Josh and Mackenzie welcome their baby girl!

mackenzie douthit

Last night, Mackenzie was admitted to the hospital, and today she and Josh have welcomed their first daughter into the world.

Angie Douthit, Mackenzie's mother, kept people updated on the day's events via Twitter and Instagram, which gave us a little bit of a timeline on how things went down.

Last night, Angie shared the following picture around 7:00, which is the last belly picture we'll see of Mackenzie's pregnancy.


This morning, Angie shared some pictures of Josh, Mackenzie, and Gannon, who were all preparing for the arrival of baby McKee.

babymckee1 Mackenzie and her mom take a picture together before Mackenzie heads back for her C-section.

babymckee2 Josh holds Gannon before heading into the operating room to be with Mackenzie

babymckee3 Gannon is ready for the arrival of his baby sister!

A couple hours after Angie stated that Mackenzie was going back for her C-section, In Touch released a story giving a few details of the baby's arrival, including the name of the couple's daughter. Mackenzie and Josh decided to name her Jaxie Taylor McKee.

Jaxie is in honor of Mackenzie's grandfather, Jack, who passed away shortly after Gannon was born, and Taylor happens to be Mackenzie's middle name.

There are currently no pictures of the baby, but all seems to be going well for both Jaxie and Mackenzie.


Here's a picture of Josh and Mackenzie with baby Jaxie, which Angie Douthit shared on Twitter.


Update #2:

Here's a better picture of Jaxie. Mackenzie's friend, Jordan, posted this one to Instagram today.


Jaxie was born at 12:43 pm on February 7, 2014. She weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches long.

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I'll say it again, what the hell is up with that name?! Parents need to realize that their kids are stuck with these names forever. Jaxie sounds like a dogs name. It's sweet that they wanted to honor her grandfather, but they could have found a better name to do it with. Anyway, I hope mom and baby continue doing well since Mackenzie took such poor care of herself while pregnant, that's no fault of the baby.

doesnt jenelle have a dog named jax?

My dogs name is Jax and sometimes when he's being a turd, I call him Jaxie. I agree, for a child, the name is no bueno!

I'm from the UK and Jacksy (same pronunciation) is actually a slang term for your ass lol.


I'm from the UK too, and actually laughed out loud when I heard that she called her baby Jaxie hahaha. I don't understand it's in honour of her Grandfather, Jaxie is nothing like Jack! Hahahaha poor baby.

I agree. The gesture is sweet, but really? Jaxie? What's wrong with something like, IDK, Jacqueline! (Jackie)? Even if they wanted to call her Jaxie as a family nickname or something that would be fine as long as she one day use a professional name. Then again, Gannon isn't any better.

I totally agree! I think Jax is gaining popularity as a boys name because of a character in a show, sons of anarchy maybe? I just can't picture an adult jaxie and it's almost guaranteed she'll constantly have to tell people her name isn't Jackie. Or maybe not tell people, I dunno, I'd rather be Jackie. Haha

Jax - Vanderpump Rules

Jax Teller rocks my world. Jaxie... not sure I'm feeling that so much, although her heart is in the right place.

If she wanted to honor her grandfather names Jack the baby could have been named Jacqueline and be called Jackie for short. The baby could have even just been named Jackie. Well at least she didn't name her Zelda I guess.

Totally agree! Also, would it have killed them to smile or not hide their face in their hands?!? When my dad got home from work early because my mom called him and told him its time, the baby wants out now, my dad said my mom had this HUGE permanent grin that NEVER left her face for days because she was SOO happy to meet me! Mackenzie looks like she's gonna hit the next person who talks to her. Josh looks like he would rather be anywhere else and come back after it's done!

I would think Jack(lyn) or something similar would be better than Jaxie....I agree it sounds like a dog or pet name...poor kid.

Jaxie. Because Jackie and Jacqueline are WAY too crazy!

I was about to say the same thing.

And Jacklynn wasn't crazy enough!

Hey guys, come on. It could be worse, right?

