are blue. So Roxanne is REMINDING her to buy these things for her own child....WTF??

I actually thought Roxanne was going to bring that up but nope!!!! Ridiculous. Briana went on and on about Devoin being a deadbeat dad (although I agree he did not try hard enough at all) yet she seems to dump her child onto her sister or mother whenever possible, and is more concerned with finding another trashtastic guy to replace the last one. She does not consider her child at all in her decisions and she seems to be stuck at 13 in her brain. She doesn't ever learn from any of her mistakes. Brianna is super disgusting to me.

Trash all of it. I dont care for Roxanne but glad she told off Briana. Im also glad she regrets it ha!

Don't worry guys, he got her name tattooed on himself as well. Getting a tattoo of someone's name, especially one who you break up and make up with every 30 seconds, will totally solidify this relationship!!! WHAT A DUMB ASS. Can she just go away already?

Briana has some really great taste in men. Ugh and the fact she's trying to have a baby with him. Lol and both guys tried to break into someones house....I wonder if Roxanne threw any vases over this? RIP Vases.

i blame rhianna

I blame Roxanne's permanently surprised eyebrows. Nothing could possibly surprise Roxanne MORE so it was ok if brianna did wtvr the fuck she wanted.

Someone actually said awww how sweet...i dont understand people!!!!

I'm just bummed she didn't tattoo "fuckherfaceshoc"

That would've been better than his actual name! At least she could say it meant something else. I've been with my husband for 20yrs and married for ten. That's more than half my life! We have three kids together and still I wouldn't tatto his name on me. You just never know.....

Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding and she meant to tattoo Shaqueel O'Neil for his amazing acting stint in Kazaam. 90's kid here.

Briana was first to comment and she put "I own you now". Lol she's such a loser.

That's so trashy and ridiculous. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but getting a significant other's name tattooed on your body is stupid and just asking for trouble. What are you going to do about it if/when you break up? Laser removal is painful and expensive, much more expensive than a tattoo; and then you have the added pain of seeing it every day and being reminded of them. Even if you're married and happy with your life, there's no telling if in five or ten years, you won't be and will get divorced. It's just stupid.

Sidenote: Imagine if Leah got tattoos of every guy she's been with?


It's take up her entire body!!!

Leah does have a giant quote from Jeremy in his handwriting with his initials, all across her back. So that was a good decision.

The fact that this guy was friends with Devoin is old news, but I found it hilarious how Briana seemed to think she was validated by having the honor of being called Shoc's girlfriend. She argued with Shoc's ex or something (who I think is pregnant by Shoc? She also looks like Roxanne) and didn't seem to care that the Roxanne lookalike claimed she had been hooking up with him still. So I guess the tattoo seals the deal. Congrats Brianna! Even Amber's horrible Leah tattoo is better than this. YES I WENT THERE.

Briana's entire life consists of doing something dumb and then wanting to cry about it. lol. I hated how she said she wish she got an abortion blah blah with nova right on her lap. I'm so glad this dumb cunt is no longer on TV.

And she made the comment to her own sister, who was having a hard time coming to terms with her own decision to abort.
It was such a harsh thing to say.

I probably sound like a right bitch but I have no sympathy for people who abort, I think they could have prevented it (in most cases) so they don't deserve my sympathy because they made their own bed! It's their right to decide and all but why end a life that has started when you could just prevent it starting?
It's a simple concept really.
Both sisters were demons to each other, it was sick to watch. I mean Brianna saying that to her sister made me want to vomit, and then the way her sister spoke to her while pregnant (although that was clearly through regretting her decision and trying too hard to prove she made the right choice)

I kind of don't blame Brittany for lashing out. I remember there was one scene where Briana and Roxane got back from an ultrasound with a DVD of said ultrasound. Brittany's home she's on edge for obvious reasons. So what does Bri do? She decides to play the ultrasound DVD for her mother even though Roxane just saw everything! Of course, Brittany had a bit of a melt-down (it also didn't help that Bri was just siting on the floor and whining for her mom to things for her). Between the abortion, the pregnancy, Briana's princess attitude and Roxane's being an enabler, something had to give.

Plus, I always got the feeling that Brittany had to deal with her feelings of regret/remorse by herself because her mom was too focused on Briana and Nova. On "Teem Mom 3", Brittany made a very telling comment about how she couldn't go to the OBGYN because it reminded her too much of her abortion. It was clear she was traumatized by the procedure, but Roxane just brushed it aside. It was awful.

Birth control is not 100% effective. I know most of the girls in TM/16&P either just didn't use anything or incorrectly used birth control, but you can be vigilant with birth control and still get pregnant.

I don't know if Brittany used anything or not though, I'm just talking generally.

I felt rubbish for Brittany, I felt Briana had no respect for her sister and the incredibly difficult decision she made. I felt like Brittany had an abortion because Briana got pregnant and Brittany didn't want to put the strain on her family of two babies to care for. I think she made a pretty massive sacrifice for her family, and Briana just didn't give a shit.

I feel like Brittany may have been "tricked" into feeling she had to get an abortion (for lack of a better word). Like, maybe she felt she couldn't burden her mother with child care so she decided to terminate. Yet not only is Briana allowed to continue her pregnancy (again, for lack of a better word), but Roxane pretty much does everything for her and never seems to hold her responsible or accountable for her actions. Right now, I have no problem believing that Brittany is Nova's primary caregiver (along with Roxane) while Briana is the flighty sister/aunt who gets to choose when she can come and go. Briana has a child, Brittany doesn't, yet they're playing each other's roles.

It's like you said in another post: Brittany had to grow up very quickly and in a very difficult way while Briana is just skating by without a care in the world. It's a pretty unfortunate situation, and I feel for both Brittany and Nova for being stuck in it.

I don't understand people not using birth control. For those who don't use birth control, and don't want a baby, spend the $50, get the morning after pill (Plan B) at ANY pharmacy within 2 days. Obviously this shouldn't be your preferred form of birth control, but neither should be having an abortion.
With the options available now, it takes a special kind of stupid person to have an unplanned pregnancy.

I don't have sympathy either. I can't stand when anyone causes harm to another human being (though we don't know when it's considered harmful/when she got it etc) but I'm all for giving out birth control like candy and I wish there were some way to convince more people to be abstinent (since I know abstinence-only programs don't work) because ultimately that's what's gonna prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Extravagant - while that may be true it's also impractical. We all know only teaching abstinence is dangerous and leads to unplanned pregnancy.

You don't have to be stupid to have an unplanned pregnancy. I fell pregnant with my daughter while using the patch (using it correctly and vigilantly), for some reason it just failed. I had no way to know that it had failed at all until I found out I was pregnant. Sure I'm old enough and was in a place to be happy about it, but I'm not stupid and I had no way to know I needed to take any plan b contraception. I wouldn't have taken it.

Teenagers having sex and teen-pregnancies are of all ages, its just not as hush hush and scandalous anymore. Girls dont go away to ' live with an aunt' or go to 'some boarding/finishing school abroad' for a year anymore, nowadays if they're 'lucky' they get a MTV contract :-) Abstinence is a good thing in theory, and while i agree that teens shouldnt have babies, sex is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, if God meant for it to be only a way to reproduce, he shouldnt have made it feel so damn good :-)

To get back to the comment JACED made about not understanding why people dont use birthcontrol, the weirdest, funniest, most mindblowing, and popular answer heard quite often is : " I dont want to get fat " F*cking hell...i just cant fathom the level of their stupidity :-/

Pretty much every comment below that said among the lines "not every pregnancy is a choice" "mistakes happen" etc well thats why i put in brackets (in most cases) because how many of the girls said "i was on the pill but wasn't good at taking it" "i never thought it would happen to me" ... I don't see why so many people downvote me because I'm against abortion and for prevention ... I think everyone should agree that abortion shouldn't be used as birth control like young people do now, the number of girls that have 3 plus abortions by the age of 20 is ridiculous and shouldn't be allowed. I get sometimes they have to happen in cases like rape, or if baby will be born with painful conditions or maybe the situation is not for a child i.e. junkies and the child wil end up in care or dead, but so many seriously disagree with me thinking abortion shouldn't be used as much as it is, why go through an abortion when you can just use birth control.. i refuse to believe all these young girls having abortions are ALL because they were using birth control effectively and they were the 1% it failed. I smell bullshit whenever a pregnant person tells me "i was using it properly but it still happened" ... if that is the case the pill is like 50/50! More like you forgot to take the pill, had sex and didn't bother using a condom ... even if you forget one pill chances are stil so low for pregnancy ..
Sorry for late reply i kinda forgot about this place over christmas ha!

