EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Matt McCann

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I had the opportunity to exclusively talk with Matt McCann from Teen Mom 3. Most of you will remember Matt because of his struggles with addiction, which was seen during his entire time on MTV. Since filming has ended, he's cleaned up his act, and we saw on the Teen Mom 3 reunion special that he passed his drug test and seemed to be doing much better. Since then, Matt has found love in a girl named Lekota Koch, a job, and a sense of peace that wasn't present while he was on MTV.

During our question and answer session, Matt opened up about his thoughts on Teen Mom 3's cancellation, his plans for the future, and his hopes for his daughter, Arabella. You can read his responses below.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom 3's cancellation after only one season?

MTV never called me to tell me the show was cancelled, so I don't know what to say.

I'm happy my life can hopefully go back to normal but I'm also annoyed that there are people out there who still think I'm using and not seeing my child.

How is co-parenting going?

Alex and I do not co-parent. We do not talk. When I see Bellie, she isn't there and when I call, she hands the phone to Bellie.

I think that is pretty sad and not good for my child at all. I'd love to co-parent for Bellie's sake but as of right now, it's not happening.

Koda and I are ready but I think Alex needs more time. We understand that and that is fine.

What are your hopes and dreams for your daughter?

All I want for Arabella is to be happy and healthy.

She's already so smart and so full of life. She's going to have a lot of dreams for her future and I'll do whatever I can to help her with them.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are pretty simple. I'm about to marry my fiancee. I have a job, but I'm in search of a better one.

I'd like to one day attend a technical school and start a career. Koda and I would like to get our own place soon.

Spend a year or two with just us and Arabella. Then hopefully, have a child or two.

What's the impact of social media on your private life? Do you feel like you are constantly defending yourself against negative comments?

Social media has its ups and downs. Everyone always wants to know what's happening and I try to keep them informed but not everything I feel comfortable in sharing.

I actually don't feel that I need to defend myself because I've made a lot of friends and they're always there for me. I usually only need to defend myself if Alex says something on her social media accounts.

Do you worry about the people that Alex brings around your daughter, or do you trust her decisions?

I can't really comment on Alex because the truth about her and her parenting will come out but right now isn't the best time to discuss it.


I'm happy for Matt. Honestly the producers do a good job of creating a "good guy bad guy" from editing on Teen Mom. Yes he did struggle with addiction but Alex was no saint either. Her anger was just as unhealthy for their daughter to be around. Matt never had any support from anyone. Alex always gave off a sense of "I'm better then you", even when she was being "supportive" of Matt on the phone. She constantly would put him down and call him an addict which would send him spiral downward even more. I truly believe he is bettering himself and should be allowed scheduled weekly supervised visits with his daughter until he is sober for an extended period of time. (I am unaware of how long he has been sober for at this point). I hope Alex can put feelings aside for her daughters sake and they can both be a part of their daughters life. Good for you Matt and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

I think his answers show that he has done some growing up, and I'm glad that he has cleaned up his act and is looking more towards the future. I also think its awesome that he did not trash Alex parenting because Alex would trash this kid if she was asked that question. Good for you Matt. Hopefully he never goes back to what he used to be.

This interview has done nothing to change my opinion of the guy. Didn't he miss a lot of scheduled visits with his daughter?
And seriously with the "the truth of her parenting will come out"? Come on! The woman stepped up to raise your child. Something you are certainly not doing. Does the guy pay child support? An if he does, is he caught up with 2 years worth of child support?
And it's not like I'm defending Alex, she has a lot she needs to work on but at least she seems hard working. She does everything to support her daughter and seems to be very loving towards her.
I'm just sick of those fathers who do nothing but bash the mothers of their children when they are no better themselves.

I feel the same way. Why do you think she's so smart and happy, Matt? Alex must be doing something right, because it's not like you've been raising her.

It's easy to say the right things. But he still gets just as caught up in the drama as Alex does, and he has missed a ton of supervised visits. He's no paragon of maturity. Alex, despite her flaws, works hard and has been there for Arabella since day one.

