Mackenzie McKee Hits the Gym

mackenzie douthit


Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie McKee has always been pretty intent on maintaining a fit body, and it appears that even after having two children, her body is looking just as good as it was before she was pregnant.

Here's the deal, Mackenzie had her second child, a daughter named Jaxie, on February 7th.

That was a little over two weeks ago. The photo on the left is from the night before Jaxie was born, and the photo on the right is how she looks only two weeks after having her daughter.

Mackenzie posted the side-by-side comparison on her Instagram page yesterday, and also made a point to note that she has lost all of her muscle tone, but that her doctor gave her the green light to start working out again.

Mackenzie had a C-section, which is considered to be major surgery, just two weeks ago, and she's already back to working on her abs.

On Mackenzie's 16 & Pregnant episode, we saw her return to tumbling just 6 weeks after Gannon was born.

It seems that she's pushing her limits a little bit with the recovery time for this pregnancy.

Last week, Mackenzie shared that she was confused why it hurt to do a cartwheel, and later realized it was because she had been cut open just a week before.


Basically every website that I've looked at says that you should wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after a C-section to start exercising, especially your abdominal muscles, and I even saw one place that said you should try to avoid taking the stairs for nearly two weeks after a surgery like this.

We do know that Mackenzie has had some skeptical medical advice in the past, so I'm wondering if the same person who told her to start working on her abs, is also the person who told her that she wouldn't be able to have kids past the age of 21.

What are your thoughts on Mackenzie working out so soon after giving birth?

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she has been very irresponsible with her health before so I'm not surprised by this. On the other hand, wow, her tummy is back to normal like no one lived in there for 9 months.

She's going to end up hurting herself really bad. She could end up healing improperly... or maybe rip her sutures. Plus having big babies in a tiny body separates your transverse abdominis. If she's not careful with the workouts she's doing, she could split it further and end up with a big pooch and/or umbilical hernia. Basic ab workouts like crunches could cause that. There are some workouts you can do after giving birth, but definitely not reglaur ones.

I think I read somewhere that she's breastfeeding? That helps your uterus shrink pretty quick as it stimulates contractions. It also helps get rid of fat your body stores during pregnancy. Plus she's young. My first was almost 9 lbs and a csection, I breast fed and was back to looking "normal" after 2-3 weeks.

Sorry for typos. I'm on my tablet.

Okay, scratch that breastfeeding part. She doesn't look like she breastfeeds in that photo.

If she isn't breastfeeding then I just can't understand why a mother wouldn't breastfeed her children!?! That's so selfish and wrong to not breastfeed! If the baby won't latch on then put it in a bottle!!!! It really disturbs me when women don't breastfeed especially knowing how extremely beneficial it is for newborns!!!!!!!

It isn't selfish to choose not to breastfeed. My milk never came in so I didn't have the option to breastfeed. I was extremely upset about it at the time, but in hindsight I'm so glad that I couldn't. I mostly ate fast food at the time so my daughter wouldn't have gotten all the nutrients that her formula gave her. Also, every single breastfed baby/kid I know is sick a LOT. The formula fed kids I know are rarely sick. My daughter is almost 4 and just had her first ear infection and had a cold when she was 2, and that's it. I don't see a problem with breastfeeding, but there is nothing wrong with formula feeding.

I don't want to argue, but we had to stop breastfeeding because my daughter wasn't gaining weight. I realized the benefits, but after 2 1/2 mos she was teetering on the edge of being underweight. That's why you have 20 thumbs down!

Wow! Such an insensitive comment. When I had my first born he was born 4 weeks early. He had problems latching so breastfeeding was difficult. I used a pump so my newborn could get the benefits of breast milk, but eventually my body stopped producing milk. So I am sorry that it "disturbs you when women don't breastfeed", but there are times when it is simply not possible. Maybe you should think about other's situations before bashing them, because your comments can be hurtful to those who are/were unable to breastfeed.

My daughter was born with a metabolic disorder and couldn't metabolize protein. Until she was diagnosed at a week old, my breast milk was actually killing her. After that, she had to drink a special medical formula from, you guessed it, a bottle. So do NOT assume that all moms who choose to bottle feed are doing so because they are, in your opinion, "selfish".