Because how dare you have an opinion different than what society wants you to have? Be a sheep or else get downvoted. LOL seriously it's nice to see someone else who feels the same way as I do. A lot of my pro-life friends are also anti-birth control and I"m just like whaaattt? I don't want teens having sex either but I'm not dumb and I know they're gonna do it anyway, and unwanted pregnancies and dead babies are a lot worse than two people doing something that has no effect on me.

I don't understand how you can hold your beautiful baby girl on your lap and say you wish you had aborted her. A) That's just wrong on so many different levels, and B) You did it on TV. You really think she won't she that and get hurt?

I hate Briana.


I never saw "Teen Mom 3", but didn't Briana say a couple times that she wished she had aborted? I mean, Dejesus God, I understand maybe regretting having a baby so young but I think therapy may in order if you really wish you had aborted your daughter WHILE SHE'S SITTING RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

I thought she may have been going through PPD or just seeing all of the independence her sister had made her resentful. Also, it may have been her attempt to sympathize with Brittany because now Brittany had to see this new baby that was about the same age hers would have been and she could've had.

Besides the fact that she should have never said that at that stage, especially holding said child on her lap, I don't even know what Bri was whining about. She hardly did anything for her kid anyway. Would her life have been so different? She would probably be in the same situation again and again anyway, since she doesn't learn.

I don't know who's more vulgar. Brianna, her boyfriend or her mother. Right now since I have the image of Roxanne trying to throw a shoe at someone in my head and we have those screen shots, I'll go with her.

Someone needs to use the name "Roxanne's Flying Shoe"

That was so Jerry Springer when that happened

I know everyone gives her a hard time about that and the vase/pot throwing. But I actually laughed so hard. It was so ridiculous. But Tocanne was so so mad. Hahahahaa I imagine her reading the text and then throwing her phone!

My sis-in-law threw a shoe at my nephew once...

Lol it was hilarious! I can't say she wasn't entertaining

It really was funny. One of my fave moments, actually.

For me it's a toss up between Roxanne throwing the shoe and when Maurice made it rain all over Dr douche's stage!

My Jew ass would have picked those ones up


That has got to be one of my favorite moments from the show to date! Absolutely hilarious. I would of found it rude if it was anyone else, but Arianna is so annoying!

She had a nasty attitude! She did not deserve those 1's and she was NOT invited to the king party! Also just remembered how that random chick was giving free hugs..and her face when she hugged her. I can't lie I would have made the same face.

Normally it takes a year or way more to regret a tattoo, not 5 minutes. Does this chick think over anything in life!?!?

Lol right!? She's a fucking mess. Haha i had a friend who tattooed his gf's name but then tattooed over it when they broke up. I mean it's not that big of a deall but I find it so funny Briana got it then immediately cried afterwards. DeJesus Christ Briana.

She may not have felt bad honestly. She may just not have wanted to get a huge tongue lashing from Roxanne.

The tattoo itself is or seems small enough to me to go unnoticed by her mother :-/ and why would Roxy ever look under Briana's tit ? She could've easily kept it on the down low, unless she wants to appear on America's Worst Tattoos in the near future...

YEah, but Brianna had to share it to the world. SO her mom would've eventually seen it, like all twitter has. & us...

She absolutely does not think things over before acting. Ever. I don't think she's capable. This girl has the IQ of a jar of mayonnaise.

I think you give her way too much credit, A Nonny Noose. As Chris Jericho would say, "She has the IQ of a kumquat."

Maybe, maybe not. She's not too bright, spreads real easy, and is kinda nasty. She's got quite a lot in common with that mayo jar...

In her case, we might have to change it to "cum-twat".

You win with "cum-twat"! I can't stop laughing!

Thank you, thank you! ::takes a bow:: I'll be here a week!

So why does her mum have to text her to bring home wipes and pull ups etc when she gets paid. Does this dumb bitch have a baby for 3/4yrs and still not know what it requires??

Right? That seemed so weird. Makes her sound like she's just a babysitter lol or a deadbeat...very strange. On the show it seemed like omg she's such a good mom doing this without devoin and crying on the couch blah blah. Dick seems to come first for Briana. She should be friends with Jordan.

I dont like Brianna, but u have to admit im a prety involved mother, i take care of my daugther 24/7 and i consider myself a pretty good mom, anyway i constantly forgot how many wipes and diapers i have, and sometimes i end up buying them at the middle of the nigth

Ah i see maybe it was just a reminder. Just seemed odd. It was like the same thing Derek texted to Jordan, like hey dumb ass pick up some wipes for your kid, but maybe it was just more of hey we ran out lol

Really? Each to their own then I guess. But I was always so paranoid of running out that I always had a huge supply of both.
But in saying that, does your mother need to text/call you to remind you? Or do you work it out on your own.....there's the difference.

Roxanne even had to say that Briana should get those things now that she's getting paid. That implies Briana wouldn't have thought of that on her own at all? Or that she needs to be reminded instead of being aware of it herself. She's so trashy. She cares about getting attention more than anything else.

Things I can't stand: When people vaguebook, when people CONSTANTLY delete their tweets or facebook, YOUNG people that tattoo their current boyfriend/girlfriends name, and hypocrites like Briana. Way to go! Not that I like Devoin but good lord- you are still dating someone with a criminal record you idiot!

Did anyone else think Devoin was gay? Lol I mean he obviously isn't but I don't know...he didn't seem very er...masculine. Then again he's a dumb kid.

I can't stand it when adults comment on their kid's negatively over social media. Yeah, you might not like what they are doing for good reason, but lets leave the trash talk to the kiddies...especially when its about your own kid...

You spoke my mind, i dont get why people goes so public about his personal stuff.. But, umm this is what this site is about haha, its ok bashing your daugther for doing something as stupid as this, but making it public its just riddiculous, it make her look even more inmature than Brianna

I know how psycho is it that her MOM screenshotted that airing her daughter's dirty ass laundry? Geez

If I'm even on social media when I'm Roxane's age, I'm throwing myself out of a window.

Ok maybe that's a little harsh but I never understood why any of the teen mom parents pick fights on Twitter. Like delete your Twitter account and stick to talking to your extended family and catching up with your graduating class on Facebook.

My mom is on social media and it's so fucking bad. I'm like mom you're too god damn old to be on there. I mentioned that I love Henry Cavil (guy in the Tudors and played Superman...) and she tried to "friend" him on fb. I'm like mom he's a can't. "NO I DID AND I GAVE HIM YOUR PHONE NUMBER." No mom. You gave some fan girl my phone number. "NO I THINK IT WAS HIM. THAT HENRY CAVILL LOOKS LIKE A NICE BOY." Ugh.

That is one of the best "mom on social media" stories I've heard in a long time.

They're both nearly 70 years old and using the term selfie. It's so disturbing. And they friended all my cousins just to spy on them. I get random phone calls all day. YOUR COUSIN LOOKS PREGNANT! IS SHE PREGNANT! CALL ME! I TOOK A SELFIE.