He sounds like he's really matured. Hope he can stay out of trouble and that he and Alex will be able to coparent successfully soon. Love that he didn't trash Alex the way she would have trashed him, though he is not completely innocent in trashing her as we have seen on Twitter. Keep it up, Matt.

I liked all of this until I got the part of about "the truth about alex's parenting" implying that it is bad. Such a catty thing to say when she stepped up while his ass was in rehab. I see his fiance talk crap on Alex which is completely uncalled for. Glad to hear he is clean though but I did read somewhere (I think Alex posted it) he missed 3 visits. It sounds all well and good but we'll see. Glad he is finally working too.

I am happy he got off drugs and that he wants to be in his child's life..BUT when you and the mother if you're child don't get along and she does not like you..trying to co parent with you're spouts is not a good idea. In his interview he says "Lakota and I are read to coparent". Lakota at this point should not have anything to do with matt trying to repair his relationship with Alex and Arabella.

*spouse stupid auto correct

I read on Alex's Twitter the fiance was trying to force a friendship and I don't blame Alex for not wanting it. Step off bitch! It's not your child.

If they are going to get married then Alex needs to respect that because when it's time for Alex to get married she is going to tell Matt that he's just gunna have to deal with it. They don't need to be friends but they should at least be cordial to one another.

Completely agree. BUT they aren't married yet and neither of them have a relationship with the little girl or the mother. Matt needs to get Alex to at least communicate with him first. This whole situation is messy and yes I am sure Alex is being immature about it but trying to have you're spouse who the mother of you're child doesn't like trying to butt in and get the relationship better will not work.

Matt is co-dependent on Lakota. He spends all of his time with her and he had her go with him to the courthouse. I get that you need a support system, but Matt needs to understand that Alex has lost her picture perfect image of a family. Trust me - I don't like Alex...I'll say it again, she has developed unhealthy behaviors as a result of her anger and unwillingness to compromise. Sure, a lot of this came from Matt's struggle with addiction, but does anyone believe she was actually a sweet, non-stuck up girl before? Probably not.

Still, Matt constantly dragging Lakota around to visits with Bella is like he is throwing it in Alex's face. His comment about "Lakota and I are ready to co-parent, but we understand if Alex is not." Um, no. First of all, that sounded condescending. Second of all, Lakota is not Bella's mom. Alex is. Matt and Alex need co-parent. Lakota does not need to be involved whatsoever.

Plus, I lost respect for Lakota when she was bragging about getting into a physical altercation with the lawyer. Um, really? And she wants to be a psychologist? That's 8 years of school, doll.

Matt and Alex need parent therapy. Alex needs individual therapy too.

I don't know much about these people (mostly because I didn't watch TM3 and this Alex girl seems to have a lot of drama from what I can see on the blogs), but co-parenting can be a really long process to get to a comfortable point for all parties involved. It is really dependent on the situation. These people sound like they can't even remotely communicate like adults, so I'm going to say it may take years. And that is okay. Trying to rush or force feelings will not work. It will backfire or make the feelings worse which may lead to possible issues in the future. As far as the dad's fiancee goes, if he is really committed to a changed life and fatherhood and to his relationship/marriage, then she should be involved. That may take time. That is okay. But, co-parenting is not easy and if you have support from a spouse, then I say use it. When you marry or commit to a partner that has a child, you commit to that child too. It's important that the fiancee develops her own bond with the child so they can exist as a blended family. These guys need to take notes from Leah and co. They do a super amazing job at co-parenting with everyone involved (parents, step parents, grandparents, everyone!).

I didn't watch TM3 either, but have listened to the interviews Matt has done on the radio, hence why I said the things I did about Lakota.

From my understanding, Alex is still basically in love with Matt. The relationship deteriorated and Alex treated him like crap. That led to Matt dating someone else who he is now engaged to. The entire time, I think Alex thought they would break up and her and Matt would reconcile.

If you listen to Matt speak and Alex interpret, it is off. He is still a teenager and sometimes words things in weird ways. Alex tends to look for BS, so then she complains. It is a damaging cycle. Matt attacks her and claims he is retaliating. She attacks him and claims she has the right to because he abandoned her. He claims she put him down a lot, she says he put her down. See where this is going?

