Mackenzie's Pregnancy Problems

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As we all know, Josh and Mackenzie McKee, from Teen Mom 3, are currently expecting a baby girl.

The baby isn't due until February 27th, but due to Mackenzie's type 1 diabetes, it's very possible that she won't be able to carry the baby to her due date.

Currently, she is around 36 weeks pregnant, and she's been encountering some extreme problems with her pregnancy throughout the last few days.

For starters, Mackenzie hasn't been able to manage her blood sugars for basically her entire pregnancy. She's been in and out of the hospital for the whole 36 weeks, and recently her problem is that her blood sugars are dangerously low.

When her blood sugars are low, she's basically suffocating the baby that she's carrying.

When her blood sugars are high, the baby gains a bunch of weight (this is why babies of diabetic mothers are generally larger than babies of non-diabetic mothers, and why Gannon was 4 weeks early and almost 10 pounds).

It's important for Mackenzie to be able to manage her blood sugars, because without proper care, she's putting her unborn child in some serious danger.

Since her blood sugars have been low, she spent a few nights in the hospital, which we heard about via twitter from Mackenzie and her mother.

Mackenzie shared the following tweets with us on January 30th, which is the first day that she was admitted to the hospital so the staff could monitor her blood sugars a little more closely.

kenzie1 kenzie2

Mackenzie's mother kept us more updated on the actual condition of her daughter. Angie Douthit shared the following tweets which give us way more insight to the condition of Mackenzie and her baby than anything that Mackenzie posted herself.

angie1 angie2 angie3

It's a good thing that Mackenzie is home, and even better that the baby is doing well, but I'm definitely hoping Mackenzie can keep it together for another week to ensure that the baby will be healthy enough for delivery.

Although Gannon was fine being born at 36 weeks, there are many complications that can occur from a baby being born one month early, and I definitely wouldn't want that to happen to anyone.

Also going along with Mackenzie's tumultuous pregnancy, is the fact that she was unexpectedly dropped by her diabetic specialist while she's only weeks away from delivering a baby. Radar Online shared the following statement from Mackenzie concerning her diabetic care:

To go on a little rant as everyone knows im about to have a baby girl and as everyone also knows im a brittle type1 diabetic and very high risk pregnancy. that being said I have to see a diabetic specialists along with a regular baby doctor. The nearest one was a guy named doctor Thomson in joplin. My first visit I was sick and running a little late and told them I wasnt feeling good and the lady said "well your Twitter says your going to the fair tonight so your lying" so I ignore it and go on to tell her I have a lot of trouble with my disease and I eat VERY healthy and still have to take a lot of insulin and her reply was "I don't believe that". So I go one and continue to see him and her and multiple times I'd tell them my sugar dropped even when I ate and what they could do to help and they told me and my mom both "that's a lie, she didn't eat" so about two months ago the lady calls me and says I need to take more insulin and I kindly said "I can't take more my sugar is dropping and im eating a lot" her reply "your a liar cause two weeks ago your facebook status said you didn't have a appetite".... I asked her to please just help me out with my disease like a doctor should and please stop stalking my fb and twitter. She than starts yelling at me along with three others in the background saying they can look at my social media if they want. And then put doctor thomson on the phone to tell me they are dropping me and won't see me anymore. I rushed to my moms work crying and she called and they hung up on her and sent us a letter saying they dropped me. Ok is it me or is that very unprofessional? ?? Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok because they did this and I have no diabetic care. Anyways please pray for me and baby girl.

After a quick Google search for this Dr. Thomson that Mackenzie was seeing, I did find a Dr. Howard Thompson from Joplin, Missouri.


Thompson specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and he had some pretty poor looking ratings on Health Grades, which is a website where you can go to review your experience with your doctor or physician.

While there are only 13 reviews, all of the assessed categories ranked below national average.


I'll be the first to say that there are three sides to every story. This just happens to be Mackenzie's side of the story, which explains that she's very upset about the care that she's received, and that she doesn't feel like she's being treated fairly.

I would agree that if all of this were true, and it were happening to me, I'd be pretty angry as well.

Personally, I feel like there has to be WAY more to the issue than just Mackenzie posting on social media about her eating habits, but I don't work at a hospital, so I'm not entirely sure how all of that works.

One thing that I am sure of is that I'm hoping for the safe arrival of Mackenzie's baby.