Holy crap!

The only WRONG way to feed a baby is to NOT feed a baby. Whatever choices a mother makes to feed her baby (bottle, breast, formula, tube, syringe) is hers and hers alone (well, also the father's, if he's active in the child's life)! And this is coming from a lactivist.

Wow, I'm sorry I wasn't more specific and I'm TRUELY sorry if I offended the mothers that cannot breastfeed! I ONLY meant the mothers that COULD breastfeed and choose not to! Of course there's going to be circumstances where your child isn't getting enough nutrients or something. I ONLY meant this towards someone who would choose not to breastfeed so that they could get implants or because of how it will affect the looks of their boobs or something! I was directing this purely towards Mackenzie because I know she breastfed Gannon but people mentioned how she's possibly not breastfeeding Jaxie. I'm very sorry if you thought I meant anything other than that, it was not my intention. I hope you understand now and forgive me. I guess I need to be more specific.

And cheap! Or should I say FREE? Formula costs a lot.

@Courtney I'm sorry too, if it seemed like I was jumping down your throat or anything, that wasn't my intention. I guess it's a semi-sensitive subject for me, because I've been told many times because my daughter wasn't breastfed I must not care about her as much or I'm selfish, etc. I think their are pros and cons to both options (breast and formula) and it's just...frustrating to me when people DO put down mothers for formula feeding, even if it is by choice and not necessity. Moms have it hard enough as it is, we shouldn't be tearing each other down over differences in opinion, we should be supporting each other even if we wouldn't make the same choices. (Harmful choices aside, obviously.)

@Courtney: I completely understood what you intended with your statement. It was really frustrating to watch Farrah's 16 & P episode when she said she wasn't going to breast feed and her mom agreed with her that it would make her "boobs saggy." Even after her doctor told her it would be beneficial for as long as she could to breastfeed Sophia, Fartah didn't care. She said, "well doesn't breastfeeding make your boobs saggy?" and her doctor replied with, "No--PREGNANCY does that." I wanted to applaud that doctor. Although, I also felt really bad for Farrah when she was on the delivery room tour and her mom immediately shut her down for asking the nurse about the "gory details" of childbirth. That whole family is batshit.

I feel that if you can, and your baby can handle it, you should. No offense intended, but its the perfect food for your baby as it is made just for them. When I was pregnant with my first (at 16) I thought it was gross and weird. No one in my family breastfed. I met two lactation consultants who taught me everything I could possibly learn about breastfeeding. I changed my mind and never looked back.

I think its very sad for moms who can't and really want. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but sometimes we are wrongly told we are unable to. When I had my first, the nurses said she had jaundice and my milk supply was too low. They had already started giving her formula before I could say anything. I was so depressed. I was trying for a natural labor, had a csection, then they made me feel like I was unable to nourish my child. After about a week, I was able to exclusively breastfeed, but I questioned my supply for the rest of my time nursing. My daughter was growing and developing well, but I still had doubt because of what the nurses told me. My second also had jaundice. I had him with a group of midwives at a hospital because they were vbac friendly. I was never told my milk wasn't enough, my son was never given formula and the bilirubin flushed out of his system just fine. I think sometimes we're made to feel inadequate :-( and there's so much stigma attached to breastfeeding. Even three babies later, my family is still rude about my choice to breastfeed.

Zoe- I appreciate you apologizing and going back to read what I meant. I'm sorry for your situation and I never meant to insult or insinuate anything about your situation!
Rae- THANK YOU! Finally someone understands what I meant by my comment!!! Thank you for putting in into better words.
It's sad that I explain myself and my apology even gets a bunch of thumbs down.

@Zoe, sorry but I dont believe that for one second. Especially with (international) press about baby formula companies adding METALS resulting in deaths!
Perhaps you have your comment around the wrong way? That breastfed children are less sick?

Even in your apology, people who can breastfeed but don't are still selfish. You don't know those people or their lived. There are many reasons that people choose formula, some selfish and some not. But really, why should it matter to you as long as their babies are fed??

Of course, that was in reference to breast milk.

No one is right or wrong. People have the right to decide,it's none of your business either way.