What if she thought she would be cute and name her Jackolantern? Jacquedaniel? Applejax? Crackerjaxie? Jaxiroo? Jaxasse? Jaxiepot? Hijaxie?

With those other choices, maybe she got easy? Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? Jaxie, what the hell is that?

Actually, now that I think about it...Jaxipad? Too far? Okay, I'll stop.

Jaxie. Oy vey.

Could have done Jacqueline...nickname Jackie. Jaxie I don't know...but hey it's not my kid. I just feel sorry for her. I'm glad she's doing ok though. Honestly she needs to stop having kids with how risky it is her for her and the child. I hope she doesn't pawn this one off on her parents like she constantly did with Gannon. Josh seems more alert which is good, hope he has stepped up.

Yes, I agree..Jackie would have been perfect to honor her grandfather Jack. But she must not like that name or thinks it's too common. Jaxie is kind of autocorrect keeps changing it to That's my dogs name.

I read that the doctors told Mackenzie that she shouldn't have a pregnancy over the age of 21 because of her Type 1 Diabetes. It gets riskier. I guess she will be pregnant again by this summer!

I kinda like the name but maybe its pronounced as "Jackie"? I'm also surprised at it though. I know its to honor her grandfather, and such but I would've thought that they would have picked something more..."country" for lack of a better term.

I thought they were gonna do another "G" name. What if she had spelled it "Gaxie?" Haha. I know somenone that almost named their baby girl "Gentry," which has a very country sound to it. I wouldn't have been surprised if Mackenzie had picked that name.

Jaxie, oh well could be worse. She'll prolly go by "Jack" if Mackenzie goes by "Mack," but she can always go by her middle name when she's older.

That baby needs to change her name to Taylor as soon as she can write!

That first pic could be used as a teen pregnancy prevention advertisement.

IKR..she got REALLY big and is a tiny girl so that must have been tough. But when you have diabetes you have big babies. That's why Gannon came early and I think he was 10 lbs..thank God for C-sections!

I'm surprised we haven't even seen any C section scars from Gannon. Unless she always poses to hide them, or she just is so young they aren't that prominent.

Yea I never noticed scars. And after she had Gannon she went right back to cheerleading and her body seemed to bounce right back. Even in her pregnant pic she looks like her pants are a size zero under her belly.

I had a c section with my first. I was also small with a big baby (almost 9 lbs, not quite ten). The scar is usually low enough that it cannot be seen even when in a bikini.

We have a muscle called the transverse abdominal muscle. It often splits during pregnancy...hers like like its going to. Hope she knows the proper exercises and doesn't go crazy with crunches. She could end up with a hernia. If you see some photos of Farrah, her abs seem to kind of pooch out and she appears to have a hernia. Guys can split the muscle to from not being careful during exercise.

I like the name ! Congrats to the Mckees!

We all know Heather Clouse is outside the hospital room monitoring Mackenzies bowel movements and collecting her hair and bodily fluids to keep in a locket

Its scary but i wouldnt be suprised if heather actually did visit her in the hospital. Shes probably planning her son and jaxies future wedding right now

Heather totally thumbed me down bahahaha

Your name made me laugh so hard.. I was actually just wondering how she ever understands him without subtitles to help her out.

I found it funny that in all her articles about the baby, HC called her "princess G" like she was so in with Mackenzie and then she named her with a J.

Strange name but at least she has a normal middle name which she can always go by instead. Congrats to them.

I know I'll probably get hated on for this but I actually think the name is cute!

Not a big fan of mackenzie but im glad her and jaxie are healthy and doing well.

I didn't expect............ I felt fairly certain that either both or at least one wouldn't be well...... How do these immature CHILDREN keep ending up with healthy babies? How is that fair?? Why, universe? Why are so many beautiful, wonderful, amazing people unable to conceive or carry to term???

Why the fuck would you wish that her child was unwell just because she isn't (in your opinion) deserving of a child?
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how your post sounds.


Jaxy/Jacksie is a valid scrabble word

It means buttock

I shit you not

OMG! You should tweet that to Mackenzie. So THAT'S why no one else uses that as a name...they did the research.


