This Week In Teen Mom News

16 & pregnant

1. Alex Sekella's grandma buys her a drug test


A few days ago, Alex posted a photo of this home drug test to her Instagram account with the caption "NO HATE: my gram went to the dollar store n brought this just for me cuz I let her read everything on the internet n she laughs n says just to make u lol. She always knows how to give me a good laugh haha" While I'm not entirely sure what that even means, I can say that if someone gave me a drug test, I probably wouldn't laugh out loud.

Also, why would anyone monitor what their grandma reads on the internet? Oh, Alex. Never a dull moment.

2. Randy Houska clarifies Adam's comments on Teen Mom 2


On Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom 2, Adam was caught saying that Chelsea would probably get her dad involved in any court case that arose between the two.

Randy took to twitter to clarify that he is, in fact, "the f****** dad" and he also added this gem after, just to solidify his hatred towards Adam.


3. Miranda deletes her twitter account

After the premiere episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms' wife, Miranda, received a ton of backlash, even when she didn't really say much at all on the whole episode. Apparently it bothered her enough that she deleted her twitter account, and hasn't made any hints that she will be back any time soon.

The only reason this is even considered "news" is because everyone on this show is very vocal about their personal life, and puts everything on social media. Good for Miranda for avoiding the drama in whatever way possible.

4. Mackenzie McKee shares this gem with us


At 36 weeks pregnant, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and gestate. Apparently Mackenzie is a little more ambitious than I ever was.

We do know that during her pregnancy with Gannon, she tumbled until she was 5 months pregnant, and the only reason she stopped was because she fell once.

I'm not sure whether to be inspired or frustrated with the thought of her tumbling or running while entering the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

5. Maci's parents celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary


Maci's parents were teens when they got pregnant with her brother, Matt.

The two made things work, got married, and 26 years later are still together and seem to be doing well! Congrats to them for beating those teen pregnancy statistics, and happy anniversary!

6. Megan McConnell files for full custody

megan mcconnell

Megan, who we saw give birth to Blake on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant, has officially filed for full custody of her son.

Megan's ex-husband, Nathan Stone, hasn't seemed all too interested in parenting their son, and Megan has been doing things on her own for a while, so the next step for her was to make things official and file for full custody.

Megan seemed surprised at the price for filing the paperwork, but if it's what's best for Blake, then the $200 is definitely worth it.

7. Leah Messer's daughter, Adalynn, takes her first steps

Baby Adalynn, who will celebrate her first birthday on February 4th, recently started walking, and Leah took to Facebook to share a video of her little one's first steps! (I'm working on getting the video to embed on the site, so for now, you can view it HERE!)


I don't watch TM2 anymore since I absolutely refuse to give them any more $$... So can someone fill me in as to why Corey's new wife received backlash?

What exactly did Miranda do/say to get so much hate? She seemed nice each time she was shown. Probably some bored 12 year old Leah fangirls.

I guess Mackenzie was dropped as a patient because her doctor's nurses saw her eating behaviors on her FB and twitter. And she's back in the hospital.

There's gotta be more to that Mackenzie story. She's not the brightest crayon in the box. I wonder what the doctors office has to say about all this.

I don't understand why Miranda would have any issues. If anyone should be recieving drama its Leah. The only thing I can think of is maybe people are saying how unappreciative Leah is compared to Miranda?

^^ I think something happened between Leah and Miranda.
But I did see people saying she was ugly and calling her fat on Leah's fanpage.


Miranda tweeted: "I will not pay no mind to pettiness. Some people just really need to let shit go & worry about their own lives/relationships! Like I always say, people can't stand to see other people happy!"

Then Leah got online and tweeted: Some people create their own storms, and then get upset when it rains. ☺️
Leah also retweeted her friend saying: "Get over yourself sweetheart, seriously!

What I don't understand is everyone was praising the relationship Leah, Miranda, Corey, and Jeremy have so I'm not sure what happened. Weird. But, I do sense this odd sexual tension between Leah and Corey. Leah is not going to be happy when Corey and Miranda get pregnant, I think. She's still in love with Corey.

I agree Leah will have a problem when they get pregnant. In my experience, if the girl moves on, slow or fast, before her ex spouse, they tend to have issues when the ex does. Even if they married, had a baby, moved in with the new guy, you name it. It's like that final nail in the coffin that your ex really doesn't give a hoot about getting back together with you even if you have made life decisions that show you don't care either. I guess that's a hard pill to swallow. My guess is that Leah will be having a hard time with swallowing that pill and Jeremy will have to hear about it.