Now, add in the new girl who is a teenager herself. That's why I say she needs to back down and let Matt and Alex learn how to parent. Matt seems like the type who heals by reliance - whether that be on drugs or through relationships. So be it, but Alex needs to heal from her picture perfect family being shattered. Trying to get all three of them to interact isn't going to work until Alex can heal and they can both learn to communicate effectively.

Lekota doesn't go to the visits, and why those 3 visits were missed varies depending on who's talking. We will never know the whole truth about it. His visits were just reinstated as of friday, because the court never took them away. Alex did. From what I've gathered though, Matt has something on Alex. Something big. I don't know what he's waiting for, but I'm dying to know what it is.

So he lives with the fiance's parents? I mean that's fine but if they ever break up seems like he'd be screwed. Still has a lot of growing up to do but glad he is not using anymore.

Yeah it seems like his newfound sobriety is highly dependent on his fiancée and her family. If something goes wrong, does he have a support system independent of his girlfriend to keep him sober and strong? I'm sure falling off a cliff and almost dying was a huge wake up call for him but I'd rather see him maintain sobriety while single than piling all the responsibility onto the strength of his relationship with his fiancée.

I know he had his problems but I feel like he has really matured and grown up. Now I hope that Alex can do the same.. She is always bashing him publicly (not say he is perfect by any means)which is completely inappropriate to do to the father of your child because at some point Arabella is going to see it. Matt used to do the same as well but has clearly gotten past that point.

She is a single mom working hard to make a life for her and her daughter but she is very immature and really needs to take step back and realize how her words and actions now will affect there daughter later down the line.

I see Alex at some free time this weekend.

In all seriousness, I have nothing about parody account it's funny like @teenmom2clowncarvag (where that one go ??!) @Doutwitkenzie, @Debrabags or @babsevansmtv, but when it's an account that is made purposely to hate on someone and tag them in your agressive tweets i'm less of a fan. I mean this person is doing side by side picture of Dolph ex-girlfriend ? And for what ? Dolph have like nothing to do with Matt and Lekota. For me it's plain cyber bullying , and i suspect it was made by one of jenelle's goon because they talk/tag way more Jenelle than any other TM.

I used to really like mad until I tired of his holier than Alex attitude and his half ass attempts at being the bigger person yet sneakily throwing jabs at Alex and bashing her as much as she bashes him. Also, when will he get it through his thick skull that he needs to leave lekota out of anything concerning his and Alex's daughter. That's probably a big reason why she isn't so willing to co parent with him, because he keeps trying to include lekota in that equation, rubbing salt in Alex's wounds. Alex is far from perfect but I'd be bitter too if the man I wanted to be a family with went AWOL for a yet and then showed up with a fiancé and a sudden desire to see his child. (And the sudden desire came about around the time teen mom 3 started). He needs to stop fucking talking about Alex. Just stop. It doesn't help.

I am so like wtf at his decision to get married and have a child in a year or two with lekota. Like he's twenty years old. Wtf is the rush especially when he's barely a father to Arabella. Maybe he has the desire to be a father but sending off checks every now and then and visiting her every couple of weeks for like two hours does not make him a father. Why the fuck are you thinking about having kids when you still have a long way to go with the one abandoned for the first years of her life?

Oh, hey Alex!

So he goofs off for 2 years, on and off drugs and missing visitations, not paying child support, but now that he is "clean and stable" he gets to be a condescending ass to Alex? That's bullshit. She has every right to be wary of him, he hasn't been a stable father and she is probably protecting Bella from being hurt by him. When you act like an asshole for the better part of two years, you have to earn back trust and respect slowly, you don't get to just decide you've changed and expect everyone to fall in line accordingly.

God I hate men that act like this. You effed up, she stepped up and took your place, you don't get to just take over your role again without proving yourself over time. Like it or not, he let Alex and arabella down when they needed him, and now he has to deal with the consequences. Tough luck, be a man and get your ass in gear dude.