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She REALLY should have paid more attention to academics than to her boyfriend and cheerleading.

I know Mackenzie is kind of a flake and everything, but I wouldn't want my doctor judging me based on my social media posts. Especially since I'm sure they don't do this to all their patients, and they're doing it to her because she was on tv.

If the doctor's office did, in fact, say those things (and that is a very, very big "if"), someone needs to be fired because that is unacceptable. Yes, the doctor's reviews are bad, but that may or may not be relevant. First of all, many doctors do not spend adequate time with patients but that doesn't make them automatically a bad doctor. Many patients are too demanding. And, if you are pissed off, you are more likely to write a negative review. Even still, if this behavior did, in fact, happen, she should consider trying to contact the doctor directly or maybe even filing a complaint if the doctor supports this sort of behavior.

Okay..I know I'm harsh on the girls, but sorry. A lot of these girls are not responsible beings. So, I'm going to say it anyway:

Mackenzie does need to take responsibility for the fact that she has never learned to control her diabetes. She also knew that she was high risk to get pregnant and did so anyways. She had problems with her first child, so it is not the doctor's fault that there are problems with the second child. Unfortunately, she has a terrible disease that needs constant management.

Even when she wasn't pregnant, other sites have detailed that her Twitter is filled with her love of donuts and burgers. She herself has admitted to having a love affair with junk food (I don't blame her! I love that crap too but I also don't have diabetes). Many people have commented that she has never had her diabetes under control. She says it is unstable, sounds more like mismanaged. There are many resources online to help people learn how to manage their diabetes properly. They have more understanding people who could help her, but she would have to stop playing victim and start being truthful to herself about what is happening.

Mackenzie claims she is a brittle diabetic but I think every diabetic would be brittle if they eated sour punch straw like it's tic-tac and skipped meals.

However no doctor has time to lose on a patient that doesn't want to help themselves. Especially one like Mackenzie, who could die and still doesn't follow rules. If her baby die she could try to sue for wrongful life or death and no doctor want that. No doctor would take that risk, especially with someone who is completely uncooperative and lie straight to their faces. Most doctors prefer to drop patients who could represent a liability, and it's likely what happened here. Plus what would be unprofessional would be to keep a patient whom they aren't able to give proper care.

Plus I don't know if we can really trust what Mackenzie's says. I'm not saying she completely pulled it out of her ass, but she has a track record of lying and exaggerating when it comes to what doctors told her. Also the whole " OMG i don't have a doctor to follow my blood sugar " is total BS, she will be redirected to another specialist by her OBGYN/family doctor/Hospital and I'm pretty sure she knows that.

However it's possible that the doctor is unproffesional and he does seems to have a lot free time to room on social media.


When she gave her story about the women cackling in the background about her habits, it reminded me of my relative who does the exact same thing. She goes to the doctor, the doctor points out that she is not taking care of herself, she blows it out of proportion and smears the doctor.

We KNOW Mackenzie does not eat "very, very healthy." By her own admission, she struggles with her love of junk food. As you said, every diabetic would be brittle if they ate like her.

Doctors can only advise you on what to do. It's not their fault that she doesn't take the advice. Plus, look at her language:

"Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok BECAUSE THEY DID THIS"

Because they did this? There's that not taking responsibility rearing its ugly head.

I also read that she wanted to get pregnant because in recent years to come the baby and her would not do so good at that time.saying if she got pregnant in five or so yrs more wrong things could happen

Still isnt the smartest decision when you have had a few relationship problems and you dont need another child.i can see why she wanted to.

Mackenzie needs to learn how to manage her diabetes like Kailyn and Jenelle need to manage their bipolar disorder and Leah and Chelsea their attachment issues.

I know employers can fire you based off what you post on social media and if you tell a life insurance policy you don't smoke and they decided to look up your page and see you smoking you can be denied coverage. So it is not a huge stretch of the imagination to think that if you are lying to the doctor about your eating habits they can look on any person's public social media page. It is so important to be honest with doctors about your health to allow them to better assist you.
All that being said I wish her the best and hope that she is able to manage her blood sugar so she and the baby remain safe and healthy. Gannon and the new little one need their mama to be healthy.

Yup, if what you post is public, its definitely fair game for anyone to see and take into account.

