Tyler Just Gave Us More Details About His Childhood...And They're Chilling...

tyler baltierra

Tyler Baltierra generally doesn't like to talk too much about the specifics of his childhood that led to his alcohol and drug problems, but we got another glimpse into them this weekend, when he shared a long poem.

The poem chronicles a time when he made a suicide attempt because his father was back in jail. In the poem, he explains that he was excited to see his father again, but when he found out Butch wasn't coming, he first thought about killing himself with a knife. He then went outside and wrapped his tire swing rope around his neck.

He says that he actually did stop breathing for a second, but then he decided not to do it.

He managed to pull himself out of the noose and fell to the ground, at which point he starts bleeding from the neck.

In a powerful message, Tyler says that he didn't commit suicide because he didn't want to hurt his mother.  

You can read the poem here:

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