*facepalm* please, I hope someone tells her,and that she considers changing it.....if that's even something she'd consider right now (a big hairy process, but could be worth it to do right away)

Hate me all you want... The name is awful and that baby isn't cute at all. If you say all babies are cute you are a liar.

Haha of course down votes from Mack's little fan club.

Ha! She's really not cute. I thought Gannon was an ugly newborn too though, and he's gotten really cute with age. Most newborns are ugly IMO.

Right! I never said she wouldn't grow into her looks. I just stated at this stage she's not cute. Most newborns look like a sack of potatoes. lol

Yes, and I think she looks squished because she was stuffed in Mackenzies little body. Can't wait to see how she looks as she gets older.

Yeah, Gannon was awfully weird looking as a newborn. Then he got cuter, and looks completely different.

I thought Isaac was a hideous baby. But now that he has hair and seems to have grown into his face a little more, he's pretty damn adorable.

The beauty of a newborn is so much beyond how they look, it's what they represent. It shows a lot of immaturity and superficiality to say "newborns are ugly." It's just a comment that proves or communicates absolutely nothing of importance. Wasn't there an unwritten policy not to talk bad about the kids on this site?

It's not immature to state the truth. I said the baby isn't cute. Big deal. She's not. It's immature to lie to someone and tell them what they want to hear so you don't look like the bad guy.
Blah blah blah talk to me all you want about "the beauty of a newborn" I have two kids of my own so I know all about it.

Only last thing I have to say. "Ugly" is a perception, not necessarily a "truth."

WilliamBo it would be my truth because it's MY opinion. Get over it already.

It's your truth because it's your opinion? Do you even have ANY idea what you just said? Durrrrr.

It's not that deep.

Most newborns are not very cute, but saying it is still a little rude. She's not any less cute than every other newborn.

Like I said, hate me all you want. I'm a firm believer in telling the truth and not lying so I don't look like the bad guy. The baby isn't cute. Simple as that. There are actually some pretty cute newborns. But most, like Jaxie (WTF kind of name is that anyway), look squished and funny looking. Which of course they would after being squished in the womb for so long.

In all honesty though, i don't think Gannon is the least bit cute. I'm sure with a drug addict father, a needy attention craving mother and pretty much being raised WITH their mother rather than BY their mother, these kids will have many more issues than their looks!

AMEN and hallelujah to that! Gannon (the yogurt baby) and Jaxie (ass baby - ps I hope like hell they realize this and change the poor kid's name) are in for a tough life with the parents they've been born to. Sad.

Who Gannon? or "Jaxie?" hahaha

LOL. Dude. At least you've got the balls to state your opinion.

I think she looks cuter in the second pic. It looks like her features are more pronounced in the second one. In the first pic, she looks squished and bleh.

I remember when my cousin's wife gave birth to her daughter. She is also diabetic and her girl was over 10 lbs. Not a cute kid in the slightest and people jumped on me for saying it. Of course, I wouldn't have written it on FB and I made the comment to my parents and other cousins, but seriously? This is a comment site. State your opinions and deal with it. Some newborns are cute and some aren't.

In other news, did anyone read where Mackenzie posted that the devil was attacking her relationship with Josh? Don't even get me started, though...

I tried to reply to this earlier but I guess it didn't post. Sorry if it shows up later and there's two of these now:

I've noticed that super religious people who put themselves in shitty situations always seem to blame "the devil" for their problems. Like that woman that made it very clear that she didn't want Mackenzie on her property and Mackenzie showed up anyway and then went on and on about how she met the devil in real life (and also about how the woman was fat because that obviously invalidates her right to tell swine to get the hell off their property.) Does anyone deserve violence? No. But you can't claim you saw the devil because someone told you they would beat you if you trespassed and then proceded to make good on their claim. Just like the idea that it's not "the devil" interfering with her marriage but perhaps the fact that she is annoying as hell and her husband can't stand her. It's not anything THEY need to work on as a couple. It's satan. I'm not ragging on people with faith. At all. I think prayer can be extremely cathartic. But you can't just say, "LOLZ SATAN OMG!" and expect anything to magically get done. God forbid that girl take any responsibility for her risky behavior.