OMG if she hurts herself, she better not run to twitter begging for sympathy and 'prayers' because she wont get any from me. She is such an irresponsible brainless twit. I can't with this girl anymore.

I'm seriously starting to think her "doctor" is actually Josh's 40% active cerebellum.

She already has two youngin's to blame for her premature loss of youth, abs, cheerleading scholarship, and emotional/syllabic distancing from her one true love, what's a hernia or two? ;)

Did she not learn her lesson last time she lied about what the doctor said and as a result he dropped her as a patient? I predict another doctor will be dropping her soon. I thought she was so likeable in 16 and pregnant. Immature? Sure. But seemed to be honest and a good person. I think she's getting dumber with age and I'm pretty sure she is batsh!t crazy.

My question is how does she even find the time for working out and doing cartwheels with a toddler and a newborn at home...

1. She doesn't work

2. Someone took all of her stuff so she doesn't have anything else to do (and Jaxie is still probably going au naturel as a result)

She's an idiot. She's going to end up separating her abdominal muscles.

I had my first c-section at 18, and I bounced back pretty quickly. My second c-section was at 22, and I was moving around more easily sooner, but I also retained more weight. My third was at 25 and I was damn near pain free by day 3, but I still wouldn't be working out! In addition, doing strenuous exercise and a limiting diet ruins your breastmilk supply and nutrition. (Or your milk takes the necessary vitamins and nutrients from your body, which wouldn't be any good for Mackenzie seeing as she treats her body like shit as is.)

Sidenote-- One usually isn't cleared for more than "light activity" (no lifting more than 10lbs, some walking, some stairs, no driving, no running, no abdominal workouts) until after the six week post-op check up. Whatever doctor Mackenzie is seeing is either a figment of her imagination or is Dr. Google. There's not a reputable doctor I can think of that would okay tumbling at two weeks postpartum! Of course, I don't know of any side effect of diabetes that causes a woman's uterus to self destruct at 21, but I digress...

I wonder if her doctor cleared her for stuff like kegels and she didn't understand.


When I was 1 week postpartum I picked up my 23 pound niece and caused a prolapse that is still bothering me almost 3 years later. It's not a terrible one, just makes you feel like everything is going to 'fall out' constantly. That was light activity and look what that did.

yikes :/ after a c section?

She is dumb and is going to do more harm than goods. She will never have a six pack again.

If doing something hurts after major surgery- that's your body telling you to stop doing it. Don't need a medical degree for that one.

She is too stupid for life!

She can't fry an egg or work a washing machine. She cannot manage brittle diabetes. She cannot sit still after major surgery. She cannot attend the rodeo without notifying thieves (via social media) about what day and time her house will be vacant. She cannot exploit her gymnast skills in order to earn a college cheerleading scholarship because McK STAYS PREGNANT. She cannot master birth control. (Forget abstaining from sex. She can't.)

Her parents raised the dumbest girl in OK. Gannon worries constantly about his own basic survival. The newborn baby girl has grandma and all local authorities on speed dial, bless her heart.


Don't even know what to say about that. I cannot fathom how this girl manages to function on a daily basis. Half the sh!t coming out of her mouth makes zero damn sense. The rest is just blabbering nonsense.

She also didn't know what ulcers were. She's about to learn two new words: "prolapse" and "hernia".

Ok now that explains the 3 pregnancies! I guess she thought Josh's penis was crying and shedding tears, not semen.(Likely over their faux abstinence) :P

And that is what we call a FREAK OF NATURE!!!!

I agree that it is WAY too soon for her to be working out. And knowing her she's not doing low impact aerobics...shes doing back flips and cartwheels as she stated. Can someone please ADVISE this girl!

So she eats like she isn't diabetic, exercises like she hasn't had a c-section and thinks like she doesn't have a brain...

LOL Pretty Much!

...and has sex like there is no semen, because she doesn't know what that is!

Who was the girl that posted, "I have boobs now"? Didn't one of the girls just get breast implants? I swear I thought it was Mackenzie. So now I'm confused how she could be breast feeding. Or am I thinking of the wrong girl?