It was weird when Leah was sitting there with her new baby telling Corey "we could have tried harder" bitch please you could have tried harder not to shack up with someone else so fast and knocked up again twice by Jeremy in the time it takes to properly get over the first marriage

My speculation about Miranda deleting her Twitter is that people were probably bashing her for just existing in their world. Step mom's tend to get the short end of the stick - you can be the most loving step momma in the world and people are still gonna hate, whether you aren't doing this enough or right or you're doing it too much... This is a TV show and I'm sure there are "'shippers" out there still rooting for Leah and Corey although that is so far from the realm of reality because of both their family and marital lives. If I were her? I wouldn't have even set myself up for that. I would have never had a Twitter. I wouldn't even be on reality TV, actually, lol. But, you can't help who you fall in love with! Good for her for just stepping away from the bs. Good move, IMO.

Her even agreeing to be on the show is new for her. Corey and Miranda were dating during the last season but she did not want to be part of the show. They even blurred her face out during one of Ali's doctors appointments that the whole family attended. I don't know what changed her mind about wanting to be part of it, but I'd imagine it wasn't easy and any backlash at all would be too much.

Corey's second marriage was a major upgrade for him. He seems like a nice, easy going, patient guy so I think he deserved it for having to deal with by Leah. Miranda seems like a nice, classy, pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders and she is also a cop. She makes her own money in a way that serves the community unlike Leah who sits twirling her hair extensions all day. This is nothing against stay at home moms, this is about Leah's immaturity and lack of common decency. As much as Leah says she has grown up and was ready to start a new family, she is still emotionally thirteen years old and about as dumb as a rock.

Very true! Also why would you want to choose a wife based purely on looks (even though Miranda is pretty) it obviously doesn't get you far if that person does not have integrity/loyalty etc etc

And now Jenelle has posted ultrasound photos of her "pride of joy"

What the h is with Leah's mom calling Addie in the video? I feel like that is the noise I would make if I was trying to call over a

Disgusts me that people are calling Miranda fat and ugly. I thought she looked gorgeous and not fat in the slightest bit!!

I know right, Miranda is just stunning.

Miranda is absolutely beautiful. She seems like a genuinely nice person, and Corey deserves that. I really hope she knows that there is support for her, because cyber bullying is no joke.

I do wonder if any of the actual cast come on here and read these comments? If I was ever on a reality show there is NO WAY I would google myself!! People are too mean on the internet, its out of control.
(and no, I am not on the show in any way!)

I'm glad Adalynn is healthy and starting to walk. Too bad the video made their eyes look REALLY scary though! Leah really gets on my nerves with her preaching the right thing to do and how she is such a great mom but then goes and does the most immature and selfish things. I'm sick of hearing her put herself on this high pedistool. I agree that Leah will flip if Corey and Miranda get pregnant but it's not because she loves Corey, she just wants him to always think of her as his number one girl and only mother to his kids. When Jeremy responded, "THANK GOD", after Leah asked him what did he think when he heard Corey proposed to Miranda, it made it completely obvious that even Jeremy feels like they could go back to each other at any point. By Jeremy saying, "Thank God", instead of good for him or something it proves he still doesn't trust Leah! I wouldn't blame him not to trust her! Don't get me started on her whining about his job that PAYS HER BILLS for her horrible hair, nails, tanning, house, kids, cars, medical bills, food.... EVERYTHING!!!!


Ignore my last comment. A pop up showed up and I accidentally clicked Post COmment. . .

Anyways that is why I don't like Jeremy. He is always trying to talk shit about Corey as if his wife is not the problem. Jeremy said Corey didn't try to save his family because he thinks Corey just wanted his freedom and to party...Uhm Corey was working 2 jobs for that chick so how did he have time to party?, while on the other hand your wife was a cheating whore and if she wanted to keep her family she wouldn't have ran and filed for divorce and jumped on the first guy who showed her some attention. And I hate how they always say Corey is playing with their heads.

Playing with their heads can't be that hard to manage. I don't see Corey doing it, but scrambling the brains of two already pea brained people can't be difficult.