After hearing this I could myself lucky that my dad in his 70's refers to the internet as "the website" and couldn't find Facebook if he tried.

That is amazing. My mom just learned the word selfie this year and is obsessed. She asked me for a selfie stick for Christmas. A SELFIE STICK.

This goes way back, like before my mom had a Facebook. But I once posted a lyric "I moved to Montreal just to be closer to France" and my mom's best friend (who is like a second mother to me) saw it, took a screen shot--as in took a photo of the screen with her digital camera, uploaded the photo and emailed it to my mom--then called my mom to discuss the email she sent.

I then got a frantic call from my mom because I "should have at least told her before I moved" (mind you, I about 12 hours south of Montreal.) and she was so worked up. I finally had to play her the song to get her to listen to me.

When my grandfather was still alive he saw song lyrics I posted ("I take this blade, I slit your throat, you fall into your grave. I cover up my tracks, I'm done! I won't kill again, I said that's it, I'm done!") and called my nana asking if I needed his and his old cop friends help hiding a body. He was 80ish when that happened and was still a complete badass on his deathbed.

I really want an over involved, kooky Jewish mother, Trap. Just for a little while. They sound like a hoot.

Leah's Toll Booth: I LOVE THAT SONG.

Hahaha Fisher your grandpa sounds awesome! My dad once legit referred to the internet as "the innertubes"

She also types in all caps like that. Remember Bri's mom was like is Twitter like a chat room??? Lol

So your mother is like Kanye but less clueless? I want her in my life.

I kind of have a feeling that she has these social media accounts so that she can keep an eye on her stupid daughter.

Briana is so stupid. She is loving all this drama. No one would even care about her anymore if all this crap wasn't going on.
Does anyone know if she has gone back to school since TM3 got cancelled?? Or what kind of job she is doing now??

Oh she totally does it to spy on her! Mine tried doing that too...I had to block my own parents lmfao. No idea...I thought Briana worked in retail but I could be wrong. Is it weird I'd want a where are they now on brittany but not briana? She had her ratchet moments but I liked how blunt she was, and she called Bri out on her shit. I liked the siblings on TM3 more than them. Macks brother Zeke...mmmm

Didn't she work at Hooters at some point? I'm sure she works in a bar now anyways...

I could be crazy but I thought she worked at a hotel?

At a hotel? Ho tell everybody everything, at the very least.

I can see myself and my generation and all the generations after me being on social media while living in some home for old people, coz thats 'our' thing, people that need explaining how to email and how FB and Twitter works have no business there ;-)
But i dislike twitter anyway, i dont see the point of 'sharing' textmessages with the world, last time i checked the world still revolves around the sun, not some annoying wanna-be famous/attentionseeking guy/girl/the guy or girl's parents

We'll still all be on Fb/Instagram, and there will be some new social media we don't know how to use and have no business being on. And can you picture all the old folks home? Rap will be blasting out of the buildings instead of nice old people records like there are now.

I can see it now Trap! Eminem blaring from the speakers, old men pushing walkers with their pants around their ass. And grey granny's with their saggy butts hanging out of daisy dukes with the pockets on show. Hahahaha

That's what I was thinking. Roxanne is ridiculous for posting all of this to social media for the world to see. I can't STAND it when people do that, especially grown women who should know better. If you have a problem, handle it within your family, don't post about it so perfect strangers know every detail. That's so dumb and attention seeking. Plus that's your daughter! If my mother ever outed a problem we were having to the world like that, you can bet your behind that I would not speak to her until she grew up a bit. That's so immature. No wonder Briana acts the way she does with Roxanne as a mother, though at some point you have to stop laying the blame on the parents.

With Roxanne being that immature and having such poor judgment, I'm not entirely surprised that Briana is the way she is. However, parents aren't totally to blame for how their kids turn out. I just think it's crazy how they preach that whole "Let me tell you something about my family" mob thing and then Roxanne airs out their dirty laundry all over social media like a child lol. She already knows Briana is a trashy attention seeking idiot so I really don't even know why she's surprised anymore. She also should have brought up the fact that Bri can afford stupid tattoos and not remember to buy her own kid the necessary supplies without a reminder from mommy. Poor Nova.

What. A. Winner.

That's all I will say.

I have to say i simply dont understand why would yo do something permanent with your body, such as a tattoo, with the name o soemone who may be out of your life anytime, i also dont get why babydaddys (and sometimes babymommas too) get tattoos with their children name or face, when they dont live with/provide for them, my cousin just got a tattoo with his baby name, thing is he barely see his child two hours a week, and doesent pay child support either,

So I totally tattooed my pets name onto my wrist, BUT he was a pet who died andd I loved him and I don't regret it. And I would tattoo my cats name over a boyfriend any day LOL. I guess if the tattoo is like....on your ass maybe? but then what if you break up and another significant other sees it...what a mess lol.

You did?! I want to get my dogs name on me one day. I love her so much, she's seriously like my child. She is a year and a half and I just had my first night without her the other day, my friend was watching her for us, and I didn't sleep all night. I would get her portrait, but she's a black German Shepherd and idk how that would come out. Pets are definitely better than humans! Haha I'm such a crazy dog/cat lady.

Same here. I would totally be a crazy dog lady with you if they were allowed in my apt. It's so tricky with portraits. I look at AYMS and always get afriad it would turn out like but at least yours would be a dog. Leah is a beautiful child but that tattoo is so...awkward

I love German Shepards. The black ones look so bad ass lol. Mt husband and I have a female german Shepard (not American chec or how ever you spell it) and she is awesome. Great dog who is so family oriented. Protective of our daughter yet lets her brush her and put toys on her. Our other dog just passed away last week and I seriously considered getting a tattoo for him. The Shepard and him where best buds

Sorry about your dog :( Losing a pet is rough I know. Yea German Shepherds are gorgeous! I really like the white ones pretty.

Thank you. I am also a crazy cat lady and always want to adopt all the ones I see at the pet store or any one I might see walking down the street. And every time he encounters a dog in need of a home he wants it. We have a hard time talking each other down lol

Lol I have a German Shepard named Bane who's mostly black. Just about the scariest damn dog if he decides he doesn't like someone. Otherwise he's a goofball who gets tangled in his own legs while playing and ends up flopping over. Love that dog!

GUYS speaking of pets, my husband gave a me a kitten as an early Christmas present so my crazy cat lady status is now official! I am beyond obsessed. <3333

One of my cats is turning 15 in February. I love him so much. I keep telling my husband that I have a deal with the cat that he'll just be immortal and live forever. My husband gets this kind of "oh you poor, dumb thing" look on his face and gently tells me that that MIGHT not be how life is going to play out.

When he turned 13, I bought him a little yamakah and celebrated his Catmitzvah. I'm not even Jewish. I am an insane cat owner. Meowzel tov.

Hahaha omg Rae!! Im here wrapping gifts with my family and laughing out loud about Catzmivah HAHAHAHA.

I have a theory my chinchilla is plotting to kill me. He has plans posted in his little igloo house and little shanks to stab me with.

When my rabbit passed away (at age twelve, had him since I was ten years old), I got a tattoo of a rabbit silhouette on my wrist. He was my baby and an important part of the family - my mum and I would do Christmas stockings for him every year, since we're a small family with no young kids, just us two.

That's such a cool idea! I like that a lot. I love the xmas stocking idea. Gosh last weekend I dragged my friend to petco and we were there for a half hour because I had to pick the right present for my cats...and then I got home and hid them, AS IF THEY GIVE A FUCK.

My chinchilla would be a perfect tattoo. All puffy.

I had a dalmatian when I was really little that got out of her fence one morning, stole EVERYONE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD'S NEWSPAPERS at like 5 am and my mom woke up to her, on a blanket in the back yard, surrounded by like 100 newspapers enjoying the spoils of her pillaging.

