Jayde Carter Cash

16 and Pregnant

I mean, McKinney. Though cash would be fitting too. Maci probably needs it.

Maci welcomed her daughter, Jayde, on May 29th and, so far, the only photo released was a picture of her dog, Bonnie, with Maci and family blurred in the background.

Today, Maci and Taylor posted pictures of Jayde without Bonnie or blur. One noticeable feature is the dark hair! Jayde did not inherit Maci's red mane! At least, so far...

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to just leave it at that and let you enjoy these photos. I will post more as they become available.



It's a baby!!!


I was hoping it would be a cute cuddly Cheetah.

( in all seriousness though I don't understand why " famous people " sell pictures of their kids....)

You just made me laugh out loud.

All human babies look the same to me, I'd rather look at pictures of baby animals.

Is it weird that I teared up looking at these pictures?

No not at all... Babies are cute and can make any ones heart a little better. :)

I don't like to be critical of baby names but...
ick :(

Maci is just Jade(d) y'all.

Lame I know, but I had too. Hahha

It's a nice enough, normal name (apart from the added y). Better than what a lot of people name their kids these days.

I figured Maci would name her something weirder, honestly. Jayde is pretty PG for what I expected.

I think Jade is a pretty name but the (y) was definitely unnecessary.

At least it wasn't Cadillac or (Rolls) Royce or whatever nonsense she said she would name a girl

Sooo did anyone else notice the picture coming from the @babymon3y account?! Did she seriously already make the kid an Instagram??? I find the "mon3y" too much coincidence to not be related to Taylor's awful screen name

I feel like you should wait until your kids are at least 2 before you give them their own Instagram.

Way older than that - if they aren't old enough to decide what they want under their name , they shouldn't have an Instagram outside of the parents Instagram

I noticed. And all I have to say is how tacky! Baby money. It clear they had this kid to make more money. I bet Maci is still trying for her own personal tv show.... Look I have a baby now and everyone misses having Bentley on tv. Give us our own show so I can sit on my ass and do nothing and look for another excuse to drop all of my classes then go around the world and party with my girls while the kids just hang out with Mimi Jen....

I'm so sorry to hijack this post but,



I wonder if this is before or after the new boobies?

We're like twins! Lol no seriously but I thought Mackenzie was the best out of a bad bunch. Oh how wrong was I.

Maybe both! Like Chasey Lain did back in the day.

Wasnt she one of the people that bashed Farrah? And didnt she just complain about being in the spotlight? Oh my the amount of hate shes about to receive. Shes a moron. Shes broke and doesnt want to get a job. Nobody wants to see your sex tape Mack!

I'm sure she went to go have her boobs done before the ink was even dry from signing the video over to Vivid. The lawyer talk is probably a cover similar to Farrah 'I had a sex tape scandal' Abraham.

I guess when the "money babies" don't make you enough for tits you have to get your sex tape on?

I'm not sure about vivid, but digital playground will buy boobs for their contract girls. They probably do something similar. Of course Mack is acting like we don't all know she has to sign off on that shit.

All of these girls bash Farrah for doing porn right before they realize that it clearly worked for her.

Farrah does her own share of hypocritical bashing that nobody cares to hear...

She's at church camp...repenting and hoping Grangie doesn't see it

Grangie's probably totally cool with it now that Mac is married. Jesus is on her side now.

What a sweet beautiful baby. Maci's red gene isn't very dominate then...

In order for your baby to inherit the red hair gene each parent has to carry it. It can go back to one gene as far back as a great-aunt. I did my research before I had my daughter to avoid it but the universe got the last laugh anyway!

Oh serious? That's really interesting. I always wondered this because my dad had red hair but I have dark brown. I got the pale skin but I always joke I have "ginger" skin, my fiancé has jet black hair and is tan. I pray our children get dark hair lol.

That is a gorgeous baby and honestly, they're a gorgeous family.

Looks like the days of magazines buying the first pics are over for the OG's. Sorry bout ya. Cute kid though.

I would pay to see Maci's face after being told that In Touch doesn't give a damn about her daughter's photos.

Right? Like they held out shopping for a deal and finally just said "fuck it" when nobody bit. Awwwww

And the worst part is these delayed photo releases where they tease a magazine cover or something really only guarantee that seeing the actual baby picture will be a let down.

I mean, she's cute, because she's a baby, but she's just a baby. I mean, what am I waiting for here? She looks like any other baby. I can just Google "(blank) month/week old baby" and get the same basic result.

Her boyfriend and friends made comments that she was going to break the Internet. So full of themselves.

I can't stand Maci or the name Jayde but that baby is so cute! Ugh

What a cute little ca$hcow. Congratulations, Maci!

Were these pics sold to a magazine, or just put up on IG? I would be willing to bet money that Maci thought she would be able to sell them but didn't get any offers.
Also, do these fucking idiots know what hash tags are for? Nobody is going to be searching for "#MissJaydeCarter."
Maci is just all around annoying. TM is over. Go away now please.

Is her middle name really Deshane?

Yes...oddly enough.

Well clearly they didn't get a magazine deal.

how nice that she has rhines dark hair, meme jen will be sooo happy!