I'm pretty sure I remember reading that it was Mackenzie who said that.

Mackenzie did say that about 2 days after her daughter was born, likely because her supply came in. And even if she did have implants, she could still breastfeed. Lots of women have been succcessful breastfeeding with implants.

I know from experience that you can breastfeed with implants BUT I was just confused on why she would get implants WHILE she's in her breast feeding phase!!! I don't know what Dr. would put implants in a woman who just gave birth and is deciding to breastfeed. Usually you get them done after you've stopped breastfeeding. My question was if Mackenzie got implants. (Or was she just saying she has boobs now because they are filled with milk?) I swear I read she was getting implants though!

I'm pretty sure she was just talking about her milk coming in and her breasts swelling.

Oh ok thank you for clarifying that! Thanks for responding too, people are so quick to thumbs down when all I was doing was asking a question!

I heard she lied about her doc saying that, she must realize how trashy it is to have had 3 pregnancies at the grand age of 19 .. wouldn't be bad if one of them had a real job but they don't. I feel for these girls, a lot have had tragic up bringings but that does not excuse them planning pregnancies they are not ready for because that makes the children suffer, that is not right.

With her idiocy and health habits, she's going to be lucky to survive until her kids are preteens and Josh is brain dead so those poor children.

Good lord this girl is dumb.

Seriously. I don't know how this girl has enough brain matter to breathe under her own power. If her dr really says this crap they must get their license revoked ASAP. I can't think of a single physician that would say it was ok for a woman to work out less than 8 weeks after caeserian.

I'm sorry, I can't believe that a doctor would advise Mackenzie to do such a thing. That's ridiculous. She really has no regard for her health, does she? Normally I wouldn't care, but she has two little ones under the age of 5 that need her (despite her going off "tumbling" and pawning them off on "Saint" Angie).

I think Mackenzie might have a mild form of body dysmorphic disorder because homegirl might eat sugary things- but she works out CONSTANTLY. Not that there's something wrong with wanting to be fit- but she's not even overweight by any means! She couldn't wait a month or so until an actual doctor gave her the green light to work out normally again? I think she's obsessed with being the "ideal country girl cheerleader" who is "short and thin" without even thinking about her health or her children- so sad.

I think she could have BMD too. Especially considering she "forgot to eat" during pregnancy.

shes afraid if she doesn't have that rock hard body Josh will go from paying little attention to her to none at all

Stan, my thoughts exactly.

Seriously. When she got in that fight with the woman whose property she trespassed on looking for Josh, she not only called her the devil multiple times but referred to the woman's size in just about every sentence. She plays up the "poor little me" angle all the time. Is it wrong to fight a pregnant chick? Yes. It's wrong to fight almost anyone. But we also know that Mackenzie tends to exaggerate and downright pull things out of her ass to gain sympathy. If someone's a violent jackass, fine. But they're not a violent jackass because they're fat.

Apparently there is a way to use insulin wrong to suppress appetite and someone commented on another post that mackenzie could possibly do that. Then she could 'blame' her fainting spells on not being able to maintain her blood sugars when really she is messing with her doses. I am not saying this is correct but it does make sense. I asked my friend who has type 1 diabetes and he said it could be possible, but it would be very tricky and take careful planning. Therefore it would also be possible that mackenzie stuffs hers up all the time. Dumb as rocks.

Oh god I hope that's not the case. I'm somewhat intelligent and I don't think I could do the math to diet via insulin abuse. Plus, she uses one of those insulin pills with the dial-a-dose thing and can't even give herself her own shots (or at least that's what we saw on TM3 during her fast food restaurant anniversary date with Josh.) Hopefully, it's just a case of a genetically tiny 19 year old with an insane metabolism and magically shrinking uterus.

I had an emergency c-section and it took more than 3 weeks before I could even blow my nose without excruciating pain. Since her c-section was planned and it's her second one, I can understand why her recovery would be easier, but there's no way a doctor would recommend hitting the gym so soon. Unless she's doing the lightest of light cardio, she could risk internal bleeding.

Not only that but she was also pregnant for 9 months. Babies do a lot of damage! This girl's organs are still not shifted back into their proper place. This is why you need to have your doctor do an internal exam before giving you the okay to start working out again. They didn't just make up this rule for no reason.