My three cats (all rescues as kittens, two are sisters) mean the world to me. I don't have any tattoos, but I have honestly thought about getting one for them. Before them I thought I was a dog person... they changed my life, though. There's nothing like the love of a cat or dog! I think it's so cool that you did that, TTB.

Yeah, I was a dog person before I had my cat too. Now I'm pretty much obsessed with cats! After losing her last year though I was pretty scarred (especially because I've never liked the idea of euthanasia and in a moment of weakness I caved and that's haunted me to this day) and don't want another one. But I love playing with other people's kitties! Even though I'm extremely alergic:(

Cats are great because, while they love you unconditionally, they still make sure you don't get too ahead of yourself and think you're important. They'll shun your ass in a heartbeat if they think you're getting uppity.

I had to put my 16 year old cat down last week (hardest thing I've ever gone through, by far, he was my baby, my everything, and just the best cat ever) and I have seriously thought about getting his paw print as my first tattoo...just way unsure of where I would put it.

No no no no. I'm so so sorry. I don't even want to think about my old man cat finally cashing in on his 9 lives. My husband had a cat when we met that he'd had for two years or so and about 2 years after we met, my husband was away on business and he (the cat) got really sick and the vet had to put him down. That cat was an asshole and he wasn't even "my" cat but I loved him and I was friggin inconsolable for days and for about 6 months afterwards, every time we brought him up, I'd start crying. It was ridiculous. So 1) Don't feel stupid if the sadness creeps up on you and 2) Please accept this internet hug from a stranger. Some people might think it's weird to say your heart is breaking over a cat, but I totally get it. And I don't think the paw prints tattoo is weird at all. My old man cat always kneads me (we call it making biscuits) right below my boobs on the side of my rib cage so I'd probably put them there if I was going to do that. Warning: That hurts like a bitch. The only tattoo I have is right on the rib cage.

The heartbreak over losing a cat is just unreal. When both of my grandpas died who I loved dearly, my reaction was nothing compared to when I got the call that my cat should be killed ("put to sleep"). I cried for days and then every night for a couple of months, probably because I felt so guilty. I feel bad that that's the worst I've ever felt in my entire life because well, the humans in my family are more important.

Nothing wrong with that. I'm totally going to get portrait tattoos of my pups one day. No shame in the pet game.

A lot of people tease me for it but fuck em. It is just another reason animals are better than people. Is it bad I wouldn't get my kids names tattooed on me though? If I ever have any. Not that i think it's bad...its just not for me. Pets only LOL.

You're gonna hate me. I have my kids names. Surrounding a handprint. It was a split second decision. You can't see it unless I show you. It's on my hip. I'll send you a pic. Don't laugh! Hahahaha

I don't hate. Were you at least a hipster and did it before Catelyn or Alex? Then it's ok. (Lol seriously jk) it's a really sweet idea. People like Butch cheapen it for some reason. Cause Butch is all class.

Nah totally understandable. Your kid could turn out like Brianna or Jordan. Pets will never let you down haha.

Oh mannn :( Yea exactly. Although my black cat is quite promiscuous. LOL

My cat is totally naked! Talk about promiscuous! Lol srsly, she's a hairless like from Austin Powers or Friends, but all my friends constantly tease me about hER being a bald pussy.

LOL shes a pretty kitty! Careful Chelsea will steal her!

If I get my pets names tattooed on me it would go something like this:
However, I wouldn't mind getting my roommates cats portrait on me ONLY because his girlfriend got him a Santa suit and he looked so adorable in it. Blizzard the Christmas Kitty!

I really like the name Cora for a human. That's so cute! Oh the time Im 70 there will be like 304234 cats names all over my body. I think you should do it.

I commented from the other thread: I adored that little chubby kitty Santa. Thanks for sharing!

I think parents that tattoo their kids name when they don't see them or pay towards them are trying to make themselves feel better for being a shit parent.


My kids' dad got their names tattooed on him during his first stint in prison. So I completely agree with you. I am probably biased on the topic though.

It's like "Oooooh look at me. I tattooed my kidses name on me. That must mean I'm the best fucking parent ever for going through that pain. I'm like so dedicated to do something like that."

Tattoos totally mean you're a good parent

Exactly. See: Butch.

"You have a tattoo of your kid you don't even have." You're one to talk grandpa.

OMG I think that was the moment I fell in love w Butch! He spoke the truth! Although they did what was right by Carly, they could have raised her. Nothing in their life has changed for them to say they are bringing Nova II into a better, stable home.

Can't raise a child, but you can get a tattoo. I wonder what the next tribute will be....

The odds are not in Nova II's favor...

Is this the same way with cats??? o_O

Sure, but if you are an active, loving cat owner it's no big deal ;)

I think if I were a deadbeat cat owner, my cats would eat my face just to be like "BITCH CLEAN THIS LITTER BOX!"

I hate when people get their kid's footprints or handprints tattooed on them because it kind of makes it seem like the baby passed away and it's a memorial tattoo or something. It just looks tacky when their kid gets older. Catelynn and Tyler's tattoos look terrible, if they insisted on getting them done, Carly's birthday alone done small would have looked a lot classier and still had the same meaning.
Then there's Maci's huge "Bentley Cadence" tattoo (and I'm not even going to get into Danielle's horribly scrawled "Jamie" tattoo). Are all future children going to have their names represented so big?
And then there's Leah's face on Amber's belly....

I kinda got something like that. I have 2 sets so 4 foot prints really tiny and under that the quote "it was then I carried you" it was a double meaning. I carried my children and jesus carries me. (No offense to those not religious)

That sounds like such a beautiful sentimental tattoo Kail Smash!

Lol yea it's really played out...oh God AYMS tattoo of "booboo" is disturbing.

I have no words for Amber's Leah's face tattoo... Just none. That poor kid (Leah) is going to be seriously creeped out by it some day. The other tattoos are pretty bad, but that one just takes the cake.

"And this is why you don't do drugs, booboo."

I LOVE Aymsss tattoo. It was just done sooo horribly and yet, she embraced it! Gotta love the drugses she was on!

Poor Leah forever immortalised in plaid. She's gained some weight since then too so I wonder what it looks like now

Haha and Danielle got hers with in some kind of ilegal garage parlor, and the guy misspelled the name so it says "Janie" so i guess she either asked Courtland Rogers to suggest her a tattoo parlor, or the guy who made it was classmate with leah

Hahaha, I was explaining the "Alnost Fanous" thing to my husband the other night because I guess some weird factoid about Jenelle made it to the front page of reddit and he saw it. I'm in the process of getting some dental implants so I had some teeth pulled, implants put in and then I have to wait several months before the actual tooth part can be added so right now I have a retainer with fake teeth so I don't look like a crackhead but I don't wear it at night. Thus, I have a slight speech impediment at night. I was trying to explain that this dipshit's tattoo says "alnost fanous" instead of "almost famous" and my husband made me repeat it like 10 times because either he had no idea what I was saying or he's an evil jackass. Probably a little bit of both.

I dislike portrait-tattoos either way, but the one Amber got done on her belly was really bad :-/ reminded me of this picture,

But this made me laugh my f*cking ass off ;-)

Briana has no self respect.

I don't even think she cares. She's dumb as rocks.

Given that Briana was raised by her Mom on her own, I find it really sad that somehow she has absolutely no self respect at all.

I don't think she even knows what that is. And I can't fully blame Roxanne for Brianna's actions either. I'm sure she worked most of their childhood to raise them and couldn't be around as much, so I'll give her some leniency. However, she does have her on Twitter and could have seen the crap she was doing.