Well she looks thrilled.

She does Not look happy at all!!

I half like the name...
I think the other names you guys came up with were much better and neutral choices.
If i was jaxie id go with jax, kind of a tough idependent name (ot at all like mom)or Taylor if she wants to be girly.

Sorry for typos my phone makes this stuff impossible

I don't like the bow. It's bad enough when people put flowers bigger than the head on their small children but the picture would be so much cuter if the newborn was all natural. There is time enough for bows later.

I agree some newborns look like aliens..but not Jaxie..shes cute! She looks like shes 2months old

She doesn't even look happy. She looks sad. I was beaming when I held my newborn!

I'm not sure what's up with younger parents these days and the obscure names. Personally, I don't care for either children's names (but I'm more prone to the "classic" names, not the "unique" ones). Congratulations to their families for the newest baby addition, though.

As far as newborns looking funny... it's usually true! My fiance and I crack up at photos of him as a newborn (some have brought me to tears... his expressions were priceless) and our son. I think every newborn kind of goes through that awkward "I just came out of a womb and down a birth canal" phase. Makes for great, funny memories, though! Doesn't make any baby less precious or ugly, just a squishy, funny newborn!

Also, I'm marveling this girl's genes with a belly that big and having a previous pregnancy with a 10 lb. baby!

I had small babies so I never got the funny squished look. But if I had I'd probably laugh about them too. I never said that her kid is going look "ugly" for her whole life. Just that right now she's not cute. Who knows. In a few days she could be cuter than baby North. Buuuuut people get butthurt when you don't think one of their 16&P or TM role model's babies aren't cute right out of the womb.

I'm not knocking you! You have a right to your opinion. I don't think she's an ugly baby, but someone else could. But, who cares, ya know? She's loved and has a big brother to protect her. I'm just surprised this girl could make it 37 weeks with her inability to understand nutrition, it sounds like. I'm a bit of a health nut, so it's baffling to me why you'd compromise yourself or baby. I hope she works on nutrition more post-pregnancy. It's just as important to keep up your balanced diet then too!

Oh I never thought you were! I was just saying. lol
I was surprised she made it that far too. I was in shock she got pregnant again on purpose knowing her health issues and that she can never keep her levels leveled because of the crap food she eats. Hopefully with age she learns.

Look at her face holding that baby? She loves the idea and attention of a baby more than she loves the baby. Sorry to say it but poor little macks momma raised her and gannon both, mack isn't prepared to actually have to do something! Not to mention she is OBVIOUSLY miserable.

Wow they both look just plain MISERABLE holding that baby! How sad :( these two are a train wreck

That is an awful name. I absolutely hate boy names for girls. Jax is a boys name. Jackie would have been a much better way to honor her grandfather.

But, glad her and the baby are healthy, that's the most important thing.

She's adorable and I know someone who named their daughter Dylan *facepalm*

That is one cute chubby baby. When I picked out my kid's name I tried to make sure it would sound ok if he wanted to be president one day. Hard to be president Jaxie.

The second picture of jaxie is cute she has a cute little nose. But yea the name is just as awful as Gannon. Wasn't expecting them to pick a pretty name anyway I remember in 16&pregnant they liked the name!? Cute little baby tho.

Jaxie? Barf. Taylor is my daughters middle name so :-)

Why not go with Jacqueline?

Why not Jaxee, like Aubree and Paislee?

BUCKSHOT!?? Lol I don't remember that but that's hysterical! I guess Jaxie isn't so bad after all...

It was Buckshot for a boy and Doeshot for a girl haha.

Jaxie???? Wtf? Seriously. Almost worst than Keiser.