Oh. My. God. Girl: you are about to have your SECOND CHILD. I know you feel the need to share sad stories on social media to get sympathy from people who can say more than three words at a time to you, unlike your HUSBAND. I know you like to sell overpriced tacky ass picture frames on Etsy to try and make extra cash (read: ANY INCOME WHATSOEVER) for your little "family." But: it's time to grow the hell up. I cannot believe no one in your family or friends will sit down with you and have the come to Jesus meeting you so desperately need:

You have a toddler. Grow up. You have a husband. Grow up. You two are somehow living in a home together and I haven't a clue as to how you can afford that but you need to keep a stable home so: Grow up. Throughout this pregnancy you have broken your foot, been dragged off a concrete porch by your hair by a crazy ass Oklahoma hick who explained clearly before you showed up to her home looking for your husband (what the ever loving fuck!?!) that she had "no problem fighting a pregnant girl." You have diabetes and eat like shit. Grow up. (And get a damn insulin pump since your loving husband can't be bothered to wake up and get you food when your sugar bottoms out in the middle of the night. Who the hell is taking care of your kid while all this is going on??) You're about to have ANOTHER kid. Grow up. I don't believe for one second your version of events with that doctor's staff. I think they called you out on your PUBLIC social media posts about eating junk food and not doing anything they advised you to do/you told them you were doing so they dropped you as a patient because you're too stupid and selfish to realize that your shitty eating habits are killing your child. Grow. The. Hell Up.

I know all of this about your life not from some witch hunt I've done. I don't really even particularly care about you enough to despise you like I do with Farrah and Jenelle. But you post all of this shit and it gets talked about and articles are written and it sounds absolutely insane. For the love of god, provide some stability for your children. And provide a mother for them by taking so much better care of yourself. Stop expecting everyone to do everything for you. You are not helpless. Grow. Up.

HAHA! I forgot about that little drug den fight. Why is she having a second child, again?

Because her uterus is going to turn into a pumpkin on her 21st birthday, apparently.


Actually lots of doctors are starting to look at social media. For example people with addictions, they will refuse to treat them if they show they don't want help. If it's public, they can look. Just like your employers can look at your stuff too. Just saying.

Keep in mind that this is the girl who claimed her doctor/s told her she couldn't have children after the magical age of 21, so she was justified in getting knocked up, for the third time, before reaching the legal drinking age.

Lol so she can listen to the doctor when they tell her to do something irresponsible? But not when they tell her to eat better. Yeah, I'm not buying it.

I just can't with this girl. I think it says a lot about her mindset when she's hospitalized and her baby could be in trouble and she's tweeting about needing a mani/pedi.

Was her late miscarriage ever confirmed? I actually feel for Mackenzie because I think her ditzy cutesy country girl image is just an act to hide how unhappy she is. Seems like Josh doesn't give two hoots about her as long as he's getting some action out of it and I think all of the acting so childlike is just a cover because she just wants to be looked after to make up for the care and attention she's not getting from him. I read somewhere that she had an affair after Gannon was born and Josh found out and beat the crap out of her. I think she has a lot of self esteem issues and feels utterly rejected by Josh and worthless to him. I think she's probably in denial in regards to her diabetes too. She seems so fixated on her "happy ending" that she can't see this is a potentially life threatening condition. Ultimately I just feel for her because I think she has very little feeling of self worth and strikes me as lonely and unhappy.

Further to this I wanted to add I think she's had very little guidance about what to want for herself out of life and how to go after it. I once knew a girl who's family always told her to pray when when she was feeling lost or sad instead of letting her talk it through with them and getting the guidance a young person needs to help understand their emotions. I can see this being the case with Mackenzie's family. I'm not trying to diminish the power of prayer for anyone who is religious, I just feel like young people need to be able to talk freely and openly with their parents and be able to receive advice and empathy.

Not that she left it in very long in the first place, but her mom was so against her going on birth control after she'd already had one (confirmed) teen pregnancy. "Just stay abstinent" seemed to be her mom's constant motto. Guess what, Ang, if they already proved they weren't abstinent before, maybe, MAYBE taking precautions against another one instead of telling two dumb, hormonal teenagers to keep it in their pants until marriage would have been a good idea to get behind. (And there's nothing wrong with someone deciding they want to have sex with another consenting adult. I realize she was like 15 when she got knocked up which is way, way too young in my opinion, but there is ZERO EXCUSE in this day and age to have unprotected sex with anyone or not to take PlanB within 72 hours of unprotected/failed birth control and to get tested for STDs afterwards.)