Yes! Matt needs to work into it. He doesn't seem to acknowledge at all that it's his own actions that have put him in this position. Alex didn't make him do drugs, Alex didn't make him be an absent father. She has been raising their child, and he should have respect for that. She's smart not to just toss Arabella into his life the second he says he's changed...I'm sure she's heard that before.

Sure, she gets angry and she may not be the most mature person ever, but I am 100% on her side with this Matt situation.

He's just like Jenelle. He's been a fuck up, all but abandoned his child for quite some time, has a girlfriend he's codependently attached to that he wants to make babies with, and was on heroin. They both know how to talk a good game, but they don't back it up.

People think Jenelle should be banned from Jace, but Alex should accommodate Matt in Arabella's life. There's such a double standard between mothers and fathers.s

It's hard to hate on Matt. He's a drug addict, and he didn't want a kid in the first place. Yes, he should have taken precautions and wrapped it up, but he also not only supported the adoption by telling Alex that he wanted to give their daughter up, as well as the fact that he was hooked on drugs and not capable of raising a baby. Alex is a very angry person and she needs to get help, this situation is not healthy for her child or herself. During TM3 I always noticed how much more smart and mature Alex's younger siblings were compared to Alex and her mom ( and wondered how the heck that happened!)

So? Honestly, if he doesn't want to be a dad, he doesn't have to be. No one's going to force him to ever see his daughter if he doesn't want to. Alex shouldn't have to give up her daughter because Matt didn't want her.

It's the in-and-out thing that's bothersome. Either be a dad all the time or stay out for good. I doubt Alex would be so angry if Matt didn't cause so much trouble. It's stressful to deal with a half-there parent, who says he wants to be there and calls you and everything, but then doesn't show up for visits.

So I mean, I find it pretty easy to hate on Matt. If he can actually get his act together long-term, that'd be awesome, but it hasn't really happened yet.

Would you rather he turned up to see his child while he was wasted on smack? After shooting up heroin? Probably not. He went away for a while, and got clean.
He also found someone that has supported him in getting clean and sober. So, I guess I am failing to see the issue here?

No, but he hasn't been clean for that long and has stayed clean by shacking up with a new girlfriend he'd probably fall apart without. I think he should show understanding of Alex's hesitations and stop bashing her parenting. And if he's so dedicated to being a parent, he should actually show up for all his visits.

Matthew has been clean for twenty one months and he was sober beforr Lekota. You know, when he was homeless, living in the woods. You should learn the full story.

@Morgan, you answered your own question there. He hasnt been clean for that long, so perhaps that is why he hasnt been showing up to visitations.

I would imagine he would be a much better role model for his daughter, visiting her being clean and sober.

Do you think Jenelle should have custody of Jace now that she's sober? Do you think she did a good thing by not taking care of him? Do you think she should get tons of access to Jace everytime she's clean for awhile? Just curious.

It's just my personal opinion that when you've screwed up so badly, and then want to talk shit about the woman who's been raising your kid, you shouldn't really get to just come waltzing back into the picture. But that's just my opinion as a single mom of a kid whose dad walked away. It sickens me that people think he's justified in what he's doing. It's just too personal to me, I guess, to know that if my son's dad were to come back and start bashing me online and wanting to be a dad, people would legitimately think that was awesome.

@Morgan - Matt isnt asking for custody of his child because he is clean and sober, he is asking for visitation rights to be able to see his child. This is what Jenelle has.

I'm sorry that you are in the situation you are, but I dont think you should let your personal experiences dictate the situation here. And to be fair, Matt hasnt really bashed Alex online (to the extent that she has to him, at least).

Lets just agree to disagree on this one.

I never said anyone was forcing him to be a dad. I also never said I like Matt, I said that it's hard to hate on him. That's my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

I don't believe him. He came across as saying all the right things, then fu<ked it all up by ending with that vague, snide comment. He's still a douche, and still very, very immature.

I just want to say that I am proud of Matt and his achievement to beat his addiction. He seems like a good guy and his daughter is beautiful keep up the great work and don't let anyone make you feel like your a bad person. And one more thing let he follow you on twitter.