Briana has no SELF. Chick has no idea who she is or who she even wants to be. She just floats around from dude to dude and she's going to wind up with 15 children from 15 fathers while her mother alternates between blowing smoke up her ass for how strong of a woman she is and publicly shaming her for being an idiot.

Rae you are a Goddess of Truth

The lack of self is a big problem with Briana definitely. It's also Jenelle's problem and Leah's as well...

Not saying that young women who grow up in stable two parent homes don't turn out like Briana, but lets be real, how many Briana's do we see coming out of homes with a everyday present dad? I would rather be closer to the Pretty Kitty Chelsea side of things than the FukHerFaceShoc end of the spectrum any day.

Next time I go home i'm giving my dad a HUGE hug.

I know parents can be annoying but fuck I'm glad I have somewhat normal ones in my life.

Well Chelsea's parents didn't divorce until she was 14, and she's still extremely close to both of them, and from what we've seen anyway, her parents seem very civil towards one another. That's about as stable as a home can get.

What's sad is, out of all of 16 and pregnant, the only girls with both biologically parents still together in their lives were: Maci, Brooke, Megan, Jennifer, Izabella, Mackenzie and Karley. Daddy issues run deep, y'all.

I just want to know where Jenelle's dad is

God he must be quite the specimen. I just want to study him and figure out why the fuck his sperms are so bad at making good life choices.

Only one on the last season alone, which says a lot about these girls. I don't think it's always Daddy issues - Jenelle's mental instability is clearly the motivating factor in all of her decisions. As far as her dad, no idea. Didn't he just split?

Jenelle's dad didn't even know she was pregnant and on TV. I think there was an Ashley article about it a while ago.

Aww I feel like my kids are screwed. I am not putting them down at all. I just mean that between my past and their dad's past the odds are definitely against them. I am a recovering addict and their dad is serving an 11 year prison sentence. I am in college full time now but neither of us graduated high school either. I see everyday how other people are effected by situations like the ones my kids have come from. I feel so guilty. All I can do is bust my ass and lead by example from here on out. Hopefully I am strong enough to keep my kids from being a part of that statistic.

I'm 30 and my mom came down for christmas and started hugging me she said I'm soo sorry for all the love I didn't give u when u we little. It meant alot. We have not idea who my dio dad is. Have a bunch of abusive step dads and my mom didn't get sober till 7 years ago. I'm a nurse married and have 2 kids. It was a hard life but I do love my mom. I mean she's my mom. I bet your kids will love you as well. Just tell them your sorry and u realize your mistakes. It might take a while but hopefully they come around.

Spacey, I don't want to sound like I know your situation or have all the answers, but I think your awareness of how the conditions of your children's background can affect them already gives them an enormous advantage. I am involved in an urban educational program and the children I see excel tend to be the ones whose parent(s) are busting their ass and leading by example, regardless of their past. Those kids have A LOT working against them on top of their parents' past and they still find personal, academic, and professional success. Your children are lucky, not unfortunate, to have a parent like you.

Hey now, my boyfriend's mother is a recovering alcoholic and she did so many things to him while like that, but she dropped the booze and led by example and he is honestly the most down-to-earth, kind, gentle, funny, amazing person I have ever known. So don't ever get down on yourself. You cleaned yourself up and are trying to change and that's the best thing you can do for them. They'll recognize this, trust me. And when they're old enough, just be open with them and tell them how you wanted to change for them and you did, because you wanted the best life for them they could possibly have. Learn from your mistakes, but don't beat yourself up over them. Congratulate yourself on where you are now and keep where you want to go in focus. You'll get there. :)

"All I can do is bust my ass and lead by example from here on out."

THIS is where the difference is. You're doing everything you can to fix the things in your life that weren't working. You're making a better life for your children. Maybe their dad will do the same once he gets out of prison, maybe he won't. That's on him. But I know plenty of well adjusted, strong as hell people who were raised by a single parent who wasn't perfect. The fact that you're even worrying about how your actions are affecting your children is what makes you different from the statistics. I could be talking out of my ass, but I firmly believe this. Stay strong and way to go on everything you've accomplished and changed so far. From where I'm sitting, none of that sounds like an easy feat and a lot of people give up. You didn't. Keep not giving up.

The Pretty Kitty Chelsea side of the spectrum... too funny!

I'm an advocate of gender equality when considering parental rights, partly because a girl's relationship with her father tends to define so many aspects of her life. My parents are married and my dad is the definition of involved and supportive. However, he wasn't very warm emotionally, and I definitely had some issues to work through just from that. Being aware of how our relationship affected my choices in life really helps me understand why so many girls without present dads have the issues they do.

That being said, there's only so much that can be excused. I don't see Briana's sister running out doing the trashy things Briana does. There's clearly some issues Brittany has and has to work through too, but I can not IMAGINE her ending up with a guy like FukHerFaceShoc.

You should go have a talk with Leah and Kail then. They need to wake up and learn a thing or two about gender equality.

Briana is the tweet delete queen she deletes het whole twitter at least once a month just to stir up drama. She must have gone to Jenelle's tattoo artist because that ink is shit, classy placement right under the boob though

I HATE when she does that, the few times i do check her twitter ( usually after reading something here ) she deleted the whole f*cking shebang :-/

Is there a quick way to do that? When I graduated college last year I just deleted my account because I was too lazy to delete my tweets. Mine numbered maybe 200... I know she tweeted WAY more frequently than me and had a lot before the first round of deletions.

So Brianna is a home hopper? I'm shocked!

God!! Home hopper


I didn't know what it meant either.

From Urban Dictionary:
When a girl dates someone then "hops" to one of his friends and dates him. Its wrong on so many levels.

I think it should be spelled 'homie hopper'. Probably autocorrect changed the spelling.

Oh wow. I just thought it meant she lived in different homes...I can't keep up with this on fleek and thotiana businness

Homie hopper and a ho fasho

OH Homie hopper! Ok this makes sense more than Home Hopper hahaha. I thought of Jordan spending the night on people's couhces.

Total Thotianna.

I can actually see her naming her kid that

I'd vote Briana as the number one trashiest mom from all of the 16&P and Teen Mom girls. Jenelle is at least trying now (kinda) and I would argue Jordan is just dealing with some severe mental issues presently, but Briana has her daughter but still acts trashy, posts trashy shit, hangs out with trashy people, knows she has a trashy baby daddy but STILL hooks up with his arguably EVEN WORSE friend, maybe gets pregnant by him but doesn't seem to care either way, and gets his name tattooed on herself even though she knows he cheats. GIRL. GET. IT. TOGETHER.

The only things Jenelle is trying to do:

1. Make Jace live with an abusive alcoholic jackass who has no business being around children.
2. Making people think she's changed when she hasn't. Nobody sucks as much as she does.

Yes yall I meant homie hopper. Damn auto correct kept changing it, but I see her being a home hopper as well too at the rate she is going Roxanne may be sick of her stupidity.

I don't know if this bit of obviousness has been said already, but: If you're the kind of mom to tweet this nonsense about your daughter, then this is the kind of daughter you'll get. If you want your pregnant daughter to grow up and stop using you, you need to stop subsidizing their behavior by watching their child and whatnot. Not that Briana shouldn't get her own ass in gear, but I do blame her mother as well.

When you are parent, even when your child is well grown and off in the world, you have to look at yourself in their behaviour. After all, they learned everything from you in the first place.

^^ THIS! I'm the eldest of three. And my brother is the youngest. Now when he was 2, both my grandfathers passed away and my mum and dad both spiraled into depression and didn't cope for some time. Dad become and alcoholic for years (he's good now) and mum basically did whatever she could to get by. But my sister and I were in our teens and basically raised. My brother was raised in this mess. And is like Adumb. So many reckless driving charges. A son he rarely sees. Jail. It's disgusting. And he infuriates me no end. Mum blames herself because of how shit life went when he needed them both most. And I can't disagree with her. You need to RAISE your children. It matters.