Cant say anything about names I have 6 year old twins trenton and kenton. My mom sis and coworkers thought they were horrible names but I loved then (still do) I think there cute little boys names then where there adults they can go by trent and kent. Cant judge on ppls names. Oh my my sister named her little girl zoey ugg i hated it but then again not my baby.

You absolutely can judge names and, like it or not, people do it all the time. Which is why parents should have some consideration for their kids when choosing a name.

In fact, Mackenzie says she credits Jaxie’s birth for saving her relationship.
“Jaxie saved my marriage with Josh and kept our love alive,” she tells In Touch. The two were married in August 2013.
“God’s timing is not always our timing, but He always knows best.”

Trap baby alright.
She hasn't even been married a year and her marriage has already needed saving? These two are never going to make it and the kids are just collateral damage. You can't just get knocked up every time you hit a bump in the road and pray that a baby will fix everything.

Just like Leah! No matter how many husbands and babies they have nothing can change the one huge problem they have, THEIR SELF! They both look sooooooo miserable, even when faking smiles for the tabloids and their husbands both threaten divorce often! They are a lost case.

you know, I saw that article too, and I was like uh-oh lol. She should have realized after having Gannon that a baby won't make someone love you or fix a bad relationship, it might make the person feel obligated to be around you for a little while, (and act annoyed and emotionally removed the entire time like Josh). To me her maturity level showed in that comment. Every sentence she speaks in articles has "god" in it too, I will never knock someone for having faith but it almost sounds like her mother is in her other ear telling her what to say or something.

Actually she got pregnant in May or early June, 2013. She and Bronco-Riding Boy got married at the courthouse in June, then had the "big" wedding in August. So she basically got knocked up in order to "save" their relationship, ie force him to put a ring on it. So how can the baby "save" a marriage if one isn't even married when one gets knocked up? She makes Chelsea look smart, and that's not easy to do!

"Mom, what are ulcers?"
"What's bull semen?"
"Why is it so hard to get someone to love me?"

Oh yes, she's a real genius that one. And now she's got a baby named after the buttocks. Classy!

But guys, the devil was attacking their relationship! That's why they were almost to the point of divorcing, the devil! L.O.L. sorry, I think even he would have better things to do with his time than target an already rocky at best relationship between two people with less combined brain cells than a rock.

When I saw the devil comment, I immediately thought of this picture:

I was like the devil is attacking marriages now? That's it, we're screwed.

By the way, after that comment, she made a statement like her praying knees are always sore or something. Um, I think with three pregnancies and two kids by 21 indicates her knees are sore for reasons entirely other than praying.

What's wrong with people you don't have a baby when things need fixing, you have a baby when it's the right time such as a stable home and job and a stable marriage. Bringing a baby into the world when your life is a mess just makes you look selfish especially when you claim it saved your marriage/relationship.

Why do you hate your children, Mackenzie? TERRIBLE NAMES.

I haven't viewed many mothers after C-sections, so I don't know for sure, and I'm not denying the amount of evidence there is to show that Mack is more interested in the attention and idea of a baby than a baby, but what if she is kind of groggy from waking up from anesthesia? I had anesthesia for a procedure once, and it took probably a half hour or more for me to be coherent or recognizing the world around me, not to mention stay awake, haha.

Mothers are not put completely under for c sections except in very rare emergency cases. They just give a spinal.

Actually my mom had a c-section and there wasn't any kind of emergency about it an they put her under. It was because her epidural did not get her numb enough when they were ready for surgery so that easily could have been the case here.

I had a C-section in 2012, and while I wasn't put under (I just had a spinal) I was still very groggy and out of it for awhile, after I had gotten back in my room.

You don't typically go under general anesthetic for a c-section unless it's an emergency or your doc decides it's necessary for some other reason. It doesn't seem to have been an emergency, considering she was admitted around 7 pm on the 6th and Jaxie was born after noon on the 7th. 17 hours is a long time to wait when something is wrong.

Oh, wow. I didn't know that they didn't put you fully under. Dang. I assumed so with it being such major surgery. I guess I do have a recollection of seeing some people on tv with curtains over them so they don't see the surgery.