I remember her affair, but I don't remember hearing Josh beating her. Where did you hear that at?

I tried to post this already but it didn't work arg!! If you look at the article Starcasm wrote when she was attacked by the girl, the commenters discuss it and someone who claims to know them says Josh had been violent with her. Obviously it might not be true but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the case.

I found the article you were talking about, and I also saw the statuses she wrote included in the article where she talks about planning to attack and kill Josh in her head and how she would probably do it if she didn't love
Between her "rubber band" marks, those stauses, and the general way she acts, she really does not seem stable enough to raise two kids right now.

I'd believe he beat her. He apparently also didn't step in when she was getting beat up by that girl, and someone said he even joined in beating her.

Her "happiness" does seem fake. She probably doesn't feel like leaving him is an option.

Omg i never heard about him beating her.or she was with someone else.its wrong to cheat but even worse to hurt someone else physically. I feel for her because you can tell that he isnt all that there for her.he doesnt look happy in that picture and she looks ecstatic. I wonder why she stays with him when her parents relationship looks very they r still in their she had a good couple of ppl in her life to see what a real healthy couple looks like.

I doubt mackenzie and josh will still be together in a couple years.

Well she did have those "rubber band" marks on her wrist. I'm sure she's unhappy but she's immature too. One doesn't really justify the other. It's evident her parents babied her a lot but for someone who is a parent and willingly making the move to have another baby, she's gotta change her ways.

I would feel bad for her, but she makes decisions to put herself in these situations. If Josh hit her, I'm not referring to that at all. No one deserves that, no matter what they do. But as far as her staying with Josh when he clearly doesn't give a single damn about her, that's her fault. She could have left but it was more important to her to have the image of the perfect family and to marry her "sexy" cowboy. She's an adult, barely, but still an adult and she's making adult decisions. It's time for her to own up and take responsibility for them. She didn't have to get pregnant a second (third?) time, she decided to do it. She made choices that have led to her having two kids. It's time to grow up and give them the love and attention they need, not spend all her time playing dumb and getting mommy to take care of her.

shes been putting this whole perfect marriage image out on twitter since they announced they were married/ pregnant again. Then I read an article recently that she was saying they went thru a real rocky rough patch and almost got divorced, but they prayed and god pulled them through and now their relationship is " better than ever"

Lmao sounds like Leah all over again. Neither of them are happy, just look at pictures. Plus both of their partners have threatened divorce and both had babies to try to keep them! Ladies, a baby, even two or three, will NOT keep a man! Both of them need some serious counseling to figure out what they can do to be independent, strong and responsible people!

They broke up multiple times while they were engaged, I have no idea why they thought getting married would be a smart decision! I've heard people say Mackenzie's mom was pushing it since they had a baby out of wedlock, but like I said before, Mackenzie is an adult. If her mother was pushing it then shame on her. I know my mom would never want me to marry someone that can barely stand to be in the same state as me and I certainly don't want that for my daughter.

I work in the medical field and I have worked for practices that have "fired" patients. You have to have a good amount of documentation to justify your actions as well as notify patient via certified mail. I would not be surprised that she had to sign off that she would follow doc order of be terminated. The doctor has to protect himself from the pending law suit when something goes wrong and the family screams he should have known what I was doing because I advertised it all over the Internet. The staff may have been crappy to her, which is not ok, but I doubt very seriously that the staff there went off on her about her twitter and other social media attacks. Due to HIPAA the doc office cannot defenx themselves online. My company deals with stuff like this due to review sites and we can't even acknowledge they were patients much less state that the patient is mad because we would not refill pain medication for example. I know some docs are horrid, my own family was involved in medical malpractice, but her story is too ridiculous.
On a positive note-so happy about TMJ!

Sorry for the typos-using my phone

We didnt send certified mail, we just had to give them 30 days notice. A dr doesnt even need that much of a reason, it is their choice who they see and who they dont.

Texas has pretty strict regulations. The TMB does not play around. You have a reason to drop a patient that's more than I don't want to deal with them. Non compliance or owing money are the big onea. The fact is that she was non compliant and should not be surprised that she was dropped.