That sucks Meth Pipe! Although you were basically raised it still sucks you had to go through all that too - you still needed your Mom and Dad too.

My mum and dad are my rock always. I have no idea what I'd do without them, even though I'm an adult with my own child, my own house, my own bills etc etc, they are my biggest supporters. I only hope to be half the mother to my kiddo that my mum has been to me. I don't think being a parent ever really "ends", you don't get to age 18 and suddenly relax like "ok job done, I'm good now", I think you just swap one set of worry for another.

Thanks Ohrly. And I agree. And my parents are my world. My dad is brilliant these days and my mum is, like you said, my biggest supporter. Both of them are adored by my three kids. It was just a shit 8-10yrs. Mostly due to dad. It's taken some time to trust him again. But I'm now 34 and it's been 7yrs since he got sober. It's been hard to watch mum suffer all that time. But they got through it and I'm proud of them both. I just wish my brother could see the light.

I'm so sorry to hear about that time of your family's life and the effect it had on your brother. It's wonderful that your dad got sober and your parents play such a role in your life and your children's. You are still young, which means your brother is still very young and has time to see the light. I hope it's soon for everyone's sake. One of the greatest tortures in life is to watch someone you love deeply engage in destructive behavior that affects themselves and others.

My brother is 24 and has a 2yr old son. I really hope he gets his act together. Thank you everyone for being so sweet. I don't feel like we had it bad. So many families do it tougher. And we never wanted for anything. And while dad was a heavy drinker he wasn't violent. Just very drunk. He still worked etc. So I think he was a high functioning alcoholic. I guess that made it all the more confusing for my brother maybe. Life was the same. But very different.

Am I the only one who thinks the tattoo looks like it was written in ketchup? Just...eesh.

It looks like blood!

Like scabby

The only good thing about it is the font. I like the font.


I do wonder if Briana actually has the emotional intelligence to ever find a partner in life who isn't a douchebag. I mean she's basically grown up hearing that men are useless wastes of space from her mother, it's hardly surprising her choices thus far are less than stellar.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I dated a lot of frogs growing up before I found my prince - as it were. But none of my frogs got me pregnant and abandoned me and the baby.

She might be dating frogs, but she aint no princess either :-)
I can see Brittany turning out a lot better than Briana, you can only blame your upbringing for your actions for a short amount of time, then the responsibility for your life is yours.

Sure you gain the chance to change if you want to, but your upbringing affects you for your entire life. It's not about blaming it, it's just acknowledging that the way you are raised determines the kind of adult you are. I doubt Briana was raised with the self awareness to realize she's behaving like a total freaking idiot and that SHE needs to do something about it. She's in the Leah trap of blaming everyone else. Parents don't teach kids how to take responsibility for themselves these days.

I mean look at what happened with her baby daddy, her mum just went nuts and blamed him for everything, Briana was just the poor girl left at home with no support.

I find that the question is "Is she Behaving like a freaking idiot " or "IS she a freaking idiot" ?
Maybe this is just how Briana is, Brittany has the same mother/upbringing but acts different.
She know how Shakiel is, i would have had an alarm going off the moment i found out his name on twitter is fukherfaceshoc,and especially his criminal record. There are girls that just REALLY like a bad boy, and i think she's one of them

Yeah but different people, different personalities. No event affects everyone the same way - that includes parenting too I think. I'd still like to think that Briana has the ability to grow up.

I think it's kinda funny, but I think that Brittany had to grow up quicker, I mean she had to make a really adult decision about her pregnancy and then has had to deal with Nova etc. Briana has just kinda skated through I think.

I mean we've all dated bad boys at one point or another, I'll put my hand up and admit I've dated guys that have been "bad boys" and I thought I'd be the one to finally "tame" them. It was all just teenage bullshit. I hope it's just a phase and she gets over it pretty quick. You'd have thought baby-daddy-drama would have cured her of the bad boy thing... but who knows.

Well, Cheato, if she wants a bad boy she sure as hell got one! Good job wanting a potential career criminal to father your child.

What are you talking about? Shoc fuk her face is a wholesome prince with morals and ethics

So his parents thought that Shaquille wasn't weird enough already, and had to put their own spin on the spelling :-/ with a name like Shakiel i'd have called myself fucmyparents

The origin of that name is actually Arabic, and the most widely used spelling of it is "Shakeel." Some of the weird spellings really throw me off.

I don't get why he goes by "Shoc" instead of "Shaq"... It just seems odd.

Because he has to be youneek.

Because he ain't 61616168461 feet tall! :)

Shes kinda like junelle in a way,always going for the wrong people, except she probably abandons her kid a lot less than junelle. Who knows how she turned out like this but I feel so sorry for her mom, at least one daughter seems normal. Does anyone else think briana won't rest until she carries shoc's child?

LOL sorry but i still don't think anyone's as bad as Jenelle. Not that you said that, I just think she has a long way to go, and that's not really saying anything good because she's still obviously putting guys before her daughter.

Ghetto trash. The end.

"Shoc was found guilty of providing a false name or ID, battery of a law enforcement officer/firefighter/etc., possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, probation violation, resisting an officer with violence, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, possession of marijuana (under 20 grams), and possession/use of drug paraphernalia. He has also been arrested for driving while under the influence in the past."
She sure knows how to pick 'em!

Future father material

thank god for his morals and ethics ;)

She totally pulled a Corey and upgraded with this guy!
(note the sarcasm)

Is his name really Shaquille spelled ridiculously? Why tf do they call him Shoc?

Dejesus God, Briana.

Yes! I was waiting for someone to say it!

I laughed out loud at that, hard!

She is trailer trash that needs a man to feel good, but only ment hat would knock her up and leave her. Girls like this annoy me, go on about how men are the same... well no you just pick the bad boys which results in you being a single mom and your kids not having a good father. Wish she would feel the guilt Chelsea feels over giving her kids shit fathers. Oh and I guess she isn't knocked up, at least I hope not, tatoos aren't safe in pregnancy.

Knowing her she would still get tattooed regardless. I also don't see the appeal of wanting to get knocked up without getting married bur I guess Im nuts

I know we must be crazy! I have set a date!!! Finally, not until 2016 but we can't wait :)

The real message of all her tweets :

" Please MTV , bring me back on TV I'm two-faced as Leah , I play the victim even more better than Kailyn , My boyfriend is smart as Kieffer and my tatoo's color is like Chelsea Hair . I will be at my best in Teen mom 2 "
Thank U , Bri!

This is off subject but I just realized Leah blocked me on Twitter today. Idek why. She tweeted about how "we love calvert505" crap and I just asked if he loves her back "the people want to know"... I think that's a genuine question considering she airs her dirty laundry on national television (maybe bc I'm not paying?)

I guess she just blocks everyone who challenges her sad existence? I feel like this is proof that she needs to just give it up and delete her Twitter until she can be a big girl. I don't condone bullying "celebs" on social media, but I just asked a question - which is pretty reasonable considering all the drama in her life recently.

Ah, I was going to follow you (if that's not weird... I'm interested in following some fellow TMJ fans!) but I can't find your tweet. I did, however, see her newest exchange with Brittany. Leah seems to think that her responses make her look like she is taking the high road. No, Leah, responding or engaging at all makes you look immature and catty.

Okay, this is going to sound crazy but I have a Twitter specifically for being open so I can tweet celebrities.
Can't let potential employers know what I tweet on my private page and then fire me, right?
But my open page for tweeting Leah is phonehomejerome. Looking forward to someone to follow back so I can build my teen mom chat club :)

I just followed you! I don't tweet much but maybe I should when our shows come back.

I just followed you! I made that Twitter specifically to tweet to reality TV trash, but my favorite two people to tweet blocked me. Whatever.