Well, who knows what kind of health Mack was in when this took place, there definitely has been some concerns about it.

Ugh. So tired of teen parents giving their children these crazy names. Their immature brains think its unique and cool when in reality, youre just setting your child up for a lifetime of resentment against you. If they wanted to call her Jaxie that bad, they could have named her Jacqueline and nicknamed her Jaxie so the poor girl wont have to go through adulthood with a joke of a sad. Just another reason why teens shouldnt have babies.

It cracks me up when women get all dolled up for labor. I'm not hating, I just don't understand why that's a concern while you're preparing to deliver your child. Am I the only one?

I don't get it, either. Perhaps we can ask Kim Kardashian and her twenty-man glam labor squad for some insight.

Do you guys remember Farrah in labor? That girl had make up on to the nines, if I recall correctly. I don't get it either.

If I remember correctly Farrah even apologised to the Dr for looking at her crotch area, oh the irony! Hahaha

Imagine how many people Farrah would have to apologize to now for seeing her crotch?

I kind of like the name but I don't aswell... I like traditional names really. My son's called Isaac but I spelt it izak to make it a little different, jaxie is a bit "made up"
As for saying they look miserable josh is doing his stupid little smile and mackenzie is probably exhausted it looks more like an off guard photo than a posed one

Not to be a jerk, but misspelling a traditional name doesn't make it seem different or unique... it makes it look like the parent doesn't know how to spell.


No offense but changing the spelling of a name to make it look different just makes it look like u can't spell. Sorry.

I knew a kid named "Bently" his parents weren't that smart and would always get irritated when people spelled it the correct way (BentlEy). Ironic thing was that unless his parents his the lottery they will never be able to afford a Bentley. I don't get why someone would turn their child into a walking advertisement for something they don't own.

Saying the baby is not cute isn't that bad. It's not like it was said straight to Mackenzie, nor did anyone go to the extent of the TMT trolls. Not a big deal.
What was she thinking with the name Jaxie? I get it's supposed to be in honor of her grandfather, but it sounds more like a cutesy nickname instead of a name someone is going to have to carry for life. Even Izabel Rose, the other name she mentioned would've been better.
Lastly, does anyone not get a parent type vibe from both her and Josh? It's odd.

I love her miserable slutty teen face. And Josh's Why didn't I pull out hands in front of face look in the first picture.
Welcome to the world Jaxie! Your parents are obviously thrilled to meet you.

Well, it could have been way worse. She could always decide to go by Taylor. I kind of like the name, but then change my mind and don't. IDK, I'm confused... Now with all this 'sounds like a dogs name' talk, I just want another puppy to name Jaxie.

Sigh. If they really wanted to name the kid "Jaxie," they should have used it as a middle name and given him a normal first name. Way to start the kid's life off right by saddling her with having to deal with such a bizarre first name for the rest of her life. My poor fiance got stuck with a first name that he constantly has to explain because he was named after a family member. Also his last name is an unusual spelling of a common name, which always leads to problems.

There has been research done about how your name affects your status in life. People with made up or what are considered "low-class" names typically can't rise beyond a low station in life, where as people with traditional (biblical) names typically used by the elite tend to do better. Of course this isn't always the case, but why take put this burden on your child right from the get-go.

I've read about that too. Fair or not, a made-up or misspelled name causes people to view you as uneducated. I saw a study done that showed that employers are far more likely to give a job to someone with a "normal" name on their resume than someone with a nontraditional one, if the two are similarly qualified. Parents who choose these odd names aren't thinking in the long-term, they just think about cute names for a little baby.

My mom told me to put "President" and "Doctor" in front of any names I liked, and to never pick a name that didn't fit with those titles.

That's what I did with my son. Went with Caiden in the end but middle name of Scott just in case he wants something more formal.

I had a c section in 2011 I was really tired and my legs swelled up like balloons and had a blood clot that had to be pushed out of my stomach every hour where my scar was. So she just could be miserable I'm sure she is happy for her baby.