I know someone who got right back on her horse 1 or 2 weeks after having her baby. She totally messed up her bladder. 10 excruciating months later, she is finally having surgery to correct her stupidity. If only she had just listened to her doctor (and the rest of us who told her it was too soon) instead of trying to prove how tough she is...

Mackenzie is just a baby having babies. She is mature on a teenager's level. Give her another 10 years... Things will be waaaay different.

Not to mention she has diabetes! It takes diabetics longer to heal!!

Dr. Quack told her she has to get in shape for baby #3 (pregnancy 4 or 5?) Because she needs to have it ASAP before diabetes shuts her ovaries down haha

Well it's not like she's even average intelligence. Her looks are all she has, she's gotta take care of them!

If having a flat tummy means having 2 kids by 19 when I cant even feed myself properly, ill take my FUPA with a smile. Seriously, lauding an athletic teenager for being an athletic teenager? Call me when shes upwardly mobile after some vocational training/college.

I had my gallbladder removed a few months ago and had strict instructions to not lift anything over 10 pounds and no exercising for 6 weeks. That was a minor surgery compared to a c-section. I cannot imagine a doctor giving her the "green light" for exercising. She could really mess up her muscles or cause a hernia. Home girl needs a reality check or a brain implant.

I had my gallbladder out shortly before my daughter turned one. Between my mom and my husband, I had someone at home with me to lift our daughter/help out for almost two weeks. One evening shortly after my mom had left for the night and right before my husband got home, my daughter woke up screaming so I had no choice but to pick her up and comfort her. You would think that two weeks out, the pain would be minor/non-existant. Let me tell you, I felt pain in muscles I didn't even know existed. I don't know how this half-wit is managing to walk without pain, let alone tumble.

I had a laparoscopic gallbladder removal and I was astounded how many abdominal muscles control so many functions. I couldn't even pee for about 24 hours after surgery because the muscle in your upper abdomen apparently helps control bladder functions!!

Seriously, right?! It took me three days just to crawl out of bed and walk normally and another week before I wanted to do any major walking or stair climbing. I had a 15 lb nephew at the time and just holding him made me realize I have muscles in my stomach that I never thought possible. I can't even imagine trying to do a cartwheel after one week!

She say shit like that online and she ask herself why her doctor dropped her ?

Please you are making your doctor look like a mentally challenged glue sniffer who traded this advice for a pack of Malboro in the dirtiest parking lot in town.

Best comment ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five bucks says that a certain stalker..ahem...blogger is on the sidelines waving her pom poms as Mac does her backflips and cartwheels.

She's so delusional about every aspect of her life. I just can't stand to hear anything about this girl anymore.

Well... she is notorious for being an idiot. Why is anybody suprised?

No, not surprised in the least. As much as it is annoying, it's also been quite entertaining to see what stupid crap she says and does. Sometimes I need a good laugh.

Why are any of you even reading into this so much? We all know its a load of crap! No sane peraon, let alone someone with a doctorate is going to advise a girl to excercise 2 weeks after having a c-section. This girl is full of crap, she lies almost as much as Farrah.


While it is a good thing to get out of bed and walk a bit around the house shortly after any surgery (my surgeon father says this accelerates your recovery), you should absolutely stay away from lifting things and exercising for at least a few weeks. A girl who values her appearance over her health to this extent is obviously too immature to have two kids.

She took a 9 day old baby out to a rodeo in February. She's an idiot.

I'm lost, her doc dropped her as a patient? Why? That's crazy I've never heard of someone pissing off a dr that much, but it's amazing. I wonder how that convo went.

It was her diabetes specialist guy. I thought TMJ had posted a story about it but then again maybe it was just a comment on here. She said something about her doctor dropping her after reading her twitter posts. Something like that she had called saying she would be late because she was sick and the receptionist said "well according to your twitter you're going to the fair tonight so you must not be that sick" and then she was eventually dropped.