Yay! Welcome!

Not crazy at all! You're inspiring me to do the same... but for now, I followed on my sort-of-but-not-really professional Twitter account until I have my own alternate account :)

I followed you, Nathans, and JBL & Empress, you guys too. I am just getting started on twitter so I hope you dont mind the follow! =)

I just followed everyone too :)

Oh. And she looked so stupid. Just let it go, Leah. If she's really an attention seeking whore, don't give her the attention

Bahahaha that's funny, especially the "the people want to know" bit. She is block crazy. How dare you question her life????? DON'T YOU KNOW SHE IS THE KIM KARDASHIAN OF WV?????????????

She also tweeted about how she and "Jerms" want to find a cabin in Gatlinburg. She's so delusional. I could tweet about how me and Matthew McConaughey are going to Hawaii next week, doesn't mean it's true...

I tweeted her a recommendation for cabins and breakfast. I made sure to mention the cabins didn't have any deer cams. Let's see if she'll block me.

HAHA! totally saw your tweet about the deer cam and laughed out loud. love it!

Haha I'm glad you liked it. Seriously though, anyone who finds themselves in Gatlinburg should hit up the Pancake Pantry. I recommend the sweet potato pancakes. Order some bacon knowing you won't be witnessing a young couple from WV slapping each other with pig candy.

You're my freaking hero. Seriously.

OMG I laughed SO hard at the deer cam comment earlier when I was reading through, I should have known it was a fellow TMJ reader.

I think I need to get the Twitter.

It's only fun if they don't block you.
Jenelle blocked me because she was talking shit about Amber's old ass boyfriend saying he was slandering the teen mom family. You see, jenelle doesn't date people who would do that.

So I called her out and kindly reminded her that she dates people who would do worse (ahem, HEROIN).

Blocked. Seriously, bitch? Get a grip.

Conclusion? You're not missing much. I'm not even mean. I just don't kiss ass

just go to a different browser, like safari or ie and you can see tweets..twitter does not block by ip

And she lets her kid around Nathan. Jenelle needs to STFU because she could only dream of doing as well as Amber is (and Amber still makes questionable choices). Also I've always wondered how you block someone if your Twitter account is public... Couldn't the person just sign out of Twitter and they can see the tweets anyway?

Oh lmao duh! Thanks guys

Since I love Adumb drama, apparently he's been on and off with a married mom for almost a year. They screw whenever he doesn't have a girlfriend who is actually single. Seems that she was with her hubby as of last month, but now her and Adumb are "in love." He's totally my favorite trash heap.

So in love they were wrapping Christmas presents together!!

Like his STD infested dick.

Long time lurker, first time commenting.

Off topic but Leah posted to Twitter last night that her and Jerms want to go to "Gatlitsburg, TN" to rent a cabin but they lost the contact of the lady they used to rent from. Randlicious commented saying it would be a long drive. Leah replied some nonsense about it probably was and she hated living on the East Coast.

Let's start by saying it would be easier to aquire a cabin if you search by the town's true name of Gatlinburg. Second, if you've been there before (hence the lost contact), wouldn't you know how far it was from WV? Last time I checked, Bumfuck West Virginia isn't exactly considered "East Coast" anymore than East Tennessee is.

I had a mental image of Jerms tied up and locked in the back of Leah's horse scene covered SUV en route to Gatlitsburg with Leah slurring her words telling him they were going to saveses their marriage.

Also, there's some new Brittany drama on Twitter too.

Here are two scenarios I've thought about in regards to Briana's tattoo:
1) She got the tattoo to "prove her love" to Shoc...and he more or less laughed in her face, thus her regretting it.

2)She really doesn't regret the tattoo, but by doing something so stupid and then bragging about it online, it keeps her in the public eye.

Shoc is equally stupid in love with her, he also has her name tattooed.

If this is true, Leah has a special place in hell reserved for her!!

Lol you beat me by 2 minutes

Ugh, that just makes me sick. Did you read the comment that suggested Corey look into Leah using the girlses names to get credit cards? I've never heard of anyone doing that before but deer god Leah if it's true.

Yes! With my job I have to work with addicts on a daily basis. You would be surprised with the things they will do just to get that high. I have to constantly remind myself that I am working with people who manipulate people to get what they want. There were several comments on there that rubbed me the wrong way. I'm assuming it's her minion fan girls trying to start damage control.

I'm not saying Leah is not accountable for her actions, but i do understand that her craving for the pillses is totally in control of everything she says and does. And yes, drugs are quite expensive, if she really took 50k out of the trustfund it wont even provide for her for a year... As much as i love all the snark and juicy gossip surrounding her, i actually feel sad for her. Watched her 16&pregnant episode today, and yeah, she can act like an entitled little brat, but for me she looked like a little girl struggling to not drown. She acted cool and tough with her friends, but all she really wanted was to feel safe and protected in Dawn's arms, hoping it was all just a really fucked up dream.
I hope someday she can quit using drugs, when ur high the stupidest actions seem so intelligent :-/

I've worked with teen addicts, and you're right on with the manipulation. Off topic but let me tell you what amazed me during my time there: I worked with probably 50 girls, ranging in age from 13-17/turning 18 and not one was a teen mom. I know one who had a miscarriage but none had children. Every single one was sexually active. If only Leah had been so lucky and been less fertile.

Ok, they say that birthcontrol isnt a 100% safe, but usually someone who says, "But i was on the pill !!! " forgot to take one or two days, but thought hey, fuck it, im horny . Same story with how Leah ended up with the twins. So either the girls you worked with were very lucky or always remembered to take the pill or get shots, etc... And ofcourse i believe you, but i know from experience that on drunken/high nights one can easily forget those things :-)

Several were on forget about it kinds of birth control like IUD and Implanon. Some did Depo. But most were just very very lucky lol. I know it sounds crazy. Even crazier is a lot of their parents had them as teenagers and just about all were from broken homes. However, what they lacked in fertility they can make up in STDs sad to say.

Once a Cheato - This is going to sound weird but I agree with you about the birth control pill thing. It's weird because I did get pregnant on the pill, which I took every day at the same time for 10 years. The pill is so easy to mess with though. A woman can lie and tell her boyfriend she's on the pill and BAM! She's knocked up.

If she truly did that, she is shitty as fuck. Also, the low amount of money in there is surprising, without those kids, there wouldn't be a TM2, so MTV should put way more money into their trusts. They have been on for what, 4, 5, seasons? That's only $10,000 per season. By the time they start college, just a few semesters will drain that account.

I wonder if Corey sued Leah to get the money back, would her wages be garnished or could they not do that with a contracted worker?

Just coz there's only 50k in the fund, doesnt mean thats all Leah ever earned from TM2, she made way more. With the money she made and what hubby nr 2 made it was almost stupid to ask corey for more childsupport, but hey, pillses dont come cheap

No, I know Leah has earned a hell of a lot more than that. But they always say the kids are taken care of, their futures are set, blah blah blah. I figured those kids would have trust funds in the $100,000 range by the way they talk about them. Nope, MTV is too shitty to do something that nice for those kids.

MTV doesnt give a fuck, they saw Jenelle get high on heroin, and just stood there filming. They pay the girls, and that's it, it's like, lets give a teenager 100000k and see what happens, and hope they're there to film the downfall.

In an interview Amber said it's up to them to make college funds for their kids and stuff. The money all goes to the moms.

I don't think its MTV money. I think it's money from the Allianah Hope Foundation or whatever bullshit trust fund Leah set up to scam people out of money so she can buy pillses. It was never for Ali from the start.

Supposedly they set that foundation up as a legit charity foundation... I wonder if Leah could go to prison if it's proven she spent the money on herself.

One way for corey to get full custody I guess....