I'm surprised that there's regulations on this since America has a free-market health system. It's all private.

State regulations are different than federal regulations. Also, we weren't free market before and we are even further from it now (before ACA the interstate insurance biz was totally hampered by regulations). Some regulations are federal (interstate), some are within the states (the aforementioned TMB for example), and none of it is the free market. Lol.

Not to mention the fact that if she was unhappy with her doctor, she could have made the decision to see someone else. Sorry but if someone treats me poorly, I'm not going to continue to give them my money. Of course if anyone pointed this out to her she'd probably just say that the doctor she was seeing is the only one in her area or something ridiculous.

I don't want anything to happen to her baby, but I don't have an ounce of sympathy for her. This is her THIRD pregnancy & she's what? 19 or 20? Plus, her & Josh were on the rocks, so she really should have thought more about having another baby with everything going on.

Just have to chime in here as I'm married to a type 1 diabetic, and can confirm that sometimes, even when you think you're doing all the right things, eating well, managing your insulin, your numbers can still be wacky. Seriously, sometimes for no apparent reason. It's not all about whether you're eating junk food, although that is of course part of it. It also has to do with how fast your body metabolizes food, and insulin, and whether you're under stress, if you're exercising, and all kinds of things. Also, having been pregnant, and being borderline gestational diabetic, I understand how pregnancy can mess with even a healthy woman's blood sugars. I am not necessarily writing this to defend Mack, cuz honestly, I don't know, she might just be awful at managing her disease. I guess I'm just trying to say that it's much more complicated than "she eats donuts and cannot be trusted."

Not sure why that got so many down votes, as it's very true. No one's saying Mack takes good care of's fairly obvious that she doesn't, so the lack of sympathy for her is fitting. However, MPL is right, sometimes you can do "all the right things" and still get bowled over. Diabetes is a tricky little monster, but Mack doesn't seem to even try to manage it.

Truth is she is irresponsible, naive and desperate. Girl is married to a man who obviously despises her but stays because she is hot and he knows nobody else would want him, he has an admitted drug problem at least previously and they will be divorced by 25 (and that's giving them a little hope). She is clingy and her mommy does everything for her. You never saw her taking care of Gannon and I doubt she will this one either (sound familiar? Leah has more babysitters than a child care center) If she loved herself or her child she wouldn't have risked her LIFE to be Leah Jr and have her 3rd pregnancy before 21! Bottom line they both need some serious counseling and common sense along with a little dose of grow up syrup!

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed how many babysitters she has. So many people gush about her being an amazing mother, but from what I can tell, other people take care of her kids a hell of a lot.

Yeah even on her "official" fanpage unless they are on vacation ALL the pics of are the kids with someone else. She doesn't parent, she has alot of good friends to do it for her.

lmao leah jr

Mommy probably has to call or text her to remind her to check her blood sugar.

I bet her mommy takes her to all her appointments rather than her husband

I hope Josh isn't even allowed to drive. You can smell the brain damage on that one from a mile away.

This girl is a liability. No doctor wants to get sued if something goes wrong. A few months ago she went on a Facebook pity party saying that she couldn't "eat or sleep." If Mackenzie ever listened to the doctors and actually ate healthy foods (not junk and lollipops) she would have had an easier pregnancy. It doesn't take much to put two and two together, she has spent most of her pregnancy sick. Yes, they dropped her as a patient because she's been posting her eating habits knowing she is in the public eye. If she has no diabetic care is simple because she has not taken care of her own body. So no they doctor did not do this to her, and had she taken care of her body, she would know if everything was ok if she ever followed a healthy diet

My concern is for the baby. An insulin dependent mom has a baby at risk after the birth. Mom's out of control sugars can lead to the baby's blood sugar bottoming out after the birth. The mom has a high sugar running through her and the baby, so when the baby is born, that sugar source is cut off. The baby can be born and suddenly drop to near zero. The protocol is generally that these babes go to NICU immediately after their birth for sugar monitoring. Hopefully they will be right on this because it can be very serious.
Diabetes is not a game you can play and not pay the consequences for cheating. I pray the baby and mom stay well. I am sure it will be a C/S as she is tiny and baby will be large. I don't know if Gannon was a C/S, unstable diabetics usually are. It is easier to manage a C/S.

Gannon was born by cesarean. He was 10 pounds. Mackenzie couldn't push him out