Copied from Starcasm:
“I have to see a diabetic specialists along with a regular baby doctor… My first visit I was sick and running a little late and told them I wasnt feeling good and the lady said ‘well your Twitter says your going to the fair tonight so your lying’ so I ignore it and go on to tell her I have a lot of trouble with my disease and I eat VERY healthy and still have to take a lot of insulin and her reply was ‘I don’t believe that,’” Mackenzie recently said on Facebook, adding the nurse called her a liar on at least two other occasions based on what the nurse saw on Mackenzie’s social media accounts. “I asked her to please just help me out with my disease like a doctor should and please stop stalking my fb and twitter. She than starts yelling at me along with three others in the background saying they can look at my social media if they want.”

Angie Douthit then called the doctor’s office to ask about the situation, but Mackenzie said the nurse hung up on her. A few days later, Mackenzie got a letter saying the doctor decided to drop her as a patient.

“Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok because they did this and I have no diabetic care. Anyways please pray for me and baby girl.”

She made mommy call for her... smh.

It's a shame that at 19 years old with two kids, a husband and a "home" that you still need mommy to call and get shit done for you.

I think the whole fair thing is just the tip of the iceburg. My guess is that she would say she didn't know why her blood sugar were out of control but posted pictures online of her eating sour punch straw and saying stuff like "I forget to eat when i'm pregnant". But that's just my guess.

Lol that's exactly what I was thinking! I guess it's just another young girl trying to be a grown up. Some can handle some can't, it's a shame too. I'm all for being close with family but when you've got your own thing going on there's gotta be some kinda line drawn.

Anyway I agree, either way a doctors gotta have a pretty valid reason to drop someone. Although most would say it's stalking or whatever she called I'm pretty sure there lots of places and laws in place now that allow certain places to have access to your social media, I'm thinking mostly of work and other things is ya get my drift. Either way she's crazy lol I'm am also all for being religious but this girl wants to rely on Jesus for everything, I've got a great idea why not think some things out before causing all these problems for yourself. Lol

I doubt there's any truth to that story. No doctor nor their nurse would be checking her twitter. Like someone else said in here Mckenzie is a LIAR just like Farrah.

That is great.

P.S. Did she happen to mention in her announcement how long she thought she was going to be able to exercise at the gym and exactly when she would be leaving to go work out? Did she mention whether she was going alone or whether her husband was going to go with her to help support her? IS she taking the kids, so they won't be alone in the empty house and if not, will the babysitter watch the kids at Mackenzie's house, or will she take the kids to the babysitter's house? IS she going to go anywhere after she is finished with her workout? About how long can we expect her not to be home?

I AM THE REAL CONSPIRACY MAN AND SOMEONE STOLE MY SCREEN NAME TO WRITE THE ABOVE POST. I do not understand why anyone would particularly covet my screen name, but I find it somewhat creepy to have someone steal it and then write such a non-controversial post as this one. I am not really attached to the name or anything (and can't even remember why I even chose it), but I do feel kind of violated by someone taking it.

At any rate, I do not know why you stole my name, but enjoy it. If you want to fill in for me in any other fundamental ways, let me know and I will get you my tax information for you to step in and pay for me.

Enjoy the name . . .

- The Real Conspiracy Man

She is merely a child playing house. A cartwheel? Really?

Anyways... there is no good doctor on earth that would advise a person to exercise 2 weeks after a major surgery like that. 2 weeks ago a doctor cut through all layers of fat and muscle on her stomach for the c-section... she needs at least 8 weeks recovery before targeting those muscles, many women need much more time than that. Any exercise at this point would likely cause damage. Even a plank would be very painful.

Sorry but whoever lied about the stairs... I lived in a two story, if I wanted to sleep in my bed or do laundry, I had to go upstairs and downstairs, although I had a c-section so I actually had surgery.

Those poor children have idiots as parents

She doesn't even have a house!! 4 weeks after posting a photo of her perfect husband about how the devil attacked their relationship then god found them a house she's packed the house up and moved back to her parents with her husband and 2 kids. I liked this girl now I just want to give her a shake, she couldn't handle living without mommy for 3 months and she's already gone home. They can't stand on their own two feet, and those children are probably being brought up by their grandparents. Her young friends seem to hold down a home pretty well, but then they're probably not lazy as shit and have jobs