She deserves the death penalty. Stealing from her kid, neglecting them, taking drugs near them, making people suffer for kicks ... she is disgusting and truly so selfish! Maybe this is what Miranda meant by the truth coming out ..

Wow, the death penalty ? Pretty hardcore, haha

Damn 3 people in favor of the death penalty for that? Haha. I don't know about all that but she definitely doesn't deserve to have her children in her care, let alone call herself a mother.

Yes I'm a bit extreme but how many times do you hear about kids dying because of their junkie mother neglecting them? Ali can kiss goodbye to bettering her life now mommy stole her money, she tries to make others look like horrid people when really she is disgusting.
I'll agree maybe she doesn't deserve to die (until she causes her children true harm through neglect) but she at least deserves to do time in a hard prison. Taking hard working peoples money, I remember when she was appealing to her fans to donate to that fund .. and turns out she spent it :/ She should have to pay back every single person PLUS Ali, and then do at least 15 years in a proper prison (none of this nice 3 meals a day with an xbox in your room shit), I mean 50k is a lot of money to steal, put on top of child neglect it's the elast she deserves.

Woah woah woah. I'm the first to say I can't stand Leah, but the death penalty? She DOES deserve her children taken from her. But death is a bit far... Maybe a long jail sentence. It did Amber good

I used to work with kids who were victims of abuse and neglect. So let me explain thay I understand your anger towards her. I really wish we knew the full story so I could speak on this more. I've worked with kids who were in Utero while their mom did meth. Or left in a room naked and underfed with their siblings - after being born on crack. It does HORRIBLE damage to these children. I wish people who can't handle their emotional/drug problems would simply become sterile until they can do so. What Leah is doing (allegedly, I take every bit of info with a grain of salt) to her children is irreversible and cruel.

With that being said. I wish more resources were placed into the mental health system and I wish a smut like Leah had been identified and intervened with before she popped out three children.

And now maybe 4.

Maybe im just a bad person, but if the money in the fund were donations from other people for Ali, Leah has no business touching it, but if its Leah's MTV money, i dont really see a problem, she recently signed for the new season, she'll have that 50k back in no time. Ali doesnt need the collegemoney right now, and ofcourse its a possibility Leah needed it for her habit, but maybe she has legal bills to pay. Who knows really...

Maybe she paid off Robbises silences with it. And she couldn't cough up more a few months later so the sold the story....don't be haterz! She needed it for a good reason! It's all MTV editing!

What the actual fuck, Leah?

So Leah allegedly took 50k out of Ali's trust...

I've said from day one she has been pocketing that money.

What I find strange is her new BFF is a cancer patient. It seems odd to me that a pill addict all the sudden finds a new BFF in a person who likely has a script for opiates. I wonder if she is who she buys them from/she is friends with the girl because she is getting pillses from the friendship?

You mean that leslee pannell girl ? I checked her twitter the other day, and their friendship isnt that new. And from what i understood from her messages she's cancerfree now. And i really dont wanna get personal, but its a bit farfetched to think Leah just hangs out with her coz she can get pills through her. She's no saint, but that would be an alltime low for her.

Yeah, I mean her. I know it seems far fetched, but I have a cousin who this actually happened to. She kept coming up short on her meds, and it took her a while before her friend came clean and admitted to stealing her meds from. When a person is hooked, they do some pretty shitty things to the ones they love, it is the drugs and not them doing the thinking.

Wow, thats severely fucked up, i know that addiction makes people do weird shit, but this is a whole new level...

Also, I really miss the show intervention, and this made me remember this one episode where a married mom with a little boy who was also addicted to gambling at the horse track. Her days consisted of going to the track, withdrawing more money from her husbands account, and buying vicodin from a little old lady. (In other words, she had a "friendship" with little old lady for nothing else than getting her pillses).

I also like that show, do you know the show "Drugged" on Nat Geo ? Thought it was really interesting, coz they also addressed what their drug of choice was doing to them pshysically, as well as mentally. I remember this kid that succeeded in getting sober after years of alcoholaddiction, but he died while in rehab, his body couldnt handle the abrupt lack of alcohol

I honestly wouldn't put it passed her. She uses everyone around her.

I've seen a lot of stuff like that on Intervention. One guy in particular, his mom had crippling rheumatoid arthritis and they both abused her pain pills. It's coming back with new episodes in the new year.

Honestly, it's not far-fetched at all to believe that Leah is pocketing her daughter's fund money for pill money. Addicts will do all kinds of shitty things and steal from all kinds of people---including sick family members---in order to get her fix. If this is true, maybe Leah will be busted and that'll be her rock bottom. She needs to be at her lowest before she can get any kind of help, and she's just not there yet.

Classier heels,

Intervention comes on again on lifetime movie network. It isn't the same though. Sadly.

I used to love the show. But I can't watch it anymore where the addicts have kids. As previously stated, I worked with druggie/abuse children/adolescents. I know all drug addicted babies and abuse victims don't grow up to be sick, but the ones I worked with were so sick it was sad. People really have no idea how much they are hurting their children when they abuse drugs or their children (or they do, but you know, drugs are an addiction bla bla bla).

As long as MTV is in the picture she will never hit rock bottom, Leah is at this point THE reason people are gonna watch it, the other 3 girls are nowhere near as entertaining, Kail, Chelsea, and even Jenelle's are on the right, thus boring path, Leah is the perpetuum trainwreckuum

So gross. And so.e fangirl chimed in its no ones business. Yeah of course she can do what she wants but we all know about it so of course we are going to comment!

Proof that addicts will do ANYTHING for their next high? My mother in law is an addict. Thankfully she has been clean for almost nine months. Let me try to make a very long story short. This has taken place over the course of about 4 years.

I had some Vicodin go missing shortly before I had my gallbladder out four years ago. We accused her of it...she denied it. We chalked it up to coincidence.

A few years later I noticed my prescription for anxiety meds was short a few pills. Even though at the back of my mind I knew where they had gone, I went as far as accusing the pharmacy of shorting me meds. It wasn't until we noticed nearly a whole prescription was missing that we confronted her and forced her out of our lives.

Flash forward about a year later. We slowly let her back into our lives. All was grand...until I had a few teeth pulled. They prescribed me Vicodin. I took ONE PILL and put the rest where I didn't think she would find them as she was coming to visit that day. It was me, my husband, my mom, my mother in law, my husband's grandma and our nearly three year old daughter in the house....and guess what grew legs and walked off? My whole bottle of Vicodin. Not only did she deny it, but she went as far as to tell me she hoped I wasn't in too much pain yada yada.

We didn't see her again for a year and a half. It wasn't until I was seven months pregnant with our son did she realize she would be missing out on her first grandson's life. (She was a big part of our lives when our daughter was an infant.) She entered into out patient rehab and confessed to us that she had indeed taken the Vicodin from when I had my teeth removed. It turns out her piece of shit "boyfriend" (i could write a whole post about him....but i'll spare you the details) was stealing her pills to take/sell, so she took my pills in order to supplement what was being taken from her. She will be clean a year in May :)

Leah is trash.

I work in an addiction hospital, so I wish I could say this was unheard of, but it's not. It could get worse. Someone could "steal" Ali's wheelchair to sell for drugs and get even more $$ from insurance claims. What really sucks too is by the sounds of it, the trust fund didn't come from MTV, meaning these girls aren't obligated to give any of their earnings to their cash cows.

When I was 7 I had my first surgery. Right when I got home from the hospital my aunt visited me saying if I gave her my pain meds she would buy me an American Girl Doll. Luckily my grandfather overheard her and was able to tell her to eat a dick because I had no idea what was going on. I pray for those girlses futures. All they'll go through with a single mother who is an addict :(

Straight from the horse's ass:

I can't believe some of these pathetic individuals that hide behind the name of "a source" My girls still have they're money....
It's just not at the bank your looking at.