Leah doesn't appreciate anything! She is self centered and immature. Its a cycle with her, first she broke up with Robbie, ran to corey as a rebound then when she screwed up with corey, got with Jeremy! You can obviously tell she has a thing for corey. I knew her good relationship wouldn't last with miranda because leah loves drama. I also noticed miranda and coreys fb fan page took down all the wedding pictures, i feel bad for her :(

Your name, LOL!!!

ADALYNN IS ALREADY ONE?! HOLY CRAAAAAP im still over here thinking shes like 5 months. it seems like YESTERDAY that girl was born. mind = blown.

also, i really love randy. he spoils the shit out of chelsea but hes still an awesome dad and im jealous :( lol

Leah needs to take a seat and leave Miranda and Corey alone! Oh and Miranda is a beautiful woman!!

I honestly think Miranda is GORGEOUS and I didn't think she was even a little bit chubby. People are so rude and really should just stick to bashing Jenelle & Kail, instead of bashing Miranda (who isn't pregnant, has a job and seems to be a decent step-mom).

I wanna hug randy

Tome Miranda seemed like a pretty , sweet girl who cares about Corey and the girls. Maybe it was a bunch of teeny boppers who are obsessed with Corey

To me*

Chelsea's dad is awesome. I really didn't see anyone talking badly about Miranda which leads me to believe Leah and her got in some sort of fight. I'm starting to like Leah less and less. Lol at Alex trying to stay relevant.

i hate it whenever Leah and Corey are together. she always says like she did in the last episode. we could have tried harder. uh yea but that didn't work out huh? she is the one who was a bitch and cheated on him. why does she even need to bring it up. It is selfish to Jeremy when the subject comes up. she probably brings it up a lot off camera as well. why does he put up with that. yes he has to deal with her having children previously with Corey but that is a given. what doesn't need to happen is her keep saying we tried we tried. she has a husband and a new baby. you don't need to bring up old things when i am sure it is uncomfortable to Jeremy. he really needs to tell her to shut up and not the other way around

Honestly, I think Leah plays with Corey's head because she feels it is really the only power she has. It's pretty sad how so many girls base their self esteem over how the can control men with their sexuality. I strongly dislike Leah and can't identify with her in any shape or form, but I actually feel kind of bad for her that she has such low self esteem and major daddy issues, and to top it off is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. While being smart does not necessarily make you happy (I know a ton of incredibly brilliant people and most of them are very neurotic and/or depressed), her lack of a brain and any semblance of maturity seems to make life a lot harder for her.

I thought that Leah talking about how they tried seemed sort of forced and scripted. Actually a lot of things did in that episode. And Miranda is gorgeous! I feel bad for anyone that dates any of these dads because they always get so much crap on social media, no matter what they do!

1. Did Alex even graduate high school? I know it's Twitter, but her grammar is heinous. I don't even understand what that tweet is about, aside from her grandmother buying a drug test at the dollar store.
2. Randalicious...I'm glad he stood up to Adam, and his tweet was hilarious, but because he's a dentist I feel that he should have a little more class than to engage in social media trash talking. Dentists/doctors need to hold up to certain standards, and to me this makes him very unprofessional.
3. Miranda seems like a sweet girl.
4. Mackenzie: attention wh*ore. Go away.
5. Maci: Pass
6. Megan: again, attention wh*re blasting her business on twitter because she wants a reaction. Pathetic.
7: Adalynn walks. Good for her.

I don't think the standards at most high schools are very high to graduate. That's why we have so many people who have high school and even college degrees who are still illiterate and can't write a coherent sentence. I think Alex graduated, but I think she had to take an extra year due to some issue with credits she mentioned in the finale.

I can't believe Randy would put some of the things he does on a public Twitter. Not only is that incredibly immature, but it probably could affect his career as a dentist since it will come up in a google search.

I know a lot of people love Randy, but he comes off as annoying, immature, and unprofessional whenever he is tweeting things to other people on the show. I don't have a twitter so I don't follow him, but whenever I see an article on a blog like this about Randy giving one of the moms life advice I just roll my eyes.

No one ever seems to remember that Jeremy wasn't the first guy Leah went to after her and Corey were done. Wasn't the other guys name Dusty, and didn't they plan to move in with each other too?

I remember that too!! I think she messed around with Robbie too.

Lol Alex! Sit your ass down. No one cares about your irrelevant life!