Where id she even hear this name at.really.all these young girls think that their children should be special so they give a little twist on names.just name her jackie.idk better that the one she chose

The only "different" names I like are cultural ones, like Maribel, Sadaf, Liu. Same goes with spelling, I understand Aleksander is the Russian spelling, or Cristobel is the Spanish spelling of Christopher. It's when one goes out of the way to be "innovative". If comes off as ghetto, regardless of ones ethnic background. Jacqueline would've been a beautiful name for this baby girl, instead she's been handed some drivel that pretty much translates to "booty butt cheeks". There are too many unique (to cultural Americans) names out there to name a child. Do everyone, especially the child a favor and give them one of them.

Obviously names change every so many years. There is not many people naming children Thelma or Henrietta anymore. Those are my grandmas names. Lol This is why not as many people are using the "traditional names"

I have a pretty common name. I hated being in a class with 3 other kids with the same name as me. My children won't have to go by last name at school but I'm not naming them something that others can't pronounce. Using x's in names right not is really popular. Her name isn't going to be weird in her generation. I'm not a fan of traditional names. As most in there early 20s are not. But I can agree some of the names people come up with are not my favorite. Like Ryder or Jaxie sound like pornstar names to me. Lol and right now the names

That posted before I was done but to be you can look up the most popular names in 2013 according to s.s. and I hate them all. The top names now are Sophia and Jacob. Yuck and yuck. No offense to anyone! Lol but those are names I would never name my child as I know 100s of them. I not naming my child after someone I know. Middle name will be after a family member but not the first.

I didn't want my daughter to have the same name as a bunch of other kids her age either, but still found a nice, "normal" name for her with the traditional spelling. I'm 21. I understand wanting a unique name for your kid that's modern, but there are ways to do it without using something completely off the wall. My name is traditional and well known, but I have never actually met another person with my name.
I didn't want my daughter to have to constantly tell people what her name was or spell it for them because we decided on something "unique". Like Kayden, for example. There was a couple that named their son Kay'den. Now that boy is going to have to spend his entire life explaining that there's an apostrophe in his name. I fully expect Jaxie to have to tell people that her name is not, in fact, Jackie, when she introduces herself.
I've seen people say that it shouldn't matter if Jaxy is british slang for butt/anus/booty/whatever because Mackenzie doesn't live in the UK. Maybe not, but American's love british TV (Sherlock, for example) and their slang is becoming more and more known in the US, so who is to say that in a few years Americans won't be saying jaxy.
I mean, it's their kid and they can name her whatever they want, but I still think it's pretty unfortunate. I 100% think they didn't share the name publicly beforehand because they knew they'd get a lot of flak for it. Luckily her middle name isn't trendy so she can always decide to go by that. It still stinks that Jaxie will have to be her official name on all her paperwork.

I'm a substitute teacher so I see a lot of kids' names daily, and it can be such a job going through a roll sheet. Plus when parents name their girls boy names sometimes I can't tell whether it is a girl or a super effeminate boy child. Lmao I had a little girl named David, that one really threw me off. My name is Devin so a lot of the time I will get mail addressed to "Mr. H" but some people get crazy with it. I like gender neutral names and they are a trend right now but yeah... it goes beyond that. Spellings are shitty too. Terrible phonics.

I love traditional names, any culture. Xiomara is a common one I see. Xochitl tongue tied me though lol. My kids will probably get some Revolutionary War era names lol

I saw this comment on starcasm and thought it may be plausible.
"Am I the only one who thinks she named her Jaxie as a cross between Josh and MacKenzie?? But she is saying it's a tribute to her grandfather so she doesn't look self centered and immature?"

I saw that too and think it's a definite possibility!

I don't love the made up names (like Gannon or Jaxie) but at least it has family meaning so that gives it a lot of points in my book. I probably would have gone with something like Jacquelyn and called her Jaxie, but what's done is done!

Cute pictures, I'm glad they are both safe. Uncontrolled diabetes and pregnancy do not mix. I hope this is the last child for them both for safety reasons and about 